PlayStation Communities App Out Today on iOS and Android

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PlayStation Communities App Out Today on iOS and Android

Today we’re launching a PlayStation Communities app on iOS and Android, making it easy to stay in touch with your fellow PS4 gamers while away from the console.

PlayStation Communities are places where you can find players who have similar interests and preferences.

Within a Community, you can join parties and launch into games with other Community members, or talk about your shared interests. For instance, if you’re having trouble finding players to tackle Destiny’s newest raid, Wrath of the Machine, a Destiny community may help you fill out your fireteam.

In the app, you can check out community profiles, view a list of communities you’re a member of, and see who else is in your community.

You can also discover and join new communities directly from the app, which provides recommendations based on the games you’ve played and highlights which communities are trending.

The app’s streamlined design makes it easy to post text and images on the community wall. You can also choose to receive push notifications to stay-up-to-date on posts and replies.

Check out the app when it’s available later today and let us know what you think in the comments!

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  • So many apps for one console….

  • I have an app for regular PS, one for messages, now you want me to get one for communities. Next will be PS Store, then blog, etc etc..

    • One app I’m surprised we don’t have is a PlayStation Plus hub app that lists everything you get for the month and maybe a one click add all free games button to your account option. Still waiting for the ability to delete notifications too.

    • Don’t forget the PS Video. Which that one I had been waiting for forever so I was happy to download it. Originally the PS Store wired on the first app, then it didn’t along with the blog so I had to pin both their web pages to my home screen so that made more ps apps. And now the store works but the blog is still not working correctly on the ps app so I re pinned the web page. The blog on the ps app just doesn’t get refreshed for some reason so it’s out of date.

    • Keeping them separate allows me to ignore the parts I want to (like Communities). When they’re all one app, it’s annoying and probably a nightmare to support or get fixed.

      Only one I use regularly is messages. I’m happy with that one being separate.

    • @DaivRules

      Exactly what I was going to say. I don’t necessarily want everything bundled together in one huge App that ends up running poorly.

      As it is, I think the regular PS App does too much. Having them separate, like the PS messenger App is much more effective. I would love a PS Store app, rather than a link to the webstore. Maybe that’s the next step. Is it annoying, maybe? But they aren’t huge apps, so I don’t personally mind. Just put them in their own PS folder. :)

    • …And as an example of the positives here (Darn you lack of being able to edit posts/replies),

      I am not at all interested in this Community App. I’m glad it exists for those that have been asking for it. But I will not use it. It not being included in One App to Rule Them All is much preferred.

    • @ drd7of14

      Nobody is forcing you to use them if they’re bundled together. Both Xbox and Steam have all their functionality in one app and they work just fine.

    • I seriously doubt a PS Store app will ever be a thing, for the same reason you can’t buy Audible books or Amazon apps and videos. For PS to put a store on Google Play or iTunes requires a cut of every sale to go to Google or Apple.

      Simply put, you will always have to open a web browser to complete a purchase in order to avoid this fee.

      More on topic, so happy about the Communities App. Something I’ve wanted since launch of the feature. Thanks.

    • @DaivRules that makes perfect sense and is one reason why features go into separate apps. However this is based on bad user interfaces and unintelligent app development.

      You download the core app and “install” the portions you want to use. Customizing a single PlayStation app would allow a single resource for all PSN interactions and still allow users to ignore he parts they don’t want.

      App design took the lazy way by separating all features into their own separate apps. As you may see one of my other comments, I believe this is done primarily for monitization reasons. The excuses of how it eases app development are just that; excuses. It’s the lazy way out of managing an “enterprise” application.

    • @AnimeCwboy you’re completely wrong. You don’t see apps like Amazon Underground in Google Play or iTunes because they offer mobile apps for the same platform (Android and iOS)

      The PlayStation Store has nothing to do with either and is its own thing, offering games, DLC etc for home consoles

      By your logic, Amazon Shopping and eBay shouldn’t be allowed to have their own apps either since they’re both stores, which is false

    • Why do I need about applying for communities,this is totally useless.

    • @falconbox

      I can’t speak much for the Xbox app, but the Steam app isn’t fully functional. It does have flaws i.e. code/voucher redemption

      As for all in one apps, I turn to Google who willingly limit app functionality, by dividing them into separate apps. Granted, much of this is to see what sticks, but it also allows for the individual apps to run better. If you want that all in one app, it’s called a browser, and it has issues.

      But back to the seeing what sticks part, I’m guessing that PS may be taking that route. Maybe not of course, but so far, they seem to be moving towards separate apps. Their worst app is the main PlayStation app. Once they finish we these others, I hope it sees a rework.

      As for combing them, I stand firm that separate apps are preferred. Pretty sure downloading add-on app features isn’t how Steam/Xbox function.

  • What time will this be released? This is awesome!! MonkeyFlop Community!!!

  • Fix the Playstation app first ffs it’s horrible

  • I’m excited for this and it’s here later today. Thanks!!!

  • My god can you make them all in 1 app instead of all different apps

  • Looking forward to this. I hope that more features are added with PlayStation communities such as a more streamlined LFG system.

  • Explain how dividing resources, and workforce is gonna help your ecosystem? Having separate apps for everything is not the answer. A centralized hub is what your consumers need. One app for messages, communities, and whatever people use the main PS app for.

  • You’re kidding, right?

    Are you guys getting bonuses based on the number of apps you create?


    Bring the Messaging function back into the Main app and call it a day. You will get MUCH more love for doing so!

  • Not a chance. How about you guys improve the standard PS4 app to have all this functionality instead of segmenting everything into separate apps?

  • I concur. Cant we get ONE singular app to rule them all? Why cant I chat with my friends on the Playstation App? This is silly.

  • I have the same response , why sooo many apps, I want to see who was online and what’s new but I also want to manage my community …..

  • I wanted to like Communities…i really did. But this is a totally broken system. Maybe you should fix what it does and what it should do (honestly, Playstation Home did a better job than this does) before making another Playstation app for it? Love you guys…prioritize a little better.

  • Cmon blog dudes please embed the link next time

  • I can’t find it on the app store..

  • Why do Sony say PS4 users? Do they not know they also have PS3 and PS Vita users?

    • Don’t forget PSTV users! There are a few of us out there! ;)

    • I believe it’s because “Communities” are only on PS4.

    • PS3 and PSvita are fading away time to move onto PS4pro or PS4

    • @the_man72 maybe you don’t realize this, but Sony sells 100,000+ Brand new PS3s every month. Vita; yeah probably in the 100s or 1000s and PSTV is just sitting on shelves begging to be bought, but hardly anyone is biting.

      Besides the sales numbers there are still millions of players on PS3 and PS Vita. There are thousands on PSTV. Enough of them have bought their system in the past year to justify some support. That said; some parts of the Community service aren’t available on those platforms and so support for old platforms should be minimal… but notice how I do believe there should be some support.

      I predict your response is still “should have bought a PS4”
      PS4 is not portable. So only other option there is 3DS and who knows what Nintendo will do with that once Switch comes out.
      If someone bought a PS3 it’s probably due to cost. For the price of a PS4 you can get a PS3 and tons of last gens best games and online multiplayer is still working and free where available. It’s not always as easy an answer as cost. People have their reasons.

  • Are you guys kidding? In one of the blogs a month or two ago there was a ton of comments asking for a Communities app, now you guys have one and are complaing because it’s seperate from the main PlayStation app.

  • i am unsure why this is separate from the PlayStation app. The PS app barely does anything as it is. Adding community features would have made it much more useful.

    Somewhere along the way the industry decided that mobile apps needed to be bite-sized and single-task-focused. This is why we have Facebook and Messenger and why we’re seeing PlyStation do the same thing.

    The industry is wrong. People don’t “want” more apps. Businesses just want more ways to monetize their customers. There’s no such thing as too many features in an app. It’s all about the design and fusing the users when needed.

    PS Communities is interesting but not serving much of a purpose beyond internal PSN communications. But most people communicated outside of PSN. So I’m failing to see a broad appeal for this app. It can’t compete with other messaging apps. How many people are searching PSN for friends? Is the audience that big?

    Also; man I want these Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals to end so we can find out what the Dec 2016 “free” PS+ games are!!!

  • It’s a shame that Playstation doesnt have a coherent ecosystem. Everything seems to be developed on their own and without any thought of their other products or where things could go in the future. Lack of foresight and planning is what is sorely lacking with Playstation

  • So now I will have 3 seprate Playstation apps? :(
    Why can’t it all be on 1 app like the Xbox app?

  • Why do you guys keep splitting up your community features into different apps? What the hell? Why can’t it all be under one general PlayStation App like it was before?

  • Why the hell does PS keep making new apps instead of using one? No thanks

  • I can’t tell what’s worst? Playstation new App or ‘No Man’s Sky’ lateast update…where’s the dislike/thumbs down button!!!

  • I am not a fan of the multiple apps.

    It was so much easier when I had a one-shop-stop in a single app like the OG days.

  • I thought it would be neat to integrate a multiplayer game “Scheduler” that could remind you when you are supposed to play an online game.

    Like schedule a game with Jack tonight on FIFA 17, both players would need to agree before hand, and then a reminder would pop up on your app and console

    • That sounds like a great idea. I hope someone is reading this

    • The main PlayStation App already has the Events function built-in, which allows you to create events (schedule game nights) and invite friends to register for the event. Once it starts, you can launch into a private party from the event screen, and only registered users can join the party.
      Even on PS4, this is a sorely underused feature from my experience.

  • Sony please make all of your Playstation apps in to one app please we o my have so much room on out home screens. Thanks a bunch

  • Why not make the app available before asking for feedback? Just went on the App Store and there’s no sign of it.

  • Needs to be one app for everything. PlayStation app really needs to be worked on. Xbox app is way ahead of where PlayStation app should be.

  • Cannot find the App on the google play store

  • Still waiting for the app that fixes NAT. Type, doesn’t make sense that I me and one friend have to jump in and out of a party for 40 mins before we can talk….. everyday

  • 1 app too many..the remote play app for android would be awesome. had it, deleted it..

  • How about a Vita App?

    It is disgusting seeing Sony support other companies products, and neglecting their own.

    I have a PS4 Pro and a 3G PS Vita. I don’t own a PC, Laptop, Tablet, or Smartphone, because I use PlayStation products. I don’t want to be part of the google, microsoft, or apple community. Start supporting your own first, then worry about these garbage smartphone offerings once you have a great system on place on PS4, PS3, PS Vita, and PSTV.

  • I got an idea…….. Why don’t you all cry and complain about it.

  • Bunch of self entitled millennial cry babies

  • So… where is the app link?

    • That’s what been saying we’re is the iOS app link. I’m like don’t get me all excited And there’s no link

  • You guys really just need to put all of this in one app, lol – But I guess I can’t complain the PS on phone experience is getting better!

  • Hell, every time I click on a new post on the PS4 it tells me they are unavailible so I just turned off notifications and pretend they dont exist as well…!

  • Try and fix the other apps first can’t sent pictures messages from my phone

  • If it makes sense to make them into separate apps then by all means do it. Facebook did the same exact thing to improve the overall performance of the main app and it has been fine for them and each respective app gets their share of updates and new features. People will always complain about something… Geeesh…

  • I agree with the majority of people here, who would prefer to have the messaging and community features integrated into the “main” PlayStation App, instead of offering them as separate apps.

    I can understand the logic behind splitting off certain larger “services” such as PlayStation Video or PlayStation Vue into independent apps. However, simple “quick access” features like messaging and communities should be tied into the friends list that currently exists within PlayStation App. It doesn’t make sense to fence off those particular functions into separate apps. This arrangement is cumbersome and inconvenient for a user who just wants to view or send a simple message.

    Convenience and simplicity are key. Please consider redesigning the PlayStation App to include the messaging and community features.

  • i can not find the app

  • “Playstation Community” apk link (replace “_” > “:”)

    “Playstaion Cummunity” apk got taken down from the Google Play Store.

  • All I been reading is that is out today I’m like were I check the iOS App Store no we’re to be found. Can some just post the link.

  • When will it be in the iOS App Store. I need PS4 friends I’m the only Gamer in my house. I need friends

  • Three separate apps for one unified network? Bit OTT if you ask me.


  • How about fixing the current ones to make them run properly? The Ps4 App crashes when you go to the store, which I have to see as website view coz the mobile version is awful

  • i LOVE the messaging app, getting better too.

    however, i truly despise having multiple apps for one platform. it feels like a terrible deal with the devil to get social performance by having a dedicated app.

    the same goes for facebook messaging.

    it should be baked into main with no drop in performace.

    how long before before amazon seperates product listings from the user reviews?

    bottom line, all this does is makes it MORE difficult for easy communication by segregating ppl who dont want another app.

  • Remind me what this app is for again? I dont even use communities anyways

  • All this complains about all the apps, they are optional no one is making you download the app. If you don’t want it don’t download it period. At least they putting stuff out there for their product.

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