Vote for your Favorite: Overcooked vs. Sheltered

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Vote for your Favorite: Overcooked vs. Sheltered

Week 4 voting starts right now, with Overcooked vs. Sheltered.

For a few years now, our friends on the LATAM teams have run “¡Vota Por Tu Favorito!” – a campaign where fans choose the next game to go on sale at PlayStation Store. We loved the concept so much here in the US, we’ve joined forces to bring “Vote for Your Favorite” stateside.

This month, we’ll match up two different titles each week, along with their prospective discounts, and give PS Blog readers the sole power to decide which game we’ll set on sale that weekend.

Week 4 voting starts right now, with Overcooked vs. Sheltered. Only poll votes will be tallied. Comments, tweets or replies on our social posts do not count!

Week 4 Poll

Select your favorite by voting above until Wednesday, March 22, 2017. We’ll announce our Week 4 winner this Friday, March 24! The winning title will remain on sale through the weekend.


Week 3 Winner: BioShock: The Collection



Week 2 Winner: Hitman The Complete First Season



Week 1 Winner: Final Fantasy XV


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  • This is a great idea! Getting a say on the sale is a fantastic way to make our weekends even better.

    • Why not both as someone said below…it’s only a sale so the more on sale, the more sold.

      Why can’t we get another voting for the Plus games instead?

    • I do like this idea, it’s quite fun!

    • More deep sales is always a good thing. I like the idea further that these coukd be themed and bring up death match grade competition between some developers to really see, by the will of the people, who really won the battle.

    • This vote is inherently flawed. I love ffxv, that’s why I bought it. I also love assassin’s creed, but definitely love ff a lot more. I therefore should vote ffxv, but since I haven’t purchased actually ezio trilogy yet I would prefer if that one for the sale price. Not a real result. Unless they’re trying to see what we’d prefer to have on sale, rather than our “favorite”.

    • Kool

    • Really hoping for FFXV. I’ve played all of the Ezio trilogy enough and I was already planning to buy XV this week so getting it cheaper would be amazing.

    • Owned the hard copy and looking forward for digital copy. I missed out on the 34% off 2 weeks ago. Now i’m looking forward for FFXV digital copy @ 40% off. So hopefully FFXV win.

    • I’m feeling the miss out ups and downs of game life here i got a new 2 tb hhd and then i found out yesterday sonys going to give in and do what they should have sooner give up and give us an update with in letting us have external hard drive support some time this year hurry up please sonny some of us are forced to use digital goods at a higher price over location its not easy to catch a good game working over seas putting more pressure to buy sooner than later online and that fills hard drive fast .

      final fantasy died off in my interest a long time ago its not so exciting for me might as well change the name to next fantasy its any thing but the last I’m guessing then too see some one offer 99$ for empty game stat goods just to help get through or to even get a trophy seems like digital extortion that’s the feel i got on the older assassin creed games online and the first one was super fun and then supper glitch loaded there’s a lot of other things i could go on about . still some ones going to get in on a game deal if there looking .

    • Yeah, but what I really like is the consistency. Every weekend in a row, something like this coming back is pretty sweet. And it kinda seems like they are making slight adjustments to the pricing and everything. I can’t recall the Bioshock collection being $30 thus far, so that’s a much better deal. And X-Com 2 is a solid game as well.

      And since they are both 2K, the publisher wins regardless! :)

  • Wish these were deeper discounts like 60 or 75% off, 40 or 50% isnt going to make me want to buy them. Good try maybe next time we can vote on the ps plus games again or flash sales them.

    • This is a lopsided poll, but I’m excited for 40% off FFXV.

    • I agree, these 2 games had been on sale before and for the same discounted price. Maybe 50-60% for FFXV and 60-70% for AC would be a actually deal.

    • We may see the likes. Competition is getting stiffer after all while some developers have been missing the mark. This could give some exposure and jump start to those who deserve it after releasing fir a true by the people judgement and then deeper price drops to help move that exposure further.

    • TBH man i agree.. this is why i don’t ever buy digital at all.. unless the game is SUPER cheap.. like 5-10$ and thats pushing it.. sony’s 50% off is on the original price of 60$ even if the game is like 2-3 years old they still go by the 60$ tag.. right now on amazon assassins creed ezio collection is 30$ and that’s not even on sale lol. i would prefer to buy a physical game for 30$ then buy the same game digitally for 60$ idk how many games i have seen on sony’s store like dragon ball xenoverse 2 which on the PS store is like 60$ but on amazon its 40$ like wtf?

    • They aren’t gonna do the PS Plus voting again cuz people still complained about the games

  • Hmm. Would this sale perhaps include DLCs//Season Passes associated with them? (For those that already have all these games…)

    • I know for a fact that the Ezio Collection comes with all of its DLC, but a few minor thing do need to be unlocked through UPlay

    • A very good question in this day and age, but if not, percentage drops taking into account how dramatic said DLCs in their need of complete experience will collectively cost. After all the FREE games are often really making money even still because if they prove worthy, people spend all the more on DLC that is often, usually, still full price.

      Either way though, more sales is just about always a good idea. People like myself often lije to collect heavy on sales and drop a good amount on said sales.

  • Yes! Yes! Yes!

  • Playing Ezio Collection now, this should 100% not be missed by anyone who skipped out on the games last gen. The collection is a solid buy, even at $59.99.

    • are you serious ? this collection is crap, poor remastered collection with poor frame rates it’s totally a rip off, this should be priced at 19.99 in normal price, I’ll vote for final fantasy for sure .

    • He could swan dive into the sale stack and into a lot of hearts once more if so. We’ll see.

  • Final Fantasy FTW..

  • I already own one of these games and have no interest in the other one, so I’m purely voting on which I think deserves the sale price to encourage more sales. Happy weekend discount everyone.

    • Very good way to look at it. As said elsewhere I’d like to see this be used to promote all the me good games in the shadows and direct competitors. Particularly companies like SNK vs Capcom.

  • you must vote for the cheaper game after the discount.

  • Thia is great. 50% off would enzio trilogy is awesome. 3 games but i am curious about final fantasy too

  • Ezio Collection was $30 earlier this month. FFXV hasn’t hit below $40 on PSN yet. Best vote is FFXV

    • You can find XV for $39.99 or $49.99 in stores here and there.

    • Actually XV was below 40$ last year….and if you were to go for the deluxed edition that included the season pass it was 64$ 2 weeks ago. Season pass is 25$ alone.

    • In stores 39.99 + Tax. Also that is used, not new. New is better for the Developer/Publisher. Used barely suits them, besides mindshare of the game.

      The cheapest I’ve actually seen FFXV is 36.99 on Amazon, without an extra coupon or anything like that, just a base price. Add the tax to that, for NY it’s 8.875, it ends up being 40.27.

      I’m pretty sure NewEgg has had some deals with a coupon where you would have been able to slash 50% off of it, or something like that,

      but as far 40% off tax free. This may be one of the cheapest deals for the title, even if repeated. I do agree though that they should drop it to 60%/50% for this vote, cause it does not feel nearly as significant.

      Great idea though! This could be fun, and interesting to have some sort of insight into games that are considered for sales, and how that works.

    • Either way this is giving a great opening for discussions to be pondered.

  • Ezio collection because it’s outstanding and it includes 3 games but hopefully Black ops 3 is in this sale because my disc stopped working and I plan on getting the game on playstation store and not on disc sadly.

    • There’s indeed reasons for multiple buys sometimes. I had Titanfall 2 for pc and PS4. I gave my PS4 copy to a friend who really deserved a damn good gift this year along with some jacket patches and a themed notebook for his mech pilot experience.

      As such though I’ve almost immediately bought the digital copy on sale and i still just might. What would be nice is if i could easily buy digital copies for friends like other games on STEAM.

  • Discounts should have been equal, bothe 40%/50% off but FF15 will win still in my opinion.

  • FK Ubisoft

    • They kinda have had a bad rep by their own hands, but i think sone things might be changing over there. Let’s see how Wild Lands does. As such in indeed waiting for a sale. Only so much encouragement to buy it day one.

  • Love this idea. Keep it going!

  • Please please please ezio collection. Really wanna get a friend into AC and I can’t do it without AC2 and no longer have a ps3…pleaseeeeee

  • Why not both…

    • I see what you been saying, but this is thought provoking and opens more dialog. I think this could become a great practice that inspires developers to release more rarely seen classics and encourage developers to make something to stand up to competition over time.

  • Vote Ezio buona fortuna to all

  • Please asssassin creed enzio. Finial fantasy 15 already was discounted once before.

  • FFXV, without a doubt.

  • 200+ hours of final fantasy 15 a platnium and still like 2 very hard dungeons and many more items to go……nuff said plus dlc+dlc+dlc+dlc+ multyplayer plus …nuff said

  • I only voted for the Ezio collection cause Ezio is kinda cute and I already own FFXV

    • Sounds like both games have some eye candy for you. @.@

    • Which is what this poll actually is lol, it’s vote for which one you don’t own yet not actually vote for your favorite, as chances are if it’s your favorite you already own it lol.

  • This was a hard choice given my avatar, but I can’t deny the wait for FFXV paid off last year. Ezio will always be my favorite character of all time!

  • Final fantasy is so much better

  • Nice! Cool idea!

  • This is nice to bring back sales.. but its not a sale price that’s cheaper than before…Ezio collection had been on sale for 29.99 2/2/17-2/13/17 and Final Fantasy XV 39.59 12/22/16-12/25/16 the deluxe edition been on sale for 64.59 2/13/17-2/20/17.
    So this really isnt anything special, just another trick to make use think its an actually “sale”

  • Given the choice between the Ezio Trilogy on PS3 vs PS4, I opted to buy the PS3 version because it has Revelations in 3D, but the PS4 does not. Sony made a big mistake by not supporting 3D on the PS4. Fortunately, I can play just about any game in 3D on my PC via TriDef 3D software.

    But anyway, my vote is for Final Fantasy.

  • Great idea, gave my vote to final fantasy XV, as it’s only on consoles, gotta support the exclusives, anyone could play assasin’s creed collection on PC, but not FFXV, give it a shot. My personal goty.

  • Good idea but not great first example. I have Ezio Collection and I wish the FF15 deal with better.

  • You can vote twice. I voted without logging in and then again when I logged in.

    • I thought that at first but then i saw it said i already voted after pushing the button again after log in thinking i didn’t get a bite acrid because i wasn’t logged in.

  • With only 2 games it seems silly why not do both? Duh.

    • I like some of the discussion that the event has opened. I think this will hooks th bar higher for developers over time.

  • I got it, plus members get both discounts!

  • My 4K monitor gets here tomorrow so I think I am going to vote for FFX…even though I just sold my physical copy lol.

  • Oh this is a beautiful idea. Gg, Sony!

  • Voting Flash Sale, that’s a new one for NA PS Team. Hope also for regular Flash Sales, though ;)

  • I want Final fantasy :D please!!!

  • Ezio Collection is $30 on Amazon right now so I voted for FF XV.

  • I personally love the Ubisoft sales. I got Rainbow Six Siege for $20 and I LOVE that game to death. Keep ’em Coming I say!

  • I’m down for just about anything that brings new sales. I’m hoping to see some with fun themes involved like the fisticuffs between King of Fighters and Street Fighter V. Let’s see the people’s showdown between these two titles to see who walks away with the title of who did better by putting it to the people’s vote after maybe a play free weekend like STEAM does.

    We’re in a download age, so why not?

    I would also love to see some of these recent grand classics that have been resurfacing be promoted like this like the fact Terry Bogard in GAROU: Mark of the Wolves is here, as is Samurai Showdown’s true final entry with it’s KOF sized character selection.

    Who knows, maybe Capcom will give us some fairly priced classics with this inspiration. Like Armored Troopers to go with our Cyber Bots or Rival Schools and Project Justice like many of us have been asking for quite a long time now.

    Some if these companies could use the inspiration. Looking forward to seeing ongoing votes and encouraging reasons for developers to make a good product to be direct challengers in votes and give great returning classics the exposure they deserve. Something other than re selling just one ancient franchise several times over.

  • Why would I vote for the one I actually think is better if I already own it (Final Fantasy XV)?

  • Already bought FF15 so going to have to throw my vote to Assassin’s Creed.

  • Final fantasy must put it in 60% of discount, for being member plus

  • Very cool idea. I look forward to these.

  • I’m indifferent here and voted just to see the results after I had; why can’t I?

  • Sometimes these sales are thought provoking and if these comments portions remain for every sale battle vote it gives people like us to state or cases on what should win. This vote in turn this gave you opportunity to give thought. I think this could be thus a good way to go forward and hold developers to yet more competition and thus standards. Perhaps this sale is in part just what certain developers need to push for better.

  • So, how does this work. “Vote your Favorite to go on sale”. Which means if you already purchased either title, you are going to want to vote the other, so you aren’t paying full price for a game you don’t have.
    I’m going to say, lets go with the comments below, and say put them both on sale.

  • I HATE these voting events. It got us the worst free game each time it was used for PS Plus games, and it just makes it known what we arent getting.

    Sorry, but i dont want my PS Plus benefits decided by the mob.

    Most importantly though—-How many people voting have no intention of buying either but could impact the results for people who actually want one of the choices?

    I just dont like it.


  • Final Fantasy XV!!!!

  • Good idea, I approve!

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