PlayStation Now Service Update

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PlayStation Now Service Update

We’d like to share an important update on compatible devices for PlayStation Now.

On August 15, 2017, we will be discontinuing the service on the following devices:

  • PlayStation 3
  • PlayStation Vita and PlayStation TV
  • All 2013, 2014, 2015 Sony Bravia TV models
  • All Sony Blu-ray player models
  • All Samsung TV models

Additionally, 2016 models of Sony Bravia TVs will be discontinued on April 1, 2017.

After thoughtful consideration, we decided to shift our focus and resources to PS4 and Windows PC to further develop and improve the user experience on these two devices. This move puts us in the best position to grow the service even further. If you use any of the above devices, we want to give our heartfelt thanks for your support, and we hope you’ll continue with us. Remember that all of your PS Now cloud game saves can easily be accessed on both PS4 and Windows PC.

If you do not wish to continue your subscription, please remember to disable auto-renewal in your account settings so that your subscription ends by April 1, 2017 on 2016 Sony Bravia TVs, and August 15, 2017 on all other devices. For 3 months subscribers, depending on when you joined the service, your subscription may auto-renew a month or two before the service discontinuation date if you do not turn it off.

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  • I knew it. I knew it. For several months I have only been seeing PS4 and PC. I knew it.

    • so i bought a new PS TV and PS Vita for nothing … next year they will tell us we can’t play PS4 game on Vita anymore?

    • You likely typed this up on a PC. Why not just play with that, especially since you can hook them up to TVs now?

    • I have to praise this post. This is the proper way to communicate. It’s their service and their decision and it makes total sense.

      I wish Sony would do communications like this post with 2 past things they snuck under the table: eliminating the Store Update, I’d they said it here like this and communicated properly, hey I can see your decision but just pulling it out with no explanation is bad execution. The other one was the Plus price hike. They updated an old post instead of a communication like this.

      I’m a project manager at work, and I have to do everything by steps. If I don’t communicate any change, it’s job-threatening. We’ve shut down locations and because we communicated properly, the outside was minimal. This is human nature 101.

      If you properly communicate to us, we will be 85% understanding, even if it’s bad news. Please communicate better like this amazing post.

    • Sony in 2018 after the success of the Nintendo Switch: “We’re proud to announce the PS Vita 2! Plenty of 3rd party games and AAA games are ahead!”


    • Well looks like the rumour is true and this means Sonys next console is in development stage
      But be warn other Sony devices are going to lose services soon too or will stop production of them all together the next console from what I’ve grease will kill Xbox in a great beat

    • Sony is preparing to put PS4 games on playstation now im sure they will expand the ps now back to TVs and moblie phones in the future its no reason for a ps vita 2 or PS5 because playstation now is the future of playstation

  • Will you be offering refunds to those who subscribed to play on any of the cancelled devices?

    • i imagine they would reimburse for the rest of the months if you had a 1 year subscription or something similar. otherwise thatd be very sucky, but you dont have a ps4?

    • No, of course they won’t. The subscription isn’t exclusive to the device you use it on, it’s universal. I haven’t read it, but I guarantee you the use of terms you agreed too states you cannot get a refund in a situation like this.

    • If they didn’t, they’d be risking a lawsuit. Come August, this will require the one thing that it hadn’t before, due to PS3/PSVR using DS3 controllers (PS4 is its own controller). It now requires a DS4. When signing up for the service, there was nothing about having to own a DS4 controller, which will now be an added cost for some.

      So the options are,

      Add DS3 support for PSNOW on PC,
      Reimburse people for the subscription from August onward,
      Offer some trade in for DS3 to DS4/(DS4 DISCOUNT voucher) – Very unlikely route

      Adding DS3 support for PC would solve most problems with this, especially since they are PS3 games thus far.

    • drd7of14: DS3 on PC has been supported since Oct?2016 (sixteen). Based on that, your complaint isn’t legit.

    • @NuShrike

      DS3 support on PC is irrelevant. Both PSNOW and PS4 remote play on PC only support DS4 wired, or with official wireless adaptor.

      You cannot, even unofficially, use a DS3 for those services on PC at this time.

      Considering that I’ve known this, and tested it since then, my “complaint” bares relevance.

  • Is there a option to subscribe two ps now for year I remember it was there before not sure if it was permanent if not would like a option for 1 year subscription

  • The sole reason I bought a vita a couple of months ago was to play PS Now games. This is really disappointing.

    • It does suck that their will now be no portable option for PSNOW, obviously with Internet as well.

      But on the go Ni No Kuni is the best!

      My guess is they want to have a better all around network infrastructure. PS4/PC handle online way better than all those other devices, mainly due to the more modern network cards, compared to PS3/PSV, for example.

    • Shame I know. Still, you can always sell your Vita or invest in all it’s bad indie titles.

  • “PlayStation Vita and PlayStation TV”

    After Careful consideration, I can no longer recommend PlayStation Now or even consider it for myself.

    NM that the service is an epic waste of money, but the only real point to having it just got removed. I have a PS3, I have all these PS3 games, they are in the same room as my PS4. I can’t remote play any of them. Guess what could be a half decent solution if your tiny library didn’t pose an issue among other problems like latency.

    Anyway you have a bigger problem on your hands. Comcast and AT&T are starting to enforce a data cap policy. This makes it even less desirable to use PS Now over just paying 75 dollars for a used PS3 and buying the disc at gamestop for 10 to 15 bucks. So you may want to fight that front for net neutrality and start talking to Netflix, Amazon, Google, and Microsoft about how they plan on dealing with this issue.

  • i own two vitas, a ps3.sad to see support go for these devices but i’m not amazed since the vita has been killed slowly and the ps3 is just old so i expect them to be discontinued even further as times goes by.RIP VITA and the ps3

  • you should seriously consider rolling the PSnow service into PS+ as you phase out PS3 and Vita games. right now noboady wants to pay those high prices for games they already own or can buy for cheap.

    • Vita is a alive and healthy. Getting games every week….nope to phasing it out anytime soon.

      Would be nice to have one game to rent a week for every month of PS+ subscription.

    • The Vita is dead. Sure it still gets new games, but they are all very niche and not many people are interested in them. That is barely any different from not having any new games. Not to mention Sony 100% does not support the Vita anymore. You can say what you want, but it’s definitely dead. This article is just another nail in an already sealed coffin.

    • @Trendy if you check out some areas of the PlayStation site,, Vita is categorized as “other”. Definitely a gut punch.

  • I remembered long time ago they end vita support because of PS NOW. If you guys trusted the ps vita instead of that stupid ps now. The handheld would have mucj success than 3ds. Sony should start firing the bastard who created ps now.

    • I remember that quote. Doing some digging, it was Don Mesa (Director, Product Planning & Platform Software Innovation, SCEA) who had this joke to share with Vita owners:

      “The economics simply don’t work with the traditional process. We have to do something different to get AAA games on Vita. We accomplished it to a certain degree by making PS4 games work on Vita via remote play. PS Now will be another way, streaming PS3 games on Vita. I can’t wait until PS Now is out on Vita – I hope you’ll try out the experience and let me know what you think.”

      That was a comment on this very blog, posted May 6, 2014 in the “New Slimmer, Lighter PS Vita Model Out Today” comment section.

      Looking around at some other comments, I found a gem from him saying they needed the “stars to align” for the Crash and Spyro on Vita, but it was something they wanted to do. 3 years later Crash is getting a remake on PS4. Vita still doesn’t have the PSone games. #4theplayers #greatnessawaits

    • I have to admit that not being able to play half of the PS1 classics on the Vita was a huge letdown for me. There was a glitch in the system for a short time that allowed you to download Crash and Spyro (among a few others) if you had previously purchased them for PS3 and that has been the closest we’ve come to legitimately having those games on the Vita.

    • For Crash and Spyro, you likely have Activision and some legalese bs to blame for that.

  • I guess the numbers must be pretty low on some of those devices. Still, I would’ve thought you’d try and put this kind of service on as many platforms as possible. Maybe it’s doing poorly on many of those devices because people don’t know the service exists.

    • I agree. I have a 2016 Samsung Tv, and often thought, “I wish I could use psnow on my tv.” I didn’t know that it DID support it. Oh well, doesn’t do me any good now.

  • I bought the $99/year option and the service worked well, I just never really used it much because I was too busy playing PS4 games.

    If you are looking to “improve the user experience” however, you can bring the Store Update post back.

    • YES YES YES! So angry that the store update posts just ended with no word. I sent an email into the blogcast about it, which was ignored.

      The store update posts was where I went to check out the sales, which would lead to impulse buys. Sony is losing money from me because they decided to stop telling us that they are selling in a convenient way (as the store is horrible to navigate).

  • Dumb move!! You just lost me as a customer, obviously the Sony Marketing team doesn’t know anything about what the customer wants. I’ve been putting up with your incompetent decisions for awhile now, I was pretty upset when the Pro did not even get a built in 4k bluray but this is it for me. I’ve been with you guys for 15 plus years. I am selling my playstation and going over to Microsoft. At least they care about what the customer wants. Take notes Sony. Oh yeah, im sure the decision to dot this was made from one of your new marketers fresh out of college.

  • The hole concept of cloud gaming is that the client has little to do with it and the game is rendered on the server farm. What could possibly cause sony to decide to cut support on all these devices other then “we are shrinking PS Now dev group, so we now don’t have enough people for all this”.

    I’m not even subscribed to the service and I’m disappointed in this. If Sony REALLY had to due this, at last add other services to compensate such as adding PS Now directly on ANY Android TV, Roku and apple TV, amazon firestick, etc. But no, couldn’t even do that. Just say it sony, if the service isn’t working to your liking, just stop. don’t beat around the bush.

    Here’s hopping I’m wrong and that big announcement come out for PS Now that will be a major up. Just glad the reason I don’t have PS Now is still working, and hope my PS3 will continue to work well when I want to revisit an old game

    • Or, they may be developing it to allow PS4 games to be streamed as well – if they do then they wont want people using older devices to do this – they will want people to upgrade to a PS4 – otherwise why would some people leave their PS3/Vita if they could play PS4 games on them?

  • This is really bad news. I love playing PS Now on my Vita. It’s one of the points I tout to my fellow Vita owners, how great it is to play titles like Ni no Kuni on the Vita. This will seriously make me re-think using PS Now.

  • Disappointing news, but hey, Sony can’t keep supporting systems that don’t generate enough money. It’s just the way the business world works.

    “we decided to shift our focus and resources to PS4 and Windows PC to further develop and improve the user experience on these two devices. This move puts us in the best position to grow the service even further.”

    I truly hope so.

    • 100% True. And you may be right about the PS4 part, they may well be adding 4 titles to the service once 5 launches. (if it ever does)

  • A streaming service usually abandons older hardware for two reasons: they’re updating their backend significantly which causes major incompatibilities with older apps, or you’re slowly ending service in general. Given you gave you no real explanation as to what improvements the PC and PS4 experience will receive, I’m guessing it’s the latter.

    Given you’re ditching Bravia TVs that are months old, I’m going to start recommending my friends never buy anything with the Sony name on it that requires post-release support. You guys abandon everything that isn’t PS4 ASAP.

    • Sony has a business model of failure and excuses.

      Remember Sony Bravia rear projection LED’s that had the blue bubble of death for 4 straight years? Didn’t fail until a few months out of warranty so when people complained they handed out 20% discounts on new Tv’s.

      I had 3 Sony xplode decks in a row (over 4 years) that refused to play cd’s until my vehicle warmed up. Only deck I’d ever seen do it, and it continued in 4 different models.

      I finally gave up. Ditched EVERY Sony product I owned, consoles, tv’s, electronics, everything. I almost bought a ps3 when they announced it had Linux support so I could have used it for something useful, then Sony took that away too. Luckily I stick with a PC where worst case scenario, I’m out $100 and I have further proof that Sony has no idea what they are doing.

  • I have to say…. I’m pretty bummed about this. If they don’t integrate support for macOS devices before my one year subscription ends there isn’t a chance in hell that I will be subscribing again.

  • Game streaming was technically doomed from the start (network bandwidth and PS3 clusters are not infinite), and for years PS Now has been a waste of resources which would have been better spent on a proper and long-lasting PS3 emulator. Sony just picked up the wrong solution and now they’re slowly backing away from it. Problem is, I don’t see any short term alternative except for keeping a PS3 around.

  • This is one of the reasons I hesitated to check the service out. I’ve been hit with the “Google Attitude” one too many times as it is, and I’m really tired of having services yanked out from under me with little warning.

    I’ll keep this in close mind next time you guys start offering additional services and stay well away. So, what’s next, going to rip PS4 Remote Play out of the Vita too?

    • If they kill ps4 remote play I will completely abandon sony. This coming from a day 1 vita, ps pro owner, ps3, and ps2 owner.

  • Can we please get EA Access on PS4?

  • Wow, I thought this was going to be the Netflix of gaming. There must have been no usage or justify the continuation of supporting them which is really sad.

  • Having PS Now on PS3 never made much sense to me anyway. “Hey guy, you know all those games we gave you every month for PS Plus? Well now you can stream them without multiplayer or 5.1 surround sound for $20 a month!”

    Never used it on Vita cause my router is garbage. Thought PS TV was cool until I realized I can just play my Vita.

    I ended up cancelling PS Now anyway in favor of pressing that mysterious input button on my TV remote.

    Sucks for the people affected by this though.

    • Online multiplayer works on PS Now and there’s tons and tons games that were never free on plus lol

      But yeah i mostly play on my Vita and PS4 so this is def incredibly disappointing. At least make an android app…

  • you should make the ps4 app remote playable now so you can stream it to vita and ios/android
    a stream within a stream
    imagine the input lag

  • That really sucks. One of the best things about PS Now is that anyone could use the service. You didn’t have to shell out any extra money if you already had a (certain) TV.

    Since there’s less devices, I feel like they should cut the subscription cost and let me buy a year.

  • This is Effed-up. Period. Full stop.

  • I will never support PS Now. I have majority of the PS Now games digitally on my PS3. Also, the rest are cheaper either physically or digitally. Here is my solution for PS Now. Make PS Now more like iTunes and PS Video and less like Redbox and Netflix. Allow ownership. When a user buy a PS3 or PS4 game digitally on PSN, give them an option to buy pay an additional $5 or $10 for a PS Now copy. This additional fee will cover the maintenance of the cloud server. So a user can pay $60 for a digital copy of Uncharted 4 or $70 for a digital and cloud copy of Uncharted 4. Allow the user then to either play the game offline or stream it online either on PS4 or PC. And call it PlayStation Anywhere.

  • WHAT THE HELL. I cannot believe how much you people at Sony actively hate the Vita and work to undermine it at every chance.

    I will never, ever subscribe to this BS service now. You guaranteed that

  • Too bad R.I.P. PS Now.

  • I guess I’m glad the obligatory credit card restriction turned me off from subscribing: now I have no reason to further consider wasting money on PS Now.

    • Protip: Use a standard major credit gift card as your “free trial” card.

      I have used the same $50 gift card for Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and Playstation trials…pretty much any trial you need a credit card for.

      You don’t have to worry about security because you are only risking $50. I have been using the same $50 card for about 5 years now and have never used a real credit card for any trial.

    • @KidCommando Thanks for the tip! Unfortunately as I already said, this announcement means I will no longer seek to try PS Now. Still, I might be able to use your tip for other subscriptions services within the PSN that also require a credit card.

  • I completely agree with you guys that Sony just wants to pretend that the PS Vita never existed. I mean, it has so much potential to wreck the 3DS, but it’s all wasted due to lack of support, and the only thing it’s good for now is to play indie games, JRPGs, and game you’ll might as well play on your phone (though I have nothing these kind of games). I understand that there are a lot of people in the PlayStation fanbase that loved the PS Vita (so no, I don’t hate the PS Vita), but because Sony won’t even support it, I don’t have hope for it anymore which is why I sold mine (though I do regret doing so a little bit).

    • “though I have nothing against these kind of games” is what I was meant to say.

    • Yeah its kinda disappointing. I love my Vita. But the main games on it that I like, have now moved to PS4 (Gravity Rush 1-2) and are now concluded (Uncharted GA, Uncharted 4). Everything else on my Vita is a PSP game or a PS1 classic, or Vita games also on PS3/4. So much wasted potential like you said.

  • Just stop wasting resources on this awful service. It’s overpriced and it runs like garbage thanks to the fact that PSN itself runs like garbage. Ever since you removed the ability to simply rent the games we wanted, it became a joke.

  • Xbox BC FTW!

  • In all honesty I really do not see why you even bothered to go this way and yet not focus and resources, time, energy into just giving us backwards compatibility. For whatever reason it is I am pretty sure you can make it happen if you really wanted to. It is doable after all is what I mean I for one have played all the PS3 games I wanted but obviously that doesn’t resonate for many other gamers. There are plenty of gems, classics from the prior PS3 generation that many today never got to play so I can see why there is a market and demand for them still. That and of course the younger games just getting into it.

    Bet you’d make many people more than happy, make others finally ditch their PS3 and FINALLY make the jump to PS4. Can you imagine once word would get around if you decided to finally give us BC how many more units you’d sell let alone re-purchases of PS3 games? I think the potential $ there shouldn’t be ignored. I mean look at how this great idea of PS Now turned out, right? smh

    Good luck though. I am still with you guys. Just make it happen.

  • Damn, I really considered PS Now also for the vita support… Maybe I’ll get that free month before August just to enjoy it on my Vita while I can.

  • I am disappointed.

  • Please add PS1, PS2 games to the library. This was the original vision that was shared, but it seems somehow the service has got stuck with just serving PS3 games. Hopefully by removing focus on the devices above, you will have resources to implement PS1/PS2 games on the service.

    Please roll out to tablets/phones (Android / iOS), and consider rolling out to Nintendo’s new Switch console.

  • I would rather Sony bring PS3 backwards compatible out for the PS4 instead of this PS Now service. I have tryed it and I don’t really care the PS Now service and the PS Vue service is crap now also since removing the most watched channels from there service. So glad I still have my Ps3 and xbox one bc is great also where I can just use the games that I already have instead of having to pay to stream them.

    • I would prefer that too, but Sony wanted to move away from the Cell, which is what drives PS3. Without it, PS3 doesn’t exist.

  • Its a Shame i still use my PS3 as much as my ps4.
    And i Mean on a Daily base.
    OK i must confes i also use my psx and PS2.
    But how about the trophys?

  • Sony is in trouble. Should have seen that when Devs jumped ship to Microsoft. I’m not willing to spend a couple of thousand $$ on a new system when I have over 90% of the PS3 games made. Prices were too high to begin with and now the PS4PRO doesn’t have 4K Blu-ray, not a cost worthy expense.

  • Please add Mac support.

  • Sony is supporting PC more than Vita, what a great way to support your own fanbase. /s

    Sony releases some games on PC, stop supporting Vita and then complain why consoles are becoming irrelevant. A big middle-finger for Sony supporters.

  • Played through a ton of PSNow games on my Vita. :(

  • PlayStation now as a service should disappear and just bring back backwards compatibility stop charging us for games that most of us already own .

  • There were always more negatives than there were positives about PS Now. There was no way I would ever support this terrible service. As much as I would love to play PS3 games on PS4 it’s much better to keep a PS3 around instead This was NOT a good alternative for BC.

  • So can I get a refund for the rest of my subscription? I have the year and it lasts until October but I don’t want it if I can’t use my Vita.

  • Does this mean we’re going to get PS2 and PS1 games on the service? LIKE WE WERE PROMISED WHEN THE PS4 WAS ANNOUNCED?

  • Glad the vita wasn’t the only thing on the chopping block. My guess is the wifi cards in the other products were to difficult to manage along with the user base. High cost for low reward.

    I love my vita but I pretty much only play exclusive vita games on it since the wifi card in it blows and downloading anything takes forever. The vita tv is even worse. I’m lucky to get 1 mb when my phone next to it get 176mb. Can’t imagine trying now on it and not pulling my hair out in frustration.

  • Wow, what a huge step backwards. This was the first step to a shared ecosystem for all of Sony devices. A shame that they abandon things so quickly due to their own reluctance of making any kinds of improvements. Playstation has been on a steady decline since the high of the PS4 launch. As a PS player and fan, what they have become is far off from what i was hoping they’d become.

  • F### you. I just brought a lot of new games. Hope you greedy corporate Sony. Only doing this bs for the money.

    With a angry f regards

  • All streaming services suck. Why would I want to pay a subscription to access a huge collection of movies (Netflix), music (Spotify), or games (PS Now) when I can just use the stuff I already own? /sarcasm

    Services like Netflix and Spotify give you great value for the money because of the collection of content you get with the subscription. Same with PS Now. People complaining about streaming services like these are stuck in the past.

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