PS Plus: Free Games for January 2017

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PS Plus: Free Games for January 2017

A New Year and a new set of games coming to PlayStation Plus members! This month we have the excellent Day of the Tentacle Remastered and This War of Mine: The Little Ones.

First up, we have the zany Day of the Tentacle Remastered. This is a mind-bending, time traveling, puzzle adventure in which three unlikely friends work together to prevent an evil mutated purple tentacle from taking over the world. Originally released in 1993, this remastered game is a classic and not be missed.

Now, if you are looking for something a bit more serious, look no further than This War of Mine: The Little Ones. Play as a group of civilians trying to survive in a city under siege while struggling to collect food and medicine. Make life-and-death choices driven by your conscience, while dealing with the constant dangers of war.

Full lineup:

  • Day of The Tentacle Remastered, PS4 (Cross buy on PS Vita)
  • This War of Mine: The Little Ones, PS4
  • Blazerush, PS3
  • The Swindle, PS3 (Cross Buy on PS4 and PS Vita)
  • Azkend 2, PS Vita
  • Titan Souls, PS Vita (Cross Buy on PS4)

Enjoy the New Year and new games!

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    • If you are so upset over this, why are you replying to everyone else’s comments? Just move on.

    • Also, how can someone claim to like games and NOT know who Tim Schafer is? He’s an industry icon.

    • Seriously, we get it bud, you’re upset. Go cry in the corner or something.

    • I don’t pay attention to celebs.

    • You got to go out and get yourself a life buddy. This is just sad.

    • Quit being such a killjoy.

    • Thank you for DotT & Titan Souls! VITA MEANS LIFE

    • 1. I try every indie that interests me. It just so happens that only 5 did interest me.

      2. Just because I only tried a couple of the games does not mean I am a troll.

      3. Not all of my games are indies.

    • But to comment on almost every post and down PlayStation, that’s bush league stuff. Just enjoy the games you do, and don’t bash people or the company who made the system that you chose to play on. You’re better than that (you scruffy looking nerf herder).

    • Noe, I am just trying to correct people and give people advice. The only reason I criticized that one guy that says he didn’t care about my opinion is because he commented on almost every comment I commented on. If he didn’t care, he wouldn’t of commented.

    • You do know that these games are mostly pretty awesome, right??

    • You said “Noe, I am just trying to correct people and give people advice.”

      First off.. Nope. It has a p in it.

      Here are some of your “corrections” and “advice”

      Someone was happy that he didn’t have 4 of the games you said
      “If you say so.”

      Someone excited about a Tim Shaefer game you said
      “Tim Schafer?”

      We got a VR title last month, someone said no VR games this month you replied saying it would take a year before we see VR games. (Hyper Void had VR levels)

      Your next comment is you agreeing with someone about a $20 subscription for only only play with you complaining about how the games are terrible (even though someone else pointed out you don’t try them)

      So tell me which of those is advice, or a correction exactly? If you think about it Day of the Tentacle IS a AAA game. It was a AAA game back when it was made and Computer Gaming World puts it 34th on greatest PC games of all time. IGN and Gamespot have also put it in top 100 games lists of all time. So there. I don’t know why we have to measure things in the amount of dollars it costs to make something, we should be looking at whether the games we get are good games, not how much money was spent on 3D modeling or marketing.

    • At least there’s Titan Souls……….. (this month’s line up just continues the line of bad line ups).

    • Also, for everyone targeting @ a1560488a for saying… Eww, which by every means has been the PS+ lineup for a while now (excluding Titan Souls because that’s the diamond in the rough but by no means redeems the line ups), you guys are overly sensitive trolls. I mean for crying out loud, there a slew of unjustified rebuttal under this singular comment. Get over yourselves. He’s not a troll, he’s expressing his/her opinion. #dealwithit.

    • EVERY game that is being released for “free” has been absolute HORRENDOUS GARBAGE EVER SINCE the overpricing to $60p/yr. (I’ve had Playstation Plu$ since February so don’t question in saying “oh but you have never played…..”)

      And you want to know why….? It’s because the Sony Executives KNOW that even if they release a AAA game or something good, gamers are FORCED to pay to play online…….which was the whole selling point of why PS3 was so much better than 360….

      Do you have ANY consideration Sony anymore? Or are you more concerned with how much you will have to pay your employees now that outsourcing is going down the tubes once Trump gets in? Oh now I hit a soft spot Sony………I know EXACTLY what you’re doing, you’re no longer exceeding expectations but rather degrading your company to a pathetic scam as with Microsoft by making your price the SAME and adding NOTHING better than Microsoft since you outsold more PS4s……

      Enjoy the rest of Fiscal Year 2017 Sony, outsourcing is DONE.

    • @BERT-MACKL1N-FBI Who? I play games, LOTS and never hear devs mention his name. Some industry icon this person is.

    • More hot garbage for this month’s lineup. Puke

    • @NYCelderon Tim Schafer is a big name for people who are serious gamers. Just as a heads up. If you haven’t heard of him, you probably aren’t inclusive in the serious gaming rabbit hole.

    • Okay it didn’t take long to see people complain about this game selection for the free games… how about this Free games are free games. 59.88 a game is alot some people have to budget to get a AAA title. These free games of poo as people are seeing them are getting me thu till the games I want. So beggars can’t be choosers

    • Sounds great to me. Definitely wanted to try these games but spent all me money and time on AAAs so these are a most welcome addition. Why anyone would cry over FREE GAMES is beyond me. MORE THE MERRIER. GO BE MISERABLE ELSEWHERE. CRYBABIES

    • Stop being so damn entitled. You do of course understand, that Sony doesn’t have to give you anything for your PS+ subscription, but they choose to. I personally would be fine if they only offered discounts and didn’t give away any games. It might open up some server space for improved connections by simply weeding out the freeloaders that only sign in for the stated “free” games of the month.

    • When my subscription runs out I will renew it. I will download them and give them a chance. I look at it this way, some games are just not my style and other people love them and that is great. I’d be foolish to think everyone likes what I like.

    • This year already starts like crap….Why Sony….why ? These games suck.

    • I personally am of the mind that if you feel some one is a troll, you ignore them. By constantly feeding into their comments does nothing but feed their ego. I do agree that the PS+ lineup hasn’t been the greatest lately, but there is definitely no reason to bash someone for stating they simply don’t like what’s available. I am however pretty excited for January’s lineup. With DotT, TWoM and TS, it adds to the games I’m excited to play.

      Remember, an education in social norms can make navigating internet forums a less stressful endeavor. In other words, ignore the trolls and they will go back under the bridge they came out from under. Oh, and a troll can also be someone who consistanly bashes someone for their opinion, so everyone bashing (random letter and number guy) look in the mirror before you start labeling others. And for not knowing who Tim is, not all people share the same knowledge. Keep that in mind when you begin looking inward.

    • Could you give us knack please. Im not buyin that one , come on

    • As always Sony disappoints time and time again

    • Damn it this line up blows. What a way to bring in the new year on top of giving us **** in December I mean December which was ridiculous but now this I mean can’t you give me a halfway decent indie game like seriously. I hate to be that guy but these past 2 have been complete ****. I don’t neccecarily think they should give all AAA titles but I mean appease the fans somewhat out of all the free games to give away it still seems like PS3 gets all the love and the bits and PS4 get **** on except for every once in awhile and before it was understandable but now there are so many old games that came out with the ps4 or shortly after that they should be letting some of those go for free give us like 1 AAA title every other month or atleast like a AA title every month seriously

    • Hey chill my friend, Tim Shafer and the crew have been a clever minded bunch. They have made some of my favorite games. We all try to inform one another, though you’ve jumped the gun. Just try the puzzling and whack world of Day of the tentacle by the end of the second chapter if you’re not hooked then look elsewhere. The gamer community is full of newbies and old posh gamers who’ve actually played many titles from ever avenue of gaming. I just started Don’t Starve myself and also just rampaged through clocktower2 in loving memory of some of my greats. But I also believe if you go at the games with intent of trying a new set of rules and gameplay the more you brain evolves. Give it a swing brotha. Mad skill, games thrill. From the STL.

    • Yet another pile of crap for the increases price of $70 per year. Whats it like sony having your ass handed to you every month by xbox live gold. The increase in price hasnt even come close to worth it

    • I don’t agree with an eww comment, but nonetheless we get nothing but indie games which never make it to mass production or triple A status as others call it. Don’t know if any of the millenials were born yet when we were getting those so called triple A games, but if we hadn’t been getting them in the beginning, we wouldn’t ask for them now.

    • So I keep seeing the same old tired complainers about the free titles. Ok so there not shelf titles or aaa ports but then again there not supposed to be. PlayStation plus is not mandatory if you don’t want it or like it don’t subscribe. Unfortunately it’s gotten to the point that it’s almost impossible to enjoy the fullness of most games without it.

      However in saying that the concept of free games was instituted in order to promote smaller software companies and help them kick start their careers. I’d imagine in this massively expanding market it would be incredibly difficult and expensive to remain in business without the help of Sony to promote your games there marketing overheads alone would kill most indie companies. If you solely rely on PS + for your games then your cheap and should sell and buy a pc and play free to play games. The games are chosen by both vote and I’d imagine company endorsement.

      Back up the complaints wagon and support the next Blizzard of activision because they all started small before they became giants and they did not have the level of competition the gaming industry has today.

      Line up is solid DOTT is awesome I’ll try the others as I always do

    • Link01:

      “EVERY game that is being released for “free” has been absolute HORRENDOUS GARBAGE EVER SINCE the overpricing to $60p/yr.”

      That’s not an opinion. That is a testable claim.

      The price went up late September. So let’s look

      October: Resident Evil 83/82, Transformers Devastation 77/75.
      November: Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture 78/64 , Deadly Tower of Monsters 72/73, Letterquest Remastered 73/64, Pumped BMX+ 56/60
      December: Invisible Inc. 82/73, Stories: Path of Destinies 73/74, Hyper Void 70/64, Tiny Troopers: Joint Ops 65/54, Color Guardians 62/62
      January: Day of the Tentacle 84/73, This Little War of Mine 78/74, The Swindle 73/61, Titan Souls 73/70.

      Those are only the games you can play on PS4. Any game that isn’t on PS4 was excluded.

      EVERY “free” game has been absolute horrendous garbage?

      If I was just a troll there’d be no reason for me to go through all that effort looking up and giving you metacritic averages. Cartoon Network Battlecrashers doesn’t even register as a 2. 4. Weeping Doll doesn’t even hit 4. Super Dungeon Bros is a bad game. Tony Hawk Pro Skater 5, Wander, Overlord Fellowship of Evil, those are terrible games with scores reaching 4… maybe…

    • yeah bro all of these games r super bad

    • Great month. I’m actually more excited for Titan Souls and The Swindle!

      4 PS4 games, 3 VITA games, thank you Sony.

    • It’s tough to get anything free now a days. I’m happy they give anything. I download just about every free game they offer each month. Some I like some I don’t. When I don’t. Oh well better luck next month.

    • Hi all.

      I really want to play the plus games.

      Only no ps+ for me I just really want to play.
      Any body plz can help me with this

    • Hey a1560488a, don’t you think many of us use the subscription to get good discounts on AAA titles too? I mean, in one year I’ve been in the subscription, I’ve played two or three games from the list, but I’m not even mad, because I have a huge AAA collection, and many of them with a good extra discount, and saved more than $70 on it.

      I know some of us don’t like indie games much, but there are some good exceptions you got to try! Bro Force is highly entertaining in a couch with your friends, in example.

    • I agree with a1560488a, eww indeed. So sick of all these indie games. We’re not even getting decent games for PS3 or vita these days. We need a ps plus lite to play multiplayer without these “benefits” of free games I’m never gonna play. I’ve probably actually downloaded about three or four games out of the last year. These indie games look like trash, stupid side scrolling games that could be on snes or top downs that could be on ps1. It’s 2016 and there are plenty of solid titles that are old enough to be free about every other month at least. I really don’t get how people can get so excited over these lame looking games too. You’re the problem why this keeps happening. I’m not even adding these games to my library, let alone downloading them. I will not support these lame indie teams and their delusional idea of what fun is. And all this with a ps plus price hike as well. Great way to start off the year Sony.

    • LOL whether I agree or disagree with your opinion “eww” had me rolling with laughter when I saw it.

    • It would be nice just to get at least one AAA game as they didn’t give us one last month. One every other month would be so bad. Indie games are a thing of the past. People don’t want to pay for these 2D titles. Technology has moved on since the 80’s. Ffs I bet 75% of the comments are negative about this months selection and I’m am not surprised. Just let us have our rant.

    • I agree with this guy, the games of the month have been garbage, they bring out probably 1 good game a year and we were promised more from playstation i think its a load of bs and playstation needs to start doing there job

    • I have ps+ subscription for 4 years already. Havent tried all free games but I’ll try these for sure. Thanks and Happy New Year!

    • I’m not going to bash Sony or anything for the lineup. But it does seem really lackluster for the first month of the year.

      I was kinda hoping honestly for a good AAA title such as Dark Souls 3. Which is a good RPG that many should play.

      I can understand Sony is wanting to help indie game companies but there has to be a time when you realize that you are walking a line of losing your fanbase to your rival.

    • And here I was thinking I might have missed something after letting my ps plus run out. No surprise to. Most though, I didn’t.

      Look I get that people like indie game, I really do. But not everyone does. And when that’s basically all you offer every month… Well that kind of devalues the service for the people who won’t kiss your a$$ just because it’s Sony.

    • @MakaiOokami you call out someone for misspelling “nope” but you type “only” twice? You’re so superior let me tell you…

    • I have been a PlayStation customer for over 12years and a plus member for 9years. And I’ve gotta say this has been the most trash line up all year and to start January free games off with more useless indie games. Come on Sony people are switching because guess what your servers are starting to be worse and you want us to pay more and still give us **** games. How about so full games like Xbox is doing.

    • Are these any good or more indie Bantha Poo?

    • Spik wat peopel sya abto tish mouhs ps puls free games well im prety hapy wat soyn offering beasct thre tis insted game cal day of teh tencal remastred and tehre a puple monstre in it tha loks lik plankton from spongebob square patns adn i excited to hav a blast on tat gam ( ;(; btu who ever compling abot tis fre mouts ps gams wel i say eat my shorts lol thats a little jok tat i gto from the simponions wen tha kid sya eat my shorts lol (;(;(;

    • Tim Schafer is an industry icon? Lmao wtf are you on?

    • Is anyone as excited about Day of the Tentacle as I am? I remember playing it on a PC and having to type in the drive just to open it up. Sad to say I almost finished the game and it crashed

      Can’t wait to play this on PS4!!!!

    • All these people saying that these games suck. Have you played them, how do you know. I understand if they don’t interested you but they’re free! FREEEEEEE! I have had the same thoughts just from looking at them at times, but I have downloaded every single free game since the release of PS4, tonnes of which I haven’t even played yet but they’re all there whenever I may fancy it. Download and try them out, you can always delete them if you don’t like them.

    • Trash games, but there’s always people defending, lol

    • Free games are a bonus. The kids love em. I get my money back on membership discounts.

    • @link01 what are you on about this war of mine is a great survival game

    • @Major_Agnostic well icon idk but influential yes monkey island and psychonauts are his games

    • I payed ps plus for this?! Is this a joke?! Xbox is better at this point

    • Dude …. this war of mime is a brilliant game for starters. Second as everyone else has said. No one cares how turned off you are by this month’s free line up…. be greatful that a big corporation like Sony is willing to give us for free. There’s Over 100$ worth of digital goods there for free . Probably a privileged little brat whose parents practically **** money…….

    • Ewww indeed

    • Keep crying Aaron.

    • Also Aaron, if you don’t like it you can just not be a part of it anymore since you don’t seem to understand that you’re paying for the online service. Running servers is not free, you entitled neckbeard. You also complain every single time. Are you THAT miserable? Are you just not getting enjoyment out of hot pockets anymore? Did mom get you the WRONG hot pockets?

    • Yeah this is crap. Who cares about tim nobody when he makes games for crap systems. This is ps4, sony should give us ps4 worthy games. Charging for online gaming is crap. They made enuff money off hardware and software to cover that. Wake up u fools. Its $ony not sony.

    • I actually played the first This war of mine and actually enjoyed it.. having to get the little ones free is actually good for me.. if you really dont like the free stuff the give out cancel the membership or move on another console.. i have both xb1 and ps4 and pay for live and ps plus and im greatly appreciative that giving me free games every is great.

    • I’d rather play, The War of Mine on PC. The Day of Tentacle I MIGHT try it. I just don’t understand, this type of business practices of what Sony is doing. Oh well….

    • Some popular bit more expensive game
      coming in 2017?

    • Eww indeed. At least I dont have PS Plus for the games.

    • this months game lineup is straight up trash.

    • I’m just tired of all these crap games… give us some real titles…

    • A little flabbergasted you’re taking so much heat for this. The whole reason we didn’t riot when they finally made us play for multiplayer was that we would supposedly get all these free cool games. We don’t owe Sony our support, and it makes it worse for all consumers when foolish and juvenile people take you to task for a comment as innocuous as “ewwww.”

      The quality of PS Plus games in 2016 was seriously bad (the best thing released was Furi, which is also pretty mediocre, though fun enough for what it is), and so far January has done nothing to reverse that trend. I am not okay with this at all, and no one should be.

    • You’re breaking the “don’t be a jerk” rule.

    • I have to agree, this list is kind of eww. I’d probably play This War of Mine: The Little Ones only because it looked interesting when it first came out. But the rest is more crap.

    • I feel we have a right to be upset with the lineup… your forced to pay 60 bucks just to play online… the free games which you pay for by membership should at least 3 months out the year be something mainstream.. I’m not saying drop FFXV for free in November or any brand spanking new games… but getting things like Grow Home and Tricky Towers is rather lame… so stop dragging this dude for not liking things… if you really don’t care how he feels don’t comment…

    • I can’t get NBA 2K17 multiplayer for free anymore I don’t know why, I’ve been trying to find a PSN code for I can get a Ninja Turtle game for my five-year-old son but I can’t find one I’m on Social Security only get paid once a month I need help from other members

    • I was playing 2k17 online just yesterday & all of a sudden I gotta pay for PlayStation plus in order to play online?!? Hell no I remember when the psn & online gaming on the PS3 came out it was all free & if u wanted to be a PlayStation plus member just to download certain games that are free but if u weren’t a member u would have to pay & if the PlayStation plus expires u would have to renew the membership in order to keep playing those games but I really used to be free tho the membership should just be only if u want certain games for free I don’t mean to sound like a bum but psn needs to make online gaming free again why do u think I don’t mess with Xbox I’m not paying just to play online think about that your wasting money just to play people online when I always used to play online for free i don’t even know why Sony/PlayStation wants more money when they make billions they really need to take this feature off please because it ****es me off just to have to pay $10, $25, &60 & then after that when it expires u have to renew it by paying more money it’s like paying a phone bill if u don’t pay the bill the phone will be cut off until u pay it but really make online/multiplayer gaming free again

  • 4 for PS4 and I don’t have any of them- nice!

    • If you say so.

    • Cmon man stop being a jerk!!!

    • It’s laughable that someone has the time to post reportedly on psblob, but has NO IDEA who industry icon Tim Schafer is. Tim Schafer basically invented point n clicks, so when you’re playing The Walking Dead think of him.

      Tentacle, Titan Souls, This War of Mine, and Swindle are all intriguing indies that i almost bought.

      Awesome month for PS4 and VITA.

    • Actually I’m excited about this month ‘This War Of Mine’ was an amazing game I bought, so was ‘Day Of The Tentacle’. I bought both of those games I actually wanted to play ‘Titan Souls’ before good hope playstation. I mean last had ‘journey’ which was an amazing game. Psn is now starting to get alot better free games than before.

  • Cant complain with a free Tim Schafer game!

  • Still no PlayStation VR games :(

    • Its going to be atleast a year before they include VR.

    • It would not be fair for non psvr users to receive a game they can’t play. Unless you mean a game with VR support and regular play, which I have not seen many slated to do so other than walking simulators and RE7.

    • Grab Hyper Void while you can. They neglected to mention that it’s cross-buy with PS4 and has a free VR update. It’s a great game… Sorta like Tempest meets Galaga.

    • @a1560488a

      We just got a free PSVR game this month on PS+. It’s called Hyper Void.

      Please do some research before you come on here and say things.

    • Because only a small selection have VR to even consider inclusion here

  • Yikes……

    Only Titan Souls on PS4 for me…

  • I used to buy digital games but in the past most games I bought digital came up on PS+. So I completely ditched buying digital games

    • When my subscription runs out, I will completely ditch PS Plus.

    • @a1560488a

      Oh, thanks SONY for that. Weeding out the garbage, so we don’t have to deal with people like you online. I’m sure we’ll see you around 1 year from now though, with that little PLUS symbol boldly around. Unfortunately…

    • Well my subscription runs out in August. I really hope we start getting AAA games by then.

    • I don’t. You’ll probably cry about those as well.

    • @a156088a

      We recently got Resident Evil, NBA 2K, Transformers Devastation, Saints Row, and Lords of the Fallen. Those aren’t AAA enough for you? Heck, we also got games like The Walking Dead season 2, Journey, Rocket League, Yakuza 5, Oreshika, and Far Cry 3 BD in the past year.

  • Sony can you just introduce a plan for PS+ thats like $20/year just to be able to game online and such (online storage and so on).

    Cuz lets be real, PS+ is not worth the cost anymore. You rarely give out good games (at least for me).

    • Yeah I think that would be wise for sony. Most of the games they give out are crap (and not even free).

    • I hardly buy games for my ps vita, however Sony has given me a steady stream of good games for free to make it worth having a hand held console. If you have been picking up the games on the Vita by logging into the store via pc and adding them to your account you might be surprised to see your library of indies and studio hits rivals the 3DS which I only use to play fire emblem and pokemon. While the Vita may seem dead, it has some great gems to try out and you can probably get one ot even a PSTV for cheap. I’ve seen Vitas go for around 80 and PSTVs go for 25.

    • Unfortunately, there are too many people who like the cheap, free games that they offer as part of PS+ so they will continue to keep churning them out. My guess is that not a lot of people download these games, so its extra money pocketed for them. The only real way to stick it to them is either forget about online gaming and ditch PS+ or just play online for free with a PC.

    • I agree with you for the most part. I’m sure the games Sony gives away are good, but I usually try them and they just aren’t for me. Its a little depressing to see what Xbox gives away for games with gold and then seeing the PS plus offerings. Again they may be really good but just not interesting to me

    • I agree, I would downgrade for something like “PS Plus Lite” as soon as my subscription runs out.

  • I still cannot believe that after all these years PlayStation doesn’t have a mechanism in place for their loyal customers that already own these and other titles made available on Plus. There should be another title available per month to customers that own these games, or issue a credit of some kind as a means to say, “Thanks for already buying this, sorry we made available something you already own…”

    Instead they continue to be remarkably tone deaf on this issue, turning a blind eye to all of us that continue to struggle to find reasons why Plus membership should be justified.

    It is 2017 Sony. Let’s get a move on, already…

    • Yeah. Even giving the person half the money the game is worth.

    • It sounds like you are looking to be reimbursed for purchasing a game that PS+ made free a month or two later. If that is the case then good luck with that.

    • No, I am just agreeing with him.

    • I have never gotten a dup

    • Flying Burrito, nobody cares what you think of him. You’re doing the same thing and nobody cares about you replying to every one of his comments. So childish. You are like 2 kids saying Yep, Nope….and nobody logs in to see this garbage.

    • Should they also reimburse everyone who owns a digital copy of a game that goes on sale?

    • So how would such a thing work? They negotiate lump sums to give away millions of copies of games. (whether you download it or not likely doesn’t cost Sony any more or less because it’s a lump sum negotiation)

      So by advocating not to download the games… all you’re doing is just being a jerk to the developer, who would like you to try out their game, and maybe enjoy it… Wow… Hard concept to imagine… Trying out games, and being pleasantly surprised… Man… Could you imagine? I can, because it happens with me. You can’t because you’re a lame gamer who only likes the most hyped expensive junk. It’s like being a movie critic who ONLY watches Summer Blockbusters and won’t even try an emmy nominated indie film because you only want to enjoy things that cost 10s of millions to produce.

    • Stop buying rubbish or Indy games and you’ll get them on PSPlus eventually. It’s your own fault for being so impatient.

    • @Myrddin-MacLeod “stop buying indie games its your own fault” — ummm yeah everyone stop buying all games. Why support developers in a hobby we love, on games we think look interesting!!! On the off-chance it MIGHT come to PS+ someday —

      Its okay to be disappointed. Its exciting to see what we will get each month! I was disappointed myself, i own 5 of these 6 games already. But i also got all of the games on sale with my PS+ subscription, so im not mad. These are all good games, and I’m glad i bought them all.

      So let the guy be disappointed. No they shouldn’t give you cash, because that’s not how the program works (and these developers really don’t make much off these deals at all from what Ive read); so you SHOULD still buy indie games.
      But from Sony’s end, to keep us buying these indie games like Myddin would have us not do – Sony should recognize that this happens with PS+ – maybe give a discount coupon towards something, or offer a unique background or icons to the small crowd that does own these games.

    • I can totally believe it… because if they did that, they’d go bankrupt…

      It might be cool if they did like an exclusive icon or something..

      I buy a LOT of my games brand new, I am happy to do so because it supports the developers and it allows me to play them sooner. Sure it means I lose out on taking advantage of discounts and free stuff occasionally, but the time I got to spend with the game is worth it.

    • Disregard Nathanael. (Myrddin-MacLeod). He’s a weeb kid who doesn’t know any better

  • Wow. I have had my eye on This War of Mine for a bit and now I get it for free. Thanks! =D

    To all the people who WILL inevitably complain about this months game selection I say this : Instead of complaining about no AAA titles just play the games that are given to you. You may just come across a game that you really like that you would have never thought about purchasing because it is not a AAA title. Not all AAA games are great and there are a bunch of smaller games that are better. Open your mind a little and explore!

    • When I find a good smaller title, I will play it.

    • @a1560488a definitely give This War of Mine a try. It’s a fantastic game.

    • Yeah, I will definitely try it.

    • I don’t stay up to date with the newer generation of consoles to play the same regurgitated platformers from 30 years ago with prettier graphics. It’s pitiful the Microsoft continues to offer great deals, but we get all these fans spouting, “give indies a try losers.” When indies suck. There are more than enough AAA release titles that Sony could throw us, I still can’t believe they gave us Lords of the Fallen. The whole indie movement is stupid, like I said if you want indies buy a Nintendo and play Mario until you pass out, keep that garbage off current consoles.

    • That was my thinking at one point. Then over time Playstation broke me with all the boring crap it has been throwing at us. Still haven’t came across a free Indy that I liked.

  • 4 Vita games to add to my vast library! Thank you Gio Corsi and Shu.

    • I lost my VITA charger.

    • That is probably why they stay subscribed.

    • Yeah, great month for Vita! First time in awhile.

      A little disappointed This War of Mine was never ported to the Vita (it would be perfect on there and I fully expected Ubi to port it since they brought Child of Light, but oh well), but the rest are good. I loved playing Day of the Tentacle when I was a kid, and I’m sure Titan Souls controls perfectly on the Vita (I have it on Steam and it’s a great game).

    • Agreed, I love gaming on my Vita!

    • Not the brightest eh aBlahblahx? A phone charger works just fine with the Vita.

  • Another month that I’m very happy with, and not a single game I own, thoiugh I know on here it will likely get a lot of hate. Only Azkend looks a little weak, but I’ll hold back judgement until I try it.

  • I wish you would bring back Slugfest (MLB game)

  • When PS+ wans’t obligatory we got a lot of AAA games, but now… :'(

    • I think about that at the end of every month when I see what next months games are. I download them, try them, and then delete them. Super meat boy was the only one I’ve kept

    • Back then you got like 1-2 AAA games and some PS one games, or PS Mini games.

      PS3 will probably get dropped from PS Plus in a few more months. It’s only getting in the 10s of thousands of consoles sold a week. Versus the hundreds of thousands a week that PS4 does.

      Hopefully they’ll phase out hte PS3 soon but I doubt people will stop complaining if they do and we get more expensive games out of it. People won’t be happy because they’ll have already bought Assassin’s Creed Black Flag, or Killzone for $5 on a flash sale or they’ll complain that Knack was offered up.

  • Hey Playstation,

    I just wanted to say that I appreciate all the hard work and free games you give us each month. I always get something new to play or am reminded of a game that has slipped through my fingers. Please keep up the good work.


    • They are not free, you pay for them with your subscription.

    • Also, this is a fact. The games are not free. You pay with you subscription.

    • If the cost of games is more than $60 per year, then yes…You are essentially getting free games. Even the perpetual repeat of costs. Say they gave no more free games for an entire 2 years, and your subscription merely kept all past games, still at $60/yr, if you had bought all those games, it would over $4000. That means, that the 5 years of Plus, for a total of $310, with no discount, but instead full price, 5 yrs at $50,1 yr at $60, you have saved around $3500 USD.

      That is insane! And you know what, I think the “free games” vernacular is not really all that inaccurate from the perspective of “free” games when considering the value in Dollars. With at most, 10-15% of those having been games each user owned, on an estimated average, using my own stats, then it still is quite a deal.

      If they had given any AAA games, it’d likely be the case that I personally would have gotten a repeat anyways, especially since they have a rating requirement of 60% or above, might be slightly off with that value, but more or less. Again, I don’t necessarily mean that because it’s cool for me, screw everyone else, but they are giving quality games.

    • (Continued)

      …Maybe they aren’t your preferred games, even though you should likely expand your horizons, as This War of Mine and Day of the Tentacle, in particular, are freakin’ fantastic games, but at least they are less likely to be owned. The payout has a better chance of value for the consumer, for the price they charge, because less people have said games. Not because they are bad, just because they aren’t as popular.

      AAA games have huge budgets, but it doesn’t make them good. Maybe you try these out, before bashing them. This is a solid month, with maybe the exception of the Azkend 2 VITA offering, of which VITA quality seems to be consistently diminishing, likely they will cut VITA games within 2017, or maybe 1 VITA/1 VR.
      That being said, I am still going to try Azkend 2, cause I can’t assume it’s garbage, or at least not for me, until I play it.

      I do recommend you take the same approach with the PLUS offerings, or you can just be arrogant, and let your sub lapse, and just leave. Come back when it has a game you want, as simple as that.

    • a1560488a, Most people understand how their ps+ subscription works and that the “free” games aren’t actually free. Comments like yours are literally here every single month. You’re just being pedantic to start meaningless arguments.

    • Yeah, I will try This War of Mine. I usually try ever game that looks interesting.

  • These are nice games, but not worth the value of the subscription

    ONE.MORE.TIME, I’ll wait. But my guess is that Sony PS is losing credibility with these things.

    • Yeah. Not worth it.

    • How exactly is this not worth $60 for one years subscription? 60 / 12 = $5 a month. (I’m still riding $4.20 until 2017)
      Day of the tentacle = $15
      This war of mine = $30
      The Swindle = $15
      Titan Souls = $15

      That’s only for PS4 = $75

      Even if you just bought a 1-month sub at $10, all of these games individually are more expensive than that.

    • I measure the worth based on my interest in it. Now if you could sell the games…

    • They are definitely worth the subscription. As Money1000125 stated with his calculations it is worth it this month ALONE. Now factor in every other month and it just goes to show it is indeed a great deal and worth every penny.

    • curiously, what would you price each game if you could based upon interest?

  • AW HECK YEAH! I’ve been so close to actually buying day of the tentacle AND This little war of mine so many times, but didn’t because of college funds. Also, The swindle has been on my to-buy list for a decent while now, so I’m super happy about this month!

    Already own Titan Souls (Game is a little too hard for my taste)
    Not super interested in Blazerush or Azkend 2

    In sum: another Great month for me.

  • And my game back log grows every month!

  • Why did you raise the price of the membership? lol
    My membership expires on 5 january. Thank God. I will miss some online games, but I’ll focus on my single player only games that I have here. inFamous: Second Son, Ratchet & Clank, Until Dawn, The Witcher 3 Complete Edition… Everyone, but inFamous, I didn’t even start yet.

    I just want to know in how many time I have to re-sign the membership without losing my saves at the cloud storage?

    • Yeah, I agree. They shouldn’t of raised the price, but lowered it.

    • I surely would consider paying a third of subscription for online gameplay. I don’t remember which was the last plus game that I have played.

      Anyone know about the time that the save files remain at the cloud?

    • “Anyone know about the time that the save files remain at the cloud?”

      Forever. They don’t expire. They’ll be there for when you come back.

    • The saves remain in the cloud forever if your subscribed. If not, they remain for 6 months.

    • Whoops!

      My bad, it seems that is had been switch to 6 months at some point since the initial support for PLUS Cloud Saves.

      That being said, I couldn’t find an official source from SONY, but only references and posts from users without citations. I’ll try to confirm, but the general public consensus is that after you lapse, the saves are stored for 6 months, after which time there is no guarantee.

      I will try to confirm with a proper citation.

  • I remember the good old days when Sony was trying to catch up to Micro$oft when the PS3 was selling poorly. Giving us very good games, indies and retail, every month. Now that the PS4 is selling a little better than the Xbox One so $ony doesnt need to give us such good games anymore. Now Microsoft is the one giving its players the good games while we get trash. Funny have things turned around.

    • To bad I wasn’t subscribed at that time :(

    • Then why are you replying.

    • Microsoft isn’t really giving great games either. I have an Xbone and I like the games I get from games with gold consistantly as much, or less than with ps plus. Like look at January, It’s a tower defense game I’ve never heard of, Killer Instinct Season 2 which is included in the $20 KI sale thats been on for the last month, Outlast, which was free on PS+ 2 years ago and two decent xbox 360 games.

      I would much rather have Day of the Tentacle, which is one of the best adventure games ever made (and is so much better than the cave), This War of Mine, which isn’t my favourite, but is a surprisingly engaging experience, and Titan Souls which is one of the better isometric indie games. I agree that this month isn’t strong whatsoever, but the indies they are giving us are top quality ones, while Microsoft is giving me some cheap 360 games, a really strong fighting game that they give out every year and a unknown middle tier indie.

  • Great Month for Vita users.

    Happy with Day of the Tentacle and Titan Souls.

    Reserved for the other games

  • Everything about this looks great. Excited for Little Ones and Titan Souls, and the other titles look at least worth a play through. I am not really a stickler though, as I’ll try any game once, so PS+ never disappoints me(unless it’s a month where I own 90% of the titles).

  • buch crappy indies games

  • Thank you for DotT & Titan Souls! VITA MEANS LIFE

  • Are you guys trying how low can you go with these games? People bought their “most powerful” console to play this? Look at MS lineup this month. And what surprising is there’s actually people who defend this.

    • I am surprised too. For how much your paying this sin’t worth it.

    • What’s so impressive on games with gold this month? Killer Instinct is the only good offering.

    • I saved almost 40 dollars this month in sales thanks to PS+. This month alone.

      That’s why I defend it. The free games are really just icing on the cake. As long as one every now and again is interesting, I’m content.

    • You saved 40$ thanks to PS+? You realize the games go on sale for non+ users too… The plus sales are generally only 2$-5$ better than the regular sale… So unless you bought 8 games priced 30$ or more, I doubt you saved 40$ because of PS+

    • They’re anywhere from 2 to 20 dollars better, actually. But, even if you only save 5 dollars a month, that practically pays for PS+ alone.

  • Not a single thing here I won’t play or at least try because I’m an open-minded gamer that loves Indies and I always try everything before I pass judgment upon it.

    Plus I’ve been wanting to play day of the tentacle for a while so

  • Aw YEAH, Titan Souls!

    • Why does everyone like Titan Souls?

    • Well, because it is a great game! One of many great games by the publisher Devolver Digital, of Hotline Miami, Downwell, Shadow Warrior (the newer ones), OlliOlli, Broforce, Mother Russia Bleeds, Enter the Gungeon, etc…

      But never mind all of those great games, because they aren’t “Triple A”. Just screw ’em, right?

      Titan Souls is a unique game, which takes inspiration from the Boss structure of Shadow of the Colossus. Having to figure out how to defeat each Titan is an awesome experience, using only a single arrow to defeat them. It is quite exhilarating, and people like it. Cause it’s good. So, that’s why people like it. Cause it’s good. The game is good. Your opinion, as to it not being good, if that is indeed the case, is of a minority, not the majority.

      If you play it, you might like it.

    • Uhh no, I just never even heard of that game before.

    • @a1560488a

      You don’t know who Tim Schafer is.

      You never heard of Titan Souls.

      You claimed it would be years until PS+ got free VR games when in fact Hyper Void was a free VR game this month.

      Please, if u are going to troll at least be informed. Otherwise, you come off as an extreme casual and/or a kid. Why should anyone listen to you when you hardly know anything about gaming or the industry? I honestly feel bad for gamers as close minded as you. There are so many phenomenal games out there, but you can’t see past Overwatch and CoD. Enter the Gungeon, Salt n Sanctuary, and Alienation were some of the best games of the yr and for all intensive purposes they were indies. We are getting 4 excellent games on PS4 this month, just bc you aren’t informed enough to know the quality of them doesn’t make them bad games.

  • thanks for all the free games that you giving us every month, but i was hoping that you would start new year with more interesting titles.

    • 1. Its not free. You pay for the games with your subscription.

      2. What did you expect?

    • @a1560488a i think i get back my subscription money with titles like yakuza5, journey, prince of persia, dirt 3 on previous months.. and these are all on ps3! no need to mention other platforms ;)

    • The general opinion in that case is that the PS3 has a much better game selection overall. I suppose you could arguevthatvSony’s “heart is in the right place” lending so much support to indie developers but there is a point at which they may be leaning that way too much. Otherwise, Microsoft has a much better selection of indie games but only because they’re being so picky about who they work with *rolls eyes*

  • My god, some people here must be stupid… These games are FREE! And before anyone tries to call me out on “Oh, they aren’t free! You have to pay for the Playstation Plus subscription to get them! They’re gone when it expires!” Wanna know how much PS + would cost if they removed the free games? Exactly the same. Not a penny less. Nothing. We are getting MORE than we pay for and you are complaining because the extra you get is not what you want? Then don’t download it! But to complain because these extras are not what you want is pure entitlement at its worst. When you pay for a PS + Subscription, you are paying for two things: Online play and investing in bigger discounts.Sure, PS3 had triple A titles to offer but that was when online play was not a factor for it. Now it is. Either suck it up and enjoy what you do get, or cancel your subscription right this minute and don’t subscribe again.

    Besides these are great games regardless.

    • Wanna know how much PS+ would cost when you remove online play or save back ups? ‘Not a penny less’.


    • Benefit. As in Perk. As in extra not required but still nice to have. If you are seriously subscribing to get the free games as your key reason, I need to question your sanity.

    • All of the features of the subscription are a “benefit”.

    • @a1560488a

      + unown64 on December 28th, 2016 at 10:23 am said:
      As for their competitors, it would be easy to assume that Microsoft for instance has more money so one could argue that they can afford to provide [more] “free” services without their bottom line being affected.

      Ok, so either you don’t have a job or income to pay for anything so you’re used to getting free handouts or you’re just too lazy and irresponsible to pay for services rendered towards you lol

  • these games all suck. stop giving Vita games, the platform is dead as you yourself have publicly said. 3 PS4 games, 3 PS3 games per month and at least one AAA title.

    • Exactly. I don’t know anyone who play Vita.

    • You do realize that while the Vita may not be selling, it still has a playerbase that has subscribed to PS +? It’d be financial stupidity to alienate them because the system flopped. Their money is just as good as a PS4 user’s.

    • These games clearly don’t all suck. Day of the Tentacle has unilaterally great reviews, scoring higher than a lot of AAA titles. There’s still a vocal minority that play the vita and actually buy games for it.

    • VITA is outselling Wii U and on pace to sell what the original xbox sold.

      Gio Corsi had a VITA on stage and announced numerous games for it at PSX.

      3rd party development is booming on VITA and big games like World of Final Fantasy, DQ Builders, Zero Time Dilemma, Xcom, Attack on Titan, Severed, God Eater 2, Odin Sphere, WRC5, Rocket Birds 2, Skull Girls 2, and more recently released on the system.

      It sells well in Europe and Japan.

      Over 16 million passionate owners and excellent 3rd party support make the VITA very much alive. Bloodstained Ritual of the Night is slated for a 2018 release on VITA. So even in 2018 it won’t be “dead”.

      Awesome PS+ month, btw. Titan Souls ftw!

  • Wait, It’s not april fools yet, is it? Ffs playstation..

  • I think some of the more whiny and entitled fans tend to forget that PlayStation Plus wasn’t created to specifically Pander to their taste and that taste is 100% subjective so it is strictly Impossible by the laws of logic for every single month to appeal to every single person. There will always be someone who is happy with and always be someone who is unhappy with the content. I’ve never been unhappy with any of it

    • Thats because you like bad indies. Some people just like quality games and that is why they are complaining.

    • You know what’s funny, as I came across your comments. I didn’t even stop to consider, that your avatar is Prototype. If that is the “quality” of AAA that you’d wish upon, then oh dear are we lucky to be spared that cursed damnation of a game.

    • Lol. I just like those games.

    • @a1560

      You know very little about gaming, you are a casual, and to say these are “bad indies” without having played them and without knowing anything about them is laughable. Check out some reviews and then tell me Tentacle and This War are bad games.

  • I think people want AAA game every month. That not possible until end of PS4 life cycle. Look at PS3. Good games at end of PS3 cycle.

    • But when PS+ “free” games first came out, they promised one AAA game every month.

    • @a1560488a

      I have had PS+ since the first day it was available and there was never a promise made to include one AAA game every month. That was your weak mind playing tricks on you.

      You are full of misinformation and your opinion is not trustworthy.

    • @a1560488a

      That literally never happened. Either you’re paying a subscription to play online, or you’re paying a subscription for the games. I personally enjoy getting lesser known indie games, because any AAA games you’re getting are old and more often than not out of date. Either way, you’re getting a dollar value in games that’s much higher than any subscription you’re paying.

  • As someone who loves Monkey Island and specially Grim Fandango, and somehow never played Day of the Tentacle or Maniac Mansion, I can only say:


    Question, does the remaster contain Maniac Mansion?

    • I am sure it includes everything the base game had and every DLC like most remasters.

    • DLC? Do you even know what you’re talking about? This is a 90s Point and Click Adventure…There is no “DLC”…Just wow, can you please do a little research before commenting on every post, without any pre-textual knowledge? Maybe, just a google search at least?

    • Is Maniac Mansion not an addon/DLC? If not, then why did he ask?

    • It’s not an addon/DLC, because the base game, Day of the Tentacle, included Maniac Mansion when it originally came out. It wasn’t an addon/DLC/expansion pack or a collector’s edition. It just was the game.

      Since this is a remaster, it too included those elements, as they were built into the game. They didn’t remove it, but there is/was no DLC back then.

  • Why doesn’t Sony make a video to display all six free games? Titan souls looks cool, but get no publicity.

  • I’m a little disappointed but I’ll give then a shot and see how it goes.

  • Looks like the IndieStation 4 is doing just that, Indies! Another month of Indies, Yay!

  • Not a bad month! I know everyone wants AAA titles, and yeah it would be nice to be surprised with a newer AAA title here and there. But this is still a decent outing.

    I’m looking forward to Day of the Tentacle and Titan Souls! This War of Mine: The Little Ones reviewed really well, so I’ll definitely check that one out as well.

    • I don’t know about Titan Souls but I will This War of Mine: The Little Ones. Also, we have not gotten an AAA game on the PS4 in 6 months.

    • @a1560488a “we have not gotten an AAA game on the PS4 in 6 months.”
      Resident Evil, Transformers, NBA2K16 say hi unless you don’t count them as AAA games, then I just don’t know what to say to you anymore. Go get a real job and buy your own games instead of relying on PS+. This is not welfare or charity.

    • That Resident Evil game is so old that it should not be considered an AAA game by today’s standards.

    • So a game being old can effect it’s AAA status?

      Okay sorry Half-Life, Deus Ex, Metal Gear Solid, Mario 64, Mortal Kombat 1, Super Smash Bros., Final Fantasy VII…You’re too old to be Triple A. Cause that’s how it works.

    • @a1560488a

      Your lack of knowledge is astounding.

      In the last 6 months you claim PS+ hasn’t gotten any AAA games, but off the top of my head i can tell you we got…

      Resident Evil
      NBA 2K16
      Transformers Devastation
      Lords of the Fallen
      Saints Row GOoH
      Yakuza 5
      Call of Jaurez
      Dirt 3
      Prince of Persia

      That’s plenty of AAA games never mind all the great indies we got like Journey, Gone Home, Furi (day 1), Rapture, and of course Tentacle and This War. PS+ has been exceptional the past 6 months, take a look at September and October.

  • Hi it Is Me, Entitled Gamer.

    It’s time for me to write in and say that as an entitled gamer like 90% of the people who post in this forum, I deserve nothing less than AAA titles every month. I do not understand the principles of economics, I just know that I deserve only top rated games. I pay 60 dollars a year which means I should have 60 dollar games every month that just came out within the last two months. When that doesn’t happen, I will take to reddit and every other forum that will listen to me prattle on and complain about how the selection is weak and I don’t know what I am paying for and threaten to quit.

    The thing is, I will never quit because I need my PSN connection as the only way to communicate to the outside world in the form of yelling swear words, racial epithets, and insults about peoples family members while I play online games.

    Yours In Entitlement,

    Entitled Gamer.

    P.S. I don’t know if I was clear enough, but I deserve only 60$ titles every month for my 60$/year subscription.

    • Or at least one AAA game for the PS4 like they promised.

    • ohh i was hoping the only person more entitled than me would respond to my post!
      what did your parents get you for christmas?

    • + KidCommando on December 28th, 2016 at 9:24 am said:
      I have had PS+ since the first day it was available and there was never a promise made to include one AAA game every month.

      Clearly at this point @a1560488a is putting words in Sony’s mouth, I smell libel litigation

    • you know, they can keep up giving crap, but charging for the worst online service, with lag, bad download speed, bad servers that its unacceptable, we had it for free on ps3 thats why no one complain, But now they are charging for it, its time to demand a better service

      Entitled Gamer

    • We’re CUSTOMERS…..

      Welcome to CAPITALISM….

      Every CORPORATION believes in…..

      THE CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT…..we pay their bills :)

      YOU’RE a pathetic Loud Minority group……The silent Majority always wins….

    • @a1560488a Stop lying. They didn’t promise anything. Care to give some sources for your allegations?

  • OMG… if you didn’t like the games, buy the ones you like, stop crying like a baby!

  • This war of mine is most likely the only game I will download others don’t interest me. I hope in June the vita is dropped and the games get better.

  • Oh I love this lineup! <3 Thanks a lot, Sony!

  • I have an advice for Improvement of the Playstation Plus system… I think that more people would be happy if we could choose two types of plan for Playstation Plus, The current one that we have now, and another cheaper without free game nor discount for people that only wants to play online, More than that change the term “free” from those games, If anything requires payment to be taken, this is definitely not free.

    • I can’t agree more

    • “Free”

    • @Nikorasurox To be fair, the actual total value of said “free” games you get in the 12 month subscription period is a lot more than you’re paying just for 1 year of PS Plus service. Otherwise Sony has a right to charge for the use and maintenance of their servers. In that case they can actually label most if not all of the games as “free.”

      Of course you are entitled to your opinion, just know that opinions in and of themselves are subjective. In this case, everyone has their preferences as to genre, game play style, graphical design type, soundtrack etc. etc. etc.

      As for their competitors, it would be easy to assume that Microsoft for instance has more money so one could argue that they can afford to provide [more] “free” services without their bottom line being affected.

      I respectfully disagree.

    • There’s no such thing as a “free” lunch. There is nothing free, someone is always paying for it, which 10/10 times is you, in one way or another.

      You want free, then you get ads, by watching ads, you are paying for it, with your time. So…Free, in the sense of products, doesn’t exist. It is a term used by businesses, with the goal to get your attention.

      As far at these games being “free”, that is open to interpretation. If you do the math, after the $60 subtracted off from the total cost of these games individual price added up without PLUS, the cost goes to the reverse end, saving you money. Ergo…Free…It depends on how you look at it. You could also say that it’s just a really good deal!

    • (Continued)

      …I can’t say whether it’s confusing, as I don’t think anyone gets swindled into free games, not realizing you have to pay, but I understand how someone who is very clueless could somehow be misled, but they’d have to be pretty…well dumb. If you have a problem with the word though, again, I understand. Maybe it should be removed, and instead Games with Plus, or bring back the “Instant Game Collection” term. But TBH, “Free” games with subscription is simpler/clearer and more attractive to consumers, and not a lie.

    • All those words and yet you failed you grasp the 1st logic and reason in that train of thought. These games are a part of the paid Plus program. If you don’t pay that $60 or whatever discounted rate you got it for, you can’t play these games, period. Hence, they are not “free”. It’s marketing speak and you’ve clearly fallen for it if you believe that terminology. The perfect gullible consumer.

    • All those words, and yet you failed to read much, if not any, of them?

      I didn’t disagree that it’s not truely free. What I said that this phraseology used by businesses is not uncommon. Whether you disagree or not, I understand.

      What is the question, is whether it is misleading. It’s not. You just don’t like the terms the use, because of technicalities. It’s just marketing/advertising. And it’s flawed. Newsflash, Red Bull doesn’t give you wings either.

  • Oh man, this thread is too funny.

  • a bad way to start a year…. you know i wouldn’t mind crap for plus game if the online service its improved, but nothing have changed since ps3 era when it was free…. still slow download speed, lag, and crap servers. PLUS right now its more like MINUS, from bad games to bad online service, why charge for this…. just give us free online and at least people don’t have expectations and complain about bad games and bad online service.

  • I think Azkend 2 needs to be updated as a crossplay title for ps4/vita.

    Pulled directly from the store page:
    “Purchasing this content entitles you to both the PS4™ system and ‘PS Vita’ system versions!”!/en-us/games/azkend-2-the-world-beneath/cid=UP4403-PCSE00861_00-AZKEND2000000000

    Looking forward to trying the PS+ games for January.

  • A lot of weird games that look good, interesting month.

    PS: Stop with the PS3 and move on to PSVR or maybe extra games for PS4 or vita

    • Hey, hey.
      I know that it’s upsetting that PSVR doesn’t get free games on the monthly ps+ giveaways.
      But honestly don’t you think that there are way more PS3 players (that are ps+ members) than there are PSVR ps+ memebers?

      I have a PS3 and a PS4, and I personally would be so sad if Sony had stop giving away free PS3 games each month.

  • Why no Gravity Rush, Rayman or Knack? I don’t get it.

    • Gravity Rush was given out free for Vita already. So was Rayman Origins. Don’t think they usually give the same games out for a different system in a later month.

      Not sure why everyone wants Knack so much. It’s okay. Not nearly as good as something like Day of the Tentacle.

    • I already have vita version + all dlc years ago. This game is the reason to buy Vita. Already have Rayman Origins and Legends on my PS3 but its good game and i want it for my ps4. Not fan of Knack but rumors.

  • 4 games for PS4 and 4 for Vita… this is awesome!! Specially interested in This war of mine and Titan Souls.
    Thanks for the free games!

    • right? Will be a good month.

    • Not free.

    • Right, they´re not free. So let´s do the math. 2 games per console/handheld per month for 12 months makes 72 games a year -there´s actually more cause a lot of the titles are cross buy, but let´s leave it at 72. At 60 bucks that comes to 83 cents per game. So for 60 bucks you get 72 games AND 10gb online storage AND tons (tons) of extra discounts. And you need to play it online. You download and play 4 out of the 72 games and your subscription is pretty much paid off.

  • Are you serios saying “Enjoy” this Is another bad month

  • looks good for me. I love my Vita and can’t wait to play Day of the Tentacle and Titan Souls on it. The Swindle, maybe. I’ll give it a try. And this little war looks like an interesting switch.

    Just shouting out for my PS VR… it wants some PS+ love.

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