PS Plus: Free Games for December 2016

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PS Plus: Free Games for December 2016

‘Tis the season for games and gaming! As you cozy up next to your PlayStation, prepare for a holiday treat. This month we have Invisible Inc. Console Edition on PS4, and the ever-changing narrative of Stories: The Path of Destinies.

Invisible Inc. Console Edition combines turn-based strategy with the world of espionage. Use stealth, technology, and teamwork to break into the most dangerous corporations in the world.

If stealth and intrigue isn’t your cup of cocoa this winter, no worries! Stories: The Path of Destinies on PS4 is also coming your way. Guide the heroic Reynardo through an always evolving world that will feel colorful and vibrant, where your choices will affect not only Reynardo’s fate, but the lives of those around him.

Full Lineup

  • Invisible, Inc., PS4
  • Stories: Path of Destinies, PS4
  • Hyper Void, PS3
  • Tiny Troopers Joint Ops, PS3 (Cross buy on PS4 and Vita)
  • Color Guardians, PS Vita (Cross buy on PS4)
  • VVVVVV, PS Vita

Thanks for reading, and see you next year!

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  • Too many crybabies with entitlement issues here.

    I see no problem with the lineup. I’d rather play and indie game that’s brand new or only a few months old compared to a AAA game that you can literally get at the bargain bin or a flea market right now as we speak..

    This was always my fear with Sony started the PS+ initiative. I always said that people are going to start becoming entitled and think they should be given what they want all the time for a low yearly price.

    Honestly, if you people don’t like it, go play on your Personal Computers or Xbox machines. I see the same people every week threatening “I’m done with Playstation, I’m going to Xbox” every month. That’s all I’m going to say.

    • Here here! And what’s really funny is that Xbox’s lineups can also be quite “bad”. Yet no one here really brings that up. Both services vary month to month.

    • Yes, we are entitled because we are unhappy about getting literaly indie crap I can get for less than a dollar on sales. It’s people like you that enable Sony to just pull out whatever indie crap they feel like, putting it on PSPlus line-up and calling it a day.

    • Free is free why there are any complaints at all is beyond me.

  • These games look awesome! Can’t wait to play!

  • Well 4 or 5 of them are ok. VVVVVV, Colour guardians, Hyper Void, Invisible Inc and i think Stories as well. All these games are nearlly Hard as **** where are the chilled story games without rage quiting. Its Christmas. We should have Chilled games

  • I’ve previously defended PS Plus games but this month I don’t see a single title I recognize, and certainly not a single Triple A title. I didn’t realize I was subscribing to an indie game loot crate service…At least with loot crate I get to keep the stuff I get with my subscription. :\ Thinking Humble Monthly is looking like the better deal anymore…Especially since I don’t play online pretty much ever.

  • PS Plus price increase is probably for server maintenance costs, not for better quality free games. I have never heard of these games and not a big fan of indies. I have tried many with this PS plus sub. I will play for 15 min then quit because it’s just not fun. You can definitely notice the difference between AAA vs. indie.
    Sony no longer needs to make deals with big game companies. People need to buy PS Plus anyway to play online. No more motivation for Sony to waste big money like in the past with PS3. So don’t expect to see old PS4 games unless Sony can make a good deal.

  • I have to say this is really pathetic Sony, whoever is lining up these titles each month for PS Plus needs to be let go. When I first purchased PS Plus so many years ago, you were giving all sorts of AAA titles on PS3 and now you are leaving PS4 owners in the dirt with the bogus independent titles. The only reason I have PS Plus now is for all titles I have received over the years on PS3 and that I am required to have it in order to do anything online for PS4.

    You are charging everyone even more now for PS Plus and this is how you repay us is with titles no one bought in the first place. Seriously, after three months in a row of bad titles on this service, I am questioning on purchasing an Xbox One just to have some diversity each month. I probably won’t even bother downloading the PS Plus titles this month just because they all look terrible. At least I got some good games during black Friday at Best Buy and The Last Guardian is only a week away. Clean up your act Sony, apparently you aren’t listening to the PS Plus subscribers at all!

    • Have you looked at Games with Gold? August to Dec 2016

      Sleeping Dogs
      Murdered Soul Suspect
      Super Dungeon Bros
      Super Mega Baseball
      AssCreed Chronicles China
      WWE 2K16

      360 games (playable on Xbox One BC):
      Burnout Paradise
      Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon
      The Secret of Monkey Island: SE
      I Am Alive
      MX vs ATV Reflex
      Mirror’s Edge
      Forza Horizon
      Beyond Good & Evil HD


      Can play on PS4 (some Vita cross buy):
      Invisible Inc.
      Stories: Path of Destinies
      Tiny Troopers Joint Ops
      Color Guardians
      Costume Quest 2
      Dirt 3
      Letter Quest Remastered
      Pumped BMX+
      Transformers: Devastation
      Resident Evil
      Badland: Game of the Year Edition
      Lords of the Fallen
      Rebel Galaxy
      Tricky Towers
      + PS3 games

    • @Sufinsil: I don’t know what’s your point, but I like Sony’s list better…

    • Wtf they have outlast, a outstanding wrestling game thats actually also nextgen and people defend this mobile trash

    • exactly even on christams they treat their loyal fans with disgrace

  • Last good game I remember getting was Tomb Raider, and that was on the PS3!! #bringbackretailgames

  • Invisible inc is awesome. I am excited for everyone to play it.

  • Absolute garbage again! PS4 is 3rys old & PS Plus has declined in quality for me during this time. Before PS4 the monthly picks for PS3 were very strong, but those days seem to be long gone. I’m not going to look forward to what’s coming next anymore. The Indy type games are OK on Vita but not what I bought a current gen console to play. I was a big promoter of the service in it’s early days but now I wouldn’t have it if it wasn’t required for online play.
    Yeah Sony, for the players eh?

    • Same. Not even bothering to buy PS4 pro. Will probable Assamble nice gamin PC after little more saving. Some of those games I own on my phone ^^

  • Ultimate pile of horse crap!!!!

  • Queue the entitled people who are never satisfied with anything.

  • No “weekly sale” this week? Not only they merged the Flash sale with the Black friday sale, now they they took the rest of the week off. Not happy.

  • Good month for PS4.

    PS: you can drop the support on ps3 and focus on vita and ps4 or maybe VR

    • I don’t have nothing against the ps3 is just that every great game was already offered before

    • Own a PS3…right not they are going at the bottom of the barrel. Maybe reduce it to 1 pS3 titile a month and increase to 3 PS4 games a month. While Vita stay at 2.

  • This Stories feels like a mobile game, why would I want to play a mobile game on my ps4? Bad lineup… again!

  • Not a bad lineup. I had never looked at those games, so I welcome the chance to play them. Who knows, maybe a hidden gem like Rocket League is unearthed yet again…

  • Great month for me. Invisible Inc. and Stories have been on my list since the release. One of the better months

  • im so glad I’m moving to pc gaming. I’m tired of being forced to pay for these crap little games i have no interest in just so i can play online. and the ps4 pro is a joke. according to digital foundry a lot of games play worse on it. i will keep my ps4 for some of the good exclusive coming out but from now on 90% of my time won’t be on playstation. very disappointed in sony

  • I like this Lineup. Last month I played the Tower of Monsters and it was a very nice surprise. Can’t wait to try Stories, and it’s always nice to get 3 titles for Vita.

  • FFS, can you PLEASE update the Store for this week so I can redeem my FFXV codes! It’s well into Wednesday now, this is ridiculous. Not even an acknowledgement or apology for the delay.

  • WTF Sony garbage again and again and agai , this is the reasob why Xbox is getting closer in sales

  • Don’t have any of the 6 games. Fantastic month, IMO

    Invisible Inc, simply because it is Klei Entertainment. I have heard good things about it…and i do like stealth gameplay.

    Stories….easy platinum and looks fun.

    Hyper Void…won’t play it.

    Tiny Troopers..maybe if an easy 100 percent.

    VVVVVV….hard….have seen it around 6 years ago.

    Color Guardians….3-4 times I was tempted in getting this….and backed away. Make my month for me.

  • – Invisible, Inc.
    – Tiny Troopers: Joint Ops

    Look like fun little games. More than enough to cover the <$5 i spent on plus this month

  • sigh…

  • Hey Sony, where’s our store update for yesterday Europe got theirs but we got nada

  • I’m so utterly disappointed in this lineup. I’ve been paying for ps plus for a few years now (1 year with ps4) and there has only been 1 title in that year that I’ve actually enjoyed. I have given each game it’s fair chance but I’m just not an indy player. On ps3 we got a good mix of aaa and indie titles and it was great! With ps4 the honest truth is if I didn’t HAVE to pay for plus to play online, I wouldn’t. I think if we are forced to pay for it, we should get a good mix of titles, even if the AAA games are old I’d be happy. Games like infamous or assassin’s creed 4 would be perfectly acceptable. Just throw us 1 AAA game every couple months and I’ll be ecstatic, Sony

  • If I can address all the “adult” gamers here, rather than the obsequious fan boy, “Oh, thank you so much Sony” greasy kids or Sony “plants” on here.
    As someone that doesn’t play online and prefers to beat the game. rather than some spotty Herbert from some lonely bedroom in an anonymous backwater. I already pay to be online so that argument doesn’t hold water. I am, therefore paying for this pile of reject, bargain bin of tripe. I’m not expecting the latest games but surely the PS4 has a library of good games that are over two years old and would hardly make a dent into Sony’s 1.68 billion profit.
    I’m sure that if Mummy and Daddy bought you all three systems then you probably are quids in. However, those of us that have to go out and earn our money and only own one would like to see some sort of return.
    If I go to a restaurant and pay £60, I don’t expect beans on toast. (Sorry if the analogy is lost on some of you children).
    You know you can do better Sony. Put your hand in your pocket like the rest of us and deliver the goods that were promised.

  • i cant understand why i am paying for plus… there are no benefits, the online service lags, the sony download servers its the SLOWEST of all if we compare it to steam or xbox.

    bad games, bad service, bad online… they should rename it to ps minus

  • Not massively impressed with the line up as I’m not a big fan of indie games but every one that playstaion have given us this year for FREE! that iv fancied iv enjoyed…bro force being one that sticks out. Why people have to complain about something for nothing is beyond me at the end of the day ps3 online was free for the life of the console and you had to pay for xbox gold now Sony are charging for online they don’t have to give you good discounts or free games for that matter and you’d still buy the yearly subscription as most games are based around it these days so all the haters sod off to an inferior console and enjoy your so called triple A titles with frame rate drops and 720p you won’t be missed

  • Honestly a bit of a disappointing month but you have to come to understand that we won’t get an AAA game every month. So just expect to be let down and the 2 times a year we get a AAA game, get the smiles on. So if you don’t like, don’t download. Everyone already got paid.

  • I’ve had my eye on Invisible Inc for a while, looking forward to it

  • Come on sony, again with indy games….I’d rather get a demo of new games than this every month. What happened to all games getting demos anyway? I’ve already renewed my subscription to PS+ and will continue to do so but you have way better games than this you could be offering. Plenty of remasters you have on hand, up your games sony!

  • I’m excited for the games next month!

  • The general public bought a ps4 for ps4 quality games. If it was indie titles they wanted people would use their / get a pc for the quality indie titles. I can see why so so many people are annoyed when they pay and get titles like letter quest – which is free to download this moment in time on a mobile.
    I’m not saying they are bad games . But I don’t want to be using my ps4 for games that are/ feel like they should be on a mobile device.

  • It’s Christmas time FFS and YET AGAIN nothing but indie trash. What the hell is wrong with you guys? Get better deals with top notch devs and get back to REAL games again, not nothing but indie trash!

  • What?!?! No FF XV?!?!?! Ugh Sony!

    Seriously though I wasn’t expecting a AAA title during the xmas month, they want you to buy them. As usual, I will check out the indy games but won’t have high expectations for them.

  • 60 dollars…………………….

  • Ive been a ps+ member since pretty much day one, I don’t really play online but still class the games we get every month as a bonus. The self untitled moaning little kids need to get a bloody grip Sony don’t have to give AAA games at all. If you don’t like what we get don’t pay but quit your bloody moaning every bloody month !!

  • Great more stupid kids games

  • Stop attacking those who are dissatisfied. They have every right to voice their opinion. And no, these games are not “free”. Last I checked, PS Plus is a paid service.

    The games selection here has been uninspiring for a couple of years now. Do as I did….just don’t renew your membership and use your $ on Flash Sales and deals at the Big Box stores. There’s good value to be had (certainly better than praying for this hit and miss stuff here).

  • Great lineup this month. Vvvvv is a fun game, played it on 3ds, android and pc, would play again. Invisible Inc I have been interested in for a while. While the rest were never on my radar, be happy to try them.

    People comparing to Xbox lineup, 2 of their games we already got on PS Plus a while ago. While I have both ps4 and xbone, I am happier with the ps selection this month.

  • So people complaining about the indie games given, I think it’s awesome that we get these games because half of the time I never hear about these games nor do I get to play them because they fall under the radar because of the AAA games that come out. I think they are pretty sure that a lot of people won’t have these indie games but will have a lot of the AAA games out there, I usually buy the AAA games so I’m not stressing that these games are for plus. but if you want to go to XBOX that’s fine with me, but you’ll miss out of some amazing AAA games and indie games. it’s awesome the Playstation supports the indie games I love playing them and the last few months have been great, I’m enjoying Tower of Monsters. But you’re always going to have people who complain I guess. Oh well I’m happy :) check out my PS4 youtube channel below.

  • I’ve been waiting for Stories to come out free! I’ll definitely be trying out invisible inc, as well. Thanks, Sony!

  • Yay more indie bs nobody really wants. Can we please get real games , maybe a rpg, anything. Sony you suck. Ps now and the titles it gets after this trash are the only good subscription games . Stupid flash games

  • Sony Plz,give us something other than the Indie game’s,i have said this before aswell,but atleast last month’s titles were not as bad,as this time,very sorry to say but this month XBOX Live has a much better lineup than this,i hope that you deliver better games next month.

  • Absolutely trash month, nothing more to say

  • Let’s be honest, PS Plus is for online multiplayer, but as an addition you get $90+ worth of games a month for $5/month. That sounds like a good deal to me.

  • Quite disappointing again. Compared to Microsoft monthly games the last 3 months have been weak.

  • Very disappointing again. We really need a AAA game at least once a quarter. While most enjoy the odd indie game this is ridiculous. It all feels a bit samey. Cmon Sony you have to do better than this. Reward your players with a bit of meaning. A real meaty, mainstream big studio game please

  • More indies… sigh.. and not good ones.

  • I still appreciate the indie support, if it weren’t because they get offered for free on PS+, I would have missed on gems like Closure, Towerfall Ascension, Tower of Guns, Limbo, Dust: An Elysian Tail, Fez and so many others.

    In a few cases, when my subscription ended I even bought a few of these so I could continue playing regardless.

    I’m not personally interested in this month’s lineup, but I’ll try a few of the games and see what happens.

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