Persona 5: A Special Thank You From Atlus to the Fans

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Persona 5: A Special Thank You From Atlus to the Fans

One month after the launch of the long-awaited JRPG, Persona series director Katsura Hashino stops by to thank the fans for their support.

As a developer, I’m very happy to hear that Persona 5 is being played by so many people overseas. To be honest, it’s really hard to gauge its popularity in the West when our team’s in Japan; we’re not able to see everyone’s comments and discussions. It’d be great to interact with the fans abroad, but sadly, I’m stuck in the development room slurping instant ramen (laugh). Persona 5 is a very “Japanese” story with some political aspects to it, so I couldn’t imagine how Western players would react to it. I did know, however, that Persona 5 was highly anticipated by gamers overseas even back when we were developing the game, so I was curious to see how its story would be received.

I’m going off on a tangent here, but I think that traditional Japanese superhero stories tend to be about fighting off invaders from outside their society, while Western ones focus on fighting against villains and misfits that come from within it. There’s a sense of society being responsible for creating this evil, and such a setting lets the audience’s imagination run wild, like “it could’ve been me.” For instance, doesn’t the Joker from Batman make some valid points that resonate with you?

Persona 5 is also a superhero story in which you fight villains that are born from within society, so I thought that it might be received differently than the previous entries. Of course, it could’ve missed the mark completely and been criticized for it, so my anticipation and anxiety were split half and half. Since the game just launched in the West, I’d like to look back on it at a later time, once I receive feedback from the Western audience—how their gameplay experiences were, what kind of things they felt, etc. I hope that the tale of Persona 5 will leave a lasting impression on everyone who plays it. No matter what kind of project I take on going forward, I love creating RPGs that are both moving and relatable regardless of cultural differences—in fact, I’m most interested in strengthening those aspects right now.

Last year, with the milestone of the Persona series’ 20th anniversary, I handed off the series development to my successors and announced the start of my new RPG project that takes place in a fantasy world. Be it a game set in modern day, like the Persona and Shin Megami Tensei series, or a game set in a new fantasy world, I aim to create games that provide an invaluable experience of reflecting on oneself through a journey, while roleplaying as characters that players can deeply relate to.

These efforts are only made possible thanks to the positive reception we receive from fans—not just in Japan, but worldwide—of the Persona series and Atlus RPGs in general. I appreciate all your support for the newest entry in the Persona series, and I hope that everyone will enjoy the new Atlus RPGs to come.

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  • Still waiting for it to go on sale, I don’t pay full price for turn based games

    • I cant decide whats worse, the fact that you take that ridiculous stance on turn based games or that you felt the need to share that.

    • I don’t know what’s worse, the fact that you payed full price for a game that has hardly any gameplay or the fact that you felt the need to reply

    • Hardly any gameplay.. Wow youre something else. Have a good day

    • Son, how old are you ? I don’t hope that you’re old enough to enjoy the fun of making strategy or the joy of being able to relax, take a drink during a fight. I only hope that you are old enough to think before speaking. Even if this game doesn’t suit you. It suits more than millions of players out there. Be polite and, like the rule in here said, ” DON’T BE A JERK “. Because jerks are for kids that haven’t earn money on their own to use yet.

    • Hardly any gameplay? Man I like to know what I was doing for those 200 hours.

    • That’s about as arbitrary as saying you wont buy books with a red cover… Would you lump Portal and Battlefield together because they’re both technically ‘first-person’ and ‘shooter’?

    • I mean FFXV is out for you mindless combat with no thinking ;3

    • Gammalad you were reading dialogue and watching cutscenes and occasionally got to play through a dungeon for 200 hours

    • jchillin this is DEFINITELY not the game for you. Run along and play CoD now.

    • Valkyria-edge so is dark souls and nioh, both require more strategy than this

    • You quite literally have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. Why would you post something that shows your ignorance to actual fans of the game? Your troll isn’t even unique, or good, it is just lazy. What even is “gameplay” to you, then? I’d like to know.

    • Moneycashdane why is every weebs first defense “go play cod?” That isn’t an insult especially when one cod game has more gameplay than the entire persona series

    • This is not COD, kid.
      This is a game that requires paying atention and most importantly, it requires thinking.

    • Coolbrys uh gee I don’t know how about ACTUALLY PLAYING A GAME instead of sitting through cutscenes and pointless dialogue for hours on end and calling that gameplay

    • Silver_shionyou need to pay attention and think in cod too, think a little before you post

    • Persona 5 has more game play than FFXV but whatever floats your boat. I’ve already put over 130 hours into ​P5 while only put 80 into FFXV.

    • Goodlooking543 cutscenes does not equal gameplay, ffxv has more gameplay p5 has more cutscenes

    • I feel like you might be looking for a different experience than Persona 5 then, if you don’t like the cutscenes. This game is more about exploring deep themes of acceptance and rebellion against society, which does require a lot of text and description. But it does have a lot of gameplay, it’s just that it is carried mainly through text descriptions. That being said, almost everyone who has played this game loves it, give it a try when it gets one sale.

    • I wouln’t bother if i was you as it clearly isn’t your cup of tea

    • I am pretty sure of those 200 hours most of them were spent playing the game, each dungeon takes several hours to complete but hey if you want to discredit turn based genres and simulations you do you my dude.

    • FFXV gameplay. Holding​ O gets boring fast. Get a random summon. Spam sodas to heal. Team attacks look cool but that’s about it. FFXV looks amazing but the plot is poorly told and the gameplay wants to be good but just isn’t.

      Persona 5 gameplay you have to take in consideration the enemies strength, weakness, buffs, debuffs, your buffs, debuffs, critical hits, ext… The story and characters are interesting with great character development and plot.

    • I would just give this game a pass if you dislike Jrpg with turn based elements. There are plenty of other games to choose. No big deal

    • You realize, of course, that it’s perfectly permissible, dignified, and classy to just state that you dislike a particular kind of game without simultaneously denying its merit in the eyes of others, insulting the entire genre’s worth, and calling the taste of people who like it into question, yes?

      I find RTS games dull as bricks but you won’t see me trying to argue that giving strategic commands and watching them be slowly carried out “isn’t gameplay.” It’s just not a gameplay type that I find enjoyable. Period. That’s all that needs to be said. The world does not need to share your likes and dislikes for them to be valid, jchill; don’t be so insecure about them that you feel you need to take them out on other people.

    • Got burned so bad it doesn’t funny anymore huh ? Btw, there’s a skip feature for those non-related cutscenes, for your info.

    • I find the notion of “It’s turn based so it doesn’t have gameplay and doesn’t need strategy just strange. Just because it doesn’t depend on twitch reflexes doesn’t mean it doesn’t require strategy or thinking.

      If turn based don’t float your boat so be it. No reason to go on a rant about how it wouldn’t have gameplay, isn’t worth the money, etc. That’s just insulting to all the people that worked for many years on it.

    • Goodlooking543 I didn’t say ffxv has great gameplay, I said it has more of it, you also have to take into consideration everything you said about p5 in ffxv as well, can’t just hold O

    • Werxys I don’t dislike the genre, I dislike paying $60 for a game that has hardly any gameplay, now if you would read my first post I said that I am waiting for a sale so that I can buy it

    • Your definition of “hardly any gameplay” is pretty dubious. Even if the game spends a lot of time on cutscenes and Confidants, there are still hours upon hours of battles, dungeons crawls, and Mementos sidequests, and the real-world side of things is still a strategic time-management sim that is, in its own way, very engaging.

      When Morgana isn’t pestering you to go to sleep early because the deadline timer for the next Palace hasn’t shown up yet, anyway.

    • I’m not going to attack your taste on games, but did you really had to post a comment like this when a developer is out there giving thanks to THE FANS? You’re clearly not a fan. So wait for Persona 5 to go on sale, and in the meantime enjoy whatever games you think are worth full price. But let other’s enjoy their turn-based jRPGs that they paid full price for with their hard-earned money, and let the developer enjoy the fruits of their work and others appreciating that work.

    • If you feel theres hardly any gameplay then why even bother? It feels like you are forcing yourself to play just because of whatever reasons. But hey, its your decision and I really should not have say any farther.

    • Rather than trying to re-educate the poster, let’s be fair and understand they are entitled to their opinion.

      Following that, I wonder if its a staff member who decided to post here under an alias to see if the fans would respond so vehemently.

      I can’t prove the above but you only need to look at the responses. At least there are series fans willing to defend the game’s corner.

      I do enjoy the Persona games and I did enjoy this one. It could get a little heavy with the dialogue, exposition and setting up the next stage of her story sometimes though (the late game is especially guilty of it).

      That said, its a great ride. One that anyone who enjoys a good JRPG with a dose of social sim elements will appreciate.

    • It may seem like mainly cutscenes but most story driven games need a bunch of story before they cut you loose and let you do the main things that’s the true focus of the game.

      And on the CoD topic, did any of you guys see the WWE stuff? They took away health regeneration and fleshed out the classes. All they need now is to do away with supply drops and it might be my 10/10 shooter this year

    • You guys are awesome I’ve only been playing since p3 came over here and I’ve loved them all 5 is amazing thank you!!!!

    • I usually spend more time ‘playing the game’ in turn based games than in action ones. Action ones are built on the gameplay being fast, whereas turn based games you get the time to think about the decisions so you can spend more time on it.

    • Guys this kids obviously doesn’t understand the game much or persona in general so it is what it is the first is still well you guys know lol

    • This is crearly not your type of game according to all you are saying in this thread, so why bother waiting for a sale if you don’t wanna be reading texts and occasionally going to dungeons? You are also calling everyone weebs, so again why are you here?

      This developer comes here to say Thank you to all the fans that are currently enjoying this game, and you come off with this arbitrary, unneeded response. What does that say about you?

      And barely any gameplay? Don’t talk about games you have no idea of

    • jchil001 I actually see where you are coming from but my mind has been changed once I took a chance and bought and played 70 hours so far of Persona 5. I too like you used to make fun of the Persona series and others like in in that “it’s just a stupid Anime that you watch and read a bunch of text, how stupid!”. But seriously after taking a chance and putting many hours in this freaking game is fantastic I love it! Went ahead and bought Persona 4 Golden to play on my Vita too yesterday once I’m done with this one. You really should just shoosh about it until you actually play it. I too love the CoD games, I know many don’t anymore but my love has never dwindled for them I line up and preorder them and play the shiz out of em all year long but there is also plenty of time in my life for a game like Persona 5, it’s really wonderful.

    • P5 fans don’t worry about jchill! We just need to break into his palace and change his heart! Super stylishly of course!

    • This game has so much contents than your… CoD taste. Honestly, you sound a lot younger than I thought. Persona 5 has plenty of stuff to do, such as working in the job, play a mini-games, go on a date with certain confidants, fuse Persona, battling, etc.

      Maybe this stuff isn’t for you. It has an extremely solid gameplay, music, art and story. Maybe you didn’t like that kind of stuff? I got a friend who wasn’t too interested in Persona 5. When I show her the stuff and lead her the controller, what happens next? She sunk hours of gameplay and went out to buy Persona 5. She love it.

      My point is, this game offer so much it’s definitely worth $60 even if it’s a turn based game. They pour so much actual efforts unlike some of games that didn’t put in too much efforts in it. They do deserves it and such for all of their hard work. The game is fun, the story is amazing, the music is amazing, the concept is very creative, hell, I could say more. I hope when you end up buying it, you’ll fall in love the same way she does, too.

    • *paid. Secondly, don’t buy it at all. If you have such a pretentious stance on the price of turn-based games, then just don’t buy it and shut up about it. I’m fine with the cutscenes and obviously a lot of other people are too. Who cares if you don’t like it? And yeah, who cares if I do?

    • “P5 fans don’t worry about jchill! We just need to break into his palace and change his heart! Super stylishly of course!”
      Nice idea, but he needs a change of brains not heart.
      Stating that the game has limited gameplay is just plain BS/ untrue. If he would say “I don’t like it because it is to text heavy vs the gameplay” he MIGHT have had a point. That is an opinion and is open to interpretation.
      However he’s saying it doesn’t have enough gameplay. You can spend 80 hours in the dungeons alone if you want and not be bored if you do it right.
      There aren’t even that many “cutscenes” by comparison. Just a couple of them in a 80-100 hour game. Plenty of other rpg’s have more. I wonder if there is ANYONE that played Persona5 that has valid complaints about the cutscenes. Seriously: there is anyone out there explain which cutscene and WHY.
      The social links and story are text heavy granted, but If you’re not into that you shouldn’t buy the game at all. You’re going to be annoyed and complain about a game doing what it is supposed to be doing: telling a story.

    • Everyone, before you react to jchill’s comment about spending $60 on a turn based rpg. I’d like to point out that he earned the Platinum trophy in South Park: The Stick of Truth on PS4, in July 2016. Which… is a turn-based rpg, that, as of this moment, is only available by pre-ordering South Park: The Fractured But Whole for $60, another turned based rpg that won’t release for months still to come.

    • This exchange was just picked up by Kotaku’s Jason Schreier on Twitter.

    • I think most people will agree that there’s quite a lot of gameplay in P5! I hope you change your opinion about the game whenever you pick it up.

    • Oh cool I found one of the most ignorant people on the site!

    • Thank you so much for creating a masterpiece.

      @Atlus could you please allow the Persona 5 Protagonist Special Theme & Avatar Set (PS4) available for purchase on the PS Store NZ/AU/EU? I tried reaching out to Deep Silver EU, they said it’s intentional and only a digital pre-order exclusive. I can see other countries have this item available for purchase though. Thanks in advance!

    • Thank you Katsura Hashino, Atlus for making such a wonderful RPG. I love RPGs since zelda and final fantasy 7 as a kid and i seen lately there hasen’t been to many JRPGs as compared to the past for me to personally enjoy but you came out with this masterpiece and i cannot wait to see what you and Atlus does next for the gaming community. Thank you so much.

    • poor kid… he will never be in the golden era of rpgs when they mattered. he probably has a fit over strategy games also because it requires thought and not button mashing.

    • You can’t be serious, this is a 130+ hour JRPG jam packed with content. It’s by far worth the $60 price tag than most games out there. The social aspects of this game are just as much part of the gameplay as anything else. It seems you require a game with less thinking and less content for your short attention span. Might I direct you to Call of Duty or Final Fantasy 15 lol.

    • and I bought it exactly because it is turn based, FFXV was a turn off for me.

    • Barely any gameplay? Hahaha I spend like 10 hours just making fusion. But tbh even if you skip all of the cutscenes and dialog you will still have like 60 hours of pure gameplay

    • ScrubLordAdachi

      This game has more than enough “Gameplay” in it to satiate my needs. It doesn’t need a overly un-healthy ammount of real time action, constantly having to press O to roll, and dodge enemy attacks. Dark souls is fine, and a great series however It’s extremely repetitive with alot of cryptic story telling to find out about the world. From what I gather you enjoy Playing games vs paying attention to story telling and immersing yourself. Persona series does a perfect job immersing, along with making incredible characters people love. I do however have a question for you as you keep mentioning “Gameplay” what is “Gameplay” to you.

    • The thing that refutes your argument is that Persona 5 is challenging. You’re on a time limit you can’t just grind to the highest level easily and then walk all over the game. If you do that you’ll get the bad endings. So in order to accomplish the game’s goals you have to pay attention to how much time you devote to a single task, and then you have to figure out which characters and Personas you want to develop. You can also crank the difficulty up if you’re finding it too easy, and considering that you’re on a time limit, multiple endings, lots of ways to grow characters with lots of choices to make, calling it “Hardly any gameplay” is idiotic.

      I mean how many hours are you going to spend complaining about how there’s “hardly any gameplay” anyway?

      Also FYI Amazon Prime Membesr and Best Buy Gamer’s Club members got the game at 20% discount so there are those of us who don’t actually have to wait for sales, we get the game 20% off day 1.

    • SuperIanGamerHd

      You have some bad taste in games you sound like you only play shooters lol these types of games sales and worth the price I beat persona 5 2 times and have plat would play again

    • Wow, jchill you souild like a little kid. Get lost, no one cares about anything you have to say. They’re just laughing at how dumb you’re being here.

    • I’d have to say that P5 is worth the full price. It’s my first Persona game and I paid full price and don’t regret it one bit. Absolutely fantastic game. To each their own, though.

    • Please please please stick with the “very Japanese story”. It’s very hard to find a game which has a strong Japan culture influence. I believe most Persona players like the aspect of Japanese culture which is in Persona games. Like the school life, the after-school life, the exams, the field trips, vacations, club activities, and other stuff we usually see in anime!

      Please do not westernize the Persona series too much!

    • I have never seen someone so ignorant. Turn based games are masterpieces of the gaming genre, such as Final Fantasy; at least attempt it then state your comment. The developer is showing his sincerity in this post was well as a comment to you, for you to be this disrespectful in return has given me the right to call you a waste of skin.

    • The amount of defensive comments at the OP’s remark is amusing. At the very least, he plans on trying it out, which probably is leagues better than most who will not even bother with a genre and yet go out of their way to insult it.

    • Haha Jchill001, what is wrong with this guy?

    • “I don’t pay full price for turn based games” – I’m sorry you feel that way since you’re more than likely missing out on a huge amount of quality games or you’re just buying games preowned, in which case I feel bad for the dev’s that put a huge amount of work and dedication into building a quality product for you to just give money to “game” or whatever other store you buy it preowned from.

      Buying a game for full price isn’t just about paying for the product, it’s about supporting the developers so that they can continue to build better experiences for us all.

    • Though I think the game is fantastic myself. This guy trolled the hell out of everyone.

    • Don’t blame the game because you play on easy so you can just “Hold X to Win”

    • I have played the game for 120 hrs, have not been able to play any other game once I started playing Persona 5 since its release. So far in 2017, Persona 5 (Steal Your Heart Edition) has been the only game that I paid full price for. Stop being ignorant and check out of the Persona 5’s review videos on youtube, you will realize how dumb you are.

    • Sorry but that makes little to no sense. Turn based games usually provide the most bang for your buck. Persona 5 is worth more the suggested retail price.

    • i payed full price for it and i got more then my moneys worth out of it in fact because of what you said i think i will go back and play again sooner then i would normally

    • Сценка “ребенок посмотрел первые 10 часов и думает, что его игра все 200 часов будет за ручку водить”

      В ниох и дарк соулс не нужно думать, а в персоне и шин мегами нужно

    • Boy New mexico must be boring for a 31 year old all over reddit with his various dating profiles huh?

    • Good luck finding a sale– maybe there will eventually be one digitally. Atlus games hold their value, and some even increase in value over time. The original Persona sells on ebay for over $150.

  • pls! pls! pls! enable the share button !

  • Thank you to everyone at Atlus Japan and Atlus USA for the masterpiece that is PERSONA 5. It was worth preordering the Take Your Heart Premium Edition. ❤❤❤❤❤

  • Thank you Hashino-san for delivering an incredible game. So far I’m 35 hours in and I dropped everything else I was playing for Persona 5.

    That being said, it saddens me how Atlus still cannot understand how streaming and sharing is so important these days for a game’s longevity. Blocking share features has done more harm than good in my opinion. There were so many moments I wanted to take a screenshot of a memorable in-game moment, yet I couldn’t. I hope they reconsider their stance on this issue.

  • The game deserved all of it’s amazing sales and acclaim! Easily the best game out this year and one of the best this generation.

  • Please let me say thank you for this wonderful game. I love the series, and am enjoying Persona 5 so much. The characters are wonderful. I feel like they’re my own friends now. The story is compelling. Without spoiling anything, i see a lot of parallels to events that have been happening recently in America, so those things are very relatable and thought-provoking.

    I’ve always loved the tone of the Persona series: dark, touching on very serious subjects, while still having a light feeling, laugh-out-loud moments, and great friendships portrayed throughout. The games are really unique experiences.

    I believe i will finish the game tonight, or will come very close. And like previous games, i’ll miss it, and the characters in it. But also like the other games, they’ll stay with me, and i’ll look back and remember them fondly. Thank you so very much for that, the wonderful world you bring to us. I’m looking forward to what you do in the future.

  • I loved every second of P5 and I’m grateful for everything you and your team have done.

  • Let us take screenshots plz!

  • Thank you so much for such a wonderful game Hashino San. I’m halfway through and enjoying it immensely. Persona 5 is very close to being a perfect video game.

  • I’ve been playing the game for almost 40 hours, and loving every second of it.
    Easily my Game of the Year 2017

  • Thes style and the attitude this game has is far beyond anything out there. Thank you for making such a rad game

  • Beat it a couple of weeks ago, immediately jumped into new game +. And I almost never bother with NG+, especially not for games as long as Persona. Pretty much guaranteed to be the game of the generation for me (unless Persona 6 comes out in this generation, I guess.)


  • Thank us by letting us take screenshots / game clips. That would be fantastic.

  • MarksmanofGod77

    I have been a fan of RPGs and Turn Based combat. I just recently got my PS4 and was amazed by the amount of RPGs that are available and have honestly wished I had gotten the system sooner.

    This is my first Persona game and so far I am in love. I am not that far in to it, but it is truly like playing through an Anime with depth and choices that shape the game. I find myself glued to the story, a story which is dark and unsettling at times, but it’s believable to an extent which makes it even better.

    So, from a first time player of the series, thank you for this game. So far it is beautiful and engaging. The art design is brilliant and the story is one that you can easily get lost in.

  • I am glad to have this game in my possession after this very long wait. It’s been a pleasure to play it.

  • Persona 5 is the best ever played. It’s certainly a milestone and a dream of a game to play. I am really honored to have played this masterpiece and i will miss your exceeding talent in the developement of the last 3 persona games and am eager to play your new game with some of the other staff member of the p5 team. Please continue your hard work to create another masterpiece. It’s one of the stories i could relate to the most and i love the way you criticize the society in japan which can easily translate to ours.

  • Thanks for the article. The game was a joy to play from start to finish and will surely be replayed at least once more^^ I was also very glad to see the traditional turnbased combat. I love those kinds of games (even though I value the story aspect of games even more by now..).
    I still think The Legend of Heroes-franchise on Ps3 (Trails of Cold Steel) is slightly better, but both are masters at what they do. Thanks again!

  • Just finished the game and heading for a second play-through. Persona 5 is an excellent game and my anticipation for the next Persona series just grew even bigger. Thanks for giving us this awesome masterpiece Katsura Hashino and Persona’s team and not forgetting Atlus too.

    Please take your time developing Persona 6 and give your fan here something to look forward for in the future!

  • Thanks for pouring your heart and soul into this series. Kudos to the team, Persona 5 is Amazing!

  • Thank you to all of ATLUS and ATLUS USA for such an amazing game. The wait for Persona 5 was long but completely worth it. I love the game to pieces. It’s my new favorite in the Persona series and I seriously cannot thank ATLUS enough for creating something so incredible. You guys are one of my favorite game developers and I look forward to your future projects, namely Project Re Fantasy! Thanks so much again!

  • Amazing game, 90 hours in atm… !

  • Thank you for such an amazing game! Hope to see more of your works come out to the west! Can’t wait for Project Re: Fantasy and Persona 5 Arena!!! Hopefully​ Elizabeth gets a game too!

  • Thank you very much for all of your hard work Atlus. I waited for years for the game and enjoyed every second of it.. thank you so much. I look forward to whatever you guys do next (hopefully P5AU ;) )

  • The game’s very Japanese-specific social commentary is interesting from my point of view as a westerner, actually. Many themes woven through it are universal enough that it provides a unique opportunity to apply my own socio-political ideology to an unfamiliar social context. That the game presents such wonderful (if blatant and unsubtle) storytelling, is aesthetically one of the most consistently eye-pleasing things I’ve ever played while still keeping to a relatively low level of budget and technical constraints, and also has some of the best turn-based RPG gameplay I’ve ever had the joy to play, has easily catapulted this game to the top of my favorite-JRPGs-of-all-time list.

    In short, wonderful game, and good job.

  • Very interesting read! Persona 5 is such a good game all the way around (even though I still like P4G better). That said, I do feel that the DLC for it is way over-priced for what it is. Thankfully it’s nothing essential, so it doesn’t really matter.

  • I’m only a few hours into it but I’m already loving every aspect of it. Thank you very much and everyone involved in the creation of Persona 5. ❤️

    PS: Please enable the Share button. We promise not to spoil it for others!

  • You have been warned.

  • Never understood what is this game at all. Plus it’s too expensive.

    • It’s the same price as any full priced game out there.. :\

    • Same price as most newly released games, yet easily 100 hours worth of content on it, so i’d say money well spent considering some games campaigns are finished within 6-10 hours.

  • Thank you, Atlus! I love P5. I love Persona games. Totally unique. I also do not like turn-based and have always avoided that old-school mechanic, created when and because consoles had very little computing power. But I played P4G for Vita and fell in love. The turn-based is essential to the story and is designed well. The Persona series is the only turn-based that I will play so people who avoid it for that reason might be surprised if they try it.

    It is a very Japanese game, I guess. That’s why a lot of us Americans thought the whole background of the protagonist to be inexplicable as well as many of the social situations. I’m not going to spoil it but just to say culturally, things that happened, the ways people reacted to certain scenarios, seemed hard to believe when filtered through American cultural norms.

    JRPGs are hugely story-driven. The emphasis on story seems to be why the Share feature in Persona and Tales of games is disabled. I understand that. But screenshots would be a helpful compromise and fan-service, please! Keeping track of all the Persona’s evolving skills is impossible so being able to keep screenshots would make fusing or just purchasing a lot more efficient.

  • Thank You for bring it west with the Japanese audio. Games amazing, I been playing it for just shy of 30 hours and just completed the second dungeon… going to be a long very enjoyed journey.

  • Been waiting a few years for this game to come out and it was definitely worth the wait! By far my favorite game I’ve played in the past few years and is quite possibly my favorite game in the Persona series.

    Looking forward to Project Re;Fantasy and future Persona/SMT titles

  • Thank you Atlus for this wonderful masterpiece of a game!

  • It was 131 hours of my life well spent. If I didn’t have such a backlog, I would have dove right in to NG+, but, such is life.

    Can we get Persona 5: Dancing All Night, and Persona 5 Arena now please?

  • Thanks so much to everyone who worked on this terrific game!! P3 and P4 were some of the best games on the PS2/PSP/Vita, and Persona 5 does not disappoint!!!

    To people arguing about whether it’s a game or not: Persona 5 is an outstanding game that combines a story-driven, time-based RPG with turn-based combat, dungeon crawling, and dating sim elements, along with a “gotta catch ’em all” monster collection and fusion system (there’s also a simple item synthesis system.) If this is the sort of thing you like, and you like the setting, it’s probably one of the best games you can find, and a reason in itself to buy a PS4!! If you want to call it a “visual novel/dating sim mashed up with an RPG,” well that’s kind of what it is, and it’s actually awesome. ;-)

    Personally I am a huge fan of games with lengthy cutscenes (Final Fantasy, Xenosaga) so Persona 5 is perfect. Well, it would be perfect if we could just take screenshots of our favorite P5 moments!!

  • This game is awesome! I can’t remember the last time I’m this much into a JRPG game.Although RPGs have always been my favourite genre, lately there haven’t been many games that I fell in love with. I still like FF and will continue to purchase every FF game, but personally I like P5 so much better than FFXV.

    I like Japanese culture, so I really appreciate the story P5 is telling. The sub-quests don’t feel like chores. I typically get lost when the story gets too big and touches on topics such as wars between countries or politics or history. I understand a lot of people appreciate that, as it makes the story more complete, but I personally cannot keep track of everything that is going on in those story lines. P5 is perfect for me in this sense. The story is easy enough to follow but touches on topics that could resonate with others, and leaves an impression on the players.

    Please please please continue to make more Persona games and make them available in North America.

  • This game I feel has the best parts of the entire series and I can personally relate to the mc. I have gotten in Trouble doing the right thing often. Overall I’m glad to spend the 50 bucks on a game with such a rich storyline.

  • Love the Persona/SMT Series.

    Hope you guys decide to HD Remaster the PS2 gems like Nocturne.

    Hard but I am trying to hold Persona 5 till 200th Platinum.

  • Persona 5 is probably the best JRPG I’ve ever played. Much love from Trinidad sensei.

  • Thank you so very much for making such a masterpiece of a game! It was truly worth the wait for Persona 5!! I just finished my playthrough and it’s easily one of the most satisfying 105+ hour experiences I have ever enjoyed! Like Persona 4, this is a game I will be thinking about for years to come.

    Also, let me also echo the pleas for a game update that will enable the share function, albeit to a limited extent. I understand and support your streaming policy. I only ask that you update the game to reflect your streaming policy. So, as I understand it, you are now allowing streams up til the start of the final act. Then the games share restrictions should be updated to reflect that.

    Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you very much for all your hard work and I am certainly looking forward to your next title!

  • Thanks for the kind words everyone! This was a BIG game for us, so it’s great to see how many people loved it.

    • Persona 5 is amazing! I loved ever second of it, it was REALLY good, a total JRPG masterpiece :D

    • Thank you guys at Atlus for giving us a great game.

      In many aspects the best Persona to date. It deserves the great ratings that it got so far. The Gamemechanics and dungeons were a whole lot better than in P3 and P4. Seems like the devs used the feedback and improved upon the game which resulted in an excellent game.

      IMO there is still room for even more improvement for a next Persona though.
      I kind of missed a bit of interaction between the main characters. In P3 for example we had Ken and Shinjiro which had a connected storyline. It made their stories deeper. Even though I still enjoyed most of the story and characters(Futaba, Makoto and others were great) in Persona 5 , it seemed to missing those connections and depth.

      Anyway thanks for the awesome experience and good luck with your next projects!

    • This is my first Persona game and it was an amazing experience. I’ve already finished 2 playthroughs and now going into my 3rd for that 100% completion. I rarely even touch NG+ and the fact that I’ve gone for it twice really says something. A strong contender for my goty.

      Please enable the share button though, streaming and youtube content is basically free advertising for you. I found out about this game due to a stream and without that exposure I wouldn’t have even purchased the game.

  • Absolutely loved this game. It’s one of the best RPGs out there. I’m a little miffed about all the costumes being DLC only, but this is still a complete, glitch free AAA game that I’ve got over 120 hours in already and I’m just barely halfway through playthrough 2.

    Was absolutely worth buying the collector’s edition.

  • I am not what people on the comments would call a Weeb, I hate Anime with a passion. But this is my first Persona game, and I am loving it. I am at the 80 hour mark, and just got back from the school trip. I beg you Atlus bring more Persona games to the US.

  • Just finished Persona 5 and holy crap! It’s a freaking amazing game! Well done to Katsura-sama and his team! You guys did a fantastic job with the game, I loved Persona 4 & 5 and must say; Persona 5 is definitely my favourite in the series to date! Thanks for such an amazing experience I really enjoyed the hell out of it! :D

  • This game is an absolute MASTERPIECE! Not only is it my GOTY 2017, it’s in my top 5 of all time. I wonder if we’ll see an improved version of P5. Either way amazing game and I will ALWAYS support the Persona series.

    Oh and PLEASE greenlight another Persona Arena. I love those games too!

  • GOTY 2017!!!! Incredible game!

  • Thank you Atlus for creating the best Persona game yet. An instant classic. :)

  • Thank you for what has been one of the best games ever. I’ve enjoyed all of it, even the Ghibli reference.

    I’m still amazed a game this complex didn’t get a day one mega patch. I’m sure the release months ago in Japan had some to do with that, and I’m sure partly on your efforts to provide a solid game.

    I look forward to the new game.

  • Let’s be honest; the story alone makes this game worth paying full price for. I actually have been having medical problems leading to more limited funds. Was debating whether I could afford and 0 regrets on the enjoyment I have had with it so far.

  • Persona 5 has become my favorite PS4 game. I was truely sad when the end credits started to roll. I wanted to continue the adventures and grew attached to the characters. I’m gonna be playing new game + soon and am already looking forward to Persona 6 whenever that may be

  • Ahhh, love this so much! And love Persona 5 so much! Japanese games have been doing crazy well this winter/spring. Haven’t even gotten around to buying Nier or Gravity Rush 2 yet. >_<

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