PS Plus: Free Games for January 2017

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PS Plus: Free Games for January 2017

A New Year and a new set of games coming to PlayStation Plus members! This month we have the excellent Day of the Tentacle Remastered and This War of Mine: The Little Ones.

First up, we have the zany Day of the Tentacle Remastered. This is a mind-bending, time traveling, puzzle adventure in which three unlikely friends work together to prevent an evil mutated purple tentacle from taking over the world. Originally released in 1993, this remastered game is a classic and not be missed.

Now, if you are looking for something a bit more serious, look no further than This War of Mine: The Little Ones. Play as a group of civilians trying to survive in a city under siege while struggling to collect food and medicine. Make life-and-death choices driven by your conscience, while dealing with the constant dangers of war.

Full lineup:

  • Day of The Tentacle Remastered, PS4 (Cross buy on PS Vita)
  • This War of Mine: The Little Ones, PS4
  • Blazerush, PS3
  • The Swindle, PS3 (Cross Buy on PS4 and PS Vita)
  • Azkend 2, PS Vita
  • Titan Souls, PS Vita (Cross Buy on PS4)

Enjoy the New Year and new games!

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  • who is paying full 60$ for PS+? you have so many sales 40-45$ so stop it.

    THIS WAR OF MINE is excellent game !!!! Platinum is easy.

  • I’ve been charged more for this pile of crap… Honestly since PS4 came out I’m outraged…

    • Then don’t renew and sell your ps4!!

    • Done and done mate.

    • Sony continues to disappoint. I’m not saying those are bad games, but the so called highlights for January are simply not worth it. DotT is a 20+ year old game that probably 95% of the people interested in the game already own and This war of mine is just another indie game most people won’t play anyway. There are so many games out there speaking to a wider audience, but even as a sony/playstation fanboy, I have to say sony is to cheap to give us a good IGC line-up.
      And paying for multiplayer is bs, on PC you don’t have to pay and get a similar experience.

  • Can’t wait for DotT!!!

    a1560488a: where did it say that we get a AAA game every month?

    I had PS Plus for the first 3 years, then let it lapse and now that I have a PS4, I decided to buy it again. Plus has always been a way to get games you probably wouldn’t buy, it was never intended to give out handfuls of AAA titles every year. PS Plus has always felt like a good deal to me, just not as good a deal now as it used to be. Yes, some of the games they give are pretty worthless, but I’ve gotten two platinum’s from the last two months of games, so I’m getting plenty of mileage out of plus, next month I’ll have a game I’ve been really wanting to play.

  • Ahh The Swindle is pretty awesome! Loved Day of the Tentacle and can’t wait to finally check out Full Throttle next year. Imported a physical copy of This War of Mine but haven’t played it yet. Otherwise, looking forward to checking out Titan Souls!!

  • People on here are so funny. “Bad month”, “plus not worth it it”. I feel like I’m the only one who uses plus for things other than than the free games.

    Game YOU are not interested in =\= bad game.

    Maybe Sony should start banning people from being able to reply here. XD

    • Don´t get it either. I have plus to play online and for the 10gb online storage. I also like having tons of extra discounts throughout the year. I don´t download and play every ps plus game but with the ones I do and the aforementioned extra discounts I get my 60 bucks back in a matter of a few months.

    • I tottaly agree, I see people complaining about Day of the tentacle or This war of mine, they’re both great games you may like or not, but they’re good games anyway. On the other hand, having Plus on a PS4 is worth it as you get not 2 but 4 games a month and great discounts on the store, in fact, PS4 is not worth it without a Plus subscription as you’ll need online features for most of it’s games.

      On the other hand, 50 dollars a year is not that much to complain about…

    • I use plus for online only, and I don’t appreciate having the only reason I have a ps4 held hostage behind a paywall, especially when the servers are absolute garbage. so no, I don’t particularly want to pay to play online, but I don’t have a choice because I can’t switch to steam due to a horrible shoulder thanks to serving my country. none of my friends have the xbox, so I have to pay sony to play online, it’s really not something I appreciate having to pay for. I would feel much better about it if I didn’t get any of these games whatsoever and they just put my money towards better servers and a better online experience. you know, the entire reason I pay for ps+

    • @chunterosa

      That’s quite a story.

      Solution, use a controller with Steam. There you go.

      As for PS Plus, do you have a separate account for PLUS or something? Odd, because it doesn’t show you as a Plus member at all. So either, you have a duplicate account, or you use someone else’s PLUS account to play online. I just don’t see why you would have a dup though…Especially since you bought that Quagmire Avatar on your non-PLUS account, thus meaning you don’t have one account for purchases and one for play/comments, etc. I’ve seen this with other users, for security reasons.

      It just seems odd…But anyways, there’s your solution, so you can continue to not pay for Plus, or however it is you pay for it or whatever.

    • That’s silly. The only reason we didn’t have an Xbox One announcement style riot at online being gated behind PS Plus was because we were promised games. The cloud save storage is fine and dandy, and I guess we get some (fairly minor) discounts on sale properties, but in the beginning it was full AAA retail titles, and we’ve degenerated into this churn of indie games that no is still buying anyway. It’s not even like we got the good Indie stuff either – the best thing that came out was Furi, and that is a seriously B-reel game, even if it does have a beast soundtrack.

  • Awesome Games! i already have Titan Souls, but the others… looking forward to play those games!

  • Well, I made a huge mistake by reading any of the comments. I didn’t know so many people were babies when it came to the Instant Game Collection. Day of the Tentacles and Titan Souls are awesome though. I’ll try out most of the rest of it.

    • The Swindle is pretty cool too.

    • I have invested heavily in my game collection. why on earth would I want to divest my time for games that I have no interest in playing whatsoever? I don’t want the instant game collection. period. that money can be better spent on making sure the online experience isn’t terrible. It’d be nice to go a solid 24 hours without error coding out.

  • New year, new junk…

  • happy new year playstation nation!!! to start things off were giving you guys the worst ps plus lineup in its history, and definitely the worst since we hiked the price $10 ($20 in canada were i live)

    im so happy i just got a gaming pc. never again will i subscribe to this service, steam has more features and better discounts more often completely free. never again do i have to buy overpriced ps4 controller that break after like 9 months (currently on #5) all the money i have waisted over the last 3 years on a subpar experience could have been put to a pc instead but all well live and learn. i look forward to play some exclusives on my ps4 in the future but the vast majority of my money will be spent elsewhere goodbye sony, ill always remember the good ps3 days, being in first place has made you too greedy. all i ever wanted was to play online for free. i don’t care about these “FREE” games.

    • Geez. Controller 5?! Are you attempting to eat them bychance? Sticking them in your cereal bowl full of milk? Not being mean, I’m genuinely curious. I have had 2 since launch day that was just over 3 years ago and they both work as well as the day I got them.

      I game on PC and PS3/4/Vita. No reason you can’t enjoy everything. =D

    • If they had free online again, i wouldn’t care about freebies either.

    • 5th controller, that’s a case for a rage control specialist, you know? Throwing the joystick to the wall on a rage won’t help you get better on your games, it will only make you have to spend money on a new one. Think about it…

  • The usual monthly kick in the balls from Sony. Absolute garbage. What’s the point in having the most powerful console in the world to play indie games. Drop the cost of plus for people that don’t want nor need the free garbage you punt out each month. Surely after 3 years of ps4 there are some decent AAA titles you can give out. It may be the only thing xbox beat playstation in but it’s one of the biggest things.

    • Amen!

    • You know, a lot of decision of which games are available through Plus are made by the publisher. If you really want AAA games available, these complaints should really be made towards the Activisions, Warner Bros, and Ubisofts of the world.

      Many Plus games are included because developers can self-publish onto the PSN.

  • I haven’t played Day of the Tentacle in a long time, but I remember enjoying it quite a bit. I’m excited to try it on a console. Did it support mouse on the PC? I seem to remember using a mouse.

    Titan Souls looks interesting too. Glad the Vita is getting a few more games this time.

    I’ve heard good things about this war of mine.

    I like getting a nice catalog of different games I haven’t heard of to try out from time to time. Most of them aren’t ones that have caught my interest but I like giving them a shot and that they are available for me if I stay subbed.

  • I’m still wondering if I should end up getting PS+ at some point, but then again it doesn’t really seem worth it for “free games”. What are some of the reasons that you guys have PS+ for, is it mainly for “free games”?

    • Free games, double Discounts, Space for data, Multiplayer and ofc help and support for Sony.

    • I just re-subbed for the first time after not having it for many months. (Icon not showing yet) This is actually my first sub as a PS4 owner (Christmas gift), and couldn’t believe how many free games was available. I figured just the December games was going to available, but there were quite a few titles to download. So, yes, I think it’s a good time to dive in! Just my opinion, though….

    • I have PS+ for online play, for the online game saves first. The games are secondary for me. They do add value to the PS+ package for me.

  • This is my first time posting on the PlayStation blog, Hey guys! Xbox (Microsoft) is already cleaning up its mistakes with the release of the Xbox One S. Last year they introduce Backwards compatibility, that has been a HUGE success. if all that wasn’t a spit in the face to all the PlayStation fans out there. I bring us to the console “freebies” every month. I’ve been reading gaming sites for weeks, hoping to read some leaks of the upcoming January 2017 PS+ lineup, with no success. Xbox announced their lineup early, Finally this morning, the list was officially revealed by PlayStation, and i MUST say, I’m shock, disappointed and deflated all at once. When i read the list, my jaw dropped. If it wasn’t for timed exclusively with my favorite game and amazing exclusive titles like bloodborne, i would consider selling my PS4 and just put all my gaming time in on the Xbox One. Please if anyone that matters reads this, PLEASE make up for it in February. And for those of you this may anger, I’m sorry, those aren’t my intentions, i write this not only for myself , but for you guys and gals… The loyal fan! Have a Happy New year everyone. =) P.S 1250 character limit sucks!

    • Which games are you disappointed in?

      Side note: it has been a long standing practice that the upcoming month’s PS+ games are announced on the final Thursday of the preceeding month, so technically, this news is early this month.

    • xbone has a terrible interface and the graphics look like **** unless you buy the 1S, at which point they’re comparable to PS4. You do have a point, though, Microsoft is known for never screwing over its customers

  • Ok, here is some real talk about these games. Playstation Plus is designed to be a service that primarily provides 3 core functions:
    1) Online gameplay
    2) Cloud storage
    3) Showcase games that typically won’t get the exposure that a AAA title will receive.

    And for those purposes, Playstation Plus is a tremendous service that meets and exceeds all of those goals. Right now I’m playing Stories and loving it, and I never would have played that game otherwise. Last month Actual Sunlight left me in tears and I had never even heard of that game before it was a Plus offering.

    We, as gamers that are even aware that the PlayStation Blog even exists and make comments, are 0.01% of the PlayStation community. What we need to doing to sharing this link and article with our friends, as opposed to commenting “ewww”.

    We can all agree that 2016 was a rough year. Let’s try and be more positive and grateful in 2017.

    • No, Playstation Plu$ doesn’t SHOWCASE indie games……

      Sony “buys” out the games for the month an the Indie Company makes $0 profit other than a small buy-out price from Sony

    • @Fortester

      Actually, it does Showcase them.

      The Dev gets paid some amount, which I’m sure varies, but we don’t know figures as to at all, which a dev would agree to be a good plan, as they don’t have the resources to advertise/expose the game to a wider audience. It allows their game to get out there, and sell on in future months through word of mouth.

      Honestly, it’s great for these games that would never sell. For AAA games, they only make sense to come to Plus, when the publishers feel they have exhausted the sales ceiling for those games. Whomever is left to buy it, probably won’t unless there is either a sale or it’s on Plus. Then they consider how much they would likely make with a sale vs. Plus payment from SONY.

      Then business talks/decisions ensue, and we get offered said game or not. My other guess is these decisions are in works 2-3 months prior, with minor backups/exceptions in place for other games.

      That being said, this is definitely a showcase to get these devs/games noticed, where they might ultimately fail.

    • (Continued)

      …I’ll tell you one thing, I never would have bought or noticed Blazerush, never even mentioning it, but now that developer has that game listed on several sites. Gamers may touch it, they may not, but they’ll recognize it. That name is out there, and we are talking about it. Is it good? Who knows…Will I personally try it out, of course! Sometimes we get a Hardware Rivals, and sometimes we get a Rocket League. But I’d rather that route, as it’s more fun. And once/twice/three a year we get a medium tier AAA game. I’m fine with that.

  • Do you see that Sony? Do you see the fans you’re about to lose? It’s’s because you won’t give us awesome games on PS Plus (indies don’t count). It’s because you’re giving us pretty lackluster sales. And it’s because you won’t fix the app for the sake of present and future live streamers.

    • Which games do you want?

    • Minecraft, COD, Minecraft, Overwatch, minecraft, rat game, rat game, add rat game here…

      Real gamers enjoy indie games, real gamers support indie programmers and not only play AAA games, it’s great they’re providing us with great indie games for us to know as we wouldn’t know them otherwise.

      So be respectful for people who really enjoy the free games Plus offer, don’t go whining like you’re gonna get something from it, go whine on your bed or with someone who cares.

      Thank you.

    • It’s not that I’m against indie games, it’s just that I’m sick and tired of seeing nothing but indie game this and indie game that. Sony needs to realize that they can’t just give us nothing but indie games. Why not slap in a AAA game in addition to those indie games? And no, I’m not asking for a game like Minecraft or COD (that I hate for being the Land Before Time sequels of FPS games) or Overwatch (I like Doom better). What I’m asking for are games that can spark my interests (like a Marvel/DC game for example).

    • Minecraft lmao are you 10

  • “how can we avoid going to bankruptcy?”
    “we raise our psn cost and reduce our free games quality”

    really, stop focusing on vita and ps3 and offer some good AA games for ps4.

  • I’m okay with the lineup for January. This War of mine has been on my list for awhile I just never saw it in a sale that was cheap enough.

  • I’m thrilled about This War Of Mine, Day of the Tentacle, and Titan Souls! The others not so much but overall, a great month.

  • FFS SONY … It is not that I don’t appreciate the love you show these Indies, but what about KNACK, Killzone: Shadow Fall, or Infamous: Second Son?


  • 4 games for PS4 and they’re all great, and I don’t care what a1560488a thinks so please go comment someone who cares…

  • ‘Variety’ is NOT a dirty word Sony!!

  • Yeesh, another lousy month. Way to start off the year with a bang…

  • This is the most childish and useless blog ever. It’s either someone complaining or someone praising. Both are useless as each person has different tastes. Why try to convince another? Nothing productive. I have a productive thing that should have been the first comment. Is the other Vita title going to be cross buy? It’s on the ps4 and had a demo, so I’d like to ask that as it may sway me to renew.

    I’m not a Plus member and happy at the moment not paying but that’s my choice & not wasting time to complain to strangers.

  • Not every indie game is a gem I play a few but most only keep my attention for a hour or so. And most of you that comment on this crap are just looking for a rise out of someone I’d rather get a 4 year old descent game then an indie. Or pay less a month and get no game

  • Not a horrible line up, I might try out This War of Mine: The Little Ones. The others.. probably not. Just not my cup of tea, I have a feeling the aforementioned game probably isn’t either, but hey, it’s worth a shot I guess. Happy New Year :)

  • Really happy with this month. Love the newer indie games, please don’t stop. I can get old AAA games like Knack, Killzone, and Black Flag for super cheap at this point on disc. Would much prefer the more valuable digital games you’re giving us now like Titan Souls, This War of Mine, and Day of the Tentacle.

    Keep up the great work!

  • New Year same whiners and complainers. Haven’t you all left for xbox yet or is it just empty threats. Though frankly i dont know why i am here i’ve been gaming on my new xbox 1s lately after upgrading from my OG xbox 1. I do have to say 9 free games are better then the 4 crappy games xbox 1 is getting in January. I’ll checkout the free games anyways since i still own my Ps4. I just gotta dust it off.

    • “New Year same whiners and complainers. Haven’t you all left for xbox yet or is it just empty threats.” Lol. Ikr? It’s like they keep coming back despite threatening to unsubscribe since like… forever.

  • EVERY game that is being released for “free” has been absolute HORRENDOUS GARBAGE EVER SINCE the overpricing to $60p/yr. (I’ve had Playstation Plu$ since February so don’t question in saying “oh but you have never played…..”)

    And you want to know why….?

    It’s because the Sony Executives KNOW that even if they release a AAA game or something good, gamers are FORCED to pay to play online…….which was the whole selling point of why PS3 was so much better than 360….

    Do you have ANY consideration Sony anymore? Or are you more concerned with how much you will have to pay your employees now that outsourcing is going down the tubes once Trump gets in? Oh now I hit a soft spot Sony………I know EXACTLY what you’re doing, you’re no longer exceeding expectations but rather degrading your company to a pathetic scam as with Microsoft by making your price the SAME and adding NOTHING better than Microsoft since you outsold more PS4s……

    Enjoy the rest of Fiscal Year 2017 Sony, outsourcing is DONE.

    • Why you still here switch to xbox and stop commenting every month

    • @TrueAssassin86x

      Because I already invested $74 into playstation Plu$ for the next 2 years (buying cards from Outside vendors of course). I gave to Sony now they deserve to give me something back as the customer.

      Oh yea, I also read the T&Cs, I’m allowed to comment as long as it follows the T&Cs.

      Useless argument

    • You don’t deserve anything actually. You paid for the service in advance that was your choice. You knew full well the possibility of the games that could be offered. Sony is also not obligated to even continue giving out free games each month and can stop at any given moment. You deserve nothing. Read the entire ToS (Terms of Service) agreement you agreed to when you subscribed to PS+…you know that big long thing you scrolled past to the “Okay” button. Cheers mate. Enjoy the next 2 years. I will.

  • Awesome lineup titan souls swindle day of the tentacle awesome! Well done Sony wonderful way to ring in the new year

  • Dear entitled gamers

    As a matter of example,

    You complain about paying $60 a year for PS Plus when

    For example

    Think how much you’d save if you gave up all that workday morning Starbucks!

    Otherwise if you’re jailbait subsisting on an allowance from your parents, suck it up and wait for either your birthday or Christmas if you want any of this stuff so bad lol

    • “Think how much you’d save if you gave up all that workday morning Starbucks!”

      I drink Folgers and Maxwell House every single day……I pay $6.99 for 90 cups of coffee…..

      Atrocious analogy for us complaining about $60 p/yr vs people who pay for overpriced coffee

    • Then don’t renew, Fortester. You’ve probably been crying about these games for years. So don’t renew. No one will mind.

    • You can’t be serious? You have to be trolling surely?

  • Vita is getting 4 games this month!!! Thanks to Cross-Buy. Shoutout to PlayStation! Seriously thank you for a full month on the Vita, I hope that we see this often. Thanks for all your hard work and efforts you guys do everyday. God bless and have a great Happy New Year! #VitaIsLife!

  • I dont know why i was expecting something big this month.

  • Nice, iv always wanted to try most of these game’s.

  • Thanks for the trash.
    Worst line up of all time.

    • They don’t care about current Playstation Plu$ members…….

      They ONLY care about how do we get Christmas Noobs to spend more? Ok so they at this way, ~90% of Christmas Noobs activate their free 14 days……..


      Hopefully February will be good as was Helldivers was excellent last February

    • Whine whine whine whine whine.

    • Yeah, billyok .. keep defending a crap product and watch it never get better.
      Youre the same person to write a paragraph about hard working developers when ign gives a game lower than a 8.
      When things are bad its important consumers and critics call it out on its crap!

  • These games are not worth the increase in PS plus price. Higher price should equal AAA titles every month… Example = Street Fighter V, Tomb Raider etc. Come on Sony. Ps3 and Xbox one always gets great titles and Ps4 gets bs indie games. Shape ups Sony or i will NOT renew my subscription next time and jump ship to xbox camp.

  • Cool list.

    Also, to all the people who whine and say they’re letting their PS Plus lapse for the 36th month in a row: Cool story.

  • Damn, was hoping for inFamous: Second Son or First Light as neither were in the Holiday Sale (and Son was a launch title, wasn’t it? Well overdue for a sale. Or maybe it has been, I just got a ps4 on Black Friday so)

    • Yeah, Second Son was on sale, but I’m sure it will drop soon on Plus.
      I bought it for, like, ten quid in a sale digitally.
      Cool platinum, too. Get through it on ‘hard’ – not that hard, really – and the plat is yours.

  • Almost 2 years without this crappy ps plus sub, and boy, I couldn’t be happier. Thank you $ony for keeping me saving money. Specially when I see the games they offer, lol I bought Day of The Tentacle like for $3 on a flash sale a few months back. I feel bad for all these people paying $60 for such a terrible service lol

    • By my math, considering I get an average of 4 games I want to play each month for $45 a year (who pays full price for Plus?), I’m paying 94 cents for Day of the Tentacle. Much better than three dollars. But whatever makes you happy I guess!

    • So, if you don’t subscribe to PS+, why do you follow the announcements with such interest?
      I don’t subscribe to the Elton John fan club, therefore have no idea what is going on in the world of Elton John.
      You’re a but sad, aren’t you?

  • Lol.
    imaginE what the Call of Duty / Assassin’s Creed meatheads are gonna make of this.
    “Oh no. I pay less than 2 cups of coffee a month for this pile of indie nonsense.”
    Meanwhile, the rest of us grown ups can get on with enjoying possibly the best line-up in 12 months.
    Honestly, I feel like Sony are trolling at this point: idiots, we don’t want you. Xbox is THAT way.
    Good on ‘EM;

  • Not best line up but they are good ones, dont forget that ps store is full of t AAA games 60%off, who need free AAA gamas after christmas and after these amazing sales? better keep something good for spring or summer where usualy dont come out nothing

  • I’ll definitely check out TitanSouls and The Swindle. I played This war of mine on PC and found it to be boring, and “the feels” just weren’t enough to keep it going. Dodt and Azkend 2 jus look boring to me. Eh can’t complain. 2 intersting games for the Vita is something to be happy about

  • The ps plus games over the last few months have been garbage. Sony increased the cost of psn and all we mostly get are indie games.

  • Nice! Titan Souls, Day of the Tentacle, and This War of Mine. Very good month.

  • I have 97 platinum trophies.
    I am level 31.
    These games are awesome.
    Learn, people.

  • More hot garbage for this month’s lineup. Ewww and puke

  • Glad I don’t own plus anymore.

  • You know, i like this lineup. Not a AAA, but havent gotten around to day of the tentacle which i wanted.

  • Excellent month of Indies

  • wow this actually a better line up in my eyes I always wanted to play titan souls and now I will

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