Platinum Wireless Headset Launching January 12

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Platinum Wireless Headset Launching January 12

I’m pleased to announce that our upcoming premium gaming headset, the Platinum Wireless Headset, will be available on January 12 for $159.99 (MSRP), $199.99 (CAD).The headset showcases enhanced, highly positional 7.1 virtual surround sound powered by PlayStation’s proprietary 3D audio technology. Hidden noise-cancelling microphones provide crisp, clear communication without the need for a boom mic. The headset combines superior construction and design offering style, durability, and maximum comfort – especially for long gaming sessions. Platinum is compatible with PlayStation VR and mobile devices using the included 3.5mm audio cable.

Platinum Wireless HeadsetPlatinum Wireless Headset

You may be familiar with 3D audio from PS VR games, which simulates the effect of audio arriving at your ears from different directions and distances to mimic the behavior of sound in real life. The Platinum Wireless Headset brings 3D audio to PS4 games, making for incredibly immersive experiences. At launch, Naughty Dog will be the first to incorporate 3D audio into a game with a patch for Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. A variety of upcoming games will support 3D audio including MLB The Show 17, Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, and Days Gone with more to come.

The team at Naughty Dog was excited to take advantage of this new technology to make Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End sound better than ever. Check out the video below to hear more about how 3D Audio brings new life to Nathan Drake’s adventures.

We showed the Platinum Wireless Headset at PlayStation Experience, so some of you may have already had the chance to try it. From the premium construction to the high-quality sound, we’ve worked hard to make this our best gaming headset to date.

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  • I’m assuming this will be compatible with the Headset Companion App like the rest of the PlayStation family headsets?

    Also besides the obvious 3D audio what are the differences between the Platinum and Gold headsets. Just curious I’ll probably go ahead and upgrade from the Gold anyways.

    • Hi JayBizzle,

      Yes the Platinum Wireless Headset is compatible with the Headset Companion App!

      Other than 3D audio there are other great features, larger 50mm drivers tuned for 3D audio, more advanced, noise-cancelling mics and improved battery life. In games with 7.1 virtual surround sound it also sounds better because we can leverage the horsepower of our 3D audio technology.

    • The question is
      Is this thing made of the same cheap plastic as the gold headset. I’ve had 3 and let me tell you in one CRACK!

    • My Silver headset band cracked as well. First they crush your ears! You figure there is a breaking period but if they slowly stretch, they break. I think the downloadable 3D / 7.1 channel sound profiles are a gimmick. It’s still an analog plugable 3.5mm jack at the end of the day. The companion app offers a basic adjustable EQ. That’s about as fancy as it gets.

      Note If you use the new PS4 Slim with USB direct mode for audio (latest dualshock 4) there may be a humming noise when switching to ‘all audio’ to go over the stereo headphones. I don’t hear a hum in mono (stock). Use the test mic volume control to hear the hum. Your mileage might vary depending on the grounding/shielding of your equipment and USB accessories.

      I’m not saying that the wireless Platinum isnt made of higher quality than Gold / Silver (Pro too?) but read the user reviews and look for discounts or price drops if you risk buying one. Just know if the wireless headset breaks what you can and cannot salvage from it? For me the Silver at least left me with USB audio controls with a headphone jack. So headphones are user preference.

      Sony why don’t you just sell this USB audio cable by itself?

    • Thank you Steve for the prompt reply! Haven’t been back on the blog until today.

      The Platinum headset sounds awesome! I’ll definitely being upgrading from the Gold.

    • I love my Gold Headset & use them on my PC too. I’ll definitely upgrade to the Platinum!
      I haven’t been babying my Gold Headset & I move it from the living room to my bedroom downstairs a lot & haven’t had any issues with the build of the headset.
      I also use them when traveling.
      Can’t wait for the new model.

  • So, will this work with PSVR in a way that we can have wireless 3D audio and not need to hook the headphones into the headmounted display cable? If so I am sold.

    • “Platinum is compatible with PlayStation VR and mobile devices using the included 3.5mm audio cable.”

    • 50mm drivers

      3D audio

      Better 7.1 vss

      Stronger build

      Improved noise cancelling mic

      Improved battery life over the Gold and Pulse Elites

      I tried the Platinums and they are amazing.

    • The 3D processor for sound in VR games is in the PSVR’s CPU and cannot be captured using the headphones wireless. It has to be connected to the headphones directly to be heard.

  • The real questions are: How does it compare to the Gold wireless headset? What are the real benefits of the headset? Presumably, this is targeted at the PSVR crowd, with “3D audio” but according to Shuhei on Twitter “Thanks to the processing unit included with PSVR, no matter what headphones you plug into the jack on the headset cable, you’ll receive 3D audio.” I’m just not seeing the benefit that this headset brings over the Gold tier.

    • Hi ABTBenjamins,

      You can use it with 3D audio as mentioned above with the included 3.5 mm cable. It sounds great because the headset was designed with 3D audio in mind.

      The cool thing about the Platinum Wireless Headset is that for games like MLB The Show 17, Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, and Days Gone you can also enjoy the game with 3D audio. Virtual worlds sound larger and sound is more positionally accurate. In a nutshell, more lifelike.

  • I’m hoping it’s far superior construction to the Gold headset, which already broke at the left hinge, less than a year old. Still functions, but I had to get creative with some metal bits and electrical tape to keep it from falling apart completely.

    • Yeah they should’ve put that metal at the hinge area.

    • I’m taking a wait and see approach. The Gold and Elite headsets tended to start to break after a year. Give it enough time (especially if you’re PSVR user, where we have a year before we see anything that takes real advantage of it) and you’ll know if it breaks and it’ll be on sale by then.

    • I don’t know what you guys are doing to your headset to brake or Crack them, because I have the limited edition white headset and the regular black pair and I transport my black pair to work all the time and I’ve never broke or cracked them or had any problems out of them. I keep them folded up in it’s bag that it came with it and I take it with me all over the place and I never had any problems. How are you guys braking your headset? Yall must have Frankenstein size heads or something

  • Would get them if they had a better design. ..that plastic breaks even with gentle use.

    • Yeah I mean I love these headphones with the plastic is so cheap I’ve had two of them and they both broke I don’t want to go through that again

  • Will these be sturdier than previous models? I’ve tried both the Silver and Gold headsets and they’ve both snapped in the middle, and my head is not overlarge.

  • as a fan of this line of headsets, i’m wondering if people with slightly abnormally sized heads can wear them without the plastic cracking apart or breaking. that has been a serious problem for me with the pulse headset. i noticed you guys put in a metallic framing which i think should be pretty cool and durable, but i need to know if it’s been given that good ol’ stress test. otherwise, i’m pretty excited for this product.

  • Does it also feature the PlayStation brand staple of breaking at the handband near the earcups like all the others. That has to be my favorite feature. Never mind how shameful it is to get headphones from a company like sony with its long history in audio devices.

  • Good news everyone!

    Sorry, i have a question, could you use the PLATINUM hs and the PULSE hs at the SAME time with a PS4?
    To see a movie on PS Video, or to play couch multiplayer games without disturbing the others at home.


    • I’ve tried this with a Pulse elite and a Gold, NO. Only if they are both hard wired (3.5) into a controller each. Which is a little annoying because then you couldn’t use the headsets features and it was no where near as loud. So yes but No

  • Love my Gold wireless headset. Still going strong after 2 years.

    I just don’t fully understand how this new Platinum headset works.
    When playing non VR games that will support 3D audio such as Uncharted 4, how does the headset connect to the ps4? Does it use a USB wireless adapter like the Gold? (Would be great if it didn’t need it) Or must it be wired via 3.5mm?

    And for titles that don’t support 3D audio, does this model simulate 7.1 surround like the Gold does?

    Is it wirelessly compatible with ps3 as well?

    I would definitely consider upgrading to this model depending on the answers to my above questions.

    • xDD90x,

      The Platinum Wireless Headset also includes a wireless adaptor so it can connect to your PS4 system without wires.

      For titles that do not have 3D audio support, the Platinum Wireless Headset has an enhanced version of 7.1 virtual surround sound. So even in games without 3D audio the Platinum Wireless Headset will have better virtual surround sound.

      Yes it will work wirelessly with with PS3 systems but you will not be able to take advantage of some of the more advanced features.

  • Having owned several models of PS headphones, I have to call snake oil, on this 3D audio. All the former models have offered the same virtual 7.1 sound. I am almost positive that these headphones are virtually the same as former models, taking visual cues from one model and button layout from another. The innovation, if any, occurs in the software which delivers positional audio based on the in-game avatar. There are no lights on the headset to be tracked by the camera, nor is the requirement of the camera mentioned, as is required by PS VR for tracking. The only other tracking method would be an accelerometer inside the headset, and there is no mention of this. Simply, this is the same old headset as former generations, perhaps integrating all the desired features, but bringing nothing new to the table. I see no reason the same 3D audio can’t be achieved with former models of PS headset, since the real magic is happening in the game software. Notice that Naughty Dog said, “I can’t wait to see how other games use this technology.” It’s up to the game developers to implement 3D audio. If the headset doesn’t track head position independently, there is no reason the same effect can’t apply to other headsets.

    • You seem to have a fundamental misconception of what 3D audio is. It has nothing to do with head tracking; it’s about rendering positional audio so that your ears receive distinct cues about the exact location of all the sounds, relative to the game’s camera. This has nothing to do with your head position in real life in a non-VR game. There are many binaural audio cues necessary to accurately represent 3D audio, including ear time of arrival, head diffraction, and pinna filtering. Previous 5.1/7.1 headphones can only do some of this processing, because their inputs are planar (2D) in nature. Therefore, the basic HRTF filtering used in prior headsets cannot represent sounds that are “up” or “down” in any sense. The Platinum is the first self-contained headset that has DSP capability built-in that can be fed positional, object-based audio comprising a full 3D sphere, and then represent that spherical audio stream accurately, with all the binaural cues intact. This is a completely different way of rendering headset audio, and so no, this technique cannot be simply applied to other headsets.

  • I’d advise people to say away from this hardware, why you ask? They don’t support their headsets. I bought the Pulse Elite Edition Wireless Stereo Headset which came out 4 years ago. They promised support for a Destiny sound profile 2 years ago and never delivered. See comments in this Blog post:

    It’s like they forgot it even existed. Here are a list of games that got new sound profiles that the Pulse Elite didn’t. The Last Guardian, Watch Dogs 2, Deus Ex Mankind Divide, No Man’s Sky, Paragon, Uncharted 4, The Show 16, Ratchet & Clank, Assassin’s Creed Syndicate, Uncharted Collection, Destiny, and Driveclub. So much for being Elite! I’m very disappointed you guys really dropped the ball.

  • Can’t wait to try this with the PS VR on Resident Evil 7 Biohazard!

  • Still the same terrible design, there’s no chance of em lasting longer than 2 weeks of active use.

  • How do these compare to the pulse elite headset?

  • I’d advise people to say away from this hardware, why you ask? They don’t support their headsets. I bought the Pulse Elite Edition Wireless Stereo Headset which came out 4 years ago. They promised support for a Destiny sound profile 2 years ago and never delivered. See comments in this Blog post: Google “New PlayStation Headsets Detailed, Compatible with Destiny Audio Mode – PlayStation.Blog” it’s the 1st result.

    It’s like they forgot it even existed. Here are a list of games that got new sound profiles that the Pulse Elite didn’t. The Last Guardian, Watch Dogs 2, Deus Ex Mankind Divide, No Man’s Sky, Paragon, Uncharted 4, The Show 16, Ratchet & Clank, Assassin’s Creed Syndicate, Uncharted Collection, Destiny, and Driveclub. So much for being Elite! I’m very disappointed you guys really dropped the ball.

    • Just upgraded to tha gold or platinum, u’ll be fine

    • Sure spend another $200 in Canada and throw the old one in the landfill. I don’t think so.

      Ignore the double post, as I was waiting for the original post link approval.

    • 3D audio is a huge step forward and this headset supports new, propriety technology that previous headsets did not.

      The 3D audio technology will enhance even regular games that do not support 3D audio.

      The 7.1 vss is improved.

      The drivers are bigger (50mm) than the Gold’s so it should provide more kick.

      It has a metal over bracket that should prevent cracking and the ear cups do not have a weak spot like the Pulse Elites.

      I loved the Pulse Elites, and it was awesome that they’re supported on the PS4, but the 3D audio is too enticing to pass up. I just wish these launched in November.

  • Any chance on a return of Bass impact? Longer Battery? Most of all can I use it wired while still on?? Hated using on my vita at half volume you know. Either way day one purchase. Thanks Sony.

  • So are these ones actually durable or will they break after several uses like the Gold Wireless Headset?

  • Excellent! I’m definitely upgrading to Platinum & my Golds will be for everyday mobile use with my PsVita & smart phone!! #PlayStationMVP

  • Will this use the same USB dongle as the Gold headset? Would it be compatible wirelessly with other devices (i.e. phones, TV, computers, etc.)?

  • How many “presets” doesn the Platinum set hold? Pulse Elites held 5 presets and that was drastically reduced to 1 on the Gold headset. How many presets? Pulse Elites I can store 5 1. The Last of Us 2. Shooter 3. Racing 4. Infamous 5. Hip Hop. This was a great feature, will it make a come back on the Platinums?

  • The PLUSE headset had 7.1 virtual surround sound. Whats the difference. And had real PLUSE when things exploted or guns shooting. They really lost support for that one.

  • Tell me this isn’t using the optic output? Because look at that, I have no optic output on my PS4 slim!

    • This isn’t using the optical output. It uses a USB wireless dongle. Both 7.1 and 3D audio work in wireless mode over the USB dongle for non-VR games. The VSS and 3D audio processing happens in a DSP inside the dongle, just like previous wireless headsets.

  • Gotta say, my gold headset snapped in half recently. Bought it less than a year ago but dont have a receipt for the year warranty..
    Also it snapped as I was putting it on my head, shards of plastic scraped across my face and cut my forehead up.

    Looked online and hundreds of people had the same problem. Very poorly built.

    Do not buy these, Sony has failed to fix the issue with the golds so i doubt they would care enough to fix it in this one…

    This is coming from a huge Sony fan. Just kinda ****ed I wasted $120 and got my face cut up.

  • A very important selling point to me is based around this one question: does this headset have real bass or inducers that vibrate your head simulating bass?

    I had purchased a pair of pulse headsets under the false assumption that it was real bass adjustments… no. It was inducers. Returned them the same day I got them.

    Dearly apologize if this comes off as rude… I’m just a stickler for sound. Real sound. And bass. Real bass.

    • Oh and I wasn’t aware this headset was at PSX. I would have certainly checked it out while I was there. *sadface*

    • There are no bass inducers on the Platinum. It has 50mm drivers (see Sony’s specs), which are large enough to provide considerable bass extension relative to smaller drivers (i.e., they can move more air because of increased surface area). For comparison, the previous Gold headset had 40mm drivers.

    • Exquisite. Thank you very much! I will more than likely be buying these, then. I truly believe Sony has amazing products and I am happy to see how this generation of Playstation is turning out.

  • I have gone through 2 PS headsets.
    The ear cup snapped off on my first one after about a year of use.
    The polyester covering the foam around the ear cup started disintegrating on my 2nd one.
    Bought a Turtle Beach headset last x-mas for $150 and it’s overall a better quality headset.
    The PS headsets are all overpriced. I for one don’t care about 3-D audio anyways. I shall pass.

  • All these abusive people, lol. If you’d take better care of your products, then perhaps they wouldn’t be breaking.

    I love my Gold headset. WAY better than the Sony ones I’d gotten a couple years before. I don’t see enough benefit for these Platinum ones though, not for more than twice the price of the Gold ones ($60 on sale). Maybe add a comparison chart to this post, showing specific improvements?

    • A comparison chart would be nice!

      And yeah, too those people…Maybe you should take better care of your products, cause my Gold has been fine for over a year. Just take care of your stuff people.

    • I’m very gentle with my electronics and i have multiple pairs of cheap $20 gaming headsets that last…the cheap materials are the problem not the users.

    • The Platinums have bigger drivers (50mm) wheras the Gold’s had 40mm. So the Platinum headset will provide more bass and more kick.

      Platinums have better 7.1 virtual surround sound which is enhanced by the built-in propriety 3D tech.

      Platinums have 3D audio technology, the Gold’s do not. Games like Uncharted and Days Gone have been developed to use this 3D audio technology. However, the 3D audio technology inside the Platinum headset will also improve the sound quality and positional awareness in all regular PS4 games as well. Hence a more lifelike experience with true sound. It should help competitive mp gamers recognize enemy positions better as well.

      The dual mic is also improved with better noise cancelling.

      The Platinum headset is also sturdier with a metal bracket and stronger overall build.

      The Platinum headset sports more audio mode presets (on the headset) than the Gold’s as well.

      The Platinum headset features a longer battery life than the Gold’s.

      The Platinum headset is vastly superior to the Gold headset in virtually every area. Bigger drivers, stronger build, 3D audio, better mic, longer battery life, more bass,better 7.1..

    • I have headphones from the 70’s that are still in perfect condition and have seen considerable use. I have Pulse Elites that broke while sitting on my shelf. The fabric separated leaving Black dust everywhere and the silver plastic cracked near the ear cups. I barely used them since I mainly had them for my PS3. Everyone I know has had similar experiences with the previous headsets and each one takes great care of their things.

  • Oh good, my second pair of Pulse Elites are on their last legs.

  • COMPLETELY off topic but.. The link to the new holiday sales page is broken. Fix please.

  • I have the uncharted 4 headset. The blueish one. Would this be a good upgrade? Or are they basically the same?

    • The Platinum headset is vastly superior. It has 50mm drivers compared to 40mm drivers on your headset. The Platinums will provide more bass.

      The Platinums also have 3D audio technology which the Gold headset does not.

      The Platinums have a stronger build, better mic, more presets, and improved 7.1 vss.

      The Platinums are worth the upgrade. If you try them you’ll know.

  • I have the Gold headset and will likely upgrade to Platinum for 3D audio in non-PSVR games. My Gold headset has been used a lot and has never broken or cracked in any way.

    So obviously the Platinum has some sort of motion sensor in it, other wise ANY headset would work with 3D audio, which is not the same as virtual 7.1 at all. Virtual 7.1 is 3D effect in a FIXED space. 3D audio moves with you. Turn your head and you hear different things. The press release should have been more clear on this!

  • Ok maybe 3D audio makes no sense in a non-VR game (where it works as I described) because why are you going to turn your head away from the screen? If it DOES work relative to the IN-GAME camera, then what the heck makes it different from virtual 7.1, which already seems to do the SAME thing?!

  • So yes, if the 3D audio for Platinum doesn’t work exactly the same as it does on the VR and works based on CAMERA position in-game, then you guys really need to explain how that is different from 7.1 surround sound, where sounds already move around based on camera position!

    • I explain all this above in detail in my reply to akibake. In short, 3D audio has nothing to do with head tracking; it’s all about rendering 3D spherical audio with accurate binaural cues. It is absolutely different from 7.1, which is only rendered in a 2D plane with no height or depth. I have heard the Platinum headset myself firsthand and I can confirm the 3D mode does not sound anything like 7.1 mode (though the headset supports both modes). Once you’ve heard it, you’ll understand the difference. :)

  • My previous headsets cracked like so many others. Not touching these until I hear months of feedback that they don’t break.

    And how about making a remote control? That PDP one is crap! Look at the reviews on Amazon.

  • I have the Gold Headsets, which work wonderfully. I also have VR, but for asking price I’m wondering if the upgrades are noticeable enough to warrant going to buy a new one (when mine works perfectly well)?

  • I’m assuming this is only Bluetooth and wireless when the dongle is attached to the ps4? Shame really would love to use this on my smartphone and watch without needing a cable.. Gonna have to pass on this if that’s the case. How is that even considered Bluetooth when it’s restricted to needing the accessory to function?

  • i hope those don’t break

  • Okay mr. Mediator reading these comments
    I have read most of them myself and I don’t see you answering the biggest question and everybody else is asking. Will these new platinum headphones feature upgraded construction from the gold?. because the previous gold headsets have a problem with a break on the hinges. Will these platinum headphones be stronger around that hinge section?. If they are going to be stronger how so? How did Sony fix this problem? I have had three of the gold headsets and they all have broken around the hinge section. Please provide an answer to these questions as the answer to these questions will determine if I upgrade to these new Platinum headphones or a set of wireless Turtle Beach headphones. Thank you.

  • I’ve been wait for these headphones for ever! Very disappointed they didn’t come out sooner!! :(
    I’ve already bought Astro A50 wireless gen 3.

  • I just hope these headsets have better build quality and bass. I have a turtle beach 800 and the difference in bass with the Gold headset is huge. I will keep the turtle beach until these ones come out.

  • What kind of USB dongle does this have? Is it closer to the Gold headset dongle where it’s just a short stick that plugs into USB, or is it like the Elite dongle where it has USB, but also has a 3.5 headphone jack so you can use analog audio with it as well?

    I currently use a mixer with all my devices going into it, so having an analog input that is wireless would be very beneficial and would probably get me to buy this. If it’s only USB on the dongle, then I might as well stick with the wired headphones.

    • (Also, specifically talking about the analog jack ON the dongle, not on the headphones. It doesn’t seem to have it in the images, but it only shows one side of the USB dongle there.)

    • There is no 3.5mm input jack on the dongle. Wireless mode can only be used via USB audio with the dongle plugged into a PS3, PS4 or PC (the 3D audio feature only applies to PS4). It’s roughly the same size as the dongle for the Gold headset, just slightly thicker.

  • I’ll stick to my now reduced to 7.1 surround setup and the Gold Wireless for when in party chat/gaming online.

    That being said, I would like to strongly suggest Sony make a bigger push for developers to use the Companion App for their games. It’s been incredibly disappointing to see the lack of the support since I bought the White LE PS Gold headset September 2014. I was incredibly excited about that feature yet it’s been practically non existent. There needs to be these customized audio settings for MORE games. Especially but not limited to the big guns. Destiny was fantastic, Bloodborne was fantastic, Driveclub was fantastic, each one of the few-several I’ve used have enhanced the audio through the Gold headset. So please, Sony, work harder on bringing more custom game audio to the companion app.

    • The presets are made by the game’s developer. If you want to see a specific preset, you should communicate that to the developer of the game you want a preset for, not Sony.

  • Sadly, “I” broke my PlayStation Pulse Elite Edition Wireless Stereo Headset, by dropping my backpack while traveling. They still function, barely, but I’ve been waiting for the PlayStation Platinum Wireless Headset to come out so I could upgrade.

    Noting some of the comments, which I appreciate that the Blog hasn’t deleted/removed, may have me reconsidering making a purchase at launch. Perhaps I will be better served by waiting a bit for some reviews/insight before buying. I hope the concerns prove to be unfounded, I’ve really enjoyed my Pulse Elite’s.

  • Huge fan of the golD wireless! Ended up getting a 2nd pair because my first ones broke [it was my fault]

    Snagged a ps4 pro couple weeks ago, purposely waited on these instead of replacing the gold I have now. Can’t wait!

    One question:

    Are these closer to the ear? Meaning can people around me still hear everything I’m doing? Just curious. The gold wireless didn’t “trap” my ears the way I anticipated, hoping these do it!

  • I’ve had the Pulse and currently Gold (or what’s left of it) headsets, build quality is terrible, neither have lasted in complete form more than a year.

    The Pulse I didn’t bother to give away, just threw it in the trash after I got the Gold set as it was broken badly.

    My Golds earcups are currently dangling only by their wires, it looks like a marionette when holding it by the head band and the cups just swinging.

    I’d rather my Skull Candy Grind headset be compatible for at least sound so I can play silently at night and when I watch Vue\Movies, but nope, Sony doesn’t like that.

    IF I decide to get a Platinum then it will be the last chance I give you for making a quality built headset, but I’m not gonna hold my breath as these are too similar in build look.

  • I’m getting it, hopefully it won’t feel cheap like the gold headset

  • A question from someone that is not an expert in audio. I was planning to purchase a Bose Quietcomfort 35 this weekend for personal use and also using as headset for gaming on PS4/PC. Now I see this Platinum headset with enhanced features and – apparently – a superior quality compared to previous versions.

    Do you recommend I move forward on my initial plan or should I invest on Platinum? Please bear in mind that I’m looking for a balance between let’s say “outdoor daily life” and my gaming moments.

    Thanks in advance!

  • I’m wondering if these are considered a huge leap forward, in all aspects, compared to my Pulse elites. I’ve had those cans since they first released on ps3, and they are still together, in almost mint condition, because I take care of my high end electronics. The only issue about them being built like a tank is that they weigh as much after the first hour of play. I’m liking that the platinums look very light, and have some good features, but I just want to know if it’s a large enough advance to consider retiring my elites.

  • Does it still have the usb dongle for connection or is it using BT this time around?

  • Sounds like this one uses the Bluetooth dongle agian. Would be nice if we could just connect any headset via Bluetooth to ps4. But it doesn’t recognize even the Sony headsets. I just plug mine I to the controller jack and they work fine. The gold works okay still I even threw it against the couch once in rage when I lost in a game and it survived. I have several other gaming headsets already so won’t be getting this unless the Gold breaks.

    • That’s because the dongle and headsets aren’t bluetooth, it’s a different RF protocol.

      Bluetooth doesn’t support a microphone and the high quality audio at the same time, it’s either one or the other.

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