Persona 5 Launching April 4, 2017, Will Feature Dual Audio on PS4 and PS3

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Persona 5 Launching April 4, 2017, Will Feature Dual Audio on PS4 and PS3

Brace yourselves: Persona 5 is now launching on April 4, 2017.

I know, I know. It stings. But Persona 5 set the gold standard for Atlus with its launch in Japan, and we wanted to put the utmost care into ensuring it winds up the best when it launches in the west. And — and this is a very special “and” — we have some exceedingly good news for you in light of this delay:

Persona 5 will have dual audio. For PS4 and PS3.

We’re including it as DLC for logistical reasons, but it will be free, for forever. People have been asking for this since P5 was announced, and through herculean effort from just about every division of Atlus, we managed to arrange this. This was something we especially wanted to do for the Atlus Faithful, the ones who still appreciate our English dubs and respect all the effort we put into localizing. You all are the reason we get to do the jobs we do, so we’ve been fighting for this for a long while, and we are glad we can make this happen for all of those who support us and love our games.

Oh, but I’m not done there.

For those of you who are planning to attend PlayStation Experience in Anaheim this year, Atlus will be there. Along with a playable demo of Persona 5. If you’re going to be at PS Experience, we hope to see you there! Oh, and not that you needed any more reason to visit our booth, but there’s also going to be a Persona 5 collector’s card as well!

More? Okay.

Persona 5’s band of heroes are called the Phantom Thieves. They specialize at stealing stuff — they stole the first P5 gameplay and delivered it to us at E3, they even stole the freakin’ Tokyo Tower. Their most recent heist? They liberated a PS4 theme of Ryuji Sakamoto, and they’ve put it up on PlayStation Network right now. For free. Fortunately, the Atlus security is top-notch, and we’ll be removing it from PlayStation Network in 24 hours, but until then, we’re powerless to stop those who want to download it!

I think that’s about everyth- oh wait!

I just remembered, we’ve got another update for you. Those of you who’ve pre-ordered the “Take Your Heart” premium edition of Persona 5 may recall the placeholder art the last time we showed it off. Well, we’ve got an update to that too! The soundtrack CD now features Justine and Caroline, the twin wardens of the Velvet Room. The artbook and SteelBook are updated as well, and you can even see the final art of the box it all ships in. Check it out here.

Phew! Ok, so if you need a minute to process all that, you can check out the first English gameplay of Persona 5 as we livestream it right now on Twitch!

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  • You will be at PSX?!?! With a demo?? That alone is making this trip worth it! Will you have a merch booth as well??

  • Meh, gunna wait for bargain bin anyway, no one should spend more than $10 on a turn based game

    • dude u hi?

    • Troll comment? Because this doesnt seem like a logical response for Persona 5

    • Either trolling or an idiot.

    • You going to have to wait for 2025 then…..I have never seen a Persona game under 15 physically.

    • no I’m not hi, no I’m not a troll or an idiot, and sure ill wait for 2025, this series isn’t that big of a deal

    • Quite possibly the dumbest comment I’ve ever seen.

    • you must be new to the internet

    • There’s a lot of things Im not interested in either, but I don’t go around s**t posting about it because I’m not a loser.

    • Your loss, you’ll have to wait till 2020 probably.

    • Funny, I’d be willing to pay double the retail cost to have the game that much sooner.
      To each their own.

    • Why not? People pay that for the same fifa and the same cod every year!

    • @ultramarinus plenty of other better games coming

      @piotrrasputinbr and thats a problem, i don’t play fifa or any sports game and the last cod i played was mw2

      @John Hardin lol, hey i said i would get it, just not at launch

    • because a part of my comment was deleted im gunna put it here

      @supremestarhawk says hes not a loser because he doesnt s**t post, s**t posts anyway… must be a loser

    • Dude you are crazy honestly! Never played 1 trough 3, but fall in love with it when bought Persona 4 Golden on Vita. Can’t wait for this one to come out!!

    • jchill001 you can’t go onto one of the most popular turn based non Final Fantasy JRPGs around, say “Meh, gunna wait for bargain bin anyway, no one should spend more than $10 on a turn based game”, and then turn around and say you’re not a troll.

      To Troll:
      “make a deliberately offensive or provocative online posting with the aim of upsetting someone or eliciting an angry response from them.”
      “causing annoyance, anger, or another strong reaction, especially deliberately.”

      Your actions are the exact definition of trolling. Which is why people say you are either trolling, or stupid.

      If this was a game series that wasn’t well reviewed, if it was an unknown series, if it wasn’t one of the definitive, JRPG experiences out there, if it wasn’t a game that people put hundreds of hours into, and that the developers clearly put a lot of time, effort and love into, as well as localizers…

      I mean you’re basically just coming here and saying that games that costs millions to make and have dozens upon dozens of gameplay hours if not hundreds, is only worth $10. >_>

      How exactly are you not trolling?

    • The only reason there’s “dozens and dozens of hours” is because there are so many cut scenes that you have to sit through as well as the turn based battle system which takes forever to kill one low level enemy. In an action game such as the witcher/dark souls/bloodborne, when I walk up to a low level enemy I just have to hit one button and the enemy dies, where as in a turn based game I have to scroll through menus to select attack, select an enemy to attack, wait for the attack to happen, watch my character swing his weapon only for him to end up missing the enemy, now I have to repeat that whole process just to kill that same enemy which add up time.

      Just because a game costs millions to make does not mean its worth full price, look at destiny for example, better gameplay, cost millions to make, and shipped with little content. Dlc was made for the game, but you had pay extra for it, if the game came with all of the dlc at launch instead of 2 years later, then it may have been worth it. Hell, I would’ve waited to get p4 golden but I had received it as a gift, and i wasn’t gunna turn down a free gift.

    • (whole comment was apparently too long had to split it up)

      Now how am I not trolling? Because I said that I was still going to buy the game, just not at launch. If I wasn’t buying the game at all and came here just to b***h about it, then I would be trolling.

    • Kind of typical gamer nowadays. It’s ok if your tastes in games suck. Really. We don’t care. But just: don’t spit out non-sense, please.

      I’m so sad Atlus had to read that trash-comment.

    • Please don’t confuse a type of game you don’t like to play for something no one should play (or no one should pay more than $10 for, or whatever). That just makes you look like a Troll.

    • “forever to kill 1 low-level enemy”
      Dude, have you even seen how fast and streamlined the combat is? “Scroll through menus* a big fat NOPE to that one. The only reason a fight would take a long time is if you’re an idiot and/or know nothing Tzu Sun’s The Art Of War
      but in case you’re too lazy to even look up some game play here’s the battle options


      Order, Persona and Item are the only things that have a sub menu. Every action is mapped to button press and with a sub menu it takes like 2 second to do what you want. Also it has the press-turn system so if you get a critical or strike the enemy where they’re WEAK (see The Art Of War for more details) you get to attack again, hit another weak point? attack again. hit another? ATTACK AGAIN. if you hit all of their weak point you get to do an all out attack where all of the character rip and tear and more often than not murder everything. if there are 5 enemies weak to ice use the multi ice skill (Mabufu, Mabufula or Mabufudyne) to hit all 5 of them at the same time.

      I’d recommend you do a little digging before you start making some poorly misinformed accusations

  • N…noo. For the waiting you can release P4 Golden on ps4?

  • Nooooooo :(

  • It´s for the best. January is still crowded as hell too and I expect to play Yakuza 0 way into february. I was freaking out trying to decide the order of what to play next year. P5 should fit nicely after Horizon now (inb4 Horizon´s delayed again).

    • This sucks at first, but then thinking about it, I realize that with Kingdom Hearts 2.8 delayed from Decemeber to the same day as Yakuza 0, I’m gonna have a realllly busy January/February haha

      So I’m alright with it I guess. Besides, Dual Audio is huge for a lot of poeple

    • They saved Valentine’s day. You have no idea how many divorces and break ups they prevented by not releasing on that day.

  • Will there be a way for us in the US to get the 2 themes from the Japanese 20th Anniversary P5 CE? Will they be included in our CE? I’m referring to the two PS4 themes that have the vocal and instrumental version of the theme song “Life Will Change”.

  • 50 more days. not sugar coating it, this really sucks.

  • I have no problems with this. Already pre-ordered the Take Your Heart edition and know you guys are going to make it something special. Take however long you need.

  • At first was angry at the release date but then realized April doesn’t have anything I’m looking forward to so I’m okay with this. Didn’t care for dual audio but I know tons of others did so good on Atlus USA for that Coppin that free stuff tho.

  • I enjoyed the combat and stuff like that in Golden, but I gave up on it because I really could do without all that social link stuff. Would be nice to see these make a turn-based RPG without all that nonsense.

  • Don’t care about delays…people whining have ever growing backlogs. Go flesh those games out….

    The game is done in JPN, so it for sure coming at least. Some games get delayed…we get no inkle of it since.

  • “Coming Winter 2014”

  • I’m an Atlus fan, but bragging that arranging for this game to have dual audio as a “herculean effort” is a little insulting for people who play games from other niche Japanese publishers. NIS, XSeed, and Aksys have been doing dual audio for years, where as Atlus and Square Enix are the only publishers that have the English dub, but remove the Japanese dub. I can understand having only a Japanese dub because it costs money to hire voice actors to do an English one, but I will never understand having an English dub and removing the already existing Japanese dub.

    • It’s usually to do with reverse importing. There are no region restrictions anymore and it’s cheaper to import games outside of Japan, so a lot of developers don’t want dual audio on discs so as to prevent people in the Japanese market buying the game from overseas, and while offering it as DLC makes it harder to get at, savvy customers can just create an American PSN account and download it that way so long as their game is disc-based.

      There’s a cynical part of me that sometimes thinks that’s also part of the reason for long localization cycles, people wouldn’t want to wait and just break down and buy it locally.

    • That actually makes sense. I’ve heard it’s Also the reason things like anime don’t get physical media releases until about a year later. We get them cheaper and this consist of the Japanese audio as well. Kinda like a double edge sword. The dlc jpn audio is fine by me on that subject. Especially since I actually prefer dubs and will save probably 3gb on that voice data lol.

    • I think it might be in reference to convincing the Suits to let them do it.

  • Will the Nintendo Switch version only contain one audio track?

  • my emotions………. MY EMOTIONS !!

  • Um. No theme on the store. Anyone else have any luck?

    • Search for “Ryuji Sakamoto” and you should find the theme.

    • Nope, I’ve searched both “Ryuji” and “Persona,” and it’s not listed in the “extras” section of the store…

    • Okay, found it. It’s actually under the AVATARS section. Just hit “Avatar Settings” and you’ll get the theme too. Just check your theme menu and it’ll be in the list of not-actually-downloaded themes.

    • Thank you DirjelJunshin i had been looking for like 15 minutes

  • Wow. Didn’t think it would happen but now I can finally play this game the way I want. Thanks Atlus. Hopefully this is how you guys run things from now on. ;)

  • I see no theme on ps4. Since it’s time limited… I hope you fix it soon.

  • I’ve been since around the launch of PS3 when the new Persona was rumored so what’s another 2 months? Always sucks when you’re looking forward to a game but Atlus delivers when it comes to Persona so no doubt it’ll be worth it. Keep up the great work Atlus US/JP/Worldwide

  • Not gonna lie: I’m angry about this. Livid, in fact. But I’m a civil person so I’m not going to go nuclear about it on the blog.

    I would, however, like to know just what’s going on with this game. How out of touch are Atlus of Japan in regards to localization? It was delayed by years in the Japanese market and now we’re seeing delays in the west. Did they literally wait for it to release in Japan before they allowed Atlus USA to start work on localization?

    We live in a world where the new Final Fantasy game is releasing day-and-date around the globe. While I never really expected this from Atlus, I genuinely thought the gap would be three months at most. I made what I considered to be a safe assumption that localization would be underway well before it dropped in Japan.

    For Japanese audio fans, the dual audio announcement is nice, but I literally couldn’t care less, so it doesn’t lessen the sting any for me on a personal level. Now if they decide to release the PlayStation Experience demo on PSN, that would be a nice olive branch to tide fans over until the game releases. But somehow I doubt they’ll bother.

    Yeah. Really disappointed, and a lot angrier than I should be over this.

    • We also live in a world where Final Fantasy 15 also got a last-minute delay for quality control. Bad example.

    • What an odd issue to have since you live in a world where release tend to be staggered by region more often than not and where hundreds of games released in Japan still don’t have any plans to be released outside of Japan or Asia.
      In this day and age a 6-18 month wait for localization is expected. FFXV world wide release is the expectation not the rule.
      Have fun making up stuff to complain about.

  • Delayed? Sure, do what you need to.

    Dual audio? I hope this is a strategy going forward :)

  • You magnificent bastards.

  • All I can say is Japan is not half of the country it was 20 years ago.

  • Thanks for still support the PS3!

  • They’re doing this yet again? This is getting truly ridiculous at this point, whenever we’re getting closer to the release date they push it.

  • Persona gets popular and now they’re going the route of every Dev. This is annoying. Also are we really not goina be able to record or anything for this game? I feel you’re tryina kill my hype for this now…

  • Have none of you ever read any book at all? Or maybe you’re all still in middle school or something. I keep trying Persona games because everyone’s so in love with them, but they’re crap (Trails of… games too). Maybe I’ll ask my 9 year old autistic weaboo son and he can give me some insight on them.

  • I would love to hear the rationale behind this. The game was released in Japan on September 15th… but you’re telling me it takes 7 months to translate the game and push it through? Absolutely preposterous.

    • So they need to delay again and use this as scapegoat

    • Have you played a Persona game before? Assuming the game is only 60 hours long in the first playthrough, that’s a LOT of audio to dub, and a lot of dialogue that has to be changed because the original makes zero sense to an English-speaking audience. Not to mention the demons/personas…with over 200 available in the Compendium, that’s a lot of cross-referencing with various ancient lore to be sure that the translations are correct. Older SMT games have historically gotten a lot of those things wrong.

      I’m not certain that all that work takes seven months, but it *does* take a considerable amount of time. Persona games are chock full of Japanese cultural references that a small minority of us Westerners will understand, and I personally want them to take the time to get it done correctly. Even as recently as P3P, there are at least two completely untranslated lines in Japanese still in the game (and worse, the English version doesn’t have kanji support, so those characters show up as boxes and I wouldn’t be able to tell what they said even if I knew those kanji). P3 FES, P4, and P4G all have a handful of typos that weren’t caught by the QA team. The post-localization playtesting is important, too.

  • Sony’s gotta be careful the Phantom Thieves don’t steal the show of the PS Experience and make it into an P5 Experience ;)

  • I completely wrote off getting this when I found out it was dub only. Now, I’ll be grabbing it up day one!

  • UK fan here. When the game released in JP in Sept I was a bit on edge for having to wait 5 months for a translation – but this time it doesn’t actually bother me anymore. I see them spending so much time on SO MANY marketing / livestream / product gimmicks in the past few months that the hype has simply died on me. Look at the dev of The Last Guardian and then look at this. You’ll notice a difference on what they are getting at. They’ve got more famous, sure, but less cool now.

  • Great news about the dual-audio!! I already have way too many games on my backlog (including previous Persona games), so the delay doesn’t bother me in the least.

    What does bother me… is that now only Persona 5 will get dual-audio and all the previous games are stuck with dub-only. Any chance of a Japanese-VO DLC at least for Golden? :-) #prettypleasewithsugarontop

  • Thanks for the dual audio guys! This will result in more sold copies, I guarantee it. Picking up a copy for sure in April.

  • Oh for the love of God someone please link me to the PS4 theme, EU store if possible

  • Sigh, this is ridiculous.
    When will you learn to treat your most loyal fans not like trash and release game worldwide ?
    At this point all hype is dead and i will wait till game goes on sale instead of “day one buy”.
    And many people will do the same.

  • “We have some exceedingly good news for you in light of this delay: Persona 5 will have dual audio. For PS4 and PS3.”

    I’m sorry, but how was this *ever* in question? It should be a bonus to get English, not the other way around.

  • Yeah, it stings… I want to play it now, but I want to play it as intended by Atlas. I’ll still be here, and ready, when they are. Thanks for the update, and the sweet theme guys :]

  • This is beyond ridiculous! Now were being forced to wait even longer because of dual audio? Pre-order cancelled.

  • Dual audio! Yes! Please make this happen on P3 and P4 too! The English voices are (mostly) good, but the Japanese ones are great too. I’d love to experience those games in their original language (and listen to the changes you’ve made)!

  • Any chance we could get the old PS2 games emulated on PS4 with some trophies at some point? Maybe even give them the same treatment P4 got on the Vita and make “Golden” versions for the PS4? I have P4:G already, but it would be nice to have something for P3:FES also.

  • Always sad to see a game i been looking delays, but that said, Dual Audio is good enough treat for me to say its ok. Just means i probably wont be buys two since it way after my friend bday…

  • Dual audio! Heck YEAH!!!! I live in Japan and have always thought the English voices were well done but I’m still excited as my Japanese isn’t up to Persona standards yet!

  • You know, I’m okay with this. Dual audio is something I’m all for, and it’s not because I don’t like the English voices or anything. I’ve been following all the trailers so I’m a bit attached to the Japanese voices, but the great part about Dual-audio is that I can play the game again in English, which should make it feel different enough to keep me playing.

  • Dual audio? Color me surprised. I get to hear Mizuki Nana so this makes my day. At the bright side of the delay, I get to clear my log.

  • Persona 4’s English Dub was amazing and got me laughing my ass off. It was the first time I didn’t mind having English dub. I hope the quality is the same for Persona 5. Looking forward to finding out.

  • This is full class bs. Delay for dual audio what kind of ……How much more hoops should we jump through before we could even get a chance to play this game.First of all its coming out in December then summer then oh 14 of Feb now April,how about u drop the dubs go with Japanese sub with English text isn’t that the BEST FIX EVER.The game is already out,just translate text that’s all and we could all avoid this bs situation and for all the people who want dual audio they could wait for April.sigh i was so looking forward to February i even put in vacation time to play this game i love so much .would you people please make up your minds

  • Herculean effort? More like lazy effort. Another delay. Atlus sucks they are all lazy. They really don’t deserve my money. I wanted the game in February. I mean first they lied about it coming worlwide with their US branch, now this.
    I don’t care about Japanese Voice Over DLC. Atlus is messing up.

  • Persona games already have the best dubbing all around, so I’ve never once cared about not having access to Japanese audio. I’m glad that it’s coming for the people out there that want it, but the fact that the game is being delayed another two months… again… is insult to injury. There’s no way this is gonna be a Mighty No. 9 kind of situation, but please, please don’t continue into delay hell.

  • I wish other companies with certain games (im looking at you blazblue) would follow suit. Glad to hear this. Even though I will never use the jpn voice acting. The point is now everyone is happpy.

  • I would be upset if it weren’t for dual audio, now I’m overjoyed as we can enjoy the original performances finally in a Persona game. I hope Atlus will do this standard practice for all further games.

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