Gravity Rush 2 Update

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Gravity Rush 2 Update

In July, we announced a release date for Gravity Rush 2 that we felt most appropriate for the title. Since then, though production is proceeding smoothly, the landscape for that release date has changed dramatically.

Gravity Rush 2 is the conclusion of Kat’s journey, so we want players to have enough time to dive deep into her story. In addition, as a lot of work went into online features that allow for asynchronous player interaction, we want as many people as possible playing the title at the same time. Thus, after careful deliberation, we have decided to change the release date. Gravity Rush 2 will now launch on January 20, 2017.

I would like to apologize to all those players anxiously awaiting Gravity Rush 2. After four years of development making a title we are very proud of, we want to release it at the very best time.

In exchange for the longer wait, we have decided to release the premium DLC planned for the title free of charge. This additional story will take place in the world of Gravity Rush 2 and we think fans will have a lot of fun playing through it.

As we move into the holiday season and the New Year, we have many more exciting things in store, including more information about the title and the special animated feature. Please keep an eye out for more on Gravity Rush 2, and thank you again for all your support.

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  • Kudos. This is actually what I was hoping will be done. An adult and brave decision given the schedule and other releases this phenomenal IP was running up against.
    Also, the decision to include the DLC is a way of showing that you are treating your loyal fans with utmost respect.
    This made me very happy and reinforced my decision to purchase the game on release and not wait for the price drop.

  • Perfectly fine. No matter when it comes out, it moves (or rushes, if you will) straight to the top of my to-play-immediately list.

  • Aw man. Bummer! This was the only game I have preordered. I try not to preorder in general, but I know publishers watch those numbers, and Sony needs to care about Gravity Rush 2 more.

    But I guess I get it. Its definitely getting lost in the shuffle. Frankly, SCEA is doing a terrible job of showing it off despite GR2 looking fantastic (we didn’t need to see that stupid, brown, zombie turd “Days Gone” TWICE at the E3 presser, dummies). With PSVR being Sony’ big focus now and then the Last Guardian, GR 2 was going to get screwed. I just hope Sony actually takes advantage of the delay now and markets this better with the extra time. At the very least, putting out Remastered as a PS+ title for December would be smart, to make sure they expose this lovely series to as many people as possible in front of Gravity Rush 2.

    Sony doesn’t do a great job of marketing multiple games at once. I really hate it when they dump good games out to retail unceremoniously – like with both the last Ratchet and Sly games; no marketing, just gave them a $40 price point “to move” and wished them luck. It really sucks. THIS is a game worth making buzz about, and treating like a major release. I hope Sony does it right with the extra time now.

  • With all that extra time, how about bringing in the Limited Edition from Asia to the West?

    • Definitely ain’t giving us no Kat statues.. Only delays, and dlc that should be in the game initially. And I’m positive I’m not jumping the gun, the first game, they dlc was made into the game initially, I know this because some of the tutorials in the game are missing and actually tied to the dlc making things more understandable with the dlc because it teaches you things you’re suppose to learn

  • I understand delays, but this is getting ridiculous. How much games are going to get delayed… Don’t care if it’s a month and a half. It’s annoying as hell. Fate/Extella, Gravity Rush 2,
    Kingdom Hearts 2.8. And so on. We might as well just ban release dates until a games gone gold. Getting really annoyed with it now. Not one of my most anticipated games of this year went without delays literally. Uncharted, Ratchet, Fate/Extella, Persona 5, FFXV, Gravity Rush 2… Well okay, the ones I get for ps4. Vita has been fine, Trails actually came out earlier. And WoFF is good to go apparently. Even worse, I ordered a 2Tb HDD for my ps4, suppose to be here Tuesday… Delayed. Also ordered a book a week ago, suppose to ship the next day… Delay in the facility..

  • I am disappointed in the delay, but I also want a perfect experience in finishing Kat’s high-flying adventure. The free premium DLC is also quite nice. Take all the time you need to make it perfect, the demos I’ve seen online look fantastic. Is there any chance you can release it to the PSN store?

  • I think you guys made the best call by delaying it. With The Last Guardian and FFXV both delayed to the same release period, it was just incredibly cluttered and would’ve gotten lost in the shuffle. Now it has a bit more room to breathe!

  • I’m actually happy about this delay, there were just too many games coming out this holiday.

    But I wish with this delay, that you guys can make a Collector’s Edition for the game and maybe make it run at 60FPS.

  • As someone who owns and loves the first one on PS4, I fully understand this.

    I do, however, have two suggestions to help make this a success. 1) a free demo 2) making the first Gravity Rush Remastered the PS+ game for November or December, just so people who never got a chance to get into the series have a chance. If people get to experience it, they will want to play the sequel.

    • already played the 1 at vita, for that reason (and hdn) bought the ps4 5 months ago. But if they do a ps+ free game or a 50% discount for remastered gr1 i ll buy it again only for experience the beautifull game again in the ps4.

    • forgot to add “because gr2 ll be only for ps4 and also hdn vii o bought the ps4 :3

  • gravity rush is my favorite game!!!!! I am reaaalllllllllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy excited about gravity rush 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • A Vita spin-off or a prequel would have been really nice. I understand that Gravity Rush 2 is a full scale next-gen game so it may not be a suitable place for Vita, but as the original birthplace of Gravity Rush, we truly deserve another Gravity Rush game on Vita. Plus, Japanese sales might alone justify this addition to the series. It doesn’t even have to be a high budget game, something moderate would do the trick.

  • Take your time, make it great. Plenty of stuff to play/platinum in the meantime.

  • Thanks for the update. Excited for GR 2….hopefully Sony can create a GR 1+2 PS4 Bundle.

    Can you guys please put out the Gravity Rush Vita dlc on sale or free?

  • Hi, i have 2 questions about the dlc. If i preorder the game ll get the 10 avatars costumes, the soundtrack and the special avatar? How much time i have until preorder and get that special dlc? (have until 19/1/2017 ?)

  • Man, this was the last game I was looking forward to this year :(
    I guess this means Forza Horizon 3 is my GOTY.
    With the delay, I wish NA was getting a Collector’s Edition (steelbook, soundtrack cd, figure, etc), I would pay basically any price.
    Also, since Gravity Rush is already overlooked, I would’ve liked to have seen better marketing, like more spotlight during E3 (instead of Last Of Us with motorcycles TWICE). But at least it won’t be overshadowed by FFXV now.

  • <3 Gravity Rush + Gravity Daze :)

  • If the delay means more content and music, then take your time.

  • NOOO .
    but i guess thats the best thing for the game more polishing and better stuff to be seen i really love gravity rush its kinda sad that kats story ends here because i wanted more .
    i will put too much time on this one as soon as it lands on my ps4 ( day one )
    thanks japan studio and do your best

  • So basically what we should all gather from this is, any time a Sony studio announces a release date we shouldn’t believe it. Infamous Second Son, The Order 1886, Uncharted 4, Horizon Zero Dawn, The Last Guardian, Gran Turismo Sport, Gravity Rush 2 and I’m sure I’m forgetting some. This is becoming a trend and it’s pathetic. Don’t announce a release date unless you know it’s going to be ready on that date, and for God’s sake communicate with each other and don’t delay a game to the same date as another resulting in another game delay. Seriously Sony, get it together.

  • I don’t know how I’m just now finding out about this, but it makes sense considering it’s coming out too close to both CoD and Last Guardian. This way it’ll be more likely to get the attention it deserves.

  • “In addition, as a lot of work went into online features that allow for asynchronous player interaction, we want as many people as possible playing the title at the same time.”

    Well. That’s interesting. So are we gonna be leaving messages ala Soulsborne then?

    • I will also note that I have no problem with the release date rolling back. I’d rather have a solid, gorgeous, finished game than something rushed out by a bunch of overworked people stuck in crunch time for three months that’s full of bugs and half-finished stuff. Good work takes time.

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