PS Plus: Free Games for March 2017

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PS Plus: Free Games for March 2017

Hello PlayStation Nation — ready to game? This month we have the action-packed Disc Jam and the beautiful Tearaway Unfolded for our PS Plus lineup.

First up, Disc Jam, which is an insanely addicting cross between air hockey and tennis. Players scramble to retrieve and throw a glowing disc while unleashing powerful abilities and defending their end zone. This game is just launching on PlayStation Store but is available to all PlayStation Plus members as part of your membership. It’s a must-have in your collection!

We’ve also lined up the gorgeous Tearaway Unfolded for PS4. Tearaway Unfolded is the expanded retelling of the BAFTA award-winning PlayStation Vita game Tearaway, where you are placed in a magical papery world and tasked with delivering a top-secret message while collecting papercraft models.

Full Lineup

  • Disc Jam, PS4
  • Tearaway Unfolded, PS4
  • Under Night: In-Birth, PS3
  • Earth Defense Force 2025, PS3
  • Lumo, PS Vita (crossbuy on PS4)
  • Severed, PS Vita


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  • I am SO happy over Disc Jam. I tried the beta and I was hooked! Genuinely happy and surprised to get it for free this month! It’s got Rocket League potential :)

  • Wow. Yet another month of questioning why I even pay for plus. I love Sony and playstation in every way. But this is the one area where xbox is killing it.

  • I really wish PlayStation would go the Xbox route and let you play the Ps3 games on the Ps4

    • I know bro! I got so many ps3 games, and sold my ps3 after getting ps4. Not allowed to have 2 consoles :/

    • I’ve always thought that it was the result of having to develop around the CELL processor in the PS3 that made it impossible to easily flip PS3 games to PS4.

    • The best thing Sony could do is promote their ghost town of a platform that is Playstation Now by letting people have free backwards compatibility to the PS3 games. This would draw attention to the Playstation Now which is losing money everyday. Currently no one uses that waste. It would be a win win situation.

  • Certainly curious about Disc Jam. And some of the comments have me excited about the other games as well.

  • Awww, look at all the whiny wah baby entitled gamers.

  • I now regret buying Tearaway Unfolded. It’s a GREAT game tho!!

  • Impressive lineup! Great variety featuring some hidden gems. Under Night: In-Birth (terrible name, but it is a fantastic fighting game) and Earth Defense Force 2025 are some of the best examples of their genres. I’m also hyped for the others. If I had a Vita, I’d download the whole list.

  • Can’t wait to play Disc Jam and Severed. Was going to buy Disc Jam eventually, but now it’s great that I can play with friends instead of making new ones just for the game. The Beta was great.

  • How about a free VR game every month?

  • So okay with the PS Plus price increase a few months ago i though maybe they would have better games. YI think that since you need PS Plus now for multiplayer they have no reason to give really good games I think the days are gone where we could get a Bioshock Infinite or Dishonored. I worry though when games for Vita and PS3 are not being made cause then i bet the free games will disappear All together

  • Finally a fun game to play. Bug up for Tearaway Unfolded Sony!

  • Disc jam sounds like fun to try with family.

  • All these negative comments.

    Y’all are wrong.
    Disc Jam beta was amazing. Tearaway is amazing. EDF is amazing and so is Severed

  • Disc jam looks like an amazing amount of fun

  • Disc Jam looks fun as hell, Teraway is also pretty nice, both PS3 games look good and Severed is a nice get i guess finally a nice month on PS Plus must be cuz March is looking like a great month for games on 2017

  • Terrible. As usual.

    Starting to think in changing to the competitor in 3… 2… 1…

    • Go already…nobody gonna miss you.

    • How is it terrible? Do you just have one game in mind?? Maybe you should BUY what you want to play instead of holding out, then threatening “I’ll take my business elsewhere” like a mean old woman with an expired coupon at Wal-Mart… I think the list rocks this month. What u gonna do about it?

  • Another month of indie trash, real consistent.. Not a single free PS+ game that I have wanted to play for more that 10 mins.

  • I literally can’t remember the last time I was interested in any of the free games that I didn’t already have.

  • Lol. I think I’ll keep off ps plus for a while. Until they introduce a different subscription for online play only.

  • PS3 games aren’t backwards compatible and the Vita is barely alive. I say we just stop getting games for those consoles and just focus on the PS4, please.

    • I disagree. I appreciate getting games for PS3 and PS4. Some people make the mistake of assuming Sony will increase the amount they invest in the free PS4 games if they cancel the others. What gives them this notion? Pure wishful thinking. Sony will simply keep doing what they are doing with PS4 whether or not they offer PS3 and/or Vita games as well. I believe they should be offering better PS3 games at this point however, since the sales of those games has likely dried up. But i dont think that they are putting in the effort with the 3rd party developers to make it happen.

    • How unbelievably one side mind you have son.

  • Yay now i can try tearaway unfolded :)

  • Dear Sony,
    What level of dog **** is this line up. month after month is the same crap. Please take time and go to Xbox Live and see what their members get every month. Step up your game to your loyal fans

    • EXACTLY!
      Their lineup is

      Layers of Fear
      Evolve Ultimate Edition
      Borderlands 2

      And they hand us games for the discount bargain bin. Trash.

  • The games are cool but please stop perpetuating the word “addicting”, which is incorrect English.

  • Nice very nice…saw a friend’s video of Disc Jam beta and it made me interested instantly looked really fun,looking forward to try it out.Now Tearaway recycled really?…GTFO here with that.Y’all were better off giving the true version of the game,the Vita version.

    Vita games looking bad this month but PS3 is great…really looking forward to try Under Night…and EDF is ok.

  • Oh BTW not even a video anymore Sony?…get real and also bring back footage of the PS3 and Vita games,y’all are lame.

  • This Blog team has gotten super lazy. We used to get a preview of all games, then they cut it down to just the 2 PS4 games. Now the only effort they can muster is a promotional image (that doesnt show what the game even is) of only one of the PS4 games. I really hope this is a volunteer position, because the effort put in is definitely not worth a paycheck.

  • Just another month of PS Plus Free Indie Games…

  • Please add something more “mature”ich next month. I mean LBP3 amd Tearaway are great, but they seriously seem…Idk like more friendly lay back games. Assassins Creed 3 would be great and it’s old and such so that shouldn’t be too much of a hassle to place in the April lineup.

  • I have been on the fence about both Lumo and Severed for a long time, so March will give me the first reason to charge up my Vita in a while. PS4 releases don’t really interest me but can’t win them all. I’ll tell my boss to make sure she picks up Tearaway for her kid though, if he ever stops playing last months LBP3.

  • I’ve complained a few times about ps plus over the last two years but I’ve been pleasantly surprised so far this year, January was ok but the last two months have been pretty good :) hope they keep it going

  • I don’t understand. Xbox gets:

    Layers of Fear
    Evolve Ultimate Edition
    Borderlands 2

    And you hand us this crap? Cmon step it up. This is a TERRIBLE lineup.

  • They really need to improve the ps plus free games or get rid of them entirely to reduce the price, xbox live got project cars, borderlands 2, the force unleashed, much better free games on xbox I have to say

  • Looks like $ 0.99 Bargain bin titles you see all clumped in a basket that NO ONE ever touches.

  • With lineups like that, dear Sony, you are convincing me to. Uy a Xbox One and sign up with Live!

  • Recently, the games for PS4 have kind of been… meh, IMHO. I have basically enjoyed each of the games for about around 30-60 minutes before I find myself saying “What am I doing?” and I think it’s just because they haven’t been “my kind of games”. For example LBP 3, I played for a while before I was like “this is a younger childrens game”. I know some of you might disagree with that statement, but that is my opinion. I just think that maybe with all of the money they are making maybe they can mix it up and do more of the voting for the playstation plus game of the month, like they did way back when Broforce, when that was the free game of the month. I had a blast playing that with friends and I enjoyed it because that looked more appealing to me than whatever the other game was. I feel like it’s sort of a dictatorship and maybe we should have some say in what we get for a game. Playstation should have a small list of games (probably 2 because I understand they need to pay for the rights for the game etc.) But at least we will have some say and if the game we voted for wins, and we don’t actually enjoy it, we don’t have anyone to blame other than ourselves.

  • Your competition showed us one week ago the free games they were giving, and guess what? they are not terrible like these ones.
    I kinda forgive this month because you gave us LBP last month, but I’m seriously considering not renewing my membership.
    Wanna know what’s the worst? the trolls defending these terrible games

  • Tearaway might be the best game on the list, probably something your girlfriend or wife would love, unless they are a hardcore rip- your-head-off- zombie-killer gamer like personally, my girlfriend is. I knew not to get excited about this lineup. I’ve become jaded, but loyal. The plus deals on the PS Store are where it’s at for me.

  • Heard nothing but good things about Tearaway. I almost bought it last year when I found myself between games so hopefully I can find the time to check it out now that it’ll be a freebie.

  • I love how some of you like to defend this by saying how the PS plus service is just to play online and the games are just an added bonus… Dit it EVER occur to you that you shouldn’t have to f****** pay to play multiplayer in full priced games which when you buy are entitled to its full value INCLUDING multiplayer??!
    Xbox started this and of course Sony had to follow with the PS4 when it was damn fine on the ps3.
    So no. The games aren’t “an added bonus” the games are an excuse to make it ok to charge you an overpriced subscription that should otherwise be free like on Steam. Especially when you can’t even vote for what you get I mean come on… This month’s lineup isn’t bad but were approaching the consoles 4th year. Dont tell me you cant give us at least one big title ESPECIALLY after raising the subscription price last year…

  • This looks good enough. I’m looking forward to Under Night but I wish it was a game that was available on PS4. It’d be amazing to have some good anime fights with friends on a console that everyone is still playing on. Not enough of my friends are on PS3 anymore.

    But thank you again for the free games, PSN!

  • Another terrible line up, boring with nothing interesting and Sony know this and don’t care PSN can go to hell

  • PlayStation Plus Free Games… “Games” ?! WTF?!.. PLS, Release a Good Game or Stop with this Bull****, THX

  • People want better games yet never think that when they come out there is a big chance they will own the “better game.

  • I would think being that its March..hmmmmmmm what game that we have on file that would make sense to promote because THERE IS A MOVIE COMING OUT ABOUT THEM ON THE 24th!!! Lol…Any guess? Oh yeah that’s right Power Rangers…Oh…POWER RANGER MEGA BATTLE!!! Come On Sony…promotion promotion promotion

  • Wish we could get atleast 1 good free game in atleast 3 months, to bad we get 1 good free game in 2 years for old gen :/, other platforms might have better deals. They can always give me a good vita game over these sad games that no one buys. #RIPps+

  • Tearaway and Severed, nice. Disc Jam looks fun, too.

  • Some more week games come on PSN Please start giving us games thats money worth we didn’t spend $50 for kid games every month

  • i have a problem with the words used here. “This month we have the action-packed Disc Jam…” now i don’t know about anyone else but when i think “…an insanely addicting cross between air hockey and tennis.” i don’t think of the word action and certainly not the phrase action packed. based on the opening of this post i have to always question whether you understand that words mean things and not just something vomited onto the screen, its undeniable that sony is dead when it comes to giving its player base rewards(ie free games, mods, reporting problems) im not saying give us the latest AAA game since indies can be nice but give us something worth playing not this pile of collage project bad idea called disc jam, and LEARN WHAT WORDS MEAN

  • Tearaway is a great game for the PS4, and Under Night: In Birth is just as great for the PS3. Great lineup! Although the rest are a bit forgettable.

    It’s a bit sad for me as I already owned Tearaway as well as last months LBP3, and my PS3 is kaput so I can’t even play UNIB :/ But that’s a personal unluck, objectively speaking this is pretty alright.

    • Sorry, the rest are actually not forgettable now that I look at them. Severed looks great! Although it’s Vita only… And Earth Def Force looks fun too even for PS3 only.

  • Psplus free games really make me appreciate having an xbone as well. This is woeful as usual. The 5 guys that have a vita will be pleased though, severed is fun.

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