Persona 5: A Special Thank You From Atlus to the Fans

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Persona 5: A Special Thank You From Atlus to the Fans

One month after the launch of the long-awaited JRPG, Persona series director Katsura Hashino stops by to thank the fans for their support.

As a developer, I’m very happy to hear that Persona 5 is being played by so many people overseas. To be honest, it’s really hard to gauge its popularity in the West when our team’s in Japan; we’re not able to see everyone’s comments and discussions. It’d be great to interact with the fans abroad, but sadly, I’m stuck in the development room slurping instant ramen (laugh). Persona 5 is a very “Japanese” story with some political aspects to it, so I couldn’t imagine how Western players would react to it. I did know, however, that Persona 5 was highly anticipated by gamers overseas even back when we were developing the game, so I was curious to see how its story would be received.

I’m going off on a tangent here, but I think that traditional Japanese superhero stories tend to be about fighting off invaders from outside their society, while Western ones focus on fighting against villains and misfits that come from within it. There’s a sense of society being responsible for creating this evil, and such a setting lets the audience’s imagination run wild, like “it could’ve been me.” For instance, doesn’t the Joker from Batman make some valid points that resonate with you?

Persona 5 is also a superhero story in which you fight villains that are born from within society, so I thought that it might be received differently than the previous entries. Of course, it could’ve missed the mark completely and been criticized for it, so my anticipation and anxiety were split half and half. Since the game just launched in the West, I’d like to look back on it at a later time, once I receive feedback from the Western audience—how their gameplay experiences were, what kind of things they felt, etc. I hope that the tale of Persona 5 will leave a lasting impression on everyone who plays it. No matter what kind of project I take on going forward, I love creating RPGs that are both moving and relatable regardless of cultural differences—in fact, I’m most interested in strengthening those aspects right now.

Last year, with the milestone of the Persona series’ 20th anniversary, I handed off the series development to my successors and announced the start of my new RPG project that takes place in a fantasy world. Be it a game set in modern day, like the Persona and Shin Megami Tensei series, or a game set in a new fantasy world, I aim to create games that provide an invaluable experience of reflecting on oneself through a journey, while roleplaying as characters that players can deeply relate to.

These efforts are only made possible thanks to the positive reception we receive from fans—not just in Japan, but worldwide—of the Persona series and Atlus RPGs in general. I appreciate all your support for the newest entry in the Persona series, and I hope that everyone will enjoy the new Atlus RPGs to come.

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  • ScrubLordAdachi

    I appreciate all the work you guys at Atlus put into the game. I can feel the love, and attention to detail you guys have jam packed into a great game that left me feeling “Well I beat the game… Now what do I do?” Cause I know the playthroughs after that will never feel as good as diving in , and experiencing the game for the first time, I wanted to almost not finish the last bit knowing it would be the end of a wonderful journey. So from the heart thank you guys!

  • When this game was getting close to release, I’ll admit that started to get worried. Was I too hyped? It happens a lot these days, and a voice in the back of my head kept saying that nothing could possibly live up to the expectations in my head. So right before the game’s release, I tried to temper my expectations.

    It turns out there was no need to. Persona 5 was everything I’d hoped it would be.

    Now, is it perfect? No. It does have flaws. I’d mention them, but the ones I have in mind are a bit spoiler-y, so I’ll refrain. Does the fact that the game has flaws take away from what you’ve created? No! Because what you’ve made here is something truly special. It’s so overflowing with passion and detail, and it does so, so many things right, that the flaws it does have are more than compensated for.

    I seriously cannot thank you enough for creating this game. Thank you so, so much. I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us next.

  • Persona 5 is one of the best games I have ever played, you are now one of my favorite game Directors of all time Hashino-san. I can’t wait to play the next game you make, and also can’t wait for Persona 6 as well!

  • Please please please stick with the “very Japanese story”. It’s very hard to find a game which has a strong Japan culture influence. I believe most Persona players like the aspect of Japanese culture which is in Persona games. Such as the school life, the after-school life, the exams, the field trips, vacations, club activities, and other stuff we usually see in anime!

    Please do not westernize the Persona series too much!

  • I LOVE the game, it’s awesome! The english voices are impressive! I did not need to put the Japanese voices, which is really cool!

  • unknown_thing632

    I just want to say that I am completely In love with persona 5 and all the persona games, I been playing games for a long time and I play them all but the persona series has a special place in my heart . I just want to say thank you to you and your whole team for working so hard and giving us a great game and great games too keep us entertained and too have fun with.

  • Best game, that I ever played (Second one is Persona 4). Only thing that I would like to change is to have higher lvl monsters at NG+.

  • Thank you, Atlus for continuously supporting Playstation!
    I bought 3 copies of Persona 5. Both “premium” editions, and the standard PS4 one (with the controller skin). I’ve certainly done my part, and I’ve been rewarded with a 11/10 game. I might just buy the PS3 version, too :)

  • The writing is miles ahead already of any western RPG. You feel personally connected and motivated to defeat the villains.

  • I cant believe someone actual said it has hardly any gameplay! In the words of Sojiro from Persona 5, “You can go and get yourself killed if you want, but don’t go dragging other people into your mess. The last thing we need is more idiots like you roaming around.”
    Thank you Atlas for Persona 5! We loved the game!

  • Other than the needlessly streaming restrictions which is still really dumb by the way! I am having a blast and on my second playthrough. Also thank you for proving Turn Base games have a place in the Triple A space!

  • Dear Atlus,

    Could you please reach a deal with Arc System Works and ask them to let you re-release Double Dragon Advance on PS4?

    Everyone deserves to know and play the best DD game.

  • I wish this was on the Vita. Just don’t have the time at home to play these massive jrpgs. Oh well maybe someday I’ll find the time to play it.

  • To compare this game to FFXV, isnt quite relevant. Perhaps comparing it to one of the older ones would be better. FFXV is more open world, open fight, while the older ones are turn based combat. Also, gameplay just depends on how long it takes for one to get thru the game with their play style, whether it’s skipping cutscenes and texts, or sitting thru them and following the story. Whether it’s searching for hidden collectables, or just doing a speed run. Entirely depends on you!

  • No, thank you for this incredible creation, you sir are a scholar and a gentleman.

  • The amount of entitled whining makes me nauseas. Just what has our society devolved into? None of these whiners are invested in the company and only care for their 5 minutes of fame on the internet (while monetizing their own social media channels by distributing work that they did not create or own)

  • Still waiting on the Persona 5 20 anniversary ps4 theme that only hit JP to be release in NA/EU
    Paying top dollars for it

  • Since I don’t think this will get passed on, I figured I’d leave a short comment of criticism instead because let’s be honest here- THIS GAME IS GREAT. I don’t like Persona 5 as much as 4 or 2 (IS and EP), but it’s still one of the few JRPGs I can stomach.

    With that outta the way… and no spoilers, I’ll be as vague as I can.

    Good-goddamn this game falls off of a cliff after the sixth palace. Between time sink bosses with billions of HP to attacks that can end the fight by taking control away from you to palaces on boats and in, for purpose of vagueness, basically Silent Hill that all last for literal hours, with awful enemies that give terrible status effects, I have not played a game in quite a long time that has left me with such a bad taste afterwards.

    All of that said, I still love Persona 5 and I’m replaying it again to mop up any trophies I missed- I just hope for Persona 6, the dubbing is handled smarter and I especially hope the game has more clever ways to have final sections of the game and not have it devolve into a total slog like P5 did.

    • I also want to say- besides Zelda BotW and Nioh, this is easily one of the best games I’ve played this year. I don’t believe 10/10’s are “perfect” games, just “must-play classics”, and this game is EASILY a 10/10.

      I also don’t think the story isn’t as Japanese as it was intended- I don’t know if you know, but it’s not like North America has a spotless record of incorruptible leaders, and definitely has a widespread and sickening amount of abuses of power against the average citizen. Especially in 2017 >_>

  • Really enjoyed 5 and hope Atlus will announce localization dates for Deep Strange Journey and Radiant Historia soon.

  • Thank you for an amazing game! This is my first Persona and I am loving every minute of it!

  • Thanks Atlus for a well polished and enjoyable storyline/gameplay – Spent a good 100 hours clearing the first play-through but i don’t intend to stop there, 2nd play-through here i come, keep up the good work!

  • Just look at the overflowing P5 avatars in the comments haha so much love from your fans, Atlus.

  • The game is incredible. Picked it up on the weekend and haven’t been able to put it down. I end up having that battle theme going through my head at work. I think the story translates very well and with regard to the first poster with their ridiculous full price/turn based comments, remember, don’t feed the trolls.

    The game is definitely worth the price. Likeable characters, such a faithful layout of areas of Japan make it feel, to me at least, far more engaging. Transition screens were done very well and I was honestly so happy to hear this was turn based. I like WRPGs, but I love JRPGs as well, including turn based ones. They give a different feel to the game. If everything is action based, all games begin to feel the same. Thankfully Persona stands apart.

    Thanks to the developers and looking forward to future Persona games!

  • SecondGearLuffy

    Every persona game has made me reevaluate my life for the better. Thank you so so much for helping me improve my self once again with Persona 5. Persona 3 helped me to be more social when I was in high school…I joined a sports team I got a girlfriend and met many new groups of people I never would have without the game. Persona 4 helped me accept what some of my character defaults were and who my true friends were. Persona 5 has taught me about humility and the need to see my own truth. In my field of work there is a lot of corruption on the higher ups so it hit home. I have already found my self trying new restaurants and going to new places I have never been to before like second hand book stores in my community. A new Persona game ALWAYS helps improve my quality of life. Thank you.

  • Thank you to everyone who made Persona 5 a reality! Having played P3, P4, P4G and now P5, I can say P5 has to be the best in the series. Thank you sir and I hope to play P6 or P5G, whenever that may be.

  • Hmm I prefer a female protagonist for Persona 5. Maybe 6 ‘wistful’
    Oh well, will buy it eventually.

  • megustadosmucho

    I truly do love this game, it is shaping up to be one of my favorites and I’m only 40 hours in. Typically by now I start to get tired of a game, but persona has a grasp of how to keep the formula feeling fresh.

    My only complaints:
    I’m so thankful for the Japanese VO, because the English work on this game was really bad. Even main character names were being pronounced incorrectly…

    Some of the dialogue is just too repetitive. Example: They tell me to send the calling card 18x in a row in a 2 day period, I get it :) We just talked about it before leaving the dungeon, we didn’t need to text about the same thing before going to bed, and then again at school the next day.

    It’d be nice if I could take screenshots and just not be able to share them. I really enjoy looking at screenshots of my own gameplay after I’m done (they make for great computer wallpapers :))

    That’s it. Thanks for the great game :)

  • No, thank you for this marvelous experience and sticking with what you know and improve upon it. This shows that as long as you make a game with love and care, it will find it’s audience.

  • No, Atlus. I thank you so much for bringing the game to the U.S., I have been waiting for a Persona (RPG) game since Persona 4 Golden (my first persona game). There are a lot of suggestions on the internet regarding spin-offs for characters in P5 and I really hope you guys will consider making those spin-offs, I would play all of them!

    Once again, thank you so much for Persona 5, now I will return to the game (already spent 120 hrs so far playing it!)

  • Thank you so much for this amazing and incredible game!! Something finally managed to beat out Final Fantasy VII as my favorite RPG of all time, and that’s a pretty tall order!

  • Thanks to Atlus for designing one of my favorite games to date! I can tell you that a lot of people I know out West are buying it and greatly enjoying it too. Can’t wait to get through and see more of the story.

  • Still waiting for the Share button’s functionality to be unblocked.

    So stupid.

  • The game was amazing!!!

  • LEFT__4__DEAD__2

    I love Persona :)

  • If anyone is commenting on this page negative things about the Persona series just ignore them. It’s is obvious some people are looking for attention and just by questioning them they have won. Me writing this is also feeding the trolls so i shouldn’t have but seeing all the attention these negative responses get i wanted to say something. At least as far as gaming goes we gamers have to let the stupid comments slide off our shoulders. Persona is an amazing series, i’m in my 30’s now and have been playing it since PlayStation 1. So happy to see P5 doing so well in the west.

  • Hmm i like Action Jrpgs but I don’t like turn based jp games should I still try it?

    • Yes, but be prepared to 20-hours tutorial.
      Also fights in that Persona isn’t too hard, like it was in smt and previous p-nas.

  • And thank you for this already legendary game, Hashino-san, Soejima-san and to all the crew! It’s simply an amazing experience and easily one of the very best JRPGs ever created, if not the best!

  • Game of the year(2016) and one of the best games in 2017.
    Its really sad, that Hashino isn’t going to work on the next P.

  • Thank you ALTUS for releasing the game in ENG/CHN language, I love both vers and it is the best person game i have played. Hopefully I will be able to use Sae San and Togo San in the golden version, yeah?!

  • Thank you ATLUS for this amazing game!! I love every second I spend with the game and to me Persona 5 is definitely the gold standard for JRPG

  • Thank you, this game has been absolutely incredible. This has been the best JRPG I’ve played in the last decade, amazing work as always.

  • Thanks for an absolutely amazing game! I hope you bring more like it to the West, and I hope other Japanese developers take note and realize that classic JRPGs can thrive on modern consoles. They just need the kind of care you put into Persona 5.

  • I have just finished the game today!! I really love it!!

  • One of the best games I’ve ever played. Definitely GOTY 2017!!

  • Thank you so much for this game. Like many others, these games make me reevaluate my life afterwords. Often how other RPGs would do when I was younger, these games give me an entire new outlook on life. I walk away from Persona 5 a different man then when I started. I believe for the better. The game has changed how I view myself, my friends, my goals, and my family. Thank you so much for continuing to provide for us in the West. I love Japanese Culture, many of us do. Please continue to make games like this, whether in a fantasy world or a real world setting.

    I will continue to support Atlus as much as I can. Thank you so much for this experience.

  • 1 trophy left (collect all Personas), then Platinum!

    Thanks for the game, im swedish land oved it!

    I still hope you will do an ultimate/golden version like with P4, maybe add a side-story/extra content, if not, its fine- im gonna buy your next fantasy rpg ofc as well.

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