PlayStation Plus: Free Games for October 2016

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PlayStation Plus: Free Games for October 2016

Hey PS Plus members, let’s get in the Halloween spirit with this month’s free games lineup for October, 2016.

PlayStation Plus: Free Games for October 2016

First up, we have Resident Evil. What better way to get excited for the holiday and the upcoming Resident Evil VII than by going back to the start of it all? This year Capcom is celebrating the 20th anniversary of the franchise, and this remastered HD version is the perfect way to enjoy the game. So whether you’re reacquainting with old friends Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine, or meeting them for the first time, get ready to learn the secrets of the mansion that lies on the outskirts of Raccoon City.

Next up is Transformers: Devastation. Drawing on the talents from the original Transformers TV series for the story and voice work, the game should feel pleasantly familiar to fans. Fabled developer PlatinumGames also delivers a fun and rewarding combat system with their signature fast-paced action. With your choice of five Autobots, get in there and battle against the Decepticons and Insecticons to save earth from Megatron’s evil plans.

Full Lineup

  • Resident Evil, PS4
  • Transformers: Devastation, PS4
  • Mad Riders, PS3
  • From Dust, PS3
  • Code: Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~, PS Vita
  • Actual Sunlight, PS Vita

We’ll see you in the comments section. Enjoy.

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  • Yay. Another great month. /s

  • Not that happy with these games a remastered game come on than a transformers game looks likes a game for kids. PS3 games look very lackluster don’t know what the extra 10 dollars being charged now for plus is going.

    Where is evil within and watch dogs

    • In the bargain bin at your local gaming store.

    • Why are people so obsessed with Watch Dogs? That game sucked so hard it’s not even funny.
      Over hyped trash. Tired of hearing about that turd of a game. Go BUY it if you want it so bad. I bet you a shiny nickel that you can find used copies for next to nothing.
      No respectable “gamer” wants that in their library, might as well start demanding the Atari game ET the Extraterrestrial gets remastered.

  • Decent month shame i allready have resident evil but i will give transformers ago

  • Excellent list got to give them credit! but I own both games lol. Enjoy everyone! :)

  • good line up, will get them all except for CODE. wont download RE (i dont like horror games much Alien Isolation is enough), and actual sunlight (i have no space on PSvita) though.

  • Resi 1 re-make Awesome!!!

  • I already own resident evil, haven’t completed so maybe I’lol go back to it now. Played transformers before but didn’t finish and I don’t own it so I think I’love play more. Transformers is a very great game, very fun! Surprised they’re making it free but I’m not complaining! As for vita, actual sunlight looks like I’lol try it and get bored, and code realize is just a straight up graphic novel to read. No gameplay.

  • Great titles! Thank you Sony! :)

  • Just to be clear, these are NOT free. At all.

  • Amazing line Up. Even though I own 3/6 games. Devastation alone just make up for it.

    Resident Evil: Hoping 0 is up for next month.

    Transformers Devastation: One of the most sought out Platinum Games…..Me and Many other would be beyond happy with this one.

    Mad Riders: Meh….will play it a bit and see.

    From Dust: Looks fun, but rather spend on backlog.

    Cod Realize: Best Visual Novel I have ever played, happy to get a Digital copy to boot. Tops Stein, Xblaze, Dangaronpa, VLR and so on on.. Now I am very hopeful of Norn9 next month…plz.

    Actual Sunlight: Own this game…super easy though. Make you question your life…depressing stuff.

    • Tops Steins Gate? What form of wizardry is this?
      Now I’ll play it for sure.

    • I find it hard to believe what you say. I mean, the Danganronpa and Zero Escape series are very well done. Un less you felt in love with some character on Code: Realize…

    • Unless*

      Sorry =/.

    • I consider VLR, Danganronpa, Gal Gun, Tokyo Twilight aren’t pure VN. They are good though…but Code gets number one because it is just a Novel and nothing more.

      Code Realize is better than VLR and Stein in terms of Story, anyways.

      Haven’t tried Norn 9 yet…so hoping next month Sony.

    • Haven’t played Steins Gate, but I played Virtue’s Last Reward (and 999 before it) and I consider them to have the best story I’ve ever known so… Yeah, it’s hard for me to believe that Code: Realize has a better story. I’ll play it, though.

  • Not too shabby. Only game I owned already was From Dust, which I’ve owned for several years now.

    And that’s the oldest title available, so that’s more expected to have owned. I would have irked if I’d recently bought RE: Re though. Lucky me. :P

  • imo this list is garbage

  • Hah! thats Awesome, both PS4 games I wanted, That I almost bought, Now free. Thanks Playstation.

    Now how about getting with Bethesda to give us Mods for Fallout and Skyrim. Then I might forgive you completely.

  • Nossa que da hora show de bola!!!

  • Rumour about assaincreed, watch dog , tomb raider and other game was fake and really transformer lol,

  • Being the decepticons fan I am, I never picked up devastation because I wasnt able to play as decepticons. However I’ll gladly play it for “free.” Resident evil should be a fun one too.

  • Only disappointment is that the PS Vita games are not PSTV compatible. Really would like Sony to allow all Vita games to be played on PSTV using a PS4/DualShock 4 controller. If PSTV is such a niche, most of us know the limitations and that not all games will work well with a standard console controller. If worried, display a warning when a game is not officially supported. I’m sorry the product didn’t work out for Sony because it has a lot of unused potential.

    I’d also like for the PS Store to display what devices each game is compatible with. It’s annoying having to dig around to check for device compatibility; especially for PSTV games.


  • Come on, I feel like this is a letdown given all the speculation of possible free games for Oct. Just goes to show: never listen to the speculation lol

  • This isn’t a good month for me, because i have already bought these games.

  • Sweet, this made my trudging work day seem worth it. Awesome job, Sony, keep it going!! Now just figure the Bethesda mod issues (as in please allow them) and our relationship will completely be trustworthy again !!

  • Holy crap…it’s already almost October!? :) Here in Michigan, Actual Sunlight is pretty rare this time of year. Look forward to trying these games.

  • Hmmm… This is quite a nice line up but our hopes are still up for that AAA holy grail watchdogs

  • Watch Dogs maybe next?

  • Platinum’s Transformers title? TIGHT!

  • Owned both games for this month already at least I get one game I don’t already own this time

  • Great month with the increase in PS+ sub prices i hope to see more line ups like this

  • When will they give out actual good games…..

  • I love the VN’s for the PS Vita on PS+. Good choices!

  • Good month. I redboxed transformers and enjoyed it. I’m glad I waited.

  • Although I already have Resident Evil HD Remaster on PS4, it’s nice to see this and Transformers Devastation (never played it, but I will) on the PS Plus games list for PS4 and not indie game this and indie game that.

  • If I didn’t already own Transformers I’d be all over this.

  • Omg wow back to back keep the good news coming this is a great lineupand PSX so close to home.

  • Not too bad looking for PS4, transformers looks interesting and though I’ve already beat RE, it’s been a year since so I wouldn’t mind taking another run. I don’t have a PS3 but have considered picking one up for the bedroom to throw on all the free PS+ games. As far as Vita goes, doesn’t look too good to me, but I’ve created a pretty good library since I picked it up earlier this year!

  • Otome is not my thing, but I really appreciate having two Vita games on Plus instead of one being a PSP game. Both PS4 games are awesome.

  • Oh my god Code:Realize! Probably the best Otome and one of the best VNs on the Vita. Even if you aren’t into Otomes it’s really great. Here’s hoping Norn9 gets some PS+ love in the future.

    PS. Localize more otomes

  • How do we download the games?

  • Was prepared to look on the Blog today and be disappointed in the PlayStation Plus games for October but color me surprised! Very nice lineup of PlayStation 4 games! Thanks!

  • They increase the price and we still get crap. A game that is 20 years old and a very OKAY game

  • Actually signed in to congradulate sony on a DECENT month for a change. IDK about this transformors game, but i know alot of people will be happy with the resident evil HD remake. I have it on ps3, and i have zero on ps4, but ill redownload it on my ps4. And i know alot of others who will as well.

    Maybe next month we will get RE4? The best one next to RE2 in my opinoin. Again, have it on ps3 and pc, but would be nice to see it as a plus game. Even if its older and most of the fans already have it, at least its bettet then the typical garbage they give us.

  • Oh dang! All we had to do was pay $10 extra bones to get sum bada$$ games?! All joking aside thats a rad list

  • Also all be it I love RE and actual bought it on its original release, it didn’t start the survival horror genre. You need to go back a decade or so and look at 3D Monster Maze on the ZX81 or Ant Attack on the ZX Spectrum to see where it all began.

  • With PS+ set for a price increase you all brought out some ps4 big guns. It’s been so-so for a long while and my plus expires soon. Loving this month’s games mainly but Plus has been flat for a long time. Might not renew but October rocks.

  • This is an awesome line up, Thanks Playstation. :)

  • After the price increase was hoping for better games, and no free PSVR is disappointing. I get 3 more months of ps+ before the increase so we will see if it is worth it

  • I need a date and when the PSN store will update

  • I’ll be resubscribing next month for sure. These games are great and I need my Destiny Crucible and SFV online fix.

  • Ugh these Vita games. Can we get some games that we can actually play, not just read? Two visual novels in two months and a super short, linear adventure game.

  • So are we just going to get visual novel games every month for Vita? I rather go back to getting PSP games if that’s the case.

  • even though i enjoy a good visual novel, i would love to see a decent JRPG on the Vita, i know we had a few rpg’s before and as good as those were, they were.. unusual?
    Still, in saying that, this is a decent line up of good variety,

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