PS Plus: Free Games for April 2017

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PS Plus: Free Games for April 2017

Arena shooter Drawn to Death and couch co-op sensation Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime lead next month's lineup.

Happy springtime, PlayStation Nation! The PlayStation Plus lineup for April is here and we’re really excited for this special month of great multiplayer games. Whether you’re looking for couch co-op comradery or fierce online action, we’ve got great some great picks for you this month.

We couldn’t contain our excitement for Drawn To Death, so we let the news out early that this will be a launch title for PS Plus in April. From the acclaimed developer David Jaffe, Drawn To Death challenges the shooter genre with unconventional gameplay mechanics that bring this third-person shooter/brawler to life. The game takes place entirely inside the pages of a high school kid’s notebook where hand-drawn characters and levels come to life.

We’ve also got the excellent couch co-op title Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime. Pilot a neon battleship through a colorful galaxy by yourself or with up to three others. Through teamwork, triumph over the evil forces of Anti-Love, rescue kidnapped space-bunnies, and avoid a vacuumy demise. Protip: you can also play this game online with others through PS4’s Share Play feature.

Full lineup:

  • Drawn To Death, PS4
  • Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime, PS4
  • Invizimals: the Lost Kingdom, PS3
  • Alien Rage – Extended Edition, PS3
  • 10 Second Ninja, PS Vita (crossbuy with PS4)
  • Curses ‘n Chaos, PS Vita (crossbuy on PS4)

Enjoy April’s lineup, and we’ll see you online!

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  • I just want to say that I’m grateful for the continued inclusion of titles for both the PS3 and VITA.

    I’m honestly excited to play Inzivimals; I always wanted to try it, but never saw it on sale.

  • I played the closed beta for Drawn to Death and it’s honestly a fun game I hope everyone enjoy it and if they don’t then they’re missing out.

  • I’ve never seen so many grown people cry over nothing. Thanks Playstation for keeping me occupied when I”m not at work. Thank you for all your games you give for free even I never heard of it or will even play it. I grateful for the drop every month……Now back to work I go……………..

    • @Ramski34

      +1 for that comment, back to work you go to earn that $$$ for all the triple a games you want

  • Definitely cancelling my subscription. I don’t play enough online to justify these average “free” games each month. You’d think Sony would be trying to keep competitive with games with gold. Poor showing again.

  • Terrible line-up. So glad I don’t give Sony a cent for this overrated service.

  • online indie :/

  • This month basically proves Sony only cares about the PS4 owners at this point. Four games for it, with two being generally well-received, but garbage games for PS3 and Vita. The Vita games are 3 yrs old (Ninja) and 2 yrs old (Curses). Why not Ten Second Ninja X? Why does it have to be the crappier, older one? Lame

  • Absolute TRASH month. Come on Sony, you gotta do alot better than this!!! No excuses. SMH

  • Not very thrilled on the PS3 offerings, but that’s a personal view. Still, I’ll try them out since it doesn’t represent any additional investment and I may stumble on a pleasant surprise.

    PS4 and Vita offerings look very interesting and I’ll gladly try them too.

  • Folks shouldn’t sleep on Drawn to Death. It’s a really fun, surprisingly deep, experience. And now there’s no excuse to give it a try :-)

  • How about the Wolverine game on ps3? Or all the Deathspank games? I’m perfectly fine with great PS3 or Vita releases. Doesn’t have to be AAA PS4 games. Or how about start to give away a classic PS2 or PS1 game each month? Something like Persona 3 to help drive Persona 5 sales.

  • 1: I knew it was gonna be another indie game
    2: please raise the price up to 10% or another 20% to become a ps plus member cause we all know you guy r broke
    3: please give us another indie game for may I will be excited for it lmfao

  • Total trash. PS+ continues to be the biggest ripoff in gaming. Definitely won’t be renewing.

  • Just a consistent round of “Another month of PlayStation Plus announcements, another list of games that I’ve never heard of or care about.”

    Honestly, is any effort even being put into this anymore? Good gosh. I play online so regardless you’re forcing me to stick with this PS Plus thing…I have tried many indies that you’ve provided us with and it further proves to me that they’re not exactly my cup of tea.

    Off the top of my head I know that Killzone, Knack, The Order 1886, or even an older version of MLB the Show (I don’t expect you to put MLB The Show 17 for free) are not going to cause you to go bankrupt or hurt your revenue. (I doubt they’re burning up the sales charts at this point) I am also aware that we can buy these games dirt cheap now but that’s not the point. I’m not going to go out of my way to go to a store and find these in a bargain bin to see if I like them. Would be nice to get a chance to play them since I’m paying more now than before due to the price hike. I’d like to try them and if good, enjoy them. That wasthe point of this or so I thought. Guess the message to us is if you want to play online then pay or don’t and avoid the lackluster games provided. Very weak, imo.

    • @JaY_Ci_415, Well said. I feel the same. I half-expected some titles that were on the Flash sale like Killzone to be PS+ titles.
      You’re right about the likely low sales of many titles. There’s plenty of decent “older” AAA games that probably aren’t moving at all digitally. Only new or very popular titles (Witcher 3, TLOU, U4, etc.) are making an impact in sales. Anything a year out is probably flatlined in terms of sales.

  • What a joke. Another month, some more crappy games. Hey Sony, how about a AA or maybe a AAA game for once? I like indie games as much as the next, but the entire run of ps+ games since the PS4’s launch have been absolute garbage with the exception of a few…. How many years has it been since the release of PS4? How about some more PS3 titles? inFAMOUS First Light was a good choice. Why haven’t you added anymore? Trying really hard to find some actual value in PS+ here. Giving me a bunch of games nobody plays and games for children when I don’t have any and saying “Look at all these free games” isn’t cutting it.


  • You aren’t even trying, are you?

  • The last 2 months were great. This one is meh for me.

    Still happy with service over 12 months, get at least 3 times the value of the $50 Canadian (always pick up a year code on sale) I put in.

    Will be a backlog month for me. Maybe I will dabble in Drawn to Death.. Wish Disc Jam got a platinum instead of DTD.

    Will play the Vita stuff for 10-30 min.

    Invizanimals…easy plat….but don’t know I will use it any time soon. Great to own for the option….

  • Que porra sony.Para voçe jogo de graça so indice de merda.1 mes do xbox é melhor que 100 anos seu. E agente paga por isso e para jogar online. 100 mega demora baixar 5 gb 10h ou mais. Sua merda que nao pença em nenhum comsumidor. Compra seu console foi apior coisa que ja vis na minha vida.So god of war que plesta

  • I check every month to see if there’s going to be any games that are actual ps4 games and not something that i could download for free on my android phone but there never is and there’s always loads of people saying how great the games are!! Surely these people have mobile phones too or am i the only ps plus subscriber with one? It’s crazy, there’s better quality free games on play store than the weird 2d crap from ps plus. Could it be that these commenters actually work for Sony or am i just being cynical?

  • -waves my middle finger at my number 1 forum fan Blastfurnace2k- i know your watching Sonys number 1 fanboy.

  • Que porra sony.Para voçe jogo de graça so indice de merda.1 mes do xbox é melhor que 100 anos seu. E agente paga por isso e para jogar online. Uma rede de 100 mega demora no seu console 10 h ou mais para baixar 5gb . Sua merda que nao pença em nenhum comsumidor.

  • Achava que poir nao era possivel mais conseguiu

  • Can we get Resistance for Vita? Not the PSP one.

  • I guess it’s a good thing Sony made us pay to play online because I would not have subscribed to Plus. I wa a PSPlus user a few years ago and we got games like Double Dragon, PacMan, ICO remaster, Shadow of the Collosus remaster, Duck Tales etc. Games you would want.

    I stopped PSPlus when you could tell it was changing to offerring sub par games and less support for PS3. Now that I came back to PS4 and was forced to buy PS Plus to play online (not to mention the price increase) I can unfortunately say it’s really not worth it. But I guess that’s how this generation of gaming is now. Doh.

  • Why is Drawn to Death a ps plus title when it’s suppose to be free to play?

    • Yea that’s exactly what I said in a comment below. It was going to be a free to play for the last year until now. Now they threw a price tag on a game that was going to be free and it requires network access to play it anyways so even if it wasn’t free you would need ps+ anyways. So basically they are giving away something for free that was going to be free anyways lol

  • Meh. Not interested in either game. When was the last month we actually got non-indie titles? Resident evil and Transformers? Won’t be renewing plus this month, I don’t play online enough and these games aren’t enough incentive to renew.

  • I really wish we could get some PSVR games,even if it means giving up PS3 And Vita support. I mean It’s not like we’re getting great games for those anymore.

  • These games are low end garbage honestly, why can`t sony put some 2013 PS4 games like AC Black Flag or Killzone to the monthly free games ?
    Hell, I`d rather play some old PS2 games than these indie games.

  • :/

  • Wow, what a bad month for PSN Plus users like me :( After 2 good months, this one is looking really bad…

  • Invizimals: the Lost Kingdom only has a 50 rating on metacritics. I thought there’s a standard for releasing games on Plus? I guess quality control is no longer there.

  • Not impressed. Still keeping my subscription. Better luck next month.

  • I mean…really?

    XBOX just got THREE AAA GAMES and a fantastic story game…jesus SONY…

    I’m not asking for Horizon or ME Andromeda here but…would it be difficult to throw KNACK at us? An AC game? Something to let us know that you actually care about the people who are paying for your, increasingly terrible, service?

    • The only comparison I’d make is that Microsoft’s announcement features pictures, videos and written descriptions for all the games they’re offering, even though a couple of them are previous generation titles; all the while, Sony offers six games but only features two, leaving out anything but the title for four of them. They’re purposefully refusing to feature two PS4 games just because they’re also crossbuy with Vita.

      If Sony’s offering six games, they should feature all six. Microsoft is proud of their 360 offerings, why is Sony ashamed of their PS3, Vita and PS4 crossbuy offerings? I’ll never understand…

  • It’s very obvious why there are not more AAA games. When PS Plus started is was an optional service so they had to offer good games to make people sign up. Since they made it that you need PS Plus for online play there is no need to offer great games anymore. They also stopped the store update, another sign that they just dont need to offer the same quality of service anymore because they make enough money. Also PS4 sold way better then Xbone so now Microsoft is in the defense and therefore they are offering better games.

  • It’s an ok month for PS4 but PS3 digital games should be more AAA. Think about it SONY, it would be a great way to say goodbye to the console for all those years…

  • PlayStation!!!! What kind of JOKE is this???? You continue to give out pure CRAP……..more and more “pixelated” games……getting WORSE each month (for the most part). Seriously, what CENTURY are you guys living in………and how do you SERIOUSLY think we are worth to you???
    You first INCREASE the amount we have to PAY you for our membership……….which, by the way, is DISGUSTING (especially for people like me, who DON’T even WANT IT………..but are FORCED to have one, simply because certain games REQUIRE it to play (eg. The Crew)……….even though we DO NOT PLAY “online” games!!!! Which I have NEVER PLAYED ANY MULTIPLAYER GAMES!!!!!

    When I FIRST joined and got my PS4………….THAT year was pretty DECENT, I remember because it started with “Rocket League”, etc……….and a few more that year was GREAT……….but since then (other then a very few select DECENT games, yes, there have been SOME “good” games I admit)…………90% of what you give us each month is just “JUNK!!!!!

  • Only problem I have with this line-up is that wasn’t Drawn to Death going to be a free to play game for the last year and now all the sudden they throw a price tag on it and give it for free even though you would need ps plus to play it online anyways? So basically its filling a spot of something that would have happened anyways lol

  • Ps+ games are always hit and miss but who cares, try them delete if you dnt like them and move on to other games instead of complaining about them. A few in april i know i will hate but ill try them

  • What a pile of rubbish. Not one game that ive played all year so how is this worth the price? Consistently better games on xbox which blows. Still no BC and rubbish indie crap every month. #4theplayers ha more like #4damoney

  • Psn is a joke in the past 4 years there’s been 3 AAA games offered if next month doesn’t offer at least 1 AAA game then I will be looking to take legal action as no dedicated server is offered on any game unlike xbone so there’s absolutely no reason to charge for services not received

  • Another month of “Retro Titles That Didn’t Sell” for PS+ “Free” Games.

  • I couldn’t tell you the last time I downloaded a PS plus game, and I will not be downloading a game this month

  • I don’t mind getting indie titles when they’re good, but when we continually get the same style games from these indie developers, THAT gets annoying. I’m not expecting a Horizon Zero Dawn AAA title every month, but to be fair there have been a list of titles we could potentially get that include:

    Killzone Shadow Fall, Knack, Lego Marvel Super Heroes, Need for Speed: Rivals, The Lego Movie Videogame, Rayman Legends, Lego The Hobbit, Infamous Second Son, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Bound by Flame, Wolfenstein: The New Order, Watch Dogs, Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor, The Evil Within, Sleeping Dogs, TWD Season 1, Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham, Dragon Age: Inquisition, Terraria, The Crew, Saints Row 4, Evolve, The Order: 1886, Resident Evil: Revelations 2, Wolfenstein: The Old Blood, Prototype 1 or 2, Overlord: Fellowship of Evil, Deadpool, Unravel

    • I’ve been a fanboy and supporter since 97, so I’m always on board with what Sony can do/has done/will do

  • Last decent free game for PS Plus was was the HD remaster of Resident Evil. I really want to enjoy PS Plus but with these disappointing free games it’s getting difficult to enjoy.

  • Bought Lovers In A Dangerous Space Time For $4 Bucks Months Ago On A Psn Sale And It Was Worth Every Penny.

  • I approve the PS3 games

  • Ok, go ahead. Defend this. I’m listening. This should be good…. (arms crossed).

  • everyone jumping to comparison with xbone, lol. xbone had mandatory kinect purchase, then dropped it immediately after, then moved onto regular xbone, and now is trying to sell you a new scorpio system, all within timeframe of ps4 being king and continuing to dominate the world.

    ill stick with PSN+ and enjoy my vita, ps3, and ps4 games, while xbone gets what? xbox 360 games? no thanks. i have a gaming pc if i want to play multiplats from a generation ago

  • I’ve played Lovers last summer with my buddies and we had a blast. Drawn to death looks interesting. I’m still playing Tearaway from last month and enjoying that too.

    Reading the jaded comments makes me wonder when those people stopped being gamers. What is a game to these people? Is it graphics? Does the publisher or dev who made it really matter? To me, a game is something that I have fun playing either solo, couch co-op or online with my buddies. The perceived prestige of a triple AAA game (the equivalent of a summer blockbuster with mostly style and very little substance – generally) leaves me with only wanting to play those games when they hit $15 in the bargain bin because it’s the same old thing over and over.

    Anyways, not sure what the haters are looking for really. Give them 2,3 or 4 moths of the 5 year old AAA games and they will still be complaining. Some people will always be miserable because they have no idea what it is they want.

  • Been keeping up with the release of KH 1.5 + 2.5 for PS4 and it turns out there’s a pretty nasty bug where the game sometimes crashes on save. Save crash: [url][/url] Though some of the bugs, namely a few of the 60fps related ones have been fixed, there are remaining issues with Reaction Commands that still exist, along with a few odd crashes. Video showing initial issues with release: [url][/url] I’d love to purchase the game, but the prospect of potentially having my data corrupted is horrible, on top of the fact that many of these bugs were present in the original PS3 remasters. In the mean time, I’m holding off unfortunately.

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