PlayStation Communities App Out Today on iOS and Android

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PlayStation Communities App Out Today on iOS and Android

Today we’re launching a PlayStation Communities app on iOS and Android, making it easy to stay in touch with your fellow PS4 gamers while away from the console.

PlayStation Communities are places where you can find players who have similar interests and preferences.

Within a Community, you can join parties and launch into games with other Community members, or talk about your shared interests. For instance, if you’re having trouble finding players to tackle Destiny’s newest raid, Wrath of the Machine, a Destiny community may help you fill out your fireteam.

In the app, you can check out community profiles, view a list of communities you’re a member of, and see who else is in your community.

You can also discover and join new communities directly from the app, which provides recommendations based on the games you’ve played and highlights which communities are trending.

The app’s streamlined design makes it easy to post text and images on the community wall. You can also choose to receive push notifications to stay-up-to-date on posts and replies.

Check out the app when it’s available later today and let us know what you think in the comments!

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  • this app is great but seriously, why can’t we have an all in one app? we already have 3 apps, one for messages, the other for friends, trophies, etc and now communities.

    I remember I downloaded the first playstation app ever the same day the PS4 was launched like 3 years ago and you could check trophies, send friend requests, see who of your friends was online etc AND you could also send messages to your friends.

    these apps are really great but Sony really needs to make an all in one app, otherwise we’ll have like 6 apps in the future :/

  • Can you make it possible for owners and moderators to post on the wall delete posts you know the same features on the console but mobile because i have a lot of communitys and its hard to keep track of all of them

  • Now we’ve got 3 separate apps?? Weird. I already thought it was insane when you guys decided it was a good idea to take the messenger function out of the main app.

  • I have a question how do we delete a community from the app it self so we won’t have to go on the ps4 just to delete a community?

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