Vote for your Favorite: Overcooked vs. Sheltered

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Vote for your Favorite: Overcooked vs. Sheltered

Week 4 voting starts right now, with Overcooked vs. Sheltered.

For a few years now, our friends on the LATAM teams have run “¡Vota Por Tu Favorito!” – a campaign where fans choose the next game to go on sale at PlayStation Store. We loved the concept so much here in the US, we’ve joined forces to bring “Vote for Your Favorite” stateside.

This month, we’ll match up two different titles each week, along with their prospective discounts, and give PS Blog readers the sole power to decide which game we’ll set on sale that weekend.

Week 4 voting starts right now, with Overcooked vs. Sheltered. Only poll votes will be tallied. Comments, tweets or replies on our social posts do not count!

Week 4 Poll

Select your favorite by voting above until Wednesday, March 22, 2017. We’ll announce our Week 4 winner this Friday, March 24! The winning title will remain on sale through the weekend.


Week 3 Winner: BioShock: The Collection



Week 2 Winner: Hitman The Complete First Season



Week 1 Winner: Final Fantasy XV


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  • This is a great idea. I’ve already picked up FFXV and I’m not too interested in Assasins Creed, but I’m looking forward to what else we might get discounts on.

  • I’ll be voting for Assassin’s Creed, since myself and most others who love Final Fantasy would have for sure already picked it up by now, most probably have the day one edition.

    It is true though this poll is weird, it says vote for your favorite but most like myself will be voting for whichever one they don’t have lol.

  • Good idea, very flawed execution. It would be better to have identical priced games with identical discounts.

  • I don’t plan on buying that Assassin’s creed game even if it was on sale, and I already own and platinumed and did everything in FFXV. I voted for FFXV though, because I want it to sell a lot more and be a lot more successful and for those who haven’t played or bought it yet, I want them to have a chance to get it.

  • FFV BLINDS gamers with the beautiful graphics, because underneath is a HOLLOW POOR CREATED GAME WITH THE WORST FF STORY & LAME BATTLE SYSTEM!!!

    I forced myself to finish the game to go sell it the day after, it became “NOT FUN”!!! Assassin’s Creed Ezio collection is 3 games with much better story for open world games. The vote should go for AC Collection!!!!!!!

  • Nice idea. I am so bummed out that this EA sale didn’t have Crysis 1 or Need for Speed the Run. The U.K got the entire EA catalog on sale and here in the U.S we get the same Titanfall 2, Battlefield 1 sales. These games have been on sale at least 5 times and Crysis 1 or Dead Space nothing. I know these are old games but if you make a EA sale include EA games.

  • I would love to replay the best AC games only on the PS4!

    The Ezio Collection gets my vote!

  • If ARK went on sale for 40-50% I would guarantee buy.

  • Is good thing there taking ideas from steam and other pc launchers that do these sales on voting base, cuz most of the time the games on sale are just crappie and of no interest. This way people can choose a variety of gd games of interest.

  • +1 to why not both.

    But I’d really opt to have the Ezio Collection since I’ve already finished FFXV :p

  • why does sony keep putting the same junk on sale all the time how about a sale on some of the new games like res7 or a discount on pre orders not just the same old junk look how many times gta v has been on sale that over priced game should have been less then 20 by now

  • I missed the ****** poll. -sigh- **** me. I hope FFXV wins

  • Assassin’s Creed for sure

  • Hmm funny…only putting a PS4 game against a recycled game is already an absurd.But then you put a PS4 game that for a multiplat made a technical prowess and its even impressive against a freakin recycled game for real?….this is retarded.At least put PS4 games against PS4 games.

  • Just saw this today, so I missed the vote! Hoping we get a FFXV win!

  • So, have we found out who won yet? Nothing new is on sale in the store as of yet.

  • When do we find out who won? It’s after 12pm est and still no sale on either game. Hoping to add FFXV to my collection.

    • Voters are eagerly awaiting for you to announce the winner. Hoping it’s Ezio Collection. But I’m also hoping it 50% of the $59.99 not 50% off $79.99 (it doesn’t actually cost that anywhere…). Guess we will have to wait and see.

  • Welp, FFXV won…

    Why did ppl vote for FFXV when FF is on sale so often?

  • I Voted for the Hitman The Complete first season this time by the way love the new look blog

  • Hitman is too old so discount should be 70% mostly because we already saw discount such as 50% on him during the holiday season so nothing is new here

  • Voted for hitman, hope its the winner

  • Easy choice Hitman Discount50% over DBZ discount33% anyday

  • I picked up Final Fantasy XV this morning before the sale ended. I’m happy i can play this game now. Thank You PlayStation.

  • The idea is good, but the “sale” is too low. 33%? 50% c’mon! These arent even new releases…give us a good reason to jump on the digital stuff. You can get these same games elsewhere physical that actually has.. “value” for cheaper.

  • I vote for Hitman

  • These vote events are terrible.

    Of course Final Fantasy won last time even though i can almost guarantee most of the people who voted for it didnt buy it. I bet many already had it but wanted it to win anyway.

    I hate having our PS+ benefits or any benefits dictated by random people. Sony could just discount both, one at a time, but by having this vote, they leave it up to those who we cant be sure even care.

    If you must have a vote, force those who want each choice to buy it at the sale price and if their game loses, they merely are not charged. At least then those who truly have an interest will control the outcome.

    The appearance of agency shouldnt be more important than actually benefiting your customers…..

  • man, why is this sale not in germany?

  • Oryandragonheart

    Dragon ball exnoverse 2

  • Would you Kindly vote for the bioshock collection.

  • Yeah, but what I really like is the consistency.

    Every weekend in a row, something like this coming back is pretty sweet. And it kinda seems like they are making slight adjustments to the pricing and everything

    .I can’t recall the Bioshock collection being $30 thus far, so that’s a much better deal. And X-Com 2 is a solid game as well.

    And since they are both 2K, the publisher wins regardless! :)

  • I know I voted for real because nobody said would you kndly?

  • The easiest vote i’ll ever make.

  • Bioshock this time because more people need to enjoy Rapture.

  • Hmm, got XCom on the PC and all of the Bioshock games on my Ps3. Have considered picking both of these up on the Ps4 as it is my “main” system. Choices choices. Either way is a win!

  • BIOSHOCK!!! I Was hoping this was going to be one of the games up for a vote this month… definetly my top choice!!!

  • Identically priced and discounted games! Thumbs up for that!!! My vote goes for the Bioshock Collection. I’ve never experienced Bioshock on a Playstation console before. So if it wins, I’ll be reliving the depths of Rapture and heights Columbia by playing the Bioshock Collection on my PS4 this weekend!

  • Just voted for XCOM 2 because I already own the Bioshock collection.

  • Voted for Bioshock, but I don’t mind at all if the winner turns out to be X-Com 2. Both games I am interested in getting.

  • people are so sour, you cant win. this idea is new, its just born. enjoy it and it will develop over time, we used to vote for the PLUS games but people said it was fake that they took it down, don’t do that again and we’ll have this feature gone too, its new, we are choosing what to have on sale so enjoy it.

  • Is there any way that we can have separate posts for these ‘vote for your favorite’ posts? I want to set these up in a separate RSS feed along with the PSN sales posts, but since one post is getting updated, it shows as being a 17 day old post. If it can’t be done, it’s no big deal. I just thought it’d be cool to set up some notifications to remind me to see which two games are going head to head.

  • Overcooked!!!

  • Dang XCom 2 got killed by Bioshock, judging from that no wonder i havent gotten around to my Physical copy of Xcom 2 i guess its that bad. Oh and Overcooked for me

    • I don’t think it is necessarily because XCom 2 is bad, it’s just that it appeals to a smaller population. The strategy and permadeath in XCom 2 provide a great challenge. BioShock would appeal to a larger part of the population though.

  • Any chance of getting the weekly winner’s associated DLC or any other add-ons, included in the sale? If a game has themes and avatars, why not throw them into the sale for good measure? Better yet, make the cosmetic stuff free! It will draw more interest into the game that is chosen each week. Not looking for flash sale discounts, but deeper discounts would be greatly appreciated also!

  • Overcooked vs Sheltered Poll comments and such were private BTW. The other 3 weekends were cool.

    As far as this weekend’s winner goes, I’m not surprised Overcooked won, as it’s a fantastic well acclaimed title. That being said, it’s had plenty of sales, and I personally own it already, as many likely did as well.

    Sheltered looks a little different, kind of like a Post-Apocalyptic Oregon Trail RPG hybrid. I’ll be waiting for a sale for sure, as it’s pretty appealing at a glance. I so wish both of these titles came to VITA though, cause they’d be even more of a blast. Overcooked may shine as a local game, but there’s no reason it couldn’t support local ADHOC VITA play. :D

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