Persona 5 Launching April 4, 2017, Will Feature Dual Audio on PS4 and PS3

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Persona 5 Launching April 4, 2017, Will Feature Dual Audio on PS4 and PS3

Brace yourselves: Persona 5 is now launching on April 4, 2017.

I know, I know. It stings. But Persona 5 set the gold standard for Atlus with its launch in Japan, and we wanted to put the utmost care into ensuring it winds up the best when it launches in the west. And — and this is a very special “and” — we have some exceedingly good news for you in light of this delay:

Persona 5 will have dual audio. For PS4 and PS3.

We’re including it as DLC for logistical reasons, but it will be free, for forever. People have been asking for this since P5 was announced, and through herculean effort from just about every division of Atlus, we managed to arrange this. This was something we especially wanted to do for the Atlus Faithful, the ones who still appreciate our English dubs and respect all the effort we put into localizing. You all are the reason we get to do the jobs we do, so we’ve been fighting for this for a long while, and we are glad we can make this happen for all of those who support us and love our games.

Oh, but I’m not done there.

For those of you who are planning to attend PlayStation Experience in Anaheim this year, Atlus will be there. Along with a playable demo of Persona 5. If you’re going to be at PS Experience, we hope to see you there! Oh, and not that you needed any more reason to visit our booth, but there’s also going to be a Persona 5 collector’s card as well!

More? Okay.

Persona 5’s band of heroes are called the Phantom Thieves. They specialize at stealing stuff — they stole the first P5 gameplay and delivered it to us at E3, they even stole the freakin’ Tokyo Tower. Their most recent heist? They liberated a PS4 theme of Ryuji Sakamoto, and they’ve put it up on PlayStation Network right now. For free. Fortunately, the Atlus security is top-notch, and we’ll be removing it from PlayStation Network in 24 hours, but until then, we’re powerless to stop those who want to download it!

I think that’s about everyth- oh wait!

I just remembered, we’ve got another update for you. Those of you who’ve pre-ordered the “Take Your Heart” premium edition of Persona 5 may recall the placeholder art the last time we showed it off. Well, we’ve got an update to that too! The soundtrack CD now features Justine and Caroline, the twin wardens of the Velvet Room. The artbook and SteelBook are updated as well, and you can even see the final art of the box it all ships in. Check it out here.

Phew! Ok, so if you need a minute to process all that, you can check out the first English gameplay of Persona 5 as we livestream it right now on Twitch!

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  • You know, if you really want to give us something as an apology for the delay, why not take the P3 and P4 costumes that were part of the CE in Japan and include them in the Take Your Heart Edition for us too? :) Or maybe the 4 disc soundtrack with music from past games? That would be really good.

  • From a 90 day count down to a 146 day count down. Atlus I love you too much. Ill still keep waiting.

  • I plan to only play this in English, but I appreciate that you’re reaching out to the sub fans. Plus, I like that this will allow more lines to be voiced in English. Not to mention, there’s too many games coming out in January and February, so moving this to April is a smart move.

    Thanks, Atlus. And while I’m here, any chance of Persona 4 Golden going on PS4? Or even Persona 3 FES as a PS2 classic on PS4?

  • P4 Golden on PS4 please.

  • honestly i dont really care about dual audio, can you just release the english version first then put out the update

  • I am disappointed, but I still am really looking forward to P5.

  • Atlus, I don’t mind the delay. SMT games and the Persona titles never disappoint. I’d come to the event if I wasn’t a broke college student in the middle of a post-grad job hunt during the holidays of an election year that switched parties across all three government branches leading to a lack of hiring.

    I’ll be waiting patiently and will even get the collector’s edition if I can afford it by then.

  • Well this is a bummer. Never have used the dual audio function yet.

    Still, my heart is broken. I was so waiting for Valentines day to play this. Now I wait longer, I suppose, nothing new I wanted except for this. I guess I should thank you for the back log clearing assistance.

  • Oh, so you are reporting it once more, even though the game is ALREADY gold since released in “go learn real alphabet” Japan ?

    Okay. For what reason, I’m not even sure since you are not even clear in what is written here (don’t give a damn about “go learn english” japanese audio). I can’t believe that extracting a stupid voice track from an existing, released game takes two monthes, and since it’s a free DLC (MAKE IT PAY DAMMIT, DON’T BE STUPID, Take them weeaboos money !), it’s mostly not the main reason of the delay.

    So, as said previously by one of my fellow disappointed customers, I assume that you are nowhere near having the translation completed. Really…

    Well, since I could die a trigintillion times before release, you’ll excuse me if I cancel my order and buy the game only when it will be released with expansion as P5 The Platinum or something…

  • Well there was no doubt that i was going to buy this anyway, this news just bumped me up from a standard purchase to a take your heart edition just so i can support atlus

  • Okay, but srsly. Will we ever see it on the Vita? ;n; I’m too poor for a ps4

  • Please, please ATLUS release the playable demo outside of PSX ’16.

    I mean, put it on PSStore as well a few days after. That would amazing Christmas present for fans around the world who can’t attend to PSX.


    Too bad for delay, guess no one will take my heart this Feb 14. ;(

  • ATLUS: (let’s give some teaser to the fans to build some hype)
    -> Character Trailer -> Gameplay Footage -> Hype Built

    ATLUS: (ok that hype been built, let’s destroy it)
    -> another delayed

    • Ok, YOU don’t mind Japanese voices, but please understand that many fans (like me) want that very much. Atlus heard our desire and made it happen. So please, be more respectful of Atlus and fans asking for dual audio. It may be small stuff FOR YOU, but for us it’s incredibly good news.

  • Please, 2 mode PS4 PRO in Usa version : 4k Native 30 fps (cmon, is ps3 game) and 1080p 60 fps

  • This is clearly because american’s don’t know how to read…



    I am so grateful for it! THANK YOU!

    Please, give me a reply just to make me know that Atlus knows about my gratitude :)

  • Release it when it’s ready. As much as I want to play it ASAP, I’d much rather have it a little later than have a buggy mess next week. Also. Please. PRETTY PLEASE. P3 Ultimame Edition? Like, P3+the answer+FC+party control on some system? If I post a pic of a kitten asking for that would you guys be moved?

  • Would be on Ps Vita ? i like your games guys.

  • There is so much to play in the first quarter. I’m not and can’t even be mad.

    My sugestion is to bring PE3FES and P4 to PS2 Classics. P4 Golden could get a remaster for PS4 too.

    Anyway, P5 is a must buy and I hope Atlus pushes the series forward. P6 needs to happen this gen, please.

  • So you’re coming out the Tuesday after my birthday? Well I can live with this.

  • This game isn’t for me but I do respect it and love it for what it is. And I love that it’s releasing on my Birthday

  • By the time Persona 5 FINALLY releases I will have waited almost a 1/4 of my life for the game. Getting the Take Your Heart edition and was at first upset about the delay, but after hearing the reasons (and getting the theme) I can say that I am glad for the delay.

  • I’m bummed about the delay, but:

    1. It’s not coming out the week of my birthday.
    2. You’ve added dual audio (THANKS!!)
    3. It’s Persona, and it’ll be awesome.

    Can’t wait.

  • Is the theme still available? I just remembered that I wanted to download it but when I go to the page it only says add to wishlist with no purchase button download.

  • I’m sure everyone at ATLUS USA is *FAR* more bummed out about this than any of us are. So many people here seem to think that they haven’t been trying their hardest, and that’s just an ignorant point of view from a business perspective. Maybe it’s because I’m old and work in an environment where shipping software is a large part of what we do, but I’m positive that a lot of you need to cut ATLUS USA some slack and just accept the new release date for what it is.

    To those of you demanding demos/extra stuff: take a GIANT step back and try to realize that all of that would just delay the game further. I’m betting the next 6 months at ATLUS USA are going to be nightmarish without the benefit of actually having any sleep.

    To ATLUS USA: I love you all. Thank you for what you do. We’ll all see you on the other side of this. <3

  • No matter what anyone says this is BULL. Cut Atlus some slack really how about the players where is our slack ,just imagine i have to pay over $700 dollars for you take your heart edition [in my country+shipping fine i made up my mind to pay because i lone persona,but now they come up with more bs and lies,yes LIES.

  • Is dual audio the only reason it got delayed or are there other reasons as well?? if it is just the dual audio causing the delay, than why not still release it on Feb. 14 and the dual audio patch on April 4th? I was really looking forward to valentines day because of it and now I have nothing…….

  • I am definitely losing my excitement over Persona 5. Persona 4 (and P4G) is a tough act to follow. How many times has Persona 5 been delayed now? First, it was confirmed for release this year, then early next year, now even later next year. Not very reassuring since games with delays like this rarely turn out good.

  • English dubs is all I care about. I’m glad the japanese voices are going to be dlc. It would have been a waste of HDD space for me if it was included.

  • Was disappointed at first… but then I remembered that I already have quite a backlog of games to keep me entertained. Glad we got Japanese audio as well, but not glad in how we got it. It makes it look like some sort of compensation for the wait as there would have been more of a storm otherwise. But yeah, P5 will be epic.

  • やった ! Looks Like I don’t have to pay $101.00 to import this from Japan after all.

  • I don’t to be, but I’m peeved about this news, especially since none of the announcements lessen the sting at all. Dual audio? Cool that they’re doing this, but I personally don’t care since I’ll be playing with the English dubs. PSX? Can’t go. PS4 theme? Didn’t find out about this news until the 18th, so window of opportunity closed. Box art? I only buy digital versions of games. What a bummer! Sucks that we’re still about 5 months away from release! How about next time you don’t put a platry 24 hour timer on a free theme for a game you’re delaying!

  • Awesome! Adding the Japanese audio has convinced me to preorder it! I was originally going to skip this since I already have too much backlog but you’ve got me now!

  • I finally got into this series with P4G, and I’m just wondering if this will ever end up on the vita? Would really love to play this on a handheld

  • This is easily one of my most if not most anticipated games for 2017, thank you Atlas for all your hard work!!!!

  • Will the full Japanese audio be included this time? Because Atlus also announced dual audio for Dragon’s Crown and Persona 4 Arena Ultimax, but they ended up being English dub only with partial Japanese audio only.

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