Sign Up for the Next PS4 System Software Update Beta

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Sign Up for the Next PS4 System Software Update Beta

Help us make the next one even better, and try out new features in the process!

We’re getting ready for the next major system update for PS4, and can use some help from PS4 owners to test it out ahead of launch. Starting today, you can sign up for a chance to be a beta tester and get an advance look at some of the improvements and new features coming to PS4.

You can register to be a beta tester anytime between today and the start of the beta in early August. Users must be 18 years or older. Once the beta starts, we’ll close registration.

Beta testers for our previous major system software update, version 4.50, got an early peek at features like external HDD support, custom wallpapers, Quick Menu refresh, and much more before launch.

If you’re part of the program, you’ll receive an email with instructions on downloading the beta version of the next system software. In order to sign up, you’ll need a PS4 with an internet connection, and access to a Master Account. And remember — you can roll back to the previous system software at any time.

We’ll be back soon with an update on the features you can expect in the beta.

Many thanks to everyone signing up — especially our returning beta testers! Your feedback helps us make the system software update even better.

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2 Author Replies

  • The second question only has one option. Do we have to be a PS Now subscriber to do the beta?

    • PS Now membership is not required to access the beta. This question should have had a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ option, but only listed ‘yes.’ It has been fixed – sorry about that!

    • Hi I have been doing everything I can to be put into the beta’s I signed up each and every time and I still don’t gain access to it is it supplied to limited members of the playstation community and do we have to be in a specific area to qualify I will wish to gain access to this same with many others I’m a huge fan of playstation from psp to my ps4 i’ve obtained so many games and put a lot of time and effort into working for the trophies I’m just wondering why the beta is super limited if we truly want to make it great can’t you expand the ammount of accounts able to access it I just wish that someday after going into college for networking that I will be in your doors dotting down ideas for the industry I have high hopes of becoming a huge part of the sony entertainment team I’m determined to get a better job then to work at walmart my entire life

    • @deathuponhe52 Doing the beta test for a firmware upgrade isn’t going to get you a job with Sony mate.

    • @deathuponhe52 Maybe one day you’ll get that dream job to work with Sony on PlayStation and more, keep up the work. Never say never, industry will need more people with creation minds who can bring amazing ideas to the table.

      I’m working my hardest to be able to do what I love and i do hope to see PS4 become much better overtime.

    • One day you will…

    • I tried signing up earlier, but when I was typing my email it uploaded so all I was able to put the first few characters of my email.

    • I noticed that the person who posted this (Andrew Kelly), crossed out the early, does that mean that the date was changed or something else?

    • Need too able to change your PSN online ID name

  • So… we can only get into the new beta test if we subscribe to Playstation Now? Currently, the second question asks if you subscribe to Playstation Now and it only gives you one option (Yes), even though it is a required question. Should there be a “No” option? Hoping so, I’ve enjoyed being a part of every other PS4 beta test!

  • Could we possibly get a wishlist added so we can favourite games and find them easily when we want to purchase? Thanks

    • YES!!! It’s always bothered me that I have to go to the website to view my wishlist. Access through the system app would be a small but significant addition!

    • Hi, not sure if you already know but a wish list is available on the PS Store when you access it from a PC. No idea why this isn’t available from the console though. I end up doing 95% of my purchases from a PC because of this and the fact that the console store only shows PS4 content.

    • Definitely would be nice to see integrated on the PS4 and not having use a PC etc..

    • Would be neat if they went a extra step. Add a option to where if a checked wishlist game has a discount you can get notified then instantly go to the item in the store for purchase.

  • Well at least i know im not the only one with a Question #2 problem lol

  • Wishlist

    – PS1 and PS2 classics
    – Activity log
    – 2-step authentication with Authy, Google Authenticator.

    • Yes a 2 Step Authentication from Google Authenticator would be awesome. Receiving a text is okay but shouldn’t have to wait for a text.

    • Cierto, la autenticación de 2 pasos es super util, y claro retrocompatibilidad ps4 es una nueva generación pero eso no le quita que descarten que lea juegos de las otras generaciones.

    • @Skate_Risky, I never had to wait for a text before, but that shouldn’t be your reasoning… sms – 2FA have been deprecated and reported as insecure, which is where the authenticators come in, which should also be the reason you want that update.

  • Yup, just going to echo the problems with the second question. I left it unchecked and it pretty much required me to say that I had a PS Now subscription, haha.

  • more quality?

  • So im guessing sony is gonna Push Psnow with system update 5.00……

  • I want to be able to sort my purchase library. I bought too many games and I constantly forget which games I own.

    First world problems.

    • YES PLEASE. I have no idea which of my games are ps+ only

    • You can sort your games by pressing the options button and then choosing “add to folder”. From there you can create various folders to suite your needs. I have one labeled “PS Plus”, one “PSN”, and another “PS4”.

    • YES PLEASE! Btw toats 1st world. But seriously, please. I have psp PS Vita PS4 PS3 so scrolling through the thousands of games on there cause it includes demos and cross-buys just to redownload an old game is brutal. At the very least can I alphabetize the list?
      Also wishlist would be pretty awesome too
      And further theme customization ( music icons etc)
      Most of all I want to be able to send a video clip in a P’s message. And be able to access my video library from the PS App on my phone.

    • The Library of personal purchased game’s has been a big issue. They should be sorted in categories even our PS Plus game’s.

      – PS4 Games
      < PS4 Plus Game's
      < PS4
      < PS Vita
      < PS3
      < PS2
      < PS1

      – PS Vita Games
      < PSP
      < Mini

      – PS3 Games
      < PS Plus Games
      < PS2
      < PS1

  • My request list

    – hide games and demos from library i mean if xbox can do it why not sony
    – backwards compatibility….. Yes before the sony drones just keep your Ps3 too bad. I need the room im about to get the nintendo switch and i aready have the PlayStation 4 and Xbox 1 hooked up so the Ps3 is the odd system out. And im not using PlayStation now
    -ability to change ID

    • Your 2nd request will never come true.

      They’ve already explained quite a few times already that PS3 emulation isn’t possible with the PS4.
      You can’t keep requesting it as many times as you like, just know that it will never happen on PS4.

    • No way will they let you hide stuff, they constantly shove useless apps to the front of your dashboard to advertise them, hoping you’ll suddenly change your mind after ignoring it for months or years.

    • Throwing this in here because the idea came up when Sony announced PS4 games on PS Now. PS Now can *easily* be Sony’s “backwards compatibility” solution if they fix the service:

      – Lower the price/embed into PS+ sub: $20/month is ridiculous
      – Offline caching: PLEASE let me cache the game locally so I don’t have to worry about streaming over the internet
      – Purchased games included: if I own PS1/2/3 games digitally, why can’t I already stream those through PS Now? Check my library for a digital purchase and let me play the games I already own

      Do this, and Sony has their b/c solution

    • On backwards compatibility:

      it would be easy to do. In fact they already had a version of BC when PS4 launched. I paid to play my ps3 version of AC4 and COD Ghosts on ps4 at launch. You downloaded a file, inserted ps3 disc, it would verify then play the game.

      The way I see it. This could easily be done similarly with PlayStation Now. You insert your ps3 game into the ps4, it contacts PS Now and lets you play the game you have the disc for. This doesnt hurt PS Now as it still is available for those without any ps3 games and other games you dont have discs for.

    • ChaseHammerJ….You know that you are not playing off the disc and you paid for the recoded game right? That is not B/C.
      The disc is just a checksum file to verify you should of had that discount early on and tied it to your account.

    • Totally on board with your second request. At this stage, think the ps4 should be the one console to rule them all for sony. I too have a ps3 that I would like to get rid of, if only the ps4 could play the games i own on disc. Due to third world internet connectivity issues, I’d prefer backward compatibility over PSNow.

      The niggling problem of ID change goes without mention.

    • I’m with you. I live in the woods of South Carolina and internet quality is awful so PS Now is a complete waste of money – shuts itself down every 2 minutes. I want BC if even that simply means BC for PS3 digital purchases (non-disc). That would at least be better than nothing.

    • @infamousgodV2_0

      Backwards compatibility is possible on PS4 to emulation PS3 games on it along with PSone and PS2 games as well. PSone won’t work with disc support of CD not support but not true at all sense disc format can be done by emulation as well. Sony doesn’t have true jack of all to work with them to make it happen plus lets not forget cost would be higher for that skill and take so much time to do. Xbox can do it because their have bigger budge to work with in gaming area then Sony does.

      Sony had the money but wasted it on PS VR and PS Vita crazy memory cards that are still overprice to this day.

      Anyway i would love the ability to change my ID then start over, why? Because we work so hard to earn trophy’s on that account and brought so much content on it that we don’t want to make new account for that at all.

      Would love the ability to remove few 1-100% games from my trophy list: some games back then had really bad bugs in earning trophy’s with wrong date and time when it was earn.

    • @DragonessHera, Don’t know if you’ll see this but I thought I’d try to help as that would be annoying. Go to: Settings > System > Automatic Downloads > Featured Content. Untick that.

  • A search function on the content in your library on PS3, Vita & PS4 would make things a lot easier…I am guessing you either lie about having PS Now or can’t participate unless you have it?

  • So what is new and what can we expect?

  • custome wall papers you say? Next step is themes.

  • I signed up but I can’t get emails from Playstation anyway so not sure what the point is LOL If you want to fix something Sony, fix your emails. I can’t get the weekly emails, deals emails, etc. All my options are checked to receive them, just like the thousands on your forums, Reddit and NeoGaf who can’t get them either. I get all my store purchase emails, but nothing from Sony themselves like Beta invites, discount codes and so on.

    • I’m in the same boat as you. The only emails I ever get from Sony anymore are related to things I bought on the store (wallet funds, and thank you for your purchase). I’ve tried calling them, emailing, tweeting, nothing’s worked. So I’ve basically given up. The last email I got from them was February 2016.

    • Mine was earlier this year. They just stopped, no reason what so ever on why. When I call them they act like I’m stupid. So I just gave up.

    • Have you tried checking your Junk Folder?

    • I have had no issues for a long time now , hope it get sorted for you guys it can be very frustrating

  • How about a FREE MUSIC VISUALIZER for the PS4? All your previous consoles had them!

  • I’m sure the PS Now thing is a mistake? EU doesn’t require you to have it.

  • AngryCanuckGamer

    Mr. Kelly, if having a PSNow subscription is mandatory to get into this beta test (based on question 2 of the application), then please mention as such in the main article to avoid confusion. Thanks.

    • PS Now subscription is not required for the beta. Try again with Q2 – should be fixed now. Sorry about that!

  • Love to sign up but cannot get passed the playstation now Question. As there is only one option. do you have playstation now.

    mmmm no i dont because you haven’t released it in Ireland. >>> Please release it.

    you have the page For playstation now.

    but you cannot sign up as not available why have page if cant sign up.

  • Why is the 2nd question only have 1 choice?

    Is the next firmware beta exclusive only to PS Now subscribers?

  • I’m assuming that the second question is because maybe the new beta has something big coming to PSNow….maybe PS1 and PS2 titles? or maybe something else…. Its almost strange they would require it. I did subscribe before, but I checked it anyway and may renew my subscription specifically to participate in the beta…

    • Exactly. I’m assuming 5.0 has some PS Now related improvements and so selection of beta testers will be informed by that data point. I don’t think it necessarily means PS Now is *required*, just that they have better data to do the selection.

    • Yup I’m thinking the same. I’m guessing the next update will have some updated functionality to PS Now, so it’d help them test it out if they have a good number of participants who are PS Now subscribers. That said, I’m pretty sure the lack of a ‘No’ option for question two is probably just a mistake.

    • Haha, I have PS Now so I didn’t even notice that ‘No’ was not an option in the sign-up form :)

  • Guess I’m a ps now subscriber until Q2 is fixed. If I even had the option to subscribe to psnow, I might actually not have to lie.

  • I have some friends from within (Devs) who mentioned an emphasis on PS Now will be part of the Firmware update Sony wants to test. Both have different suggestions for what it could be:

    1) PS3 Wrapper for Offline – Similar to the PS2 Wrapper found in the PS2 Classics for PS4, Sony may have taking the criticisms to heart and will allow PS Now Subscribers a choice to download an “emulated” PS3 title with varying results.
    2) PS1 and PS2 titles – This has been asked for a while but those who are subscribed but Sony may finally be providing PS1 and PS titles via Streaming but needs to test how they look and run.

    Grain of salt mind you as the statements given to me were vague and these are my interpretations (“Evolving past streaming capabilities” and “What if it isn’t PS3 and PS4 functionality”)

    • Really hoping for #2. That’s what’s stopping PS Now from being a killer service.

      Offline emulation is a nice-to-have, but my experience with the service has been great (I know it differs from connection to connection) and personally, it’s not a big deal for me.

    • PS3 Wrapper? Been awhile since I played a PS2 classic, but what exactly do you mean by wrapper?

    • I think he basically means something close to an emulator.

    • PS2 Classics are basically an emulator made for a specific title to run on PS4 aka a wrapper. Similar to how you can’t pop in any 360 into X1, a [downloaded] 360 wrapper for a specific game is made to run on X1. It’s all emulation but specifically coded to work on another device but at a game by game basis.

    • Then just say emulator, don’t think ive ever seen someone use “Wrapper” before, but I have heard that PS3 emulation is possible….somewhat, the story ive heard (from about late 2014) was that Resistance 1, would run at like 5FPS while running, but jumping/shooting/ or looking straight up would cause it to jump to 30FPS.
      Granted last thing I heard was that a very, very small team was working on PS3 emulation (like 3 people) and it was mostly being worked on during down time from other projects.

  • Ps4 old theme should be compatibility icon

  • I really hope I get in have enjoyed the last few

  • Increase party chat limit…

  • The chat has a cap of 8… Increase it.

  • Is PS Now mandatory to beta testers? I don’t own it and neither plan to use it, so… where´s the other option?

  • Gifting games to people, make it happen.

  • Since PS4 is a home entertainment system, media player should be flawless, supporting all the video and music formats, more settings to adjust.
    All the interface should be faster.
    Able to clear notifications,
    change Online ID,
    hide downloads from library,
    Faster store interface

    These came to my mind, but I was expecting fast interface and super media player since day one.
    Looking forward to the update! Good luck

  • The UI needs to be faster there are times where it seems to be slow. i wish Sonys Ui was similar to xbox since Xbox is so much clean and fast.

    • Xbox Clean and fast? You must be one of the lucky who’s don’t crash on you a lot. I’d admit I do like the way it looks but the stuff hardly ever works for me and a lot of people I know.

    • xbox gui…clen….fast….. no lad it is far from that. i know you will get defensive and be all, “how can you say that fanboy” or the like. i have it and it is a horrid mess. if i wanted to deal with windows phone, I’d get one.

    • It still needs fixing but to be honest ever since removing Snap Feature it is a lot faster ( but still needs improving) more recently I’ve noticed on the PS4 UI sluggish at times which is annoying as hell


    Will the new update rise trophy level over 100 cause i hear it now PSN cant let your trophy level over 100.

  • Name change! Name change! Name change! Name change!

    • This! PLEASE! I’m tired of being pelagato24… C’mon Sony! I’m 25 now and I was only 16 when I came up with this dumb name!

    • if they want to charge 90 bucks or more for a change once every 4 years i’m all for it.

  • Can we finally get the ability to store music files on the hard drive and have custom music in games that isn’t provided by Spotify? I want it like it was on the PS3 so that games like WWE and others can use custom music. Make it happen!

  • Please soon give us the ability to alphabetize our games in our trophy collection already. That’s literally all I ask for since the beginning.

  • Why is the BETA sign-up only open to PS Now subscribers? I am not given an option to check “no” not a PS Now subscriber and therefore am not permitted to sign-up for the BETA. Will the eventual release of this software update ONLY AFFECT PS NOW SUBSCRIBERS?

  • Stop asking for name change and backwards compat.

  • Full support for IPv6 would be great.

  • I hope the new update for the PS4 has

    – Ps1 and Ps2 classic
    – Improved frame rate on blu ray playback

  • BC please.

  • Why does it only have one option for being a subscriber for PS now? i said yes but i don’t because i’d like a part in the beta but i don’t see why it needs to be a condition.

  • So like every one else I am blocked because there is no option to click no on question #2. I have no interest in PS now so I guess I am out on this beta.

    Anyways features I’d like to see is to be able to Alphabetize the games/trophy list and maybe have the option to make notifications black or white.

  • offline spotify you know, for people with bandwidth desktop has it so why not the ps4?

    ps1/ps2 support.

    ability to store video files on the ps4

  • 1. Allow us FULL “customization/editing” of the apps, etc. Eg….there are “Defaut” apps that you, Playstation have added (and keep adding) to the home menus (Video folders, etc. etc.) that I, and I’m sure many others NEVER will use, and DON”T even want there………they’re just annoying and take up “visual” space! We SHOULD have the ability to DELETE these (or at least ‘hide” them. We already pay ENOUGH for stuff, we don’t need your constant “advertising” for useless crap!
    – The apps that we DO USE, though……..should be at the very TOP! Eg…..why is “YouTube” all the way at the BOTTOM of the list???…..and unable to be moved??

  • 2. You guys MUST do MUCH better for us PS PLUS members. You have NOT improved ANYTHING since you have charged us $20 MORE!!!! It’s disgusting and ridiculous……….to be charging us for this, and NOT receiving really much worth in return. Yes, there are “RARE” months (like this month) where you HAVE come through with games that ARE worth our membership, but other months what you give us are just pure CRAP!!! “pixelated 2D games that look like they are from the 80’s is NOT what we deserve, and you know it! And NO, I’m not saying we should have “AAA” games every month…..but we deserve FAR BETTER.

    And honestly……there is NO REASON why we should not have the “PlayStation NOW” INCLUDED with out Membership.
    – Maybe not EVERYTHING………….but at the very least…………All the games we PREVIOUSLY Owned on our PS3……..those SHOULD be “FREE” for us to play…………and then anything ELSE we want to play, THAT can be a charge we can purchase either “per game” or per month, etc.

  • Based on question #2 I am concerned you (Sony) are hand picking a certain cross section of PS4 users that may ultimately adversely affect all users, including non PS Now subscribers. Maybe kind of like what the 4.50 update did to so many of us with connection problems AND increased latency not caused by connection problems.

    • Not at all someone got the Congratulation email and been accepted into the Firmware 5.0 already lol

  • Sugestion.

    In accessibility, there is the option to change the assignment of the button.
    For example: X play the role of O, and vice versa.

    However, the caption or graphical representation of “Confirm = X” and “Back = O” is not changed causing confusion.

    I would like the graphical representation to follow the option made in button assignments.

    Thank you.

  • PS4 FW 5.0 requests

    1) Customs themes – custom themes similar to the PS3 where can you make your own themes and download them from thePS4 web browser for free.

    2) More media format support for the PS4 Media Player – add support for WMA, WMV, older versions of AVI, DiviX and Xvid formats.

    3) PSN refunds – refunds for digital games purchases, allow refunds for games that players who play a title for 3 hours or less.

  • In Ireland there is no PS Now

  • Offline cache for PS Now would be a game changer. Love PS Now but it can get laggy in tight gaming situations.

    Would love more robust storage management options.

    Adding the option for other music streaming services would be phenomenonal. Subscribed to Apple Music, would be great to access it on PS4.

  • So far all of the system software updates have been fantastic looking forward to what’s upcoming!!!!

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