PS Plus: Free Games for March 2017

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PS Plus: Free Games for March 2017

Hello PlayStation Nation — ready to game? This month we have the action-packed Disc Jam and the beautiful Tearaway Unfolded for our PS Plus lineup.

First up, Disc Jam, which is an insanely addicting cross between air hockey and tennis. Players scramble to retrieve and throw a glowing disc while unleashing powerful abilities and defending their end zone. This game is just launching on PlayStation Store but is available to all PlayStation Plus members as part of your membership. It’s a must-have in your collection!

We’ve also lined up the gorgeous Tearaway Unfolded for PS4. Tearaway Unfolded is the expanded retelling of the BAFTA award-winning PlayStation Vita game Tearaway, where you are placed in a magical papery world and tasked with delivering a top-secret message while collecting papercraft models.

Full Lineup

  • Disc Jam, PS4
  • Tearaway Unfolded, PS4
  • Under Night: In-Birth, PS3
  • Earth Defense Force 2025, PS3
  • Lumo, PS Vita (crossbuy on PS4)
  • Severed, PS Vita


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  • this is a bunch of bs Junk i ever seen! why not give us Full Games each month espically since ya clearly raised the damn price on the PS Plus bull…so why give us junk kid games we dont wont that!! Give us at least something that is a full game by the Following: Adventures, Shooters,Sports, RPG…we deserve something out of this category besides these lame Kids crap that we dont come on change your mind on this stuff an give us something better! My God ya keep this up im going to XBox at least they give good an better then you do!

  • These games are extremely lackluster. Im tired of getting only crappy indie games every month with ps plus. Im looking for something like Borderlands, Left for dead, Evolve, Rocket League, etc. My point is just give us free games that we’ve all heard of for once.

    • They’re already given us Borderlands and Rocket League before, Evolve went Free to Play anyway, and Left 4 Dead only has a PC community these days. I have to question if you haven’t heard of ANY of the games from this month.

  • how come when i click the disk jam picture it takes me to yahoo loggin lololololol sony tryna get my old ass info XD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Disc Jam, Tearaway, and Under Night In-Birth? This is the first month in a while that I’ve loved. Bless up

  • Every month I hear complaint after complaint about the FREE GAMES. Are they mostly crappy stupid games, yes they are. However no one is making you download them and they are FREE. I admit SONY is worse than XBOX with there choices. They have to make money somehow and giving away games is not how. I have been playing games a long time. I even remember when you bought a game you did not have to pay extra to play the whole game. That being said, the gaming industry is not as big of a money maker as you think. Do they make money yes do they make a lot of money not reallynot anymore, Which is the point of DLC. Over the years they are losing money to places like game stop. When you wait for a game to go used the only one that makes money from that is game stop not the original game company. Blame places like GameStop. They make tons of money and the gaming companies don’t see a penny of it. I would love to have a month were we get an A Grade title. Truth is it may never happen, but who cares you are going to pay to play online anyway. So what I would love even more that a great title. Would be one month were no one complains about there FREE GAMES. Even though I know that won’t happen either.

  • Don’t like these games? Cancel your PS+. “But how will I play online?” Good news, you’re paying for that with PS+, not these games. Remember when MS did the online pay to play, without free games? Hold on, let me see where the whiners for that were, oh yeah, paying anyway. No where does it say Sony has to get these games, in fact I’d wager most devs ASK to get their games out, which is why we’re seeing a lot of indie games, free exposure. So, pay and get online and free games, even if you don’t like them, or don’t. Really, at the end of the day, you’re kidding yourself if you think they’d lower the price and drop the freebies.

    • Wasn’t the original purpose of ps plus was for freebie games and discounts for the PS3? Then you are going to say its main purpose now is for online only? Are you implying they changed direction with this? Because if they did, they should have removed all the perks altogether and stuck with the online perk…but they are still doing freebies. What does that tell you? Online paying is just for PS4. Not other systems. Try to be empathic on why these people are raging too. They are disappointed on what ps plus has become. ….but yeah, i agree that they should stop giving money to sony thru ps plus if they do not like it anymore.

  • I agree with others, just give us the online for cheaper price

  • i’m willing to try tearaway, but disk jam is not something i want to play. i do really want to play under night in birth, but i don’t have a ps3 and is not a crossbuy title. i still don’t get why PlayStation couldn’t make the ps4 backwards compatible. the controls are pretty much the same as the ps3’s. if playstation would allow me to get under night on the ps4 i would be very happy.

  • Disc Jam. The first time I won’t be downloading a free PS+ game. Seriously? PS+ has not been consistent lately. Another lackluster month. I wish we could get lists in advance and pause months we don’t want.

  • PlayStation please stop giving us 2 Crappy ass games. Give us at least one fairly decent one and one semi Crappy one. Tearaway and disc jam look like they belong in the free games catalog, not the free monthly. There are so many games that you could have offered, why must you do this? That’s one thing I can give Microsoft a pinch of credit for is the titles they offer with gold, they’ve done Killer Instinct, Project Cars, Evolve, just to name a few in the past three months, they accompany these great titles with one to two fairly decent games. Maybe you guys at PSN should pick up the trend and give your loyal customers an A rated title every month accompanied by a B or C rated title. Cause you offer a good game once in a blue moon, which sucks going 3 or 4 months before PlayStation 4 owners get a decent game for free. This is 2 months in a row you have given out basically children’s games…. Only thing I feel we can look forward to are the games that go on sale every week or so, it’s sad to be excited for the upcoming free games just to be dissatisfied and disappointed once the titles are made known.

  • I honestly to see what the complainers are getting at for at least this month, this month’s lineup is pretty decent i’ve personally been waiting for a chance to get my hands on UnderNight and EDF and to all those who keep saying these are “kiddy” games, it seems you just have a jaded view on whats kiddy ( aka anything that isnt full of blood/violence or isnt Call of Duty like) but hey different strokes and all that jazz

  • Another awful month. Garbage sales. Garbage free games. Pure garbage. Garbage.

  • These games suck. Not interesting at all. I don’t understand why people are defending this greedy corporation.

  • It’s really strange and baffling that people are complaining about free games and asking for a lower tier price just to play online. The price you’re paying is for online play, not for games. The games are bonus. They don’t have to give you anything. I’d stop looking at ps+ as a free game service and look at it as it really is online play with bonus content.

    • Are you really as dumb as you sound? What’s free? What’s bonus? What are you talking about? Ignorant human beings being

    • Paying to play online is outdated. Compared to Asia and the Europe lineup these games are weak.

    • Keep in mind the original purpose of ps plus was for freebies and discounted items. That’s were the peeves of the peeps are coming from.

  • I understand that some hipsters want to support indie games which is great and they all have he same argument that the prices of all the games we get through ps plus are than $70 a year. But it’s not worth it to me if I never download the games. I hate to say this but Xbox at least puts out one AAA per month doesn’t matter how old it is. I’m just sick of these garbage choices.

  • Being optimistic, there was no 8 bit indie crap title for once. I hate them the most. If people wanted to play 8 bit games, they whip out the fami com, not the PS4. #Let8bitStayOnNintendo

  • Disc Jam is awesome!!! it does lacks stats, leaderboards, maps and game modes but it just launched and ive enjoyed it :D

  • Edf 2025 has to be the most God awful game ever made…complete waste of a download.

  • definitely fun and addictive. granted its still new arrival, the servers are basically garbage and either fails to connect or drops after a game or two.
    smooth & consistent gameplay combined with the promised content soon to come; its worth the buy.

  • I really hope playstation doesn’t read these comments since it’s mostly self proclaimed privileged people complaining about what they deserve to get for their yearly pocket change. I’ve enjoyed the ps+ games so far and hope they keep it up.

  • As usual I am disappointed with the ps plus games for this month, I own both consoles an xbox one and a ps4 and can say the deals i got for xbox for march are way better, (no not a fan boy, ive been playing ps since ps1 and have always preferred it). The xbox gold games that were given to us were Layers of fear, boarderlands 2 (remastered), project cars, and Evolve. And what is nice is i can play every single one of them, where as with ps plus i get 2 games for ps4 and even if i wanted to play the ps3 games i cant, because there is no compatibility. If these are the games they are giving us i would rather just pay a smaller amount for only an online subscription, like what sony did before on ps3. Come on Sony atleast give us 1 good game. Others might disagree with me but i am sure that more people are unhappy with this months line-up compared to people who are satisfied

  • I’m not even sure why I bother check these posts every month. PS Plus lineup is consistently garbage, I encourage people to vote with their wallets and discontinue the service. If you’re not playing online constantly you’re just throwing away money.

  • I really like this lineup! It does not seem repetitive. All of these games are so different and offer a great variety for anyone who has all three game consoles. I only have a PS3 now, but I have plans to buy a PS4 and a PS Vita. I look forward to taking the time out of my busy day to play Earth Defense Force 2025, and Under Night: In-Birth on PS3. I’m still happy to be a PS Plus subscriber!

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