PS Vue: Watch Multiple Channels at Once with Multi-view, Out Today on PS4

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PS Vue: Watch Multiple Channels at Once with Multi-view, Out Today on PS4

Watch up to three live channels — all on one screen.

Update: even more good news! The real-time sports score feature for PS Vue launches on PS4 today — check it out during the NBA playoffs. You can turn the feature on/off in the Settings menu. The real-time sports score feature is also available on Amazon Fire TV and Android TV devices.

We’ve got some great news for sports fans and TV lovers.

Today, we’re launching a new multi-view feature for PlayStation Vue that allows you to watch up to three live channels — all on one screen. With March Madness starting next week, this will be a great way to catch several live games at once from TNT, TBS, TruTV and CBS.* You can also use this feature for any live TV channel available on Vue, such as watching a mix of live news programs or live events at once.

Multi-view will be available on PS4 starting today. The new feature gives you the option to watch and listen to a main TV channel and view up to two additional channels at the same time. Keep an eye on all the action and enjoy mixing and matching your favorite channels.

To use this feature, just press and hold X on any live TV program from the Guide or Live TV row of the home screen to open up the selection screen for multi-view. A menu will pop up to give you an option of using either two or three multi-view screens. You can select any other live programing from the Live TV strand and start viewing multiple programs at once. The main screen in multi-view will contain audio of the programming.

Press X to start any program. Press and hold X on any live program to start a multi-screen viewing experience.

If you want to switch programs within the multi-view screen, press Square on your DualShock 4. To move a program to the main screen, just highlight the smaller screen and press Square.

Our team is currently hard at work to bring even more new features to PS Vue. Coming soon, real-time sports scores will be added to help you know the games to watch. You can also turn off spoiler alerts if you are waiting to watch the big game. Stay tuned for more information on the additional sports features we’re adding to PS Vue.

We’re pleased to bring you more new innovative features and we hope you enjoy multi-view during the tournament on PS Vue today — just in time for March Madness. Give it a try, and let us know what you think.

*CBS is available live in major TV markets. For more information on channels available in your area, please visit and enter your zip code.

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  • Any idea when this feature will be coming to the Android TV app? Also, I’m patiently waiting for the video in the guide like the PS4 app (cough cough)

    • Hi there! We don’t have any additional devices to announce today for multi-view beyond PS4, but appreciate the feedback!

    • Like lenin0789 said, I’d like to see this feature, a/k/a Picture-In-Picture, added to the PSVue Android TV client.
      I know it can be done because we already have “multiview” in the FOX Sports GO Android TV client.
      Not only would this be a big help during “March Madness”, it would help with my nightly viewing of CNN, MSNBC and Fox News Channel.

      BTW, is Tennis Channel in PSVue’s plans?

    • Definitely want to see this on Android TV.

    • It is a shame that non-PS4 device pay full price, but get treated as second class.

  • This is pretty awesome, thank you!

  • This is great but still waiting on MLB Network. We know it’s coming as we’ve seen proof it’s popped up on some people’s guide. When?

  • Love this! Thank you!

  • wow! this is a very nice feature!

  • Awesome! Picture in picture rules.

    How about 5.1 audio? I have a great sound system and it bums me out it there is no 5.1

  • 5.1 audio anytime soon?

  • Amazing feature!

    Any news on compensating new channels for those that got removed off my paid subscription price? Maybe a lower price?

  • I love the heck out of this service! I just wish I had more time to enjoy it! Keep it up on bringing us more features, channels, and packages!

  • Looks good but a lot of wasted screen space around the 3 screens and the menu bar at the bottom of mine keeps popping back up.

  • Love the updates and Multi-Vue. ;) Please let us view Vue on multiple PS4s at once. Thank you!!

    • If you are interested in watching live sports on those channels, you can use your playstation vue account to access NBCsports, CBSsports, and watchESPN online or in mobile apps.

    • Replied to the wrong comment so ignore that.,

    • @Btwisten I would but you don’t allow rooted devices.

    • It is a limitation of the PS4 device itself. One way to fix that would be to sign in on the app itself, and not use what the PS4 is signed into as. While an option, I’m not sure Sony would want to do that.

  • Looks cool. I’ll consider jumping on board once MLB Network is available.

    Oh, and live ABC/NBC/CBS/FOX, please.

    • If you are interested in watching live sports on those channels, you can use your playstation vue account to access NBCsports, CBSsports, and watchESPN online or in mobile apps.

    • MLB Network on Vue is real.. and it’s spectacular! Sign up, you won’t regret it.

  • Cool new look blog

  • This is freakin awesome. Hopefully I can use it to watch A&E and Viceland soon ;)

  • I would sign back up today if you’d just offer me the USA Network’s East Coast feed instead of 3 hour delay west coast feed. DirecTV Now does it, why can’t you? I’m in Reno NV

    • Most of us want the West cost feed for those channels that offer it.

      DirecTV Now and Sling on have East because of their satellite businesses.

  • Any 4K support in the pipelines?

    • Ask the networks since nothing is broadcast in 4k

    • @spencer7999 That’s just not true. NBC is broadcasting Premiere League games and ND football games in 4k, both Dish and Directv have 4k channels. Select MLB games…. Planet Earth II….. have been broadcast in 4k….

  • I own a Sony KDL55W800C Television and the Bravia sync features that my remote was able to perform have been removed. For example; The guide, center select, and shortcut keys are not functional anymore. I did notice that the jump and up/down channel buttons have their own function which is new. Also, when are we going to receive the NHL and MLB channel. Because that would be very nice.

    • Same happened to me. Still haven’t figured out how to access My Shows nor the top level menu. One step forward, 1.5 steps back if you ask me. I hate having to use the controller now that I have the remote.

    • My Sony Bravia remote also lost a lot of functionality today! I wish there was a way to rollback to a previous version of Vue, until it’s been fixed!

    • Ahhh- this new ‘feature’ explains why the ‘Guide’ and ‘Top’ buttons on my PS4 Remote Control stopped working this week. Please tell me you are working on fix for this, Sony…

    • @SCoopat Those direct tv channels are not even real 4k so it would be pointless.

  • Tried it out earlier, works good

    • Thanks for your feedback. We released an update this morning that allows you to use the Sony TV/Universal Media remote for PS4 while in multi-view. We’ll have some additional updates coming soon, stay tuned.

  • You guys broke the PS4 remote control guide button with the multiview rollout. Press guide button now and nothing. I can get the guide button to work by pressing the triangle button first, and then the guide button will work. Please fix this problem!

    • Same happened to me today!

    • Ditto. You broke my ps4 remote’s Guide and “My Shows” button (corresponds to the green input button on the remote). Please fix.

      also, you should assign numerical shortcuts for every channel so users can punch in a channel number like regular tv.

  • This has to be the best feature add! Love it and can’t wait to use it! Also, great timing with March Madness, NHL playoffs, and NBA playoffs soon to follow.

  • Wow! I suggested this, but I thought it was a pure fantasy request. This is easily the biggest feature Vue has going right now. I have wanted this for years being a huge fan of multiple teams, and or programs. Thank You.

    Now for a massive request. Is there any chance we can get the ability to watch a game while we play a game? This is easily the ultimate fature you could have on a console for sports fans. If I keep an eye on the game in the corner while still being able to grind away at an RPG, or play MLB The Show, while I have MLB Network keeping me up on all the action, then I would have nothing else to ask of Vue. It would then be the ultimate TV and Gaming experience.

    • Yes this a million times! Nothing would be better than being able to quickly swap between from a game during commercials to Horizon while still being able to see when it returns!

    • Get a TV that supports Picture-in-Picture then add a streaming device to the mix,

  • Can we get Starz as a premium channel for an add-on?

  • A much welcomed feature for sure. Great work people.

  • This is nice and all but when can we expect to login from multiple PS4s? When I bought a Pro I put the old one in the livingroom but logging into one boots me from the other obviously.

  • This is a good feature. Very nice. When will you fix NESN so everyone in New England that is in the service area gets it?

  • Let me clarify my earlier poist.

    PlayStation 4 Universal Media Remote: You guys broke the guide button with the multiview rollout. Press button now and nothing. Not working like it was. Add something, and then break something else.

  • That’s cool and all but this update has crippled my Sony TV remote rm-yd103R. Menu of the buttons that used to work great no longer work anymore, including the aforementioned guide button. Please work on fixing these issues in the next update, as I’m sure I speak for most people in saying that no one truly likes have to use their PS4 game controller for PS Vue.

    • They broke the Sony TV remotes too with this rollout? Oh well, they broke the guide button the PS4 universal media remote, but I might find out later if anything else got broken…hope not.

    • Yeah I have the universal media remote and it’s pretty broken. Aside from the guide button not working, the round Enter button, which I used to pause/play and select everything, now has almost no functionality. Also the green button used to bring up My Shows and now none of the buttons do, which makes getting there a multi-step process. The remote has never been perfect (volume punch-through) but it was at least pretty functional before.

    • Same has happened to me! It looks like we’ve been beta tested and it basically bricked our remotes!!!

  • That’s cool and all but this update has crippled my Sony TV remote rm-yd103R. Many of the buttons that used to work great no longer work anymore, including the aforementioned guide button. Please work on fixing these issues in the next update, as I’m sure I speak for most people in saying that no one truly likes have to use their PS4 game controller for PS Vue.

  • Will Roku be updated with the guide?

    • I would really appreciate a guide for PS Vue on Roku! I don’t want to have to switch to an Amazon Fire TV for my living room.

  • Wow! Imagine if this kind of technology were around during the Monday Night Wars era of Wrestling

  • I keep hearing mumblings about MLB Network…. Any ideas when that is coming down the pipe?

  • Bruh! This is great! Can you make it so separate audio streams can be listened to via the controller ports? That would be dope! That way I could actually just chill next to my girlfriend when she watches housewives.

  • Starting today several buttons on my ps4 remote no longer work with Vue. The guide button, green input button(which went to my shows), menu top, red button, pop up. All these buttons no longer function and make navigating Vue miserable. Please help with this issue. Its not the remote, the buttons work with other applications. I don’t know what Vue did but it ruined my remote access. I’m using the official ps4 remote.

    • Same here – Sony Bravia Sync buttons no longer work when viewing. (I cannot go straight to “My Shows” from the viewing screen).

  • Any word on live channels in new markets?

  • I like the update, however I use the universal media remote by pdp for PS4 and this update has made the remote useless, the guide button doesn’t work, nor do the info or enter buttons. Please update remote support, I have no problem using a controller to navigate Vue but my two year old and my mother do, this could be a real deal breaker if the issue isn’t resolved in a timely manner.

  • Nice to finally be able to change channels with the CH+ button, but I’d like my original Bravia sync functions back.

  • I get home today and my ps4 media remote does not work as it did before. The guide button doesn’t work from any screen and the color buttons are useless as well. Now I have to figure out how to reuse my remote or switch to a different service. Ps vue works just well enough to not switch to something else but now I’m thinking not. Fix the issue with the remote soon or you will lose my business.

  • Love this, BUT (and a big but) it seems neither my PDP remote or Harmony Elite with Hub are working properly anymore. =/

  • My Sony Bravia television remote lost a lot of functionality with this Multi view rollout! The Guide button, and the 4 colored buttons, no longer do what they did yesterday! I can’t access my shows or add new ones anymore! Is there anyway to go back to the older version of Vue? At least until you fix this issue?

  • I got turned off on playstation vue–when I went to watch it on my tablet and it had channel after channel not available in portable mode–this ****ed me off and I cancelled it

  • Split screens is great for sports! Thank you. But speaking of sports on Vue, does Sony have any plans to add SNY so I can watch the Mets games?

  • That sounds really nice, but what would be great is a classic grid styled guide on Roku devices similar to what is available on the PS3 and PS4. Any word on when/if that will happen?


    • We need a guide for the PS Vue on Roku or else I might end up selling my Roku for an Amazon Fire TV.

  • I just cut the cord with DirecTV yesterday after doing your free trial. When I saw this feature tonight, it was like icing on the cake. Please keep up the great work. I have told everyone who was interested to cut the cord. Vue is a fantastic alternative.

  • My Samsung remote used to work fine before the update. I appreciate the new features, but not if I can’t use a remote control.

    • Same here. Would rather they roll this back, so my remote works. Multiview is OK, but not at the expense of breaking all the remote controls.

  • Please add this feature to fire TV. Please add Sportsnet LA for us dodger fans in so Cal!!

  • I really wish you would make it so when I watch a TV episode it stays as “watched” a lot of shows I know I’ve watched in the past are now showing as Unwatched… This feature couldn’t be that hard to implement and its definetly one of the more frustrating things about the service. Other than that I LOVE PSVUE!!!!

  • i understand this is a ps4 vue feature now. will this feature be rolling out on other platforms eventually?

  • I just switched over from dish to vue and it has been great until now. My PS4 remote “I just bought” has now lost half of its functionality. Multiview is great and all, but I have two kids and a wife that have a hard enough time figuring out the controls when they are straightforward. Please fix this !!

  • Any chance we’ll get MASN/MASN2 in the Baltimore area? I’d sign up for sure if those were added so I could watch the Orioles. That’s local sports. :)

  • Great features, love the service. Unfortunately with this new update my PS4 universal remote that we use no longer pulls up the guide or my shows with the guide and top menu buttons like it used to. Any thoughts or fixes for this?

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