PlayStation Now: Stream PS4 Games in 2017

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PlayStation Now: Stream PS4 Games in 2017

The PS Now game streaming library is set to expand this year with PS4 games, playable on PS4 and Windows PC with a single subscription.

As many of you know, PlayStation Now lets you stream hundreds of PS3 games — currently 483 to be exact — to your PS4 and Windows PC.

We’re excited to announce that PS Now’s catalog is set to grow even further, as we’ll be expanding to include a new platform: PlayStation 4 games. All of the games in the service, including PS4 games, will be included with a single PS Now subscription. We’ll share more information as we get closer to launch, so stay tuned.

In the next few weeks we’ll kick off a private test with PS4 games on PS Now. If you’re an active PS Now subscriber, keep an eye on your email in case you get an invitation.

If you’re new to PS Now, the subscription service offers access to a large and ever-expanding library of games. Since PS Now utilizes our cloud streaming technology, you can access the entire catalog of games, select one, and start playing quickly without needing to wait for downloads.

Also, PS Now uses cloud saves, letting you start a game on PS4 and continue playing on another PS4 or even a Windows PC (or vice versa).

If you haven’t given the service a try yet, now’s the perfect time to give it a spin with the seven-day free trial.

Here’s a list of some of the most popular games on PlayStation Now during February:

  • Red Dead Redemption
  • Tekken Tag Tournament 2
  • Mortal Kombat
  • WWE 2K15
  • The Last of Us
  • Mafia II
  • Injustice: Gods Among Us
  • NBA 2K14
  • Sid Meier’s Civilization Revolution
  • Batman Arkham Origins

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  • Sony, please don’t add your ps4 exclusives to this list. You will lose tons of hardware sales, people will find it useless to buy a ps4, considering the fact that the exclusives are such a huge selling point. I know guys who would buy a ps4 just to enjoy uncharted 4, Horizon zero dawn, etc. So now imagine the cash spent on those games together with the console itself. Why do you think ps4 is selling like hit cakes? Please choose the right path

  • …..and with this announcement.
    I’ve completely givin up on ps+ becoming any better then the trash pile it is now.
    Instead of “Killzone shadow fall coming to ps+” will now be replaced with “coming to PSnow”
    Ps+ will forever be Indie+ because Ps4 games will be going to psnow.
    I give up.

    • I agree 100% with sTaB_u_N_uR_i, the plus membership is next to a waste of money besides needing it to play online. The games that are “free” are just garbage 90% of the time, they should change the ps+ to indie/online+. If you like indie games then its not a bad deal but for us none indie game players its just a big waste of money, maybe add another subscription that is cheeper that will allow us to just play online. Once my ps+ membership runs out I will NOT be renewing it as it is a huge waste if money to me. I really hope the people at PlayStation wake up and start to care about their fans, I own every console by PlayStation and I have never felt that Xbox has/had an advantage over it tell now.

  • Bring back the 99.00/year membership special and you will be flooded with new subscriptions. I will subscribe in a heartbeat!

  • I’m all for this, but like some of the other people mention here – where’s the Mac version? Seems like on thing to pull it from embedded devices like TV’s etc, but another to only offer it on PC’s is just narrowing the customer based even further.

    If I could get it on Mac I’d happily subs for a year – and that way I get ‘continuous’ gaming whether I’m on the console or not.

  • So Bloodborne on PC is a possibility?! *faints*

  • Ty you so much this awesome news for those that don’t want to buy a PS4 or PS4pro , and purely on PC this is best move Sony wouldn’t mind seeing this PSnow come to Australia also eventually

  • I don´t care about playing on PC. I don´t want too.

    I just want to play on my videogame at my couch!

    This is suicide provide games for playstation to PC users!

    Exclusives helo?


    For the rest of the world, there is no internet fast enough for streaming games!

    There is not only USA that buys games!

    • And more, this means the dead for the (hardware) console.

      I will not need a ps console, just a POWER PC to play games!

      This is the END to PLAYSTATION.

    • There is indeed not only USA that buys games… Don’t forget about europe. PSnow works good there too.

    • …I play pc games on my couch with a ds4, how bow dah

  • Playstation Now uses Cloud saves, yet Cloud saves are excluisive to Plus.
    Are the PSNOW saves also saved to the console or PC, or does this mean in order to actually play PS4 PSNOW games you need both? If its the later that means your spending almost $160 just for a year, and most PS4 games are probably gonna be subscription exempt meaning you’ll also have to pay a seperate ‘rental/streaming’ fee for them on top of that.

  • SONY, you are not listening the COMMUNITY!

  • Well I don’t even know how to start.
    I been with PlayStation since ps1 era and when I read this PS4 games on PSNOW was like slap on the face for me. One thing I don’t want to hear from Sony is PS4 the best place2 play that won’t make any sense since PSNOW will be streaming PS4 games…

  • When you purchase a game, the majority of the profit goes to the publisher. When you rent a game, the majority of the profit goes to Sony.

    • Which is fine. PCgamers only care about the exclusives that PS4 has. They only need about 2 or 3 months to play the games they wanna play. So about $60 for many great games. Great deal if you ask me.

    • Sony is a publisher tho lol that did not make any sense and even if they’re rented Sony still doesn’t get all kf the money if they’re not owners of the IP DUUUUUUUR!

    • Sony is a publisher is some cases, but not all. In those instances, they double dip and collect all of the profit.

  • Welcomed news indeed. I would love to have the opportunity to help shape this as I did the original PSNow Beta :)

  • Since Sony and Microsoft seem to be doing everything to indicate that this is the last generation of them being in the console business and transitioning to a “service”, my hope is that next generation we see third party consoles that can access all services(ie> PlayStation, Xbox, Steam). I’d still prefer a console, but if pushed to it PCs may be the only answer.

  • Obviously this is in direct response to MS upping the ante with their own service. I think that the pricing is simply too high. The sheer of services requiring subscriptions is ludicrous these days. Anyway, my biggest complaint is that this will mark the beginning of the end of console gaming.

    I consider myself a gamer. I’m not tied to one device. I love gaming on my PS4, PS3s, PSTV, PCs, and of course MS devices. BUT making the service available on Windows will ultimately hurt, if not destroy, console gaming as we know it. Why buy a console at all if you can play it on PC? Maybe this is a good thing. Ever since DLC and a 5 gig day one patches became the standard, the gaming industry as a whole has basically given the consumer the middle finger. Gaming developers and publishers don’t care about releasing a quality product anymore since they no longer have to get it the right the first time.

  • I just hope that these games can only be played on PS4, and thus remain “Exclusive to the PlayStation 4”.

  • I would be interested if you added support for Mac, it would be great to play games on my MacBook Pro.

  • Listen Sony, I know you are trying to compete with the upcoming Xbox Game Pass, and I know you invested a lot in streaming infrastructure, but streaming is NOT the way to do it. It is not what Game Pass is doing. The reason is simple: there is ALWAYS a compromise to be made when streaming vs. running native like Game Pass will. Just as an example, PS Now is currently stereo-only, last I checked. That’s a huge compromise right there! Plus as good as your tech is, there will be lag issues, quality dropouts, etc. So I urge you, in order to stay competitive with Xbox, come up with a subscription plan for PS4 in ADDITION to Streaming, that provides equivalent level of service to Game Pass. That is, locally installed games. THANK YOU!

  • Ps has no exclusives. Selling ps4 im not investing cent in platform anymore. U should have announced this before people bought console. Pc+ switch is way to go. If u want so hard to return money invested in gaikai(stupidly) put ps2 emulation on store. Cant be that hard can it smart business guys?

  • Bad move, Sony. Since the first Playstation, the most complelling thing about the Sony way has always been the library of the PS Family, far far better, more diverse and more ecletic than Microsoft, Sega and Nintendo. You’re making the only thing that characterizes and differentiate the playstation line avaliable for your direct competitors, in a kind of extremely counter productive enterprise decision. You guys are deteriorating the very thing that empowers your brand, the one thing that gives us, Playstation users, pride. The ond thing tha aggregates value to your product. I, as a member of the Playstation Community since 1996, ask you to not make this very bad move

  • I love this. Finally this teribble community will learn to shut up about xbox not having any exclusives. No more fanboy filth on xbox video’s. I can’t wait until this is out. Great move sony.

  • Oh right so I am PAYING for your sub par network I bought a Vita that collects dust AND a PS TV which you offer less content then this CRAP so you can take the money and give PC guys who don’t pay for online,pirate games (Yes that is the behavior you reward) and have less restrictions the same service cheaper?Go ahead sony browse my trophies and understand you just lost a long time loyal customer.You made these mid gen console upgrades,charge for online now you give all your games to PC why the hell should I stay on console ?I am sure I will get a decent amount of money for my 2 TB PS4 50 odd physical games including Horizon,Nioh,Gravity rush 2,Uncharted 4 libertalia edition,Infamous 2 special edition,Ratchet and clank,The last guardian,God of war remastered and my PS3 with all the Uncharted games,TLOU,God war collection and Asension,my vita the PS2 and all the PS1 games I have once I am done with the current games ebay here I come.Goodbye Sony we had some great times but this is the end of them.

  • Ok, good start. If you can’t allow us to download, making your service cheaper, would help then. It being online is great for instant play but everyone’s internet isn’t up for that yet. So downloading is considered better. Compensate with price, to help balance it out.

  • What a bunch of cry baby.. and you wonder why sony doesn’t answer on blog anymore.

    1. that only an option, it’s a rent service. you not blaming video club for rent game or On demand movie, because they rent movie…

    2. the war of pc vs console is a joke -_-… you like play on PC or not. that all.

    3. If you dont like ps now so dont support it and continue to play PS4 like you always did.

    4. they wont release new game on PS Now. just old one.

    5. if you want to leave comment on how bad is PS Now service at less try it. 7 days free trial.

    6 Im agree with player with limited acess or cap data… just change provider, or ask for the unlimited option.
    If you cant afford to get the unlimited option you should not buy a PS4 and try to get a real job.
    If you have a family with little baby … nothing here apply to you lol ^^

    If you real poor but having a good internet acess PS now is a great way to play alot of game for only 99$ YEARS

  • This is great but hopefully ps now gets upgrade for 1080p streaming and surround sound and less input lag

  • I guess I’m selling my ps4,and buying a PC thank you Sony.

  • Super lag on ps now
    Compete with xbox one game pass
    No more gamestop?
    Blackbond pretends like tough guy lol
    Pc beggars won? Nope
    If you like to play on laptop or notebook
    Persona 5 next month but not ps now
    It’s a rent services
    Hope you feel better
    Bye bye ^-^ /

  • Only PC gamers are happy with this, that’s what matters for Sony, they support PC (a MS platform) more than PS Vita. That’s why i will probably not buy a PSVR, because of your lame support. Vita and Move are some examples.

    It’s time to accept it folks, console gaming will disappear soon, even Sony wants this. You just need two platforms to play all the games, these platforms are PC and Switch. What’s the point to buy a console without exclusives? Do you want the PS4 to be like the Xbox One?

    PC has tons of exclusives that consoles will never have, now they will have Sony and Xbox exclusives too. Let’s not forget about the fact that you can play online for free. Congratulations Sony, you will make PS4 irrelevant when things were great for the platform. A huge middle-finger for your entire fanbase.

  • End of the era of PlayStation Domination.

  • I know the caveats of the service (prone to lag, not all PS4 games will immediately pop up) but this is excellent news. There’s no doubt that Horizon, Gravity Rush 2, Uncharted 4, God of War 4, etc will eventually hit the service. I can wait, pay for a month here, try out some games then cancel. New games get added get a new sub here and there, boom! This is excellent. There’s virtually no point for me owning the PS4 at this point. Thank you Sony! I’ll give you money to subscribe!!!!!!!

  • Several things here:

    1. The pricing is the main reason why I haven’t spent any money on PS Now since I paid $20 one time. $20 a month is too much and now you have that XBox Game Pass for $10 a month plus Nvidia’s coming Geforce Now service. If Nintendo decides to have their own streaming service, Sony is going to find itself in a difficult position when it comes to streaming or monthly game passes. If the price of PS Now goes down to $10 per month, Sony will be back in business.

    2. What will the minimum PC specs be?

    I have pretty much moved on to the PC for my gaming platform and Sony’s only chance at retaining me in the Playstation ecosystem is to cut the price of PS Now.

    • There’s no minimum pc specs other than your screen resolution lol the streaming services is based on your connection speeds not your hardware.

  • Now this is great. I’ll finally be able to play Bloodborne without dumping money on a console I don’t need.

  • So how will this work for PC? If there’s an online game will we have to have PSN Now PLUS PSN Plus to play online? Xbox Live on PC is free.

  • I knew it just a matter of time before Sony made the inclusion of streaming PS4 games an option for PS Now. I have always been a fan of PS Now supporting the service from the start and it has worked wonderfully thus far. I am excited to see Sony finally taking it up a notch with PS4 titles. I would love to see the first batch of PS4 games on PS Now such as:
    Knack, Killzone Shadowfall, Resogun, Shadow of Mordor, Uncharted 4, Infamous Second Son and First Light and a few other from the start.

  • What a horrible business decision lol just when I thought they got it dropping all these exclusive games etc… it really is time for a PC and Switch combo.

  • Well…. What a stupid decision…. Congratulations Sony .

    If you want shoot your own foot, go ahead.


  • Any chance to see it coming to ASIA ???

    It has been since the launch that i wish to try this service, and to be serious it is a shame to never have opened the servers in asia.
    NEtflix has one, even local on many countries like Thailand ( which has its own store )

    So disapointing from sony.

  • Not one person on my whole friends list uses ps now, tried it before and it wasn’t that good even with good internet, sony hasn’t made a profit off psnow yet and they aren’t going too, need to just go backwards compatible and leave this streaming stuff for pc, btw most of the ps4 games won’t be triple A ps4 only games, they will be 3rd party which you can already buy on pc

  • I forgot…. This is how they kill console gaming.

    First the stupid microsoft, now sony follow their steps…. Ok, the day the console gaming is a countdown and I will leave this train.

    Your stupids decision force me to this.

  • I have subscribed to PS Now before, for several months, and the service has a lot of potential. It works really well, and the addition of PS4 games is great, but now that it is only available on PC and PS4 I’m unlikely to use it again. Playing on the PlayStation TV system, was the ultimate in convenience that made this service a real game changer for me. I could carry a system, the size of a deck of cards, that could play full console games on any screen with an HDMI port. I don’t use Windows PC’s, and I don’t make a habit of carrying my PS4 with me wherever I go, so until we get that functionality back on the PlayStation TV, or a new micro console (that supports higher resolutions, hint hint), I’m not likely to subscribe again. Regardless, I’m glad to see Sony hasn’t abandoned the service, like we thought when support for several platforms was discontinued. Hopefully, we can look forward to more innovation in this space, and maybe a reason for me to jump back in someday soon.

  • Am I the only one who thinks this service is great for non-console owners (especially before they pulled it from a lot of devices e.g. smart tvs) but if you own a console and a psplus subscription it should be free? I wouldn’t even mind if the psplus cost went up (a little bit).

  • We now have a data cap so I couldnt use this anyway. I have trouble even downloading some of my free Plus games unless I want to pay extra for more data (I think $100 a month is overcharging anyway for 200gb of data). I know 200gb sounds like a lot but when you stream movies and tv shows it goes REAL fast. Throw in a 30gb+ free game download and a couple little ones and you are over the limit. In the USA and we have expensive internet and now data caps for us who choose to live in the country. Sad, so sad.

    I still want Sony to open up NOW for FREE to play the games we already own. Quick count, about 80 PS3 games and 10 PS4 games sitting on my shelf right now that I should be able to use NOW to play if I wanted. I still cant cause of the data limit but it would still be nice for them to do.

  • What a disgraceful decision, and a massive middle finger to the PS community. Terrible.

  • I can’t imagine it will be anything more then older titles, 2 year old exclusives and 1 year old Call of Duty and Sports games

  • Take this pc gamers money!!! I am not gonna buy another platform but this I like!

  • The end of Playstation , sadly this is what it means. Why are you going to buy a playstation , when you can play all those games , whitout it?.
    Nothing about “Just streaming” , “Imput lag” , blablaba… the real thing here , is that playstation is going to offer its most attractive Perk ( exlusives games) in other platafform , obviusly worst deccision ever. I think this gen , whit all those mainstream dutty´s , fifa`s , gta´s , finally got some imact in sony´s deccision about the industry , surely they are thniking : “we dont need exclusives games to sell 65M , so , why not to sell it(rent) in Pc?”…
    Repeat , No reasons to buy playstation anymore in the future , sadly.

    • Dude IT IS just streaming. You can’t buy Sony games on Steam. PSNOW will have a minimum amout of dated first party titles. If at all. You still can’t play Uncharted in 4K on a PC. Jeez guys.

  • Why is everyone bothered by this? PS4 games doesn’t mean first party. It will mostly be 3rd party games, years old ones at that. Theyll put a few of their first party titles on there and not the same day as PS4.

    This is just streaming a back catalogue of 3rd party games. It’s not like they’re putting all their games directly on Steam. Streaming to a PC you can’t even take advantage of the hardware to play in 4K60fps. This is non issue in terms of exclusives.

  • So if PS4 games are coming to ps now, and pc can use ps now. I have only one question. What was the point in buying a ps4 if is not going to have exclusives anymore as the Xbox one? I’m better off buying a PC since i will be able to play ps4, xbox one and pc games. I have a lot of friends that are pc gamers but still they have their ps4 since they buy it for the exclusives but they don’t need to do that anymore. Doesn’t that mean less consoles been sold and less buying ps plus membership? I doesn’t make any sense to me that decision

  • Its difficult not to foresee that this strategy will cannibalize the sales of ps4 hardware and Beyond unless of course that sony has decided to exit the hardware market approach. But. I supposed that sony analysts have all data and had value the potential market gain and the potential market loss and brand reposition. From my perspective keeping the exclusives to the hardware is the no brainer strategy.

    • Having t the ps4 games catalog in ps now for me is as if Apple license their software might reach more market but could lose branding value.

  • Sounds awesome. I’ve used it before, but using PS4 games will be sick.

  • Sounds great to me. I can finally get some use out of my $20 psvitaTV without needing to invest $300 into a PS4. Now for the cherry on top make a psnow app for my Xbox one or Roku (yeah dreaming on that part but would be cool).

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