Platinum Wireless Headset Launching January 12

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Platinum Wireless Headset Launching January 12

I’m pleased to announce that our upcoming premium gaming headset, the Platinum Wireless Headset, will be available on January 12 for $159.99 (MSRP), $199.99 (CAD).The headset showcases enhanced, highly positional 7.1 virtual surround sound powered by PlayStation’s proprietary 3D audio technology. Hidden noise-cancelling microphones provide crisp, clear communication without the need for a boom mic. The headset combines superior construction and design offering style, durability, and maximum comfort – especially for long gaming sessions. Platinum is compatible with PlayStation VR and mobile devices using the included 3.5mm audio cable.

Platinum Wireless HeadsetPlatinum Wireless Headset

You may be familiar with 3D audio from PS VR games, which simulates the effect of audio arriving at your ears from different directions and distances to mimic the behavior of sound in real life. The Platinum Wireless Headset brings 3D audio to PS4 games, making for incredibly immersive experiences. At launch, Naughty Dog will be the first to incorporate 3D audio into a game with a patch for Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. A variety of upcoming games will support 3D audio including MLB The Show 17, Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, and Days Gone with more to come.

The team at Naughty Dog was excited to take advantage of this new technology to make Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End sound better than ever. Check out the video below to hear more about how 3D Audio brings new life to Nathan Drake’s adventures.

We showed the Platinum Wireless Headset at PlayStation Experience, so some of you may have already had the chance to try it. From the premium construction to the high-quality sound, we’ve worked hard to make this our best gaming headset to date.

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  • Don’t care much for the 3D or wireless features because it’s one more thing I gotta worry about charging. What I really want to know is if the sound and mic quality is noticeably better from the Gold Wireless headset… Need to know if there’s an improvement, otherwise getting the HyperX Cloud II next.

  • Do these headphones track HRTF movements?

  • These look almost identical (in terms of buttons, inputs, placement) of my $300 SONY (yes SONY) bluetooth noise cancelling headphones (Sony H.ear on Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphone, Charcoal Black (MDR100ABN/B)). However, I can’t use those with the PS4 for unless I use the headphone jack (as Bluetooth headsets are not supported).

  • How has the Gold not had a massive recall for breakage? This is such an epic fail on the scale of the 360’s RROD.

  • So are these also over ear like the gold?

  • Well hope their a lot better than the cheap Gold that broke on me only after one year of owning them

  • What I’m worried about is if their cushions are easy to replace? I have the gold headset and the ear cushions are destroyed and I don’t think there is a way to replace them.

  • This headsets have PC compatibility? (chat and 7.1 audio)
    I have Razer Kraken Pro 7.1 is intended for PC but… it have PS4 compatibility but the 7.1 doen’t work.. the console need an update to be fully functional with the 7.1 audio

  • Sounds cool Sony

    • Should spam Shu and other execs twitter pages with pictures of broken headsets due to cheap designs. Hashtag it or something. Its a shame nice tech has to be attached to crappy headbands and hinges.

    • I’m kinda surprised there hasn’nt been a class action filed against Sony ov3r these things breaking. I had the original 7.1 stereo sets for the PS3 and they were solid. I’ve had two pair if the Pulse Elites and both broke near the ear piece while putting thèm on or taking off. I’m not rough on my electronics, ànd there is no waya set should break so easily just while putting them on. There is definitely a manufacturing flaw in Sony’s headsets. I wont be spending more hard earned money on chaeply built over priced junk.

      Sony also has developed a rep for putting out hardware and leaving users with no support I invested in expensive 3D because harware because of PS3 3D support, then they didn’t enable it on PS4, has psp, got ignored, has vita, got ignored. Now they thi k I’m going to plop down another $550 for VR with 3D sound? Not going to happen Sony.

  • Will the headphones have any smartphone app support or just function as any other wired headphones?
    Also que 3D Audio format is something only Sony will use in their games or can expect to see this supported elsewhere?

  • So will the Platinum headset only connect to mobile devices with the 3.5 mm headphone jack?

    • Gaming Headsets use radio frequencies to transmit the audio. Most mobile devices just use Bluetooth which has a very low bit rate & some latency compared to RF of WiFi headsets.

  • I do hope more developers support the Headset Companion App in the future. Surprised nothing from Dice or Treyarch for their games.

  • Does it also work wirelessly with your Bravia Android tv’s or Str-dh770 receiver? Trying to find headphones that support A2DP…

  • I have the Sony Pulse headset. Had them forever. Is the Platinum headset gonna be a major improvement?

  • Do not buy these headphones! Sony must learn that it’s time to correct their mistakes in design/build quality. I have not broken my wireless gold headphones however I’ve seen hundreds of complaints both on this forum and on Amazon. For anyone needing more proof just look up the wireless gold headset on Amazon and see all the pictures of broken headsets both at the center of the flexible band and at the folding hinge.

  • When the consumers don’t take action by not purchasing a product the manufacturers just assume that everything is ok. Things won’t change until they start to lose money due to lost sales. Money is the only thing that motivates any business. Without it there is no business. I suggest that you all take action by either contacting Sony and letting them hear our concerns or by simply not purchasing these until the build design completely changes. I would expect 5 dollar headphones to break. When spending 80 dollars or more on the gold headset or 150 on this new platinum set design failure is totally unacceptable. For 150 dollars very high quality headphones from other manufacturers can be had. Both wired and wireless. Do your research people and don’t forget things won’t change if we keep blindly buying these faulty products

  • Also 3d audio is a gimmick that only changes input audio based on in game camera angle. Additionally if its up to the game developers to take advantage of this feature and not something automatically built into the headphones/games then I wouldn’t hold your breath. After a few months developers won’t be using this feature anymore and you’ll be out 159 dollars.

  • If you are stupid and careless with your items hen yes they will break. I’ve had my golds for a long time and store them properly on a headphone stand and not fold them up like a fool everyday, That is meant for travelling, so yea my headphones are in mint shape because I am intelligent enough to keep them that way. All these people breaking their headphones is user issues clearly.

  • Please tell me its still coming out January 12th, Amazon changed their release date to the 31st. I seriously just preordered it yesterday because it was coming out soon.

    • Have you found out yes or no for the 12th being the release date? I did the same as you. Amazon had it as Jan 10th when I ordered mine so idk what’s going on?

    • @jamesbuick69

      No. I talked to a someone on Sony’s help chat though and they said I will be able to get one on the 12th, but who knows what they really know.

  • How about support for Dolby Atmos and DTS X, for those of us that have the receivers to support it? If they are working on 3D sound profiles for the headset, they could do the same for those who employ Atmos n the homes.

  • So, is the headset still coming out on January 12th? Because Amazon says it’s coming out on the 31st. And I pre ordered this head set back in October. So I would like some clarification if possible.

  • Might be a stupid question, but let me get this straight, the 3D audio will work wireless on the PS4?

  • I’m asking the same question a couple other people are & that is when is the actual release date? When I pre-ordered on Amazon it was Jan 10th. Now it’s Jan 31st yet PlayStation Twitter feed along with this blog says Jan 12th which is what I’m hoping. Could you please respond?

  • 3 replies out of 112 comments? Lol. Who’s running this blog anyways? Microsoft, sorry but there should be more answers.

  • It’s the 12th, can’t find these though?

  • It’s January 12th and these aren’t in stores. My Christmas money is burning a hole in my pocket. Hurry up and release these!

  • I hope I’m not asking this too late, but would anyone know how well this might work with over-the-ear hearing aids?
    Most headphones tend to induce feed-back whistling at decent volume levels, or I have to position the head-set “just so” that I can hear it well with my aid volume upped, but when it to moves a mm or two (turning my head ever so slightly), it breaks out in deafening feed-back.
    Might anyone have an idea to counter this, otherwise (in-the-ear are not an option)?
    Or good (3D audio) head-sets for those w/ O.t.E. aids (compatible w/ PS & maybe smart-phones)?

    … Just my $. 02 worth; feel free to give change back.

  • So this has obviously been delayed agin. But the question is, When? I was hoping to receive my preorder today but the order is still in preorder status

  • How does this headset differ from the original Pulse Elite headset? Do they share the same schematics? If not, what are those differences?

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