PS Vue: Watch Multiple Channels at Once with Multi-view, Out Today on PS4

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PS Vue: Watch Multiple Channels at Once with Multi-view, Out Today on PS4

Watch up to three live channels — all on one screen.

Update: even more good news! The real-time sports score feature for PS Vue launches on PS4 today — check it out during the NBA playoffs. You can turn the feature on/off in the Settings menu. The real-time sports score feature is also available on Amazon Fire TV and Android TV devices.

We’ve got some great news for sports fans and TV lovers.

Today, we’re launching a new multi-view feature for PlayStation Vue that allows you to watch up to three live channels — all on one screen. With March Madness starting next week, this will be a great way to catch several live games at once from TNT, TBS, TruTV and CBS.* You can also use this feature for any live TV channel available on Vue, such as watching a mix of live news programs or live events at once.

Multi-view will be available on PS4 starting today. The new feature gives you the option to watch and listen to a main TV channel and view up to two additional channels at the same time. Keep an eye on all the action and enjoy mixing and matching your favorite channels.

To use this feature, just press and hold X on any live TV program from the Guide or Live TV row of the home screen to open up the selection screen for multi-view. A menu will pop up to give you an option of using either two or three multi-view screens. You can select any other live programing from the Live TV strand and start viewing multiple programs at once. The main screen in multi-view will contain audio of the programming.

Press X to start any program. Press and hold X on any live program to start a multi-screen viewing experience.

If you want to switch programs within the multi-view screen, press Square on your DualShock 4. To move a program to the main screen, just highlight the smaller screen and press Square.

Our team is currently hard at work to bring even more new features to PS Vue. Coming soon, real-time sports scores will be added to help you know the games to watch. You can also turn off spoiler alerts if you are waiting to watch the big game. Stay tuned for more information on the additional sports features we’re adding to PS Vue.

We’re pleased to bring you more new innovative features and we hope you enjoy multi-view during the tournament on PS Vue today — just in time for March Madness. Give it a try, and let us know what you think.

*CBS is available live in major TV markets. For more information on channels available in your area, please visit and enter your zip code.

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  • When is this coming to Fire TV?

  • Since this update on the PS4, my PS3 has been running Vue at a suboptimal level. The frame rate is choppy and not smooth at all. It’s like it’s running at a much lower fps rate. I know others who have had the same problem starting at the same time. I’ve been on with your support team for hours and nothing has resolved the issue. March is crucial month for sports and right now sports are borderline unwatchable. Are you guys doing anything to fix this for the PS3 customers?

    • Same problem with a ps3 user here. Very choppy or jittery playback. I just called in the Vue support tonight, re-downloaded the app, no fix. They wanted to say it’s a hardware issue. Not likely since it just happened since the latest update. Works good on 1 of 2 windows 10 devices via Chrome browser. Works perfectly smooth on Android. Please come up with a fix.

  • I think this is a great feature addition; especially for March Madness.. My question is how does this affect bandwidth usage?

    Also, while I’m here… I believe it is very important to ALL Fox Sports Regional Sports followers to have their local “+” station included. For example, in my case, I have Fox Sports Detroit but there is also a Fox Sports Detroit Plus (+) channel which is missing.

    The Red Wings may be on one of them and the Pistons on another, or the Tigers are on one and The Red Wings on another. Depending on which sports you follow, the lack of the Plus (+) station is a serious shortcoming. I hope this can be addressed soon between Sony and Fox Sports.

    Thank You.

  • Any word on getting Viacom channels back? My 2yr old really misses Nick jr. ,My wife misses that teen Mom crap, and I miss comedy Central.
    View was perfect till Viacom was dropped

  • Yeah since this is not available the likes of Amazon fire its a waste.

  • Love this feature! would love Viceland on the Vue too….just saying

  • Will this option be on PS3 or Firestick?

  • Please update PS Vue on Roku… PLEASE! I want the same feature I have on the PS4 like the guide!

  • This is a great feature I just tried it.

    However I dont know how to turn it off and go back to all channels. Im stuck on multiscreen view, I tried every button but I kept getting multiscreen is enabled.

    I had to close the app and re launch it for it to work. I hope this is not the intended design.


  • Please iterate the Roku app, it sucks. I’m about to cancel because it’s so bad.

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