PS Plus: Free Games for December 2016

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PS Plus: Free Games for December 2016

‘Tis the season for games and gaming! As you cozy up next to your PlayStation, prepare for a holiday treat. This month we have Invisible Inc. Console Edition on PS4, and the ever-changing narrative of Stories: The Path of Destinies.

Invisible Inc. Console Edition combines turn-based strategy with the world of espionage. Use stealth, technology, and teamwork to break into the most dangerous corporations in the world.

If stealth and intrigue isn’t your cup of cocoa this winter, no worries! Stories: The Path of Destinies on PS4 is also coming your way. Guide the heroic Reynardo through an always evolving world that will feel colorful and vibrant, where your choices will affect not only Reynardo’s fate, but the lives of those around him.

Full Lineup

  • Invisible, Inc., PS4
  • Stories: Path of Destinies, PS4
  • Hyper Void, PS3
  • Tiny Troopers Joint Ops, PS3 (Cross buy on PS4 and Vita)
  • Color Guardians, PS Vita (Cross buy on PS4)
  • VVVVVV, PS Vita

Thanks for reading, and see you next year!

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  • Good month! I have none of the games, and the one sfor ps4, including COlor Guardinas, look nice! And VVVVV for vita is a creeepy treat!

    • I’m the flip side. Last few months I have been only been getting one game because I own the others. Invisible Inc. is awesome…but trying to support devs right of the bat generally gets you screwed on ps+ in the long run. They should have one alternative game a month if you own what’s being offered.

    • Don’t be a jerk… Don’t be a jerk…. (sigh) how about ‘o doth protest’?

    • If you don’t play online, and you buy a ton of indie games, then maybe PS Plus just isn’t for you. Sony does give a lot of games away for free when they’re first released.

      How do you think this thing works exactly Sub-Zero? Cause what Sony does is some groups go to them, or they go to some groups, and they negotiate some prices. They spend X amount of dollars to get games whole sale, and adding “Choose your own freebies” games basically increases the amount of developers they have to give a bunch of money to, and we don’t know what hte margins they are working with are.

      You still get 10%-70% off deals for being a plus subscriber, 10GB of storage for save files as a PS Plus member (peace of mind) and you can’t play 90% of games online without a PS Plus sub. Plus there’s the free game streaming, the game sharing, and all sorts of infrastructure things they have to pay for and maintain with that money.

      Besides you probably already own the game they’d offer you as a backup anyway.

    • Sony is really starting to piss me off. When we purchased playstation plus we were promised one triple A game a month instead all we get month after month is a bunch of indie crap games. Enough is enough. Xbox are getting blockbuster games month after month an we are getting crap.
      Are you all blind can’t you see the great games Xbox GETS EVERY MONTH FOR FREE???? ARE YOU BLIND.

    • Real Joker

      Dirt 3 was a AAA game last month.
      Transformers Devastation was absolutely a AAA game in October. Arguably Resident Evil HD is one as well.
      Are you not counting Prince of Persia and Lords of the Fallen from the previous month as AAA games?
      What about the month before with Yakuza 5?
      Shouldn’t Saint’s Row Gat out of Hell count? Or is it because it’s a side pack to a AAA game?
      Well the month before that you got Tropico 5 AND you got NBA2K 15

      So there’s like 6 months of AAA games there. Or do some of them not count?

      If you’re going to hold Sony accountable you have to define what you’re holding the accountable for. That’s at least 1 AAA game every month until now. Unless you’ve moved the goal post. If by AAA games you mean “Games I like” then maybe you should try them first.

      Besides from what I can tell it was Sony Europe that made that promise, and that Sony U.S. didn’t make the promise they kept that you are mad about because I guess you sold your PS3 so you don’t count those… or something…

    • For all of you that feel the PS Plus lineup is not up to par. Make your voice heard, Use the Blog Share link and start a Petition for better content. Stop complaining here where your voice isn’t heard. The link is right above the area where you type in your comments. If everyone votes for a change in content for more AAA games they will definitely see it. Vote vote and vote some more, the tools are there you just have to use them. Plus it will show how many people truly want more AAA games.
      Again the link is right above the “Leave A Comment” section. Click the Blue words ” visit blog share”

    • Wait it’s not April is it? Is this a joke?
      What a load of rubbish… this is what you call a December line up? Wow!… can not wait to not play these.

    • While I’ve got some really enjoyable indie games in the past that I probably never would have played, I haven’t liked any of the games given since the price increase. For me, it’s gotten to the point where I stop looking forward to the free games. At least there’s still the discounts, even if the better games are few.

    • Do you guys not realize that they’re trying to get these indie games out here so that the developers who made the Indie Games can start making better games that will eventually turn into Triple A titles to talk badly about these companies is basically talking crap about any other game that could have been made by these companies in the future. In the meantime we’re going to have to deal with this until the companies get on their feet. And besides I’m getting freaking tired of Call of Duty and their future bull.

    • +REALJOKER XBox One getting Blockbusters month after month ?, lol. That’s lie and you know dude. Plz name me these Blockbusters month after month ?.

    • A plus está cada vez pior, jogos ruins e serviço de má qualidade.
      A plus is getting worse, bad games and poor service

    • This is the December lineup for PS4?? Two top down games and that’s it?!
      They can keep it.

    • @MakaiOokami : Wow. Just…wow. *facepalm*

      Seriously, man…you need to stop being Sony’s lil’ lapdog. Week after week you come here almost EXCLUSIVELY to kiss some serious corporate @ss…and while I must admit most of the time it is kinda funny to read your ramblings…sometimes you just end up looking like a pathetic brown noser. Guess what? This is one of those times. SMH

      Sony is a worldwide MULTIBILLION company. You saying that there’s “all sorts of infrastructure things they have to pay for and maintain with” PS+ subs’ money is as ridiculous as saying that MS should go to Kickstarter to help fund the Scorpio.
      They don’t need the PS+ money to “pay & maintain” anything! They have WAAAAY more money than they need to maintain 10 PSN’s. Especially considering that PSN is actually a piece of crap anyway.

      So NO, they have the power (and more importantly THE MONEY) to go to almost ANY publisher in the world and “arrange” a PS+ deal. Hell, they could make some changes to PS+, to make it a lot more “feasible” if they wanted to.
      But THEY DON’T CARE anymore. They don’t need to do anything atm…simply because they have “the better console” in the market. Hence Plus’ HUGE quality loss since the PS3 era.

    • @MakaiOokami : And let’s review your so-called “6 months of AAA games” list, shall we?

      Dirt 3 = A 5-yo *PS3* game

      Transformers Devastation = a 70-ish Metacritic score game…that almost no one bought

      Prince of Persia = Really? SMH

      Lords of the Fallen = Not even a 70 Metacritic score

      Yakuza 5 = Yet another *PS3* game

      Saint’s Row Gat out of Hell = An overpriced stand-alone DLC

      Tropico 5 = A port from PC…of a garbage of a game. The second worst “Tropico” game after T2…and that one was a complete disaster.

      NBA 2K15 = Wasn’t it the 2K16 version? Anyway this one is definitely a AAA title.

      Bottom line: LMAO!! x’D

    • @MakaiOokami : So NO, there hasn’t been “6 months” of AAA offerings. There’s been ONLY 1. 2 at most, if you count PS3…which you shouldn’t, since we’re talking about PS4 here.
      Let’s be real here: no sane person would be paying for PS+ “for the PS3 games” in 2016 unless they have loads of money to throw away. And even then it would probably be better for them to just use those bills to make some cute little paper planes instead.

      So could you please give it a rest already?
      December is going to be a complaints-filled month (for very obvious reasons)…and the last thing disgruntled customers need is a Fanboy like you coming here trying to defend the very same company that they feel is stomping on them.

    • @Orpheus_Aeons If you’re complaining about the games they offered in the past being low rated on metacritic then surely you’ll enjoy Invisible Inc. which has over 80 on metacritic.

      Why do you say that Sony doesn’t care just because they don’t put AAA games for free?

      You are just hating on Sony because you don’t like indie games. To you every indie game is a bad game.

      Btw, choosing games based only on their metacritic score is really stupid.

    • @Gonkas_hd : First, you don’t know ANYTHING about me or what I like or don’t like. So please stop putting words in my mouth and be quiet about it.

      Second, whether you like it or not Metacritic exists for a reason. And even Sony has used it for their own benefit in the past. So it’s completely irrelevant if you think “it’s stupid” or not because it IS a legitimate way to compare and even “judge” games when someone says “X is a good game”. At least it’s a lot more objective than the “I like it, hence is a good game” system that most people around here seems to use.

      And last, of course I could enjoy Invisible, Inc. Sad part though? I already have it for PC…with Contingency Plan to boot.
      So one more time: stop being a smart@ss, because YOU DON’T FREAKIN’ KNOW ME. SMH

      Thank you for your invaluable input…but I’ll be exercising my right to choose who I reply to from now on. If you know what I mean… >;)

    • You got significantly more dislikes on your YouTube page of this video than likes.
      You Have To Listen to the Popular Vote.
      People are disappointed and dissatisfied about the service and the free games it offers.
      You got to improve the service.

      Also, I am a PlayStation fan ever since the PS2 era. But these days you’re loosing to Xbox One S. Even the Xbox beat you on Black Friday despite having the PS4 Pro out. Not having a 4k Blu Ray player was a huge mistake, you’re loosing to the Xbox One S and the Scorpio isn’t even out yet. It’s probably a good idea to make modifications now.

    • I do have to go on a small rant about 4k Blu Ray Movies.
      Now, normal Blu-ray HD movies cost around 15$, 20$ sometimes 25$ new, that’s fine, it’s 5$ more than DVDs.
      3D movies cost around 25$, 30$ brand new and I can understand why, it cost millions of dollars to create these 3D CGI effects on screen and they need to recuperate money from that, I can respect that.

      But HTF do they get away by charging 40$ a movie for a 4k movie? The Blu-ray itself with the packaging only cost 0.25$, there’s no special treatment given to the movie. All you do is change the cameras to 4k cameras. I highly doubt it costs millions of dollars to purchase those professional cameras.
      There is no extra effort being put into these films so Why TF are they so expensive?!

    • Ok first things this year has been pretty lack luster with the free games. I would like to mention on us being told that we would be given one free AAA a month is a lie and a big one at THAT!

      We have had only 6 AAA titles this year and i have to say most of the indie games we have been getting are not that good i have literly only had about 3 hours of gaming out of them before i got bored.

      So before anybody says where did you get your facts i checked theblist that showed all the games given free over the past 3 years and also just so you know i am mainly talking about ps4 here and i think that somy need to just let the ps3 be its already dead whats the point of giving them games when the console isnt worht spending time on.

      And finally i would like to mention that the games with gold on xbox including the old gen has had a total of wait for it……. 13…. yep 13 AAA titles on the games with gold so if you want people to stay on your console sony start fighting back against microsoft cause at the moment their winning with pleasing their fans.

    • This is a great break down of all 2016 Xbox releases

      Honestly I don’t see them much different than Sony’s. Averaging 70ish on meta critic

      There’s a link to Sonys lineup too from same publisher at article beginning

    • So more Indy game bs , this is getting old , we have to pay for ps plus give us our money’s worth not the Indy bs every month

    • This is an awesome month. I saw Invisible Inc. when it came on the PlayStation Store. I wanted it bad and just never had the extra money for it, or something bigger and better always tipped the scales towards not purchasing Invisible Inc. So I am stoked to see it’s free this month. Just another reason I am a PlayStation owner for life. LoL. Although, I am no fan-boy. [ADD] I have to say I did get my kids a 360 a few years back when they came out. They wanted the Kinect. They thought it would be so much fun and so did my wife and I. Until we realised what a POS it was. Never could track my kids. Always mixed them up it was a nightmare. Oh and yes my room was lit perfectly. We actually just happened to have track lighting that was even dimmable and positionable. The tracking setup saw them perfect. Start playing and…… Fail. Ps4 and the move…. They never had an issue. Oh and the god forsaken menu system/interface on the Xbox is horrid. OK. Enough sorry. Meds haven’t kicked in my bad.[/ADD]. Love the games this month and last month. No matter what the haters say.

    • These games are trash there are way much more better games that wouldnt cost a lot for you and you hit us with this! Hit us up with that new spiderman for free for next month and ill forgive you


    • Psn plus players are asking for free games like Far Cry 4 Alien Isolation and Wolfenstein give them what they want thats a good way to make happy costumers and sale more psn plus memberships thats what xbox realise.

    • Invisible Inc. doesn’t seem like something I’d like, personally but Stories is a pretty fun game. I’ve recently recommended it to a few friends. I actually just really appreciate PlayStation giving us a couple free games to try out every month. Some of them aren’t my type of game but I just don’t try them out. It’s nothing for me to not download something. I don’t see why people gotta be jerks about it. If you don’t like their free games either 1)buy games you do like or 2)try them out anyway, it might surprise you. Thank you PlayStation for allowing us to try a couple of games for free every month!

    • MakaiOokami they do rip is off. They put up prices of popular games if theres a free dlc to that game. Why? They make so much money on all of us they can easily afford a couple of free decent games once a month but instead they giv us crap.

  • Utter garbage. Xbox is destroying Sony in this arena. So tired of these indie reject titles!

    • Agreed! SONY need to up their “GAME” one AAA per month minimum!

    • I’m glad you are upset and I hope we get another round of indies next month. Then hopefully you will cancel your sub and don’t have to hear you complain anymore.

      Calling developers work garbage just because you want AAA games for your $5 a month. Maybe spend your allowance on some candy or building blocks to pacify your angst.

    • What on earth are you going on about? These games look awesome.

    • There are some genuinely amazing games in here- Invisible Inc and VVVVVV in particular- but you’re angry because…I don’t even know. They didn’t have big marketing budgets behind them I guess?

      For your $5 a month you’re getting some really fantastic, unique titles that you may not otherwise have even heard of. If you honestly think that’s a bad thing…oof.

    • there are so many games to choose from; please step up your games, its dissapointing on christmas/december we dont get something bigger like

      Evil Within, Rayman Legends, Trials Fusion, Sleeping Dogs, Alien Isolation, God of War 3, Infamous Second Son, Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition,Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag Assassins Creed Unity and more games, Knack, Mordor, Mad Max, Need for Speed: Rivals,Worms, Watchdogs, Wolfenstein New Order, Evolve, Walking Dead Michonne, Walking Dead 1 , Wolf Among us,
      Dragon Age Inquisition, Far Cry 4, Tearaway, Little Big planet 3, The Legend of Korra, Metro Redux, Last of Us Remastered, Killzone, Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark, Batman Arkham Knight, Devil May Cry 4, Lego Jurassic Park, and soooo on,

    • I have an Xbox 1 as well and i like the plus line up more on a regular bases. They just have random greats (Banner Sage 2 at release) and then a lot of games that i have on my ps3 that i got for 1$ (Original Monkey Island, Murder Soul Suspects). Also probably helps that I have a job and usually buy the AAAs at release and like the indies as a way to sample new stuff.

    • its UNACCEPTABLE that we receive indies every freaking month with a suscription that JUST RAISED ITS PRICE TO 60 DOLLARS! WTF?

    • No, KidCommando the real MVP. And if he really is a kid… then maybe the future of gamers isn’t dead just yet.

    • @zichiroARG – plus has been £40 ($60) a year here in the uk for as long as i can remember. Its actuality pretty cheap when you think about it. FOR A WHOLE YEAR. Id say the games we get are well worth it

    • Dude we get four games yes it could be this could be that but it’s not so shut up

    • @UltraWookie

      Pass. I have Plus and Live. I can honestly say that the Live line up is under whelming. You want 7 year old AAA titles, get live, that’s the message I get from that. There hasn’t been a single title that I cared about offered on Live that I didn’t already own at launch, on an amazon black friday sale, or received for free already on PS+ back when the program first got started. I don’t need digital copies of these games. I’ve likely already beatin them and if they are recent I’m likely to get them in a month when they are 30 dollars or at launch cause I want them that bad. Even then they PS+ discounts drive the prices down so low that getting them free is pretty trivial.

      Give me the indies, the unappreciated gems, give me the titles I might not otherwise consider because it is a new IP or looked like it might be fun, but wasn’t marketed well. Don’t give me games I already own, that cheapin’s the value.

      Honestly Get a job and learn how to shop for discounts. Free games should be there to help promote titles that wouldn’t normally have the exposure a big pub can give.

    • I have been watching the XBO lineup, and haven’t seen a game I’d be interested in on their lineup that I don’t already own.

      That being said, I am intelligent enough to recognize that different games cater to different people and them offering games that I’m not interested means that out there someone like you is enjoying the lineup, so I won’t call it bad.

      It would be nice if you would show a sign of that same quality and recognize that just because the lineup does not cater to you does not mean it does not appeal to others and that it is impossible for 6 games to offer things that appeal to everyone.

    • ^Another very good point. I have a job and look for the deals on games I really want. PS+ games are an added bonus to the subscription, which also gives great discounts.

    • The problem isn’t that BigPapaGlueHands is wrong. It’s not that KidCommando is wrong. The problem is that Sony really has only been catering to the KidCommando crowd. It’s impossible to make everybody happy all the time, but Sony hasn’t made much of an effort to appease the BigPapaGlueHands crowd. I don’t mind some indie titles, but I would also once in a while like to see an older bigger budget game get thrown into the mix. Sony could do a better job of spreading the wealth and trying to reach more gamers’ interests.

    • Hmm, so Microsoft is giving away the following for December:

      Sleeping Dogs
      Burnout Paradise

      Of those, Sleeping Dogs was a PS+ game in 2013, Outlast in 2014 and Outland was free in 2012. But yeah, Microsoft is really killing Sony this month :s

    • Try the games. Play VVVVVV and see if it doesn’t suck a few hours from you as you realize this game is a lot more challenging than you thought it was. Play Stories, give it a try. Even some of the mixed critic reviews where they gave it a 7 they still recommend playing the game for hours, because it’s a really quality title. Not a perfect title, but maybe you’ll like it more than you’ve assumed.

      Invisible Inc. Give it a try. See what you think.

      We got Saint’s Row Gat out of Hell not that long ago and people were ****ed, because while it was essentially a AAA game it wasn’t AAA enough somehow.

      Dirt 3 was AAA but I guess you traded in your PS3s.

      Transformers and Resident Evil were AAA games. Oh but those games weren’t $60 at launch so they don’t count? Or does Resident Evil not count because it was a remaster?

      So… you guys have lost all your credibility. When you get a AAA game for free it doesn’t count, when you don’t get one, it’s a huge insult. Go to Xbox One. How cheap does the Xbox One have to be before you guys jump ship and go be toxic over there? Oh but that requires spending money, which is the LAST thing you guys seem to want to do.

    • Really? I mean just look at the last two months alone? I know it’s subjective but destroying that’s really exaggerating considering I think sony had the one up on both of those:

      PS PLUS:
      Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture –
      The Deadly Tower of Monsters
      Letter Quest Remastered
      Dirt 3 –
      Costume Quest 2 –

      Super Dungeon Bros
      Murdered: Soul Suspect –
      Monkey Island: Special Edition –
      Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon –

      The month before:
      PS PLUS
      Resident Evil HD –
      Transformers Devastation –
      From Dust –
      Mad Riders
      Actual Sunlight
      Code: Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~
      Super Mega Baseball: Extra Innings –
      The Escapists –
      MX vs. ATV Reflex –
      I Am Alive –

    • Here’s what a lot of people that are defending the indie games every month don’t realize. PS Plus was not originally for online play, it was started in the PS3 days. I picked up PS Plus because of the free games that were offered every month. Ever since the PS4 came out, the overall quality of PS Plus games has gone down.

      There was the initial promise of a free AAA title every month, but they don’t do that any more. In my opinions, do a AAA on PS4, the next month do a AAA on the PS3, and then do a AAA on the Vita. By alternating the systems every month, they could stick to their promise and provide better games. There are plenty of old AAA games on the PS4 now such as Knack. The last 2 years, 2 of the AAA titles we received on the PS4 were just the DLC contents that were released later.

      I do like some of the indie games that get released too, but it is irritating that the quality of a service that I pay for has gone down.

    • I guess everyone is entitled to their opinion. I prefer getting the good indie games as free title. Usually these are games I would normally overlook and never play.

      XB offers more AAA titles. But these are all very old titles. What’s the point? These games were well published when they came out, so if it was something you were into then, chances are you already have it.

      XB is releasing Sleeping Dogs and Burnout Paradise. Two big titles that if you liked you would have gotten around release time, or in a 5-10 dollar bargain bin.

    • XBox aren’t getting AAA games every month knock it off

    • @gothguy that’s not really true. There are AAA games, and they come out with fairly wide variety.

      Realistically, I’m actually the market least catered to by PS+ free games, since I mostly play JRPGs and I can’t remember the last time a good JRPG went on + that I didn’t already own.

      But I’m okay with this, because I get enough JRPGs on the + sales, and enough other interesting games on the + sales, that I can more than pay for my monthly subscription in savings there. Add in the multiplayer and the occasional free game I’m interested in… and it’s a great service.

      Anyone who isn’t happy with + probably either isn’t accurately evaluating how much it saves them… or isn’t taking advantage of the + sales which apply to EVERY genre and category of gaming throughout the year.

    • @kidcommando
      I hope you cancel your subscription and move elsewhere to Xbox while we true PlayStation fans try to make the service better.

    • I want the service that we had before they forced to charge us for online multi-player. They used to give out great recent AAA games for free. I am not renewing my subscription until something worthwhile changes.
      Even if I loose the ability to play online, I’ll just move to another platform. I don’t want to, but I’ll have to.
      I’d much rather see PS+ improve itself rather than stagnating.

      Also, I am a PlayStation fan ever since the PS2 era. But these days you’re loosing to Xbox One S. Even the Xbox beat you on Black Friday despite having the PS4 Pro out. Not having a 4k Blu Ray player was a huge mistake, you’re loosing to the Xbox One S and the Scorpio isn’t even out yet. It’s probably a good idea to make modifications now.

    • As PS Plus promised in the past, at least one AAA game. So indie game lovers, there should be one indie, too. I like both (but prefer AAA cause indie games I like are harder to find.) There AAA or Indie settled.

      Only reason for two indies is because it’s way cheaper. Now people are required to have PS Plus to play online. they have less reasons for quality games. (Online should be free).

      I don’t play online. Maybe they’ll change tactics. Doubt it.


    • Sleeping dogs and outlast…. vs indie games..


  • Some really great indies here! Please never abandon them, though I feel like there’s going to be a lot of negativity this month.

    Invisible Inc and Stories both have really good production values. VVVVVV is a classic. Looking forward to trying out Hyper Void as well!

    • We’re tired of almost nothing but indies, and Sony almost never throwing us a bone. Some support for indies is fine, but NOTHING but indie trash is NOT fine.

    • They won’t be giving AAA game every month like so many expect. It’s just not going to happen so you are setting yourself up for disappointment to even expect that. I think ps+ is a decent deal. I don’t care much about the free games, I usually add them to library but only download 5-6 per year. Have found some good games in there. Most AAA I buy at launch or wait until thy are 50% off. You can get shadow of mordor for $7.99 with last flash sale they had. If you are irate because it’s not one of the games on ps+ you need to change your expectations. This service is for multiplayer access and anything else is a bonus.

    • ^ this guy is also the real MVP.

    • Last month Dirt 3 was a AAA game. On PS3 but a AAA game.

      The month before that Transformers Devastation was a AAA game.

      That same month you got Resident Evil. That was a remaster of a AAA game. But I guess that one doesn’t count right?

      AAA is such a meaningless term I don’t even know if Lords of the Fallen counts. It’s at least an A game if not a AA game. I mean it’s probably not a cheap budget game, but whether or not that was a great game is a different story.

      Prince of Persia is a AAA game but again on PS3.

      Does Rebel Galaxy count? I guess not. It seems like a good enough game.

      But I do know that Yakuza 5 is a AAA game… oh wait… sorry you traded in your PS3 I keep forgetting…

      Every month for the past like 6 months you guys have gotten some retail disk based game that more or less fills the AAA requirement yet somehow you’ve ONLY gotten Indies? It seems that you people are dumb or dishonest. At the very least you keep moving goal posts.

    • Rictherlocke and I had a chat. I really do think that people need to try out some of the games, and I can sympathize when people ACTUALLY have a small niche’ of games that they like and they don’t buy enough games to make it back via the Plus discount sales, but people should really try out games even if they think they won’t like them.

      Why? Cause a nice surprise might make you a lot happier, and you can’t be surprised if you never try anything new. So please, if you’re reading this, and upset about Plus, try playing some of the freebies and give them a try with an open mind.

    • + stevenomes so you don’t care much about the games.
      You first buy the game, then pay for the internet, and yet you cannot play MP, but you need to pay for using your internet connection. I rather have one good game in 1-3 months than 2-4 crappy indie games / month.

  • Sweet. Looks like some interesting games. And I don’t have any of them to boot. Thanks.

  • As always I will give them a chance. I have no idea what Stories is though…

    • It’s a really fun action RPG.

    • Really fun, really pretty, and pretty interesting (from the bit I’ve played on PC). Glad more people will get to see it, and as a tactics fan, Invisible Inc. has been on my radar for ages. So glad to finally get a shot at it!

  • So much garbage in the last year, I think I’m done.

    • Good riddance.

    • and nothing of value was lost, don’t let the door hit you on the way out!

    • And the trash took itself out.

    • This made me laugh! You have “Harley quinn” *****ing and joker calling her trash. Typical joker

    • Bye Felicia

    • l8r sk8r

      Spend your 5$/month on some tissue papers for your delicious tears.

    • Did you buy Driveclub? Or did you just play the PS Plus version?

      You played enough of Saint’s Row Gat out of Hell to get 30% of the trophies, and you played the Order 1886 it seems.

      You booted up Styx Master of shadows, so I have to ask this very serious question.

      How do you know any of this is garbage if you refuse to play any of it?

    • Cheap don’t want to actually by and support AAA titles rather get them for $59.99 a yr

    • One AAA.

      One Indie.

      I like many indies, but it hurts to see people passionately defending a multi billion dollar corporation. They don’t do it cause they’re great indies. They do it because they can undercut indie developers and say ” look at all the exposure your studio will get.” It’s cheaper. Plain and simple.

  • fantastic lineup for PS4. Stories is a really awesome game. Invis Inc. I have played a little of and really enjoyed it, so I can’t wait to finally have it on PS4 and play through it fully.

  • What a great month! 4 PS4 games!

    It’s December, we’ve all got a stack of discs at home we just bought. Load us up with Indies, I love it!

  • Damn, that’s a great month! I don’t own a single one of those games and with the exception of Tiny Troopers and Color Guardians I’ve wanted all of them. Heck, even those have at least some potential.

  • Give us a AAA and an indie each month for ps4 and ps3, PLEASE. I know they’re probably good games, but come on.

    • Getting good games is more important than whatever the heck you think AAA or indie means.
      Just play a game. If you like it then it’s a win. If you don’t like it that move on. That’s it. You don’t get any extra points of fun if it’s an AAA game, you could still not like it.

      Just play. Just. Play.

    • And what AAA titles do you propose? Most of the AAA games on PS4 are remasters and there are not many new games even worth offering.

  • Enough is enough! We need AAA titles like XBOX live and what we used to get on PS3 back in the day!

    • you mean this games: Burnout Paradise, Outland, Sleeping Dogs… you are right great games on xbox great month if this was 2013. STFU and stop complaining cause nobody cares

    • Outlast was free at launch for PS4 plus, as well as Sleeping dogs, And Plus doesn’t repeat. Burn out is a xbox 360/ps3 title and is probably 5$ on disc.

    • Games with Gold repeat they gave out The Escapist two months in a row

  • awesome keep up the great work and i love cross buy games! please keep up the cross buy games :)

    • This x100. Love it when the Vita’s games are cross buy so I can play them at all, and the PS3’s are cross’d so I don’t have to switch back and forth.

  • I never post on these things, but this is getting obnoxious. When was the last time we had an actual blockbuster title? Bioshock? I don’t want to compare to Xbox, but at least they provide a blockbuster title every few months. It is December, Christmas-time, Playstation Experience time, and right after the 20th Anniversary. You can’t even muster up a few major blockbuster titles for us during December? This is getting pathetic.

    • “Blockbuster” title? What, AAA? That would be Resident Evil HD Remastered and Transformers Devastation both in October 2016. K thnx bye. <3

    • @ZanFear : F-boys are one of the worst things in the gaming world…but F-boys like you? You raise the bar for stupidity to a whole new level!

      You’ve replied to almost EVERY FREAKIN’ COMMENT in here…and NOT ONE of your “contributions” has been useful and/or helpful in any way to others.
      It’s just an unwarranted useless reply after an even more unwarranted useless reply. What an accomplishment! You must be so proud…of being such a #@%*&. SMH

    • Question for you Guinea, if you choose to look back at this…

      If you don’t consider some of the recent games for PS+ ‘blockbusters’ what WOULD you?

      There have been titles from company flagship series like Resident Evil, AAA titles produced with full studio backing like Dirt and Transformers, etc.

      Are you actually complaining about the lack of ‘Blockbuster’ titles or are you complaining about the lack of ‘games that personally appeal to you’, because the one complaint is factually incorrect, but the other is very valid, and if you elaborated on the specific genres, styles, etc. of games you’d like to see might actually prove very valuable to Sony.

      The problem with a lot of the feedback people leave here is that it’s blatantly false. We have had AAA titles, we have had blockbusters… we just haven’t had the games that those individuals wanted to see. So focus on what you want to see, get specific, and say ‘I want to see games of this genre that came out within the past x years’ or something along those lines… and we might actually see improvement.

    • LOL someone is on a power trip. He was wrong. “Deal with it”.

  • Well that is a bummer… they all suck… we do need AAA games once in a while…. FFXV would’ve been nice guys! Or Last Guardian… Just sayin’! lol :D

  • So many gamers are going to be very angry at this lineup. Can’t wait to see it MUHAHAHAHA. But anyways, I’ll be busy with The Last Guardian and my backlog, not to mention the games I got from Black Friday. PS4 gets 4 games through cross-buy for the second month in a row. Take that as you wish.

    • Guys, I also wanted to share. I’ve been keeping track of the monetary value of the lineup games for my year’s subscription. I have all 3 systems, but I don’t always download every game. I paid $49.99 for the year. Of the games I downloaded, they were worth $1,231.83 and if I DID download every game, the total would be $1,511.66. Say what you will about the quality of the games (if you even give them a chance), but you can’t deny it’s a great deal, along with the PS+ discounts, cloud saves, and other perks.

  • These games are garbage, what was the price increase for if the games are going to be the same crap as always. It is the month of Christmas and the games we are getting I HAVE NEVER HEARD OF IN MY LIFE. This has to change otherwise people are going to question the price for PS Plus

  • LMAO….. Cue self entitled cry babieswho don’t like what they get for FREE. Hey all you whiners, you know if you don’t like it go buy an Xbox and get your triple A titles. Damn millennials

    • Now cue the people who say “We’re paying for the subscription, the games aren’t free!! When online was free on PS3 we were playing for the games!!” Yeah, that’s true, but things changed with the PS4. Microsoft got away for charging people to game online since the original Xbox. Sony was the one to give out games through the process.

    • *paying for the games on PS3

    • Its not completely free, since we do pay 60 a year, with that said, we are still getting more or less a large amount of free games. And i agree with that, but if you look at the ps3 lineup, (which used to be 50 not 60 dollars) there was a large collection of good AAA titles, and on ps4, it seems like we pay more for indie games month after month. Kinda seems like we should be paying less.

    • i am not a indie player at all. These game are just silly if i would not have rocket league i would have never subscribe to plus. i would not ask for a whole AAA title. But Really Xbox Booms in terms of games they provide to subscribers.

    • xbox offerings aren’t any better but they don’t complain

    • I understand that Xbox seems to be getting better titles. Unfortunately newer ps+ adopters weren’t around when we got these same games several years ago.

      The other thing that people forget is that the games are a perk to ps+ and not the main reason that you are charged for plus. That would be online play for PS4, extra discount on sales and the cloud saves. Free games were not in the original package. Yes, they boosted sales when the IGC started for PS3 but with requirement for PS4 online, they could take the free games away and their PS4 sales base wouldn’t drop plus subs as much as you think. So enjoy the perks or don’t, let those of us who like them continue to do so.

    • + ZanFear sorry lol.


  • Why has plus increased and the games are not getting better? Xbox one is getting sleeping dogs definitive edition and outlast. I know we got outlast on ps4 before but still was hoping for games to get better not the bad quality from before.

  • Thank you for VVVVVV
    Terry Cavanagh!

  • I really don’t get why there’s so much outrage when Sony puts these kinds of games on the PS Plus. I think they’re doing this is because they can give the indie developers a chance for people to play their games. After all, they made the games hoping that people would play them. Sure, maybe put some AAA games but you should give the indie developers a chance. If you agree or disagree with this, I don’t care, but this is my personal opinion.

    • A great opinion. Too bad too many millenials of my generation and children will disagree.

    • I think that is what everyone wants.

      One AAA and one indie. Everyone’s happy.

      And love that indie games get the spotlight! And I like many indie games. I’d be happy with only indie games if they’d offer 6 and choose 2. Then 6 games get exposure.

      But let’s not kid ourselves. Sony does it to pocket money.

  • Hi I am a whiny entitled gamer and I want to complain about __INSERT_MONTH_HERE___ lineup. I pay 60$ of my parents money every year so that gives me the right… no… the PRIVILEGE to complain that the games you are giving me free this month didn’t come out in stores a month ago and cost full price and isn’t a AAA title that got high 90’s on MetaCritic.

    I have no concept how economics works and I will use that to my advantage to whine and complain and threaten to quit PlayStation Plus. But I never will because I wouldn’t have anyone else to talk to in life.

    Entitled Gamer

    • LMAO, I love this guy

    • Or you know you could be that gamer who actually pays for their own plus membership and fully agreed to the new price increase and expected to see an increase in quality. Afterall, if xbox is able to do it, why not sony. I’m not asking for bf1 or anything, just not top view indies every single month. I wont threaten to quit, because thats the dumbest thing ever, but you do realize this price increase has had no change in the quality of games, and thats really bad on sony’s end.


  • Loving this lineup

  • Almost 1 year and half without P$ Plu$. and I don’t miss it whatsoever. Thanks Sony for keep making me save money on this crappy sub.

  • Ya know what, This month looks pretty good. I’m looking forward to it :)

  • Look. I know most of these indies are actually pretty good and I know a lot of work went into them. I fully support that and will play them nonetheless. But, with the membership price increasing and this being the last month. This is very disapointing. Im not asking for like mafia 3 or titanfall 2 (It seems like some people actually expect this), but at least a decent AAA title. Indies are good, but they cant be used as an excuse month after month just to give out their free games. Should have ended the year with something big! :/

  • Serious???????? Indie’s again?? So tired of these type of games on Plus. I’m missing the glory days of the PS3. Enough of this, Sony!

    • Funny your account doesn’t even show u have PlayStation Plus Lmao

    • Bro, I’m from Brazil, and I used to be a PS Plus member a time ago, when we didn’t have the option here in my country. But now we have, and I became a PS Plus member in Brazil.
      But it’s the Sony USA that chooses the games, so it’s better make a complain here.

  • Really, really garbage. Just another month i wont “buy” any free game.

    Thats sad, Sony… just sad.

    • You calling other developers work garbage so casually on a video game blog is the real sad thing here.

    • You commenting on every complainer’s comment telling them to suck it up is the REAL sad thing here.
      Don’t you have anything better to do? …or are you just THAT bored living off your parents, Kid?

    • @AlmightyStarfire

      If I am a kid living off my parents and I have a better understanding of the value and worth of $5/month, then what does that say about you?

      Sorry, but when people call other people’s hard work and commitment “garbage” and “trash” because they feel their $5/month should give them retail games all the time; they should suck it up.

      Again, this is coming from a ‘kid’ and if I can view this rationally without calling other developers games garbage, that says a lot more about the complainers than it does me.

      If you are unhappy with the service then cancel, but you won’t.

  • Invisible and Stories are good choices if all we get are Indies. At least they’re not the standard old 2D retro plaformer genre of Indies.

    But wow the Vita games look f’ing terrible. I love how the quality of PS+ has diminished so much since the PS4 launched.

  • Lame Lame x 1000000!!! I expect some AAA Title for december…Im tired of this indie crap every month…VVVVVV: **** man!!!

  • PSN Plus price was up, yet we getting worst game not even worth to download…
    Very very sad story ;(

  • Once again, another month that’s nothing but a bunch of indie crap. When will Sony realize that indie games are not enough to satisfy the masses who want to see great games on PS Plus?

  • Ok so you charge us 10 bucks more for PS Plus and yet you still don’t give us a better lineup? Way to go Sony

  • Gotta agree with the haters. When there was no PS4, we didn’t get a bunch of cheap indie junk every month for the PS3. Nowadays it seems the free games are just low-budget indie titles that I wouldn’t buy. It was nice getting Transformers recently. This was acceptable, even if it was a budget AAA title. I can’t say I liked it all, rather boring, but at least it wasn’t a launch era AAA title.

    As others have suggested, if we got a split each month, one AAA, one indie, that would be more tolerable.

    • People misuse and abusr the term ‘AAA’. Transformers: boredom wars was NOT AAA. “Budget AAA” is an oxymoron.
      People don’t want AAA, they just want fully fledged retail games that were probably on disc once

  • Been wanting to try Stories: Path of Destinies, for a while. Good line up even though expected AAA with price increase.
    Ps: is line up announcement is happening every Wednesday now? Or whenever it’s available?

  • Welcome back indie game collection how i missed u. And 4 games on Ps4 on top of that thanks to cross buy. Atleast we didn’t have another month of Triple A crap that everybody aready owns. Incoming cry babies ooh looks up too late lol. If you cant afford the 59.99$ year then u need a new hobby

    • Maybe some of us have more than one hobby and dont want to keep handing over cash to sony for a online service which crashes at the most important times of the year. Now they increase the price and the service still sucks and these games despite being cheap, are usually cheaper gameplay. meaning they usually have like 2 hours of worthwhile gameplay and their shelved. people have a right to voice their concerns over crappy deals.

  • Trash!
    Utter useless TRASH!
    Just because you become successful in units sold. Doesn’t mean you change what you use to represent.
    1. XBox is destroying Sony in the Membership based games.
    2. XBox allows you to keep your games after your subscription runs out.
    3. Not afraid to give away AAA Titles.

    I could think of a few games they could give out from year one.
    Black Flag – Killzone – or how about the hundreds of titles they have been remastered.
    Lets not mention how your Servers are constantly under maintenance, or attacked.
    And how majority of your American Sony players are getting really tired of seeing Indie Titles.
    They were great at first. I own quite a few, but most of them seriously should just be F2P.
    It’s getting old SONY.

    I have no problem turning my Systems in for an XBox if this doesn’t get better by end of the year.

  • Sony pull in over £1,680,000,000 (that’s $1.68 billion!) from PS+ subscriptions per year (as at June); and likely more due to the massive ongoing success of the PS4. Think on that before defending the garbage being leased under “free games”.

    One point six-eight billion dollars.

    • With absolutely no obligation to give you a single free game.

      Think that number would change much if they dropped free monthly games? It wouldn’t now that plus is required for PS4 online.

  • Trash like every month this year. 2016 plus has gone to the gutter

  • Kinda trash honestly. Stories reminds me of Sly Cooper so maybe that will be worth it.
    Basically paying for multiplayer and discounts on the PSStore which is fine for now.

  • Can we please get rid of PS3 games for PS+? The PS4 has sold 50M units, and the PS3 is 10 years old… I think the time has come to have 3 or 4 PS4 games per month instead.

  • Hyper Void isn’t cross-buy?! That would have been an EXTREMELY easy way to please PSVR owners, as the PS4 version has a free VR add-on. Another huge swing-and-a-miss for Sony if this is the case.

    • That’s what I wondered – why doesn’t Sony give us the PS4 version of Hyper Void so we get the VR levels, or make the game cross-buy? It doesn’t seem to be cross-buy on the store. It would have been great to get a VR game on PS Plus.

    • I literally just bought Hyper Void a few days ago, it is cross-buy. Don’t know why it isn’t listed as such on the blog here.

    • @JDavis1186 – it is cross buy? That’s great, thanks for letting us know. I’ll certainly check it out to see if I can get it on PS4 for VR. Cheers!

    • I’m from the UK. Hyper void is definitely listed as cross buy over here. Says in description to. We usually get the same games as the US. Maube it’s different this timemail.

  • I have nothing against these games in particular, but I am really tired of it always being just indies that that look like they could be played on my phone. My PS4 is full of these types of games that I’ll play for 30 minutes or so then never go back to. I don’t necessarily need a $60 game, but I have come to expect an experience that looks like it belongs on a particular console. My subscription runs out in February, so I’ve got 2 1/2 months to play through the older PS+ freebies I have and then I plan to let it expire. I don’t really do multiplayer, but I can always play multiplayer games in the Xbone should I feel the need. I’m really disappointed in what the service had become in the last year.

    • Just goes to show how they always seem to miss the details that matter. Instead of listing it as even a PS4 cross-play title, they could have put it up front and center that we’d be getting a free VR title as well. Instead, it just looks like a lonely PS3 game that interests approximately nobody.

  • What a disappointment. I’m done. I am cancelling my subscription. This is the only way. It has been horrible ever since the PS4 launched. Totaly garbage games. I don’t appreciate what Sony is doing with the PS Plus monthy line up. What’s going on Sony? They have the most players and the PS4 is the best selling console. If you paying money you always have to recieve quality games. But we recieving TRASH! I only ask politely that you step it up a notch and not just the upcoming price on the subscription, but listening to your customers and giving better games, PS4 GAMES! and new features to PSN like changing our USERNAME!

    • Bye felica make sure u quit gaming all together if you cant afford the 59.99$

    • Are you still in the TRASH pool? Okay.

    • Wow, Microsoft got away for charging people to play online for YEARS without any added games. Sony gave games away with it for PS4’s online subscription. Yes, I know the PS3 was free for online. You are the epitome of entitlement. And cancelling your subscription? Just wait until you have to renew and then just don’t… you’re wasting more of your money by just cancelling.

    • It’s not entitlement when you are paying for the service, when the price goes up and the perceived value to the individual goes down. It’s called disappointment and it’s a completely legitimate complaint.

    • The price went up $10 to be on par with Live (I’m Canadian but was able to do a second year for $49.99). Both subscription’s offerings will vary from month to month. I gotta say, Live has had some “poor” offerings as well. It’s not like they always beat PS+’s lineup. If Live was able to do it for that price, I’m not surprised PS+ is as well. Besides, if you take the yearly price and divide it by 12 months, we’re getting much more value per month.

    • Whoops, in terms of entitlement I was actually going to say: remember when Microsoft charged to play online and didn’t give any games away with it? I do. Sony was the one who started to give games away with a subscription, and then MS followed suit. The PS4’s model changed to have it with the online play. All in all, would you rather live in the days of getting no games with paying for online, or have access to a whole bunch?

  • Was hoping since it was Christmas month and since you raised the price of plus for no apparent reason, that we might get something special this month.

    What an idiot I was. The Sony I knew died when Jack Tretton left. Just as greedy as Microsoft, except Microsoft actually offers some decent games on a consistent basis. My how the tables have turned.

    • @vickers500 I have to agree with you. I really missed the Sony they once were back in the eras of the PS1, the PS2, and (to a lesser extent) the PS3. But now we’re in the PS4 era, in which Sony now doesn’t care about their fanbase anymore. Especially the fact that they’re giving us nothing but indie crap on PS Plus. And since it is Christmas month, how I about I sing a Christmas song to Sony.

      Jingle Bells. Sony smells. This lineup’s a mess.
      They’re too greedy to give us some awesome games I guess.
      Indie crap. Indie crap. Makes their fanbase frown.
      Pretty soon, Sony will no longer have their crown.

    • ahahaha Oh my. Xbox’s lineups aren’t always “good” either. They both vary by month. Tretton was the one who stealthily announced that PS+ would be required to play online PS4 too. But in any case: ALL companies are in it to make a profit. Realize that, and you may enjoy life more.

  • When ya’ll hit us with a $10 increase and still give us only indies.

  • Duck you Playstation

  • Gotta mention this again in case people didn’t read above. I’ve been keeping track of the monetary value of the lineup games for my year’s subscription. I have all 3 systems, but I don’t always download every game. I paid $49.99 for the year. Of the games I downloaded, they were worth $1,231.83 and if I DID download every game, the total would be $1,511.66. Say what you will about the quality of the games (if you even give them a chance), but you can’t deny it’s a great deal, along with the PS+ discounts, cloud saves, and other perks.

    • What you need to understand is that this is a subjective statement.
      Not everyone plays the same type of games you do.
      And price of product and product value are also subjective.
      TO ME a Digital download will only be worth $5, i cant resell it when im done.. I cant put it on a shelf, and when i move to PS5 i lose it for good.
      I persoanlly downloaded 9 games I wouldve boutght anyway..
      Half of them i already had the physical version of…
      So lets say 5
      I Got $25 worth of value this year.
      Yay me.

    • When I keep track, I look at how much I would have to pay for these games digitally on the PSN for the month. Yeah, we can’t resell these games (at a net financial loss no less), but Sony isn’t sending us physical games either. If I wanted to buy all the games I downloaded, I would’ve paid MUCH more than $49.99.

    • *I know not everyone plays the same games I do, but that’s why I kept track of the total for all games for those who do download every game. But what I found is 1 month’s value should cover the subscription cost.

    • yes YOU would have…
      But YOU cant speak for everyone
      Im not saying PS Plus isnt a great deal..
      Youre 1 person who happened to want to play a lot of these games offered…
      I found this to be the weakest year of PS + yet as again I got 5 games I didnt already have for the entire year…
      people that didnt get much out of it have every right to complain..
      Its like you have to buy my $70 peanut butter every year or half of the features on your favorite games wont work.
      You LOVE peanutbutter but person x is allergic.
      Great deal for you
      Not for them.
      The releases this year have been far too niche…

    • But I look at the games being offered and there has been very few over the past year that I would actually pay for. The only perk I’ve actually enjoyed over the past year have been the discounts, but I don’t know that that alone is worth another $60 for me.

    • Exactly
      Even as you said Zan
      Nearly $300 worth of the games offered you didnt download..
      So imagine if all next year were just sequels of those games you didnt download.
      You probbably wouldnt be defending ps plus then, would you?
      Well for a lot of us, thats what its like.
      Were over top down shoters
      were over 2d platformers
      were over walking simulators
      were over space shooters
      Thats ALL we get anymore…
      Budget games that show up in the $ave tab every week

    • Well, it’s digital content; so those prices are just subjective. The games COULD be any price, it’s pure profit once they get past the cost of production. I’m guessing many of these games have done that. Plus nobody is buying them on the store.. So PlayStation forks out a small fee (in comparison to their overhead) the producers accept (they need money); and you, you act like its some sort of an amazing deal!? Are you a shmuck? Nah, you’re in songs pocket~ the easy guess is Sony doesn’t want to shell out more money so AAA game producers laugh them off when Sony offers them a ps plus contract, it’s really rudimentary logic…cmon, we aren’t stupid. So when games like overwatch stop selling in 4 years, THAT is when we will get great ps4 ps plus games! Too bad we will be playing ps5 at that time. Love you PlayStation, pro salesmenship! Fortune 500 level of sleaze, cheapskates.

    • The games I didn’t download were racing games, PSP games, and select Vita games. I like to try to give these lineup games a chance as much as possible, which more people should do the same. The probability that I would hate the majority of what I choose to download for the next year’s subscription is actually quite low in that regard, but not impossible. But like I said, 1-2 months should cover the subscription for monetary worth. 10 months with 6 games leaves me with 60 games to sink into. I didn’t subscribe for the games; they’re just an added bonus for me.

    • lol Digital games prices are quite comparable to other digital sites. You can take issue with the quality of games, but you can’t deny that it’s actually a very good monetary value for these games.

    • Again.. youre making this about you.
      It doesnt matter what YOU buy PS+ for
      The games arent a bonus, they are a FEATURE of a MANDATORY product
      That otherwise the games you pay $60 for wont work all the way
      This is all subjective…
      Im happy youre happy…
      But consumers have the right to make their voice heard.
      These games arent free..
      They arent perks..
      Theyre part of the product.

    • @STDlyMcStudpants

      $5 value for all digital games? Besides being able to trade/sell a physical game, they have the same value. So are you telling me you trade/sell all your physical games for $5 less than what you paid for them? Seems highly unlikely.

    • That argument of yours is invalid. And I have proven it in previous ps+ line up post. So I won’t repeat myself again, but what u saying doesn’t make sense. If u think it makes sense then u r dumber than u look and sound. I think it was u even then weren’t u?

    • ^ Don’t know if you’re referring to me, but I think you are. I have made a similar post before my year was done. I believe I replied back and “proved” you wrong, but you never saw it.

      Yeah, these games are a feature to a “mandatory” service of playing online. You’re paying for the online folks. This isn’t the same model as PS3, but it includes PS3 and Vita if you have them. But let’s not forget: cloud saves, PS+ discounts (get to keep those), free game trials, Powers seasons 1-2, and likely other perks. The games lineup is part of this package. Some people, like yourselves, just choose to make your subscription about the games. That’s fine, whatever floats your boat. I made mine about playing online, and everything else is a bonus. That’s all I have to say. Good day. <3

    • PS: it probably was you since I tried to flag you. Calling people “dumb” or worse (as I was called before) has no place here, regardless of what side of the argument you’re on. Luckily for you, contacting moderators doesn’t work.

    • The thing though.. is that no.. you arent paying for online…
      Youre paying for online + free games + auto downloads + cloud.
      The online was added to the original package!
      Online may be the reason i pay for it, but its not what im buying..
      Im buying ALL OF IT..
      The online should be the ‘perk’
      Not the acual contnet!

      And as for my $5 evaluation to the guy above..
      I stand by it
      These indi title are 2-5 hours long at most and dont nearly have the budget of $60 AAA games
      And arent worth the 1/3 of that price.
      Especially considering most offered titles are aged
      There are great former $60 AAA games going NEW on amazon for $15
      While these 5 year old indie games are still $20
      Get out of here.
      The price doesnt change with the market or the times because they have the luxery of not having to compete with used…
      But guess what?
      Never dropping your price is gonna put you in the $ave bin every tuesday for $3

    • Indeed was refers g to u^^ and lol no u didn’t reply. Checked for 2 days and there was no reply! And Powers? lol really? That’s cheap crap that doesn’t worth time. Only decent thing is cloud that I use besides line up games. Online play failes lot in rainbow six siege, cod bo3, and bf1. So it’s same as free service that we had on pa3. And I called dumb those who makes dumb argument and those who picks on people that disliked line up, but I can’t recall saying worthless to be here

    • lol If you’re going to call someone dumb, at least have grammatically correct sentences. My word, stay in school kid and don’t do drugs haha. Well, maybe it wasn’t you then who I replied to, but you’re not the only person I’ve had personally attack me. I never insult people by calling them names and don’t “pick” on people either; they attack Sony or complain, and I try to show the other side to their argument – granted, the tone I employ can range. They shouldn’t expect their comments to go without debate, as I don’t either (look at the lovely thread we have!). I welcome debate as long as it’s constructive. McStudpants has done a much better job at that than you.

    • Forgive me my grammar, not easy to learn 4 languages. And yea right I forgot. You don’t “pick” on people, u just insult with ur sarcasm. They have right to speak out their opinion because they pay for service, but u have no right to change their opinion

    • Where are you gone to? McStudpants Is explaining thing better than me because I am tired of exposing stupid things over and over and over again

    • I’m baaaaack. Some of us have jobs you know. I came back to say one thing. I have a screenshot from July 15th on my phone. You didn’t agree with me and how did you insult me? You swore, called me derogatory terms, AND compared me to the Orlando shooter. You were so lucky that my emails to the mods bounced back, but hopefully that problem is fixed now, you sick human being.

    • I had a school and a work but still had time to comment twice. Well maybe I have, but u changing a subject. And lol I think moderators stopped giving S or whatsoever. I will be surprised if they claim to read comments in here ahaha and enjoy them

  • Thank you for all the games, that we get to play for free with the low price of $60 a year. Most of these game I would have never spent my money on and have enjoyed. Keep up the good work and please fix the the PSN wishlist. It would be great to actually use it without an error message. Thank you again

  • PS plus games used to be much better back in the PS3 days. Now they just push out whatever indie titles that aren’t selling well. These look like vita games… I don’t plan to play these on my home console.

    • If You don’t use PS Plus for online multiplayer then cancel your subscription. If I wanted to play all thease garbage indie titles I’d pick them up for 99 cents on Steam.

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