PlayStation Now Service Update

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PlayStation Now Service Update

We’d like to share an important update on compatible devices for PlayStation Now.

On August 15, 2017, we will be discontinuing the service on the following devices:

  • PlayStation 3
  • PlayStation Vita and PlayStation TV
  • All 2013, 2014, 2015 Sony Bravia TV models
  • All Sony Blu-ray player models
  • All Samsung TV models

Additionally, 2016 models of Sony Bravia TVs will be discontinued on April 1, 2017.

After thoughtful consideration, we decided to shift our focus and resources to PS4 and Windows PC to further develop and improve the user experience on these two devices. This move puts us in the best position to grow the service even further. If you use any of the above devices, we want to give our heartfelt thanks for your support, and we hope you’ll continue with us. Remember that all of your PS Now cloud game saves can easily be accessed on both PS4 and Windows PC.

If you do not wish to continue your subscription, please remember to disable auto-renewal in your account settings so that your subscription ends by April 1, 2017 on 2016 Sony Bravia TVs, and August 15, 2017 on all other devices. For 3 months subscribers, depending on when you joined the service, your subscription may auto-renew a month or two before the service discontinuation date if you do not turn it off.

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  • It’s not really a big deal. Most have PS4 systems now anyway.

    • It is cuz I play while laying in bed just before I sleep. I won’t be able to do that any more.not with now games.

  • This is a certified deal breaker.

    Don’t turn your back on your VITA fans, SONY

    • Sony in 2018 after the success of the Nintendo Switch: “We are proud to introduce the PS Vita 2! Lots of 3rd party games and AAA titles are coming!”


    • @ rudetoy

      “…the success of the Nintendo Switch…”


      I’d love to live in your dream world. Switch will be lucky to sell as poorly as the Wii U.

    • Sony is preparing to put PS4 games on playstation now im sure they will expand the ps now back to TVs and moblie phones in the future its no reason for a ps vita 2 or PS5 because playstation now is the future of playstation

  • Not too surprising. I can’t see there being a lot of interest in paying $20 a month for 10 year old games. For future success of PS Now, I think it needs to change gears.

    I hope the plan is to sell off the old Cell and Nvidia based servers, and invest in new AMD x86 based solutions. Then start to build enhanced ports of old games, that can run on the new servers, PS4, and future PS Consoles and Handhelds. PS1, PS2, and PSP games with trophy support would be great. Get everything running in 1080p/4K depending on whether people have a PS4 or Pro, or want a basic or premium streaming service.

    If Sony can get the above done, and then start rolling out new games day and date, or a couple of months later via PS Now, then the service will gain massive respect, and start to build a decent subscriber base.Once things are working smooth on PS4, PS4 Pro, and PS Phone, then they can start to roll things out to non PS device.

    • You must be young, I don’t like when people do not see the value of great games just because they came out a while back. And PS Now is 99 bucks a year, comes down to around 8 bucks a month. It’s a great service, and a must have add-on for any Sony gamer.

    • Not if you don’t have the time for it. That’s what’d kept me from joining PSNow, I have too many games and don’t have time to rent to distract from the games I already own.

    • @gaborj

      I have been around a while. I started gaming on NES, and have enjoyed every new console since then. I see value in PS Now as it is. I have been subscribed since day 1, and participated in the beta. I have played and beat dozens of games on PS Now with my PS Vita.

      The problem is, that the amount of people that will pay $19.99 a month or $5.99 for three months, to play PS3 games is very limited. I know 100’s of people with PS4’s, but I only know 2 people that have PS Now subscriptions. There is just not a major reason for even many core gamers to get on board with PS Now in it’s current form.

      I do hope it sees success in the future, and I think they have many ways to make huge profits from this service. Hope they can figure it out, and we will have a great mix of new and old games.

  • Finally, they get to focus on the most awesome things like a PS4!

  • Absolute betrayal against PS Vita owners. Pathetic. But hardly a surprise.

  • I didn’t even know this was available for PC. How does that work? Do I need a PS4 to do that?

    • Nope, PS now subscription and download the ps now app from the sony web site. Plug the ps4 controller into your pc. It runs really well.

    • You’re forced to use the PS4 controller? Screw that. If i’m paying for the subscription already, they should at least have the decency to let me use whatever controller I want and just keybind the buttons to the corresponding controls.

  • End the service altogether. Offer proper downloadable PS1 – PS3 games and promise their continuity on future systems like Xbox is doing, and how games are handled on PC.

    And if you want to go the extra mile, offer physical backward compatibility on PS4 and future systems. Microsoft managed to pull it with the game publishers, and you should. If the publishers expect us to buy their games every generation, they should at least make the effort to convenience us to buy it by making the proper enhancements, not just by having you rob us from playing them on the new systems.

  • I literally was just playing Ni No Kuni on my Vita. I really enjoy using playstation now on my vita and I can’t believe it’s going to stop.

    I hope this means you’ll be bringing Vita and more PS3 games on the service. I’d like to see game like Golden Axe, Bayonetta, or Mortal Kombat 2 on Playstation Now.

  • What is this “Store Update post” thing people keep complaining about?! I see store updates on this blog every week.

  • Are you guys kidding??? First you guys stop Ps vita first party support? Now you take away psnow what total bs! I sure as hell don’t care about ps now on my ps4 or the pc? Sony used to be great 2 gens ago now you guys don’t care about us vita loyal owners who had it since day 1. I loved psnow on vita. This is exactly why I’m done with the playstation brand of there is a ps5. You guys abanded ps move on PS3 then ps vita such a joke and ps4 backwards compatability with PS3 games. This is coming from someone who had all these systems day 1. Also looks like Vr support crap just like you guys did to Vita and that will be dead soon.

  • Probably for the best. I hope you guys add trophy support. I plan to pay for single months, here and there, once I can earn trophies. I know it has to come eventually so I will hold off so I don’t have to replay games for trophies. Also, I know this is funny saying this while you just dropped devices, but if XB1 uses Windows 10, you should consider adding the app to XB1. It’s already available to those gamers on their PC’s, so not like it will hurt you guys. I don’t see people going XB just because it can play last gen games.. those people would game PC now anyway since it has PS Now and upcoming XB titles through the Play Anywhere program. I bet making PS Now available on XB1 would get a lot of money from gamers who are loyal to XB but always would have liked to try out some PS titles. Besides, this will make PS look really good, reaching out to XB gamers like that. Great PR. It’s not even really giving them anything new that they can’t do on PC, but the message that sends is powerful. Could win favors from XB as well. Spencer appears to be all for breaking down barriers, and if he can bring XB exclusives to PC, why not to PS4 if all PS4 has to do is make it so Windows 10 can be run when gaming XB titles?

    • Hey there! There actually IS trophy support in the current set-up, it is just a little unintuitive. You have to manually sync from the PSNow XMB and then the trophies will sync to your psn account. If you don’t exit the game and sync, however, the trophies will remain locked in the cloud forever. Or at least that has been my experience. Totally willing to be educated if I’m wrong. Cheers!

  • WTF!? God damn it, I didn’t want to come back to this site. Upon reading this news on another site, I had to come rage.

    I just picked up a month of PS Now, you why I made that decision? I was lying in bed with my Vita, thought “hey, wonder what all is on PS Now?”. It worked great and until now, I was debating when I’d pick up another month.

    Way to shoot yourselves in the foot. PS Now is a great rental service. Having it accessible anywhere is something your competitors will never have. Now you’re just throwing it all out the window. For what? There is no point or benefit for you or anyone in this decision.

    GO **** YOURSELVES!!!

  • Well, I just signed up for a one-year subscription based on the fact that I have a sony bluray player in my living room (the Ps4 is downstairs) and could play some older games with my wife. Also enjoyed the Vita and was hoping for Mac support coming soon. If I’m downstairs gaming, I’m usually spending time with more current games. No judgment, do what you need to for your service and best of luck to you, but I just cancelled my auto renewal. This service isn’t for me. Still, fair play for the long heads-up on the announcement. I’ll use it up til August, and only wind up paying for 3 months I won’t use.

  • Get rid of PS now and just add backward compatibility to PS4 .

    • Can’t happen. Won’t happen. Ever. The PS3 used a Cell processor which at the time was supposed to be the greatest technology. It’s actually really difficult to program for. Sony wanted to move away from it. Thus, no bc on PS4.

    • It can happen. There are PS3 emulators out on the PC. The PlayStation 4 is based on X86 architecture very similar to personal computers.

  • RAGE!!!! Seriously I haven’t been this outraged by something in…well about a day now that trump is president….but SONY REALLY come on!!! This was such an amazing feature for the Vita!!!! Can’t you at least support the little vita guy A LITTLE??? Us Day 1 vita owners deserve something for our loyalty. TERRIBLE NEWS GUYS!!!!

  • Since i live in Asia, i would have never been able to try the service EVER… Really disappointing from Sony.
    I had so much hope for PSnow, but the limitation in term of connection or geo locations made it totally useless for who doesn’t live in the glorious american soil.

    Please start to consider other regions are valuable. Netflix for instance, works in every countries with a tailored offer based on local rules, under a SINGLE membership.

    Learn from the best and most popular, and bring PSnow to the rest of the world.

    PS: and removing it from the Vita is just sad. The whole point of PSnow for me was to be able to play ps3 games on portable device…

  • I have a PS3 and PS4 but not the Vita and I also do not have the PLAYSTATION NOW service so I am not losing anything.
    Having lost games/services not related I can relate to the anger and disappointment for you have have lost something you value.

    I read that MLB THE SHOW 17 will not be on PS3 and if so, while the PS3 will be around for awhile still, I am not expecting new games. Bummer but what you gonna; do?

  • I have a PS3 and PS4 but not the Vita and I also do not have the PLAYSTATION NOW service so I am not losing anything.
    Having lost games/services not related I can relate to the anger and disappointment for you have have lost something you value.

    I read that MLB THE SHOW 17 will not be on PS3 and if so, while the PS3 will be around for awhile still, I am not expecting new games. Bummer but what you gonna; do?

  • Wow, I would have thought they would phase PlayStation Now out more slowly than this. This is quite a jolt.

    However… I wonder if this means true backward compatibility is finally coming to PS4 (or at least PS4 Pro)??

    • Why would it mean that? PS Now is now going to only be on PS4 and PC… Note the PS4.

      If anything, this shows them doubling down on the streaming for PS4. And given the marginal difference in Pro to 4, I doubt even it could emulate the cell and run PS3 games natively.

  • I thought that Sony was doing something smart with the instant library feature on PS plus and PS Now being compatible on most of your devices. It felt great to have PS3, PS4 and Vita, you had created the first gaming ecosystem in video game history. But now everything feels so disconnected. I love retro games for example, and the PSN store on PS3 is filled with them, but alas, you can’t play Golden Axe on PS4 for some odd reason because they are two separate stores. I’ve been playing Jet Set Radio on Vita and would love to play it on PS4 instead. If you are killing the vita, and PS3, then at least bring all the PSN stores together so I can enjoy Space Channel 5, Mortal Kombat 3 or Bayonetta on the same system… At least keep Now support on your gaming consoles.

    And for those who are commenting and haven’t even tried it… No, PS now isn’t a renting service, you have access to over 450 games for either 9 bucks a month or 99 a year. I had an Xbox 360 for a big chunk of the seventh generation of gaming consoles, so as a gamer, not a fanboy, I appreciate I can tap into the PS3 catalog of games I might’ve not had a chance to play.

  • Well that’s a stupid decision. At least given concrete benefits for this move, “doing this will allow us to…” not some PR glitter throwing distraction of “It’ll be better gaiz~ don’t look behind the curtain *throws glitter*”

    If it’s not a backend update that will kill the streaming on the other devices automatically unless you spend more development time on then, you should have just left it and said you can’t guarantee they will continue to work, and will disable the ability to subscribe directly on them. And then people can use it until it stops working, but can’t signup that way.

    If it *is* a backend update [like what killed YouTube on Vita, RIP], then you should say as much. That would be better than just going “it’ll be better!” How? How will it?

    You know how streaming is great? Because it’s not often limited to 2 types of platforms… you can do it on most devices. Which is why it works so well. Getting rid of that for game streaming is just idiotic.

    • Way to not understand the benefit of streaming Sony.

    • Sony is preparing to put PS4 games on playstation now im sure they will expand the ps now back to TVs and moblie phones in the future its no reason for a ps vita 2 or PS5 because playstation now is the future of playstation

  • As expected from a stillborn project was much talk, advertising and everything rotted

  • that was why I got ps vita and ps vita tv so i can play remotely and now I thank it was a waste of money. I will not git it renew when it come up!

  • This is bs! You guys should at least keep it up on the vita. That’s the whole reason I spent freaking $200 in November!! I could have bought 3 or 4 games with this. I’m poor and can’t afford this crap!

  • Does it mean they’re moving to a newer codec such as h.265/vp9?

  • This comes as a sad news for me. I have 3 PS TVs and two vita’s I play on my vita and have completed almost 3 games to platinum!!!
    So am I right in saying I won’t be able to play anymore games on the move around the house?
    My wife watches TV and I play the vita…..huge upset for me.
    Vita was my prefered method to play.

  • Playstation now did not even started in Europe

  • Sony gave a guy on his own foot

  • —–> 4.24 star rating for the announcement PS Now is abandoning everything but PC and PS4.
    I’m going to predict a 4.57 star rating for next year’s PS Now shutdown announcement.

  • So my vita and vita tv lose a big feature I was gonna re sub to play ninokuni on my vita tv in my office now this crud wow I guess a year from now ps4 will start losing features too I dont condone this which is why I returned my psvr I dont trust sony to atleast keep a device running atleast the same as when it launched

  • The reason I chose the Sony Bravia 4K Android TV I have over the Curved Samsung 4K TV that were the same prices with Black Friday deals was the fact of having PS NOW. I am a yearly subscriber to PS Now, I don’t play it all that much, but kept my subscription for $100 as I’ll go on the occasional gamin spree. Boy do I feel suckered now. Won’t be buying another Sony TV again.

    Yes I have a PC, Yes it’s connected to the TV, but it’s a pain. Takes a few minutes to turn on, change the output on PC, change the input on the TV. Have to start PS Now on the computer, before I can walk across the room to where the TV is. NOT to mention that most of the time my son is on the PC using our large STEAM library while I’m playing on the TV.

    Whereas the beauty of just playing it on my Bravia Android TV, it was on in less than 30 seconds while my son is playing on STEAM. All I had to do was press the PS button on the controller, and bam, I’m in, and he and I could both play different games. This just sucks. Guess I won’t be renewing my subscription next December. I’m not buying a PS4.

    Thanks Sony for ruining not only PS Now, but essentially ruining the one reason I chose my Bravia TV over Samsung.

  • PlayStation NOW ending on PS3 Anyone could see that Coming since we all Know that 2017 marks END of Production and Support for PS3 consoles….

    So that alone would tell us this was coming…

    But support on TV’s as well…. Now didn’t see that one Coming!!! So this is the Beginning of the END for PlayStation NOW…. It’s on it’s Last Legs and it’s just a matter of time that it’ll end on PS4 and PC as well…

    Oh Well, Wonder what Month they’ll Announce End of Life for PS3 this year since we know it’s coming???

  • No more PS3 games on PSVita..

  • This makes me sad. I really loved that I could play PSNow on dang near anything.

  • Is this how Sony Interactive Entertainment America wishes PS Vita a Happy Birthday? By stripping MORE SUPPORT for the poor thing?

  • Wow, Sony continues their trend of crippling great ideas by under-delivering, over-pricing, and fast-abandonment. Keep up the good work!

  • I’m sad to read this. As a beta tester on ps3, I was hoping to exclusive use PS Now on PS3.

    The sole reason is to play PS3 games with a PS3 controller, to get the feel of the times. If I could use a ps3 controller on my laptop, it wouldn’t be so bad. Still sad.

    Recently discovered PS3 no longer connects to Facebook. So all my recent trophies never showed, and now I know.

  • Hope they stop PS Now forever and give us a proper backward compatibility, instead of money stealing service which does not work in many places…..

  • Epic fail. Way to go…downhill, Sony! :(

  • Sony, support your products! your reasoning is there; but man, at least maintain the PS Vita! PSVita as a remote play device to the PS4 is still in the family, along with PSVita TV and PS3!

    All of us are upset about your news of decreased service on Playstation brand products for PS Now.

    Not cool!

    As a playstation supporter; I own all these products and am happy when you get things working across multiple devices!

    While we are at it; can you bring us something new like being able to register more than 1 PS4 system to our PS accounts as a primary system?
    I realize the PS3 had 3 or 5 activations which is a little high; but at least 2 PS4s per account. ( I own a PS4 and PS4Pro) it would be nice. Hello Sony? Can you do something for us?

    • Sony is preparing to put PS4 games on playstation now im sure they will expand the ps now back to TVs and moblie phones in the future its no reason for a ps vita 2 or PS5 because playstation now is the future of playstation

  • This is pathetic. If you are ending it for PS3 and TV’s/DVD players… fine. But Vita? Come on now…
    Vita has no new games flowing in yet you still “Support” it. PSNow on Vita gives it the life it needs and full PS3 games on portable devices is a plus. This is absolutely pathetic.

  • So my PS TV is officially useless now. Remote play works better on my Vita via WiFI than my PS TV over LAN

  • I was literally about to go to Target today to buy a Vita just for Playstation Now.

    Pretty disappointing.

  • This was not a good decision on Sony’s part. So I just spent $64 on a Sony Blu Ray player 2 months ago just for PS Now, and this happens. 5 months it will just become useless, already have a way to watch Blu Ray movies and use apps. It was a great experience but now they’re just for the money and attempting to force people to buy a PS4 or a expensive PC. My PC is around 3 years old and I’m pretty sure it won’t run PS Now, and I have no interest in a PS4. Sure I have spent $64 just to use this but for those who still play on PS3, PS Vita, PS TV and bought a Bravia or a Samsung TV for PS Now I feel sorry that they will be hit the most by this. I won’t be surprised if PS Now gets completely discontinued months after discontinuing every other device outside of PS4 and PC. I just had to post my opinion on this matter, for I am very disappointed after reading this news, and from all these other comments I’m not the only one disappointed.

  • Don’t turn your back on vita it’s the only reson to have ps now I play during my break on my vita without it I’d go postal

  • Y’all need to update them properly and make real cross platform games

  • Sony is preparing to put PS4 games on playstation now im sure they will expand the ps now back to TVs and moblie phones in the future its no reason for a ps vita 2 or PS5 because playstation now is the future of playstation

  • So dissapointing. I just purchased a new psvita just so that I can access psnow.. the price point is astronomical for the amount of time I would actually be able to enjoy this service but was willing to go with it instead of continuing my Xbox subscription. Welp.. looks like I’m going back to the box

  • Disappointed to be reading this. I first tried PS Now on my PlayStation TV while I was on vacation away from home, and I thought it was a great set-up. Small portable console that can be connected to any HDMI capable TV and play a large library of games right out of the box. I was looking forward to the possibility for traveling in the future, but now I would have to lug my PC or PS4 with me. Handheld PS Now with the Vita was also a cool idea. Overall, I think you’ve got to reduce the price of the service if you’re going to reduce the capability. The price is too high in the first place, but especially if you limit the platforms to Windows and PS4. Also, I still think selling licenses to stream specific games on PS Now with perhaps a small service fee (less than $5) would be a better business model than a subscription.

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