PS Plus: Free Games for April 2017

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PS Plus: Free Games for April 2017

Arena shooter Drawn to Death and couch co-op sensation Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime lead next month's lineup.

Happy springtime, PlayStation Nation! The PlayStation Plus lineup for April is here and we’re really excited for this special month of great multiplayer games. Whether you’re looking for couch co-op comradery or fierce online action, we’ve got great some great picks for you this month.

We couldn’t contain our excitement for Drawn To Death, so we let the news out early that this will be a launch title for PS Plus in April. From the acclaimed developer David Jaffe, Drawn To Death challenges the shooter genre with unconventional gameplay mechanics that bring this third-person shooter/brawler to life. The game takes place entirely inside the pages of a high school kid’s notebook where hand-drawn characters and levels come to life.

We’ve also got the excellent couch co-op title Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime. Pilot a neon battleship through a colorful galaxy by yourself or with up to three others. Through teamwork, triumph over the evil forces of Anti-Love, rescue kidnapped space-bunnies, and avoid a vacuumy demise. Protip: you can also play this game online with others through PS4’s Share Play feature.

Full lineup:

  • Drawn To Death, PS4
  • Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime, PS4
  • Invizimals: the Lost Kingdom, PS3
  • Alien Rage – Extended Edition, PS3
  • 10 Second Ninja, PS Vita (crossbuy with PS4)
  • Curses ‘n Chaos, PS Vita (crossbuy on PS4)

Enjoy April’s lineup, and we’ll see you online!

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  • Lol Xbox just got Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime two months ago. Now everyone well say they hate it when they wanted it.

    Cant wait to try all 6 six games and four on PlayStation 4 sweet

    • Heres some metacritic numbers for the PlayStation 4 games not bad i gotta say

      Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime (84)
      10 second Ninja (76)
      Curses’ n Chaos (70)

    • Different month, same garbage. Hilarious to see the fanboy “company men” go wild praising these hilariously lackluster titles and slam anyone who dares to disagree!

      Proud FORMER Plus member and each month makes that look better and better….

    • To be honest you always get more then what you pay for for ps plus since after a year all the free games rack up way over $60, but people should still let others opinions be heard about this(mostly talking about you Raptureassassin for aggresivly commenting towards negative comments to the monthly games), last month was pretty good, I can’t really say anything about this month

    • why didn’t you mentioned the other games ?
      you know why

    • Pretty content with the offerings. I pay less than $60 a year for Plus, so I figure if I get just one good game a month then they cost under $5 each. Most months more than one are good, so say $2.50 each or less…it costs me more than that at every 30 minute meal I eat, and I get to enjoy the games for HOURS most times.

      $60 a year is $5 a month. The people who expect AAA games every month have no concept of money. If you feel Sony is screwing you, take your $5 a month and buy 3 year old Madden or NBA games, because those are the only “AAA” games you’ll get at that price.

    • @Rudetoy or better yet Rudeboy

      I love it how you call me a “company man” everytime you comment Fyi i own both Xbox 1 and PlayStation 4. And i can afford Triple A games Every month in fact 3 Triple A games every month one either i want. While idiots like you beg for free triple A games. Heres a a suggestion get a job and buy those triple a games you want. instead of being poor and beging for free games. – PROUD PLAYSTATION PLUS USER SINCE DAY 1-


      PlayStation 3
      Invizimals The Lost Kingdom (50)
      Alien Rage (unranked)

      So two bad games out six not bad in my book.

    • Oh and Drawn To Death is a new game so it Wouldn’t be ranked duh

    • Lol, in february, Xbox Live received “Lovers Dangerous”, but that was a great month because they also picked up “Project Cars” and “Star Wars Force Unleashed”, not because this game.

    • I’m getting more and more disappointed in Sony. There are plenty of good games out there that could be free now and they give us this garbage. They need to step up their game because it’s just annoying to see these types of games that they offer for “free”. Give us something better Sony!

    • Pretty good month. I’m still playing a ton of Disc Jam and we get another completely new get this month too? Pretty cool of PS Plus if you ask me. Thanks Sony, us people who work hard for our money won’t complain about free games you honestly don’t even have to give us, you could charge for an online subscription just to play online and people would be forced to buy it. So thank you for hooking us up every month!

    • Different month, same crap.

      Only game on PS4+ was Rocket League; Didn’t care about any other game.

      They should at least release all those remasters!

    • realy ….. look free xbox aaa game 2016 vs sony

      4 aaa game in 1 month

    • wow what stupidity? nobody likes paying for things, if you like xbox better just log off and give your playstation away. simple as that

    • I’m sorry guys but seriously, you are complaining about FREE GAMES, I’m not gonna be like the OP and say “get a job” or anything like that, but come on you guys are complaining about not getting triple A titles for free, its like someone offers to take you to get anything on the menu from mcdonalds without anything else in return, and you complain at them because its not olive garden, granted they don’t seem as good as last months with tearaway, but at least you can download them FOR FREE and try them out, if you like them then keep them, if not then delete them from your harddrive, you aren’t losing out on ANYTHING

    • The usual indie platform BS.
      I’m actually gonna go over to xbox

    • Time to be the middleman…
      Okay, so I got Plus back in August. It was just for online, didn’t even know there were free games. I was pleasantly surprised when I came upon Tricky Towers. I mean FREE = GOOD, right? Of course it does. So the indie games kept on piling up in my library month by month and I waited for it. I waited for the legendary “AAA” that would descend from above. Aaand it never happened. Given I’ve only had plus for 9 months, but still. Where they at though? I don’t want 6 AAA’s per month or anything. Just 1 per year.
      1 AAA game………..per year………….maybe?

      Guys: don’t complain about free games. If you want something good, buy your own. However, isn’t it also reasonable to ask for one quality game per year? Seriously, I appreciate the buckets of free indie games (because some are quite good) but could you give out Watchdogs 1 or something. I don’t want to seem entitled but I am paying for this service.

      Although, in the end, it doesn’t even matter because who cares videogames anyway? Go outside and get job or something. I don’t know. Honestly, I don’t know why everyone cares so much. I don’t even know why I care so much. Jeez, I should be doing homework or something.

    • Seriously don’t care about lovers of dangerous space.
      Who makes this kind of trash and what happened to AAA games for PS+?
      Sony, if this continues, I gonna have to go out of my way to tell everyone to stop buying PS4, start buying everything else just to get a little competition going so that you’d stop being so complacent and start giving us actual quality games. I don’t want to, I love PlayStation, I want us the customers to be happy.
      You’ve sold The Order 1886 for 5$, Killzone Shadow Fall for 5$… It’s time you start giving them for free once in a while.
      BTW, I cancelled my PS+ subscription since it doesn’t give me any good games much, it’s not on automatic renewal.

    • Lol, amazing how the very first comment on the US Plus plus free games of the month is always positive on these Crap Indie games…

  • Yes! Looking forward to Drawn to Death.

    Why are we getting the Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime? They just gave the game out with Xbox Games with Gold.

    • Maybe because that is Games with Gold and not PS+. Why can’t both services give the same game? It’s a great one that people on both systems should get to play.

    • My thoughts exactly Mercenary09. I only have a PS4. I actually already have Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime, but I am glad that other PS4 users will be able to check it out.

    • your comparing a cheap uncle to a huge company like sony lmao. thing is this alot of us went from ps3 which was free online to a more expensive system the ps4 to not only have to pay more then when the ps4 was out to now having to pay for online dont get me wrong ive been a playstation advocate since ps1 but these games they are throwning as us makes it seem like were getting the bottom of the barrel games

  • what a time to be alive

    • Every time is the time to be alive unless you’re dead. But if you were referring to when the month Plus free games will be available, then they are available on the first Tuesday of every month.

    • What a time to eat a bamischijf

  • Another pretty good month in my opinion. Both PS4 offerings are great whether you want to play online or get a co op buddy for Lovers. The PS3 and Vita lineup is a bit weak and not nearly as good as last month. At least both Vita games are also free on PS4.

    • gold games says hellooooooooooooo

    • They have a good month too. I’ve already played Walking Dead Season 2 multiple times though. I also played Darksiders last gen and this gen as well as AC Revelations. I am more excited for Drawn to Death a brand new title then anything on GWG this month.

    • Yea, it’s funny how ppl are so high on Walking Dead Season 2 even though PS+ got that ages ago for PS4.

      Btw, Salt & Sanctuary is available on Vita and free is u owned it on PS4.

  • Yay, More indie garbage.

    • @LanerGT
      Lmao but i bet you you wanted Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime back in February because Xbox had it

    • Maybe he feels that he’s entitled to a Final Fantasy XV and Mass Effect: Andromeda every month. These kids nowadays! I can’t even………

    • They have a good month too. I’ve already played Walking Dead Season 2 multiple times though. I also played Darksiders last gen and this gen as well as AC Revelations. I am more excited for Drawn to Death a brand new title then anything on GWG this month.

    • Tell me about it. There is never a good old game like Killzone or Mass Effect, or Uncharted. Why not? My theory is they don’t want to compete with PS Now since they make money off renting older games.

    • Rapturesassassin, why are you saying that everyone would have been begging for Lovers in Feb? Who even knows what that is? It looks like more Indie garbage.

    • what gives you the right to be a jerk about it?
      clearly you only play “AAA” games, so you probably don’t know that your favorite game developers started off making indies too
      no one in this industry starts by jumping right into a AAA game. Typically indie games embody more of a gameplay focus than visuals, graphics, a soundtrack and such. if you’re really looking to judge – check out this indie game: Hellblade. you tell me what indie developers can make and where they’re headed, but everyone’s got to start somewhere. just take a moment to appreciate the little things man – you might find something you like.

  • Good month in my opinion!

    Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime is a game I’ve had my eye on for a while, really looking forward to that.

    We’ve heard mixed things (or flat out bad things) about Drawn to Death from the Beta, but I’m hoping they’ve taken this time to address people’s complaints since then. It’s a very unique game that I can’t wait to take for a spin.

    Neither of the crossbuy games have a plat, but they both look like fun!

    • @Rapturesassassin you sound like a Sony agent trying to force everyone to love those crappy games…. and no I did not complained that I did not get to play that iiiin-credible game that Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime is just because xbox had it. As I do every months I complained about a weak lineup of “free” games.
      And btw, Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime looks like a bad game event if xbox had it before.
      But as long as people like you are going to defend those game we will get those games.
      PS+ started with only AAAs and an occasional indie here and there with the promise, by $ony itself, that it was only going to get better, We are right to complained.

    • Good month.

      This is the full release version of Drawn which includes a platinum trophy.

      Anyone who says Lovers is a “bad” game should really look at its exquisite Metacritic score.

      Curses n Chaos is a game that looks intriguing.

      Honestly, with all the ridiculously high scoring AAA exclusives Sony is spitting out i don’t have much time for anything else. But if ur system of choice is so sparse atm that u have time to run through AC Revelations again then so be it… Me on the other hand, i prefer new games and highly acclaimed indies that i can dabble in in between my with the Horizons, Personas, and MLBs.

  • Very excited for April! I want to try Lovers so badly. My backlog has been huge though!

  • you see that there is no PS+ icon on my avatar? yeaaaahh, it’s going to stay that way

  • Not a bad month, I’ll take it. :)

  • Thanks Sony, looking forward to trying these out..

  • Can’t wait. Wish we would get a vr game since ps3 games are useless now. It would be nice to play ps3 games on other devices(ps4, Vita, a new handheld).

    • Yea I think it’s time for a VR game one month, bit of a thankyou for buying and supporting The PSVR

    • If they start doing PSVR games, I would actually consider getting PSVR.

    • The PSVR just came out, and so it’s too soon to be giving out VR games. There are not that many of them yet. In a year’s time would be more appropriate!

    • We already got Hyper Void a couple of months ago and it has a free VR update. Hoping you grabbed it since it’s pretty good!

    • I hope they don’t put PSVR games because that would be a waste of space.

    • lol they disable comment ratings.

    • Dark-hax you must be too cheap or broke to get a psvr headset. Otherwise you’d know 1 free one every now and then wouldn’t be a waste of space. Unlike traditional games you cant watch a video of a vr game and see how good it is. If that was the case more people would be playing res7 in vr than not.

    • Taydib VR is trash and for casuals.
      I don’t care about it.

  • welp…. this is a sad offering

    • @Mthodmn101

      I bet if we look back on Februarys PlayStation Plus game i bet we find u crying for Lover because Xbox had it

    • Rapt….. something
      i bet you will keep sucking sony D on whatever they would offer

  • Jesus it keep getting worse and worse . Please stop with monthly games and make the plus cheaper.

  • Nothing of interest for me this month.

    • Really? Worst and worse? You didn’t like last month’s offerings? If that’s the case, then nothing will make you happy. You should just give up on the Playstation all together then.

    • @Investor9872 Why should he give up on Playstation just because he doesn’t like the Plus games? What? He probably likes actual games on the system instead of the subpar free ones

  • The ps4 offerings are okay. Not anything I’d ever consider buying, but hey, free games are free…then we get to the ps3 games. Oh dear lord why would you do this to us? Last month was great, so this month has to be trash I guess? I don’t own a vita, but I might download and spend a couple hours between the two crossbuy games, so that’s not bad either.

    If you don’t have plus and don’t have a ps4/vita, wait a month…or more. The games offered on ps3 aren’t worth the price of psplus this month.

  • Some different things to try there, which is always cool , but it would be nice to have a VR game one month ,

  • pfff… I hope this is just an April fools joke. hilarious…

  • Hi,

    Entitled Gamer Here.

    Sony, I thought I made it clear. I pay 60$ of my parents hard earned money each and every year and you still fail to give us the monthly AAA titles that we deserve. Who cares that I have no concept of economics. Who cares that I don’t understand the concept of people may actually enjoy some of the games you put out every month. All I want to know is why isn’t Horizon: Zero Dawn free this month? I swear I am going to trade in everything I own and get an XBox One because Microsoft has a whole slew of second rate titles for free each month that sound more expensive than what you offer. It has nothing to do with the fact that Sony is destroying them this generation of consoles and they will do anything to just get another sale at this point.

    Let’s get our crap together and start putting out two AAA titles each month. I demand next month Horizon Zero Dawn and Mass Effect Andromeda are free. if they aren’t, I am going to complain on social media about it and threaten to leave but in the end that isn’t going to happen because playing playstation is all I have in my life right now.

    Yours In Entitlement,
    The Entitled Gamer (aka the average person who posts in these comments)

    • Hear, hear!

    • I love you <3

    • You win for speaking the truth.
      These entitled kids around here are hilarious.

    • Preach

    • You do realise that you could download better game’s for free on your phone? 8 bit retro games every month is sad tbh i had a Sega master system nearly 30 years ago and if i wanted to play those games again i can just download a ROM and have pretty much all of those games for free and using about 100mb of data. This ps4 indie garbage is awful

    • @utterer, absolutely nonsense. No one here is asking for HZD (a true masterpiece) or MEA (a half-finished game). If you have to invent a fake position to make some trite comment, then remember the rules of multiplication: anything times zero is zero.

    • I’m gonna write an essay on why everyone who doesn’t suck sony’s toes are entitled.

      Yours In Every Way,
      The Sony Boot-Licker (aka everyone who thinks people aren’t entitled to a decent service if they’re paying for it)

  • Alien Rage is pretty great.

  • As a fan of David Jaffe’s works (Twisted Metal and God of War), I am definitely looking forward to Drawn to Death. Never even heard of or read about Lovers in Dangerous Spacetime, but depending on whether or not that game is even good, I may or may not get it.

  • PlayStation Entitled Gamer Message 069

    Dear PlayStation

    We are your valued members. We demand better PlayStation Plus games. Or we will drop plus and comment here every month though we dont have Plus. We dont care what other gamers think about the game we want better games. Oh PS bring back the update blog or we wont spend anything because we are too lazy to look for are selfs in the store.

    Signed Every Entitled gamer

  • Wow, please stop giving away “free” games. I didnt play ANY GAME of your “free” games but rocket league. Ps plus expires pretty fast wont buy new one till ONE good game arrives. And discounts on games… 10% woooooow, not.

  • Gonna try them all but there not really the type of games I want, I played the drawn to death beta and was only fun for an hour and the others don’t really seem that fun to me, nonetheless I will have them all bought just to have them, but most likely will be deleted once I try them since I do not expect to like them

  • Meh

  • I still have a year and 6 months left on my plus account wish I didn’t have that much time since the plus games for the past year and 6 months haven’t been that great. Some games I try them out but ending up not liking them and others are only fun for a couple times than get boring. In general 95 percent of each month I will only try 1 game. This month seems like kid games or games that should be played in 1990 this is 2017 where are the good and recent titles?

  • Ave Maria….

  • I’m so glad I work for a living so that I can buy whatever games I actually want to play, when I want to. Yeah, sometimes I wait for sales, but that’s just common sense. Life is too short to be spent playing so many video games, and Sony keeps giving me 6 games a month to play. All in all, it’s unhealthy to continually rage against Sony. You’ll live a happier life once you realize this. <3

  • Didn’t they already offer “Invizimals” as a free game some time ago?
    If SONY is going to re-offer some of the free PS+ games again, I think they should consider some AAA titles. :)

    • Invizimals (the base game) for PSP/Vita was a free game.

      Lost Kingdom is a different title but still Invizimals.

    • Naah. I got a platium for the “Lost Kindom” so I know I got this one for free some times ago.

  • To all the haters out there, Drawn to Death is a really good game from what I’ve played in the limited access beta last year, and I really hope you’ll consider trying it. Sure it’s small scale in comparison to something like Overwatch in having fewer characters and maps, but it’s still fun.

  • Give us Socom 2 & 3 remastered already!

  • I don’t mind trying Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime, but god I hope they did lot of improvement to Drawn To Death, Because when I tried closed beta it was chaotic and unpleasant. Other titles have no idea. After all barely mediocre line up

  • Give us Socom 2 & 3 remastered already!!

  • Again we get shafted on ps plus. Where is our AAA title. Xbox gold is looking a better and better option.
    You need to sort it out or you’re going to loose members

    • People have been threatening to leave for months yet they are still here.
      Why? Xbox is the inferior console and people like you continually drop your empty threats.

    • A lot of great AAA games, especially exclusives, don’t even have multiplayer, or they do and can be ignored entirely. PS4 is where you’ll find the greatest variety.

    • Drawn to Death pretty much is your AAA title, or at least the closest thing to it considering it’s by the Twisted Metal developer. It’s basically PS4 exclusive Overwatch but smaller. Idk what much more you could ask for.

    • You guys confuse me. We get plenty of triple a games. Like many people have said Drawn to Death is pretty much a triple a title plus it’s brand new. What did Xbox get? WD Seaon 2? You mean the same game we got like freaking year ago. You people will never be satisfied. I’m not saying you have to like every game but I feel like you guys will complain no matter what.

  • Im Used to it sony .. but i love you!!

  • No idea what any of these games are, but I always give them a try. Hopefully I find 1 I like. How about the original Watch Dogs at some point?

    • While Watch Dogs is a fair suggestion – if it is something you really want to try, you can likely get it for $5-$10.

  • On YT and the br blog is full of entitled kids who thinks that indie=garbage. I even told them that David Jaffe is the maker of Twisted Metal and God of War(just two highly acclaimed and famous IPs).
    My god, is like they think Sony is giving away shovelware everymonth. Glad to be part of the PS family and hope Vermintide or Darkest Dungeon comes next month

  • Disappointing

  • Well this month is a bust i already have DTD from playing the alphas and betas the rest arent interesting to me

  • I feel sorry for the guy in the video who has to sound enthusiastic about these games month after month after month!!

  • it’s a lot of ****!

  • You guys should change the nameof the service to IndieStation, PlayIndie or PlayIndieStation Plus! It would help everyone’s to make sure what they getting into! My PS+ will last for more two years… =/ but after that, I may stick with single players and maybe some FFXIV, because it don’t need PS+ to play… 60 bucks for indies a full year? What happened with that PlayStations + we met back with PS3?

  • Interesting how people spend $60 a year for PS+, then expect to get $60 worth of games each month (A $720 value). In some cases, they expect all 6 games to be a $60 value, each (AKA a $360 value each month, or $4320 a year). Ridiculous. As long as you get $60 worth of games each year, you break even. Find even one more game over that, even a little Indie game worth 5 dollars, and you’re ahead.

    Just ask yourself: Have I gotten a $60 value within one year’s time? Not 1 month’s time. Not $60 value every month. At $60 a year, you only need to find one game worth $5 each month to break even (or even 2 or 3 worth even less than that). Surely the games offered are worth $5. Even if totaled together. Or do you truly believe those 6 games are not worth $1 a piece? Each month for an entire year?

    Heck, look at it as test driving 72 games a year. For $60, you get to try out 72 games each year. Cheaper than Gamefly, and you can keep the games as long as you want, as long as you renew.

  • What a bleh service and selection of games. Drop this requirement and let people play online for free just like in the PS3 days.

  • Good thing Persona 5 will make me forget this month of titles. Cause there’s nothing here. Tried half of the titles here and wasn’t thrilled.

  • So looking forward to Drawn to Death! Also, the Vita cross-buy freebies look pretty rad. Nice month!

  • Ewwww, I miss Free PS+ Games Quality before the PS4 release :\

  • Another month full of disappointment. Wow. The streak continues.

  • He’s what you call a blind Sony pony.

  • Only Drawn to Death for me on PS4. The Vita games look like trash

  • I’d rather get PS2 games or even PSP games (on Vita) than the generic endless 2D retro platformer Indie games you seem to keep throwing at us. GENRE DIVERSITY PLEASE

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