PlayStation Plus: Free Games for October 2016

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PlayStation Plus: Free Games for October 2016

Hey PS Plus members, let’s get in the Halloween spirit with this month’s free games lineup for October, 2016.

PlayStation Plus: Free Games for October 2016

First up, we have Resident Evil. What better way to get excited for the holiday and the upcoming Resident Evil VII than by going back to the start of it all? This year Capcom is celebrating the 20th anniversary of the franchise, and this remastered HD version is the perfect way to enjoy the game. So whether you’re reacquainting with old friends Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine, or meeting them for the first time, get ready to learn the secrets of the mansion that lies on the outskirts of Raccoon City.

Next up is Transformers: Devastation. Drawing on the talents from the original Transformers TV series for the story and voice work, the game should feel pleasantly familiar to fans. Fabled developer PlatinumGames also delivers a fun and rewarding combat system with their signature fast-paced action. With your choice of five Autobots, get in there and battle against the Decepticons and Insecticons to save earth from Megatron’s evil plans.

Full Lineup

  • Resident Evil, PS4
  • Transformers: Devastation, PS4
  • Mad Riders, PS3
  • From Dust, PS3
  • Code: Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~, PS Vita
  • Actual Sunlight, PS Vita

We’ll see you in the comments section. Enjoy.

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  • Two awesome PS4 games I don’t own! Nice!

    • I’ve never heard of these PS3 or Vita games, but daaaamn those are some sweet PS4 games.

    • I was away in college when I picked up Resident Evil on a whim. It might have been the 3rd PlayStation game I ever owned. I think Battle Toshindin was my 1st purchase at Service Merchandise which was going out of business at the time. I picked up Warhawk and Ridgeracer can’t remember in which order. Anyways I never forget that initial slow going of what did I just buy? That cheesy B grade cinematic. The guy at Electronic Boutique (EB Games) said the game was popular. I had some doubts. And then bam! A zombie dog jumped through the window of the mansion. I was totally hooked! Thank you Plus for bringing another early day memory.

    • Does Actual Sunlight, cause my PS VIta to brick so that I don’t have an excuse to look away from the sunlight anymore?

      Did they forget I have a smartphone? Psh… dumb Sony. You will not trick me into looking at ACTUAL SUNLIGHT!

    • How about putting uncharted 4 that will be very nice PlayStation

    • Resident Evil is one of my favorite series, so glad the original was remastered, another great game added to my collection, transformers is also okay.

    • Well at least mad riders is a fun looking time killer

      Was really hoping for like the last of us or something like that but whatever

      1/6 ain’t bad I guess

    • I mean I guess its better than journey. Im slowly starting to accept the fact that these free games arent going to be too great..

    • I guess when we said Trick or Treat for Halloween Sony said we are only doing tricks, no treats….you raise the prices for Playstation Plus that you have to have to play online and then you give us worse games than we were getting before

    • What is wrong with you people? You’re complaining about getting 2 AAA games. When was the last time that happened for PS4?! You say they’re bad, so you’re judging their quality now. Well guess what, some indie games have much better quality than some AAA games. And come on, Uncharted 4 in the line up? Get real.

    • Already have Resident Evil. Transformers sucks. Another disappointing month.

    • I hate 90% of these comments and the hateful people.

    • A kick to the balls who already have resident evil, thank you playstation for causing your fans to face another depression

    • Did this person just say “put Uncharted 4 up”? Okay I know it says not to be a jerk but that has to be THE dumbest thing I’ve seen on the internet already and it’s not even noon yet lol Like Sony would every do that.

    • I have re in ps3 and I don’t like playing it, maybe it will be different on ps4 doubt it though, won’t even download transformers, well yes I will but I’ll end up deleting it quickly most likely. GET SOME GOOD **** UP HERE!

    • Wow. So many haters. Yeah, it’s been a sucky few months for free ps4 games and raising the price is kinda uncool, but there are finally a couple of good games and the crying continues. Seems like no matter what they give, the whiners (or weiners) will always whine. Anyway, thanks PlayStation.

    • I think we should be able make donk mods to the gta5 just like Xbox 1 or pc i like the old schoo cars with rims and liw riders! And we should be able to buy better cars on story mode! Please help us!

    • I was really hoping for the last of us i already played it on ps3 but i want to play it again on ps4 and it kind of expensive .

    • Cool, except I’ve owned both since release. How about throwing a bone to people who already own RE1 Remaster, by either throwing in RE0 or discounting it for them if they don’t have it yet. Transformers Devastation isn’t horrible for a free game but, kind of a bad move to give it away for free for October, maybe it would have been better during the month of Comic Con. You should have focused this month entirely on the spooks and scares, that’s what people really think of Halloween, so another horror or survival horror game in place of Transformers would have been nice. This could also be said for the rest of the games on the list, you almost entirely missed the theme for the month. Also, why did the PS plus subscription price go up?

    • + reemkms The Last of Us Remastered is on sale for 9.99 right now

    • Thank you sony for another month of games… I happen to own Vita,PS3, and PS4 so I get 6 games everymonth… I’m happy.. don’t know why alot of people complain

    • To all of ya complaining about a free game from sony, i want to see the day when yall buyout sony an then put the games you think should be on here for free and then seee your reaction when you see the many different hoops ya gotta go through to put games up for free for the world and then see how much you hate freebies that you just complain about

    • I have playstation plus for a year. I haven’t seen a free game that is actual decent to me. Just stuff like transformers for example… Really?

    • Is the resident evil game only for psvita

    • I was always told that anything free is worth saving up for….why complain about 2 FREE games? Not what you WANT? Boohoo if you don’t like a game that’s fine but there’s no reason to complain about not getting what you want. Classic case of everybody thinking the world owes them something…stick it out…besides MOST of the games you like I would imagine you have already bought and to those who say the games are expensive… Ever heard of saving money?

    • I am happy with this month’s selection of games the quality of games has been improving lately we are now getting triple A titles so good job playstation

    • How come on the free section I can only see the free games from last month?

    • Why isn’t resident evil hd available for download yet? Is there a certain day it’s available. Thought it was just when October rolled around?

    • Ok first of all I remember playing the re remake on GameCube and for anybody that hasn’t played a remake of re they are awesom can’t wait to see what it looks like in hd in 1080p also for everybody crying about the last of us not being free they are having a huge sale where you can get the last of us for $9.99 and the left behind story DLC for $4.99 and all the weapons packs and god does you want for a couple bucks a piece so if you love this game bows your chance to get the remaster dirt cheap

    • I like resident evil its awsome what i dont like is i have to pay for plus now just to play a online game what ever happened to just owning a system and having internet to playonline like ps2 and ps3 now
      Ps4 has to go start chargeing to playonline like the damn xbox from day one. Shame on you playstation.

    • Ok, so, I see the dam right idiotic request for uncharted 4 as a free monthly game, lol, what planet are you on fella?? However, I must say how disappointingly lame the PS4 free selection has been to date thus far. If you truly think about what Sony are offering us faithful followers paying around £15 each minimum, times Sony’s reported 20.8 million PS Plus subscribers that’s roughly 32 million every 3 months from loyal gamers alone!! Surely they can get there greedy asses into gear and give us something decent and worthwhile in return!!

  • Nice! This is the best list in months. :)

  • ewww the worst resident evil.

  • It would be hilarious if “Actual Sunlight” wasn’t even really a Vita game but just a hint for us to actually go outside every once in awhile. xD

  • Thanks for another good months, #HatersGonnaHate no matter what

  • Good list, unfortunately for me I just bought transformers and I picked up resident evil and actual sunlight a while back. Oh well. Great month though.

  • Greg, we appreciate the step up Sony is giving, but honestly, we VITA users, don’t need TWO otomes for a second month straight, we had amnesia, why this now?

    Actual Sunlight is a joke, honestly.

    • Actual Sunlight isn’t an Otome game, it’s a Western developed game that is a somewhat interesting look at depression. It’s absolutely worth the couple of hours it takes to get through.

    • @Gorvi, i am talking about Code: Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~, last month we got Amnesia: Memories.

      Amnesia: Memories
      In this visual novel, you’ll play as the Heroine whose life depends on hiding your recent loss of memory while you navigate complex relationships with five men

      Code: Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~
      Play as Cardia, a beautiful young woman whose poisonous touch means imminent death, and unravel the secrets of her past with the help of five charming guys!

      These targeting god.

    • But those games are good. In fact, Code: Realize has received a lot of praise in the states that’s almost unbealievable.

    • I actually think this is great because I absolutly hated the Amnesia anime so wasn’t too interested in playing the game, but REALLY want to play Code: Realize.

    • Girls are gamers too.

    • @ kruxia

      I didn’t watch the Amnesia anime, which my brother told me was horrible. Played the game and thought it was good (not great, but enjoyable). Asked him how the anime was and, well, I think the format (of a visual novel) was important for the story. Many games’ animes are bad like the ones of Ace Attorney, Danganronpa, Corpse Party, etc., but believe me when I tell you that the games are from decent to great (depending on the game).

      To the guys that ar eout there:

      Otome games might be aimed to girls, but some of them can be appealing to the general public so don’t dismiss them so easily.

    • @zanfear

      It’s nothing to do with girls being gamers or not. If they wanted to give us a visual novel again there are plenty of choices available on PSN besides code realize, which would have been refreshing after Amnesia last month. Yet we get given another otome. I’m sure that there are plenty of girls who play VN’ s of all sorts, not just the romance genre.

  • I have Resident Evil but will settle for Transformers. When will voting be enabled again for PS Plus releases?

    • NEVER again……not after the “majority” of ps voters (paid off by the developer) voted for Broforce (a broken, pixelated, unsupported indie game that doesn’t even turn the graphics card on) over Action Henk (A fun innovative, great graphics, little big Planet game-like)

    • They pretty much said from the outset it wouldn’t be monthly, or even really on a schedule of any kind. I can’t say that I wish they’d let us vote more often, simply because I don’t know which games they’d have for us to choose from. However, when they decide to do it again it should be for an older already released title as opposed to an unreleased title. I feel this would allow users to vote with ACTUAL knowledge and information on what they’re voting for not just “knowledge” taken off a one sheet from the dev saying how great their game is.

    • I voted for Broforce because I wanted to play Broforce since I wasn’t convinced about it. Guess what? I loved playing it (even if I only played it solo and not with friends lol).

    • @Fortester. Dude, Broforce was awesome and has replay value. And last I checked nobody paid me to vote for Broforce. I wanted a fun game instead of some B.S. like Action Henk, sliding around on my ass through a mini race track for the entirety of it.
      In fact a lot of people felt the same way. Don’t get mad at us and spread lies about “paid voting” because you didn’t get your way. Go buy LackOfAction Henk and quit feeling so entitled.

    • @Fortester
      I voted for Broforce, and have loved every minute of coop play I’ve had with my friends. Action Henk looked boring to me. Either i wouldn’t had enjoyed a second of it, or the advertising was bad, but I looked at it and it looked awful imo

    • I could NOT play a full multiplayer game all the way through on Broforce…….NOR could I contact ANYONE about its atrocious online connectivity. Everyone except for the trash that for Broforce righfully deserves their $4.16 or 1 Month subscription in retribution of having to deal with that putrid no graphics card “application” (It’s not a PS4 game unless it turns on the High-End Graphics Card…….not the Web Browser Graphics Card)

    • @Fortester so let me get this straight you won’t consider any games that don’t use high end graphics as games or worth even an ounce of your time? Are you 6 years old and just getting into games cause news flash some of the gaming world’s most innovative and amazing games aren’t high end graphics that push consoles to their limits. And furthermore if that’s what you belive well sucks to suck cause your getting free games every month so complaining about this just makes you a spoiled brat who maybe dosent deserve it.

    • Crying about the graphics of a game just let’s us know the only reason you play is because your simple brain id akin to a moth drawn to a flame, you’re incapable of grasping and or appreciating story and game concepts which makes any opinion immediately invalid

  • sweet! Thanks playstation!

  • I own Devastation. It’s such a great game. Definitely recommend it to the folks who haven’t played it.

  • So glad I didn’t buy Code: Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~ when it was released. Hello free vita game I actually want. Haven’t played the remaster of Reside Evil yet so this is a nice month for me.

  • Any chance we’ll start to see some PlayStation VR games added to the monthly games?
    PS4 started off by getting 1 free monthly game so maybe the same could be done for PlayStation VR?

    • I think we’re gonna have to wait a little while, since VR is new, I don’t think we’ll have free ps VR games right now. But maybe some deals! sure thing!

    • @Andy10003 don’t get your hopes up PS VR is not even out yet. And when it does this won’t happen Lol.

    • If PS4, PS3 and PS Vita get free games why not PSVR? Is PSVR in a different category?

    • @four24twenty Every game that’s out for PSVR this year will be a “new” game. New games don’t come out free for PS+ because developers stand to make more money by just selling their game while it’s new and hyped up and pricey. Once the PSVR game library matures a bit, it’ll be much easier for Sony to make deals with developers of older games that are within their budget. However, the PSVR will also need to have enough of an user base to make such deals worthwhile for Sony. Otherwise they’re paying money to developers to release “free” games that very few people will even be able to play.

  • Transformers is cool and all but i wouldve chosed resident evil and outlast consider the facf that its October and all

  • Two months of otome game for vita
    I really want to play this as VN lover but I just cannot

  • Two thumbs up!

  • Both great games…

    Unfortunately, they’re so great that I own both of them already >_<

  • Interesting lineup. Wouldn’t have expected Transformers: Devastation to become free so soon.

  • I just got RE HD from the $15 Humble bungle. I got RE 0 HD and other Capcom games.

  • Really excited for this set of games, even though I got RE in the humble bundle last year.

  • Awesome lineup this month. I’ve been debating over whether to spend the money on Transformers or not and now I no longer need to wonder. RE was a great game when I was young, looking forward to reliving that as well. WOOHOO October!

  • Hey Greg! Good Morning/Afternoon… Quick Question In The Spirit Of Halloween WHY NOT Add RE0 & OR Just Put Up The RE Bundle Instead OfTransformers? #PS4

  • What are the chances that Transformers will also be downloadable for PS3? *Fingers crossed*

  • This is a great month. Two AAA titles for PS4 players and good ones at that. Keep this up Plus team.

  • I already did the right thing and purchased RE to encourage Capcom to remake and release 2 and 3. Glad now everyone else who hasent played this masterpirce to give it a try from start to end its fantastic.

    Cant wait to play Transformers been wanting that one for a while havent played any Transformers since the 2 High Moon games everything after that that includes the bayformers suck. G1 Transformers FTW!

    Great month Sony thanks!

  • Yes great month!

  • Good list of games. I’m confused about something though. Why does Sony and everyone else keep calling these games “free?” You have to pay a fee to play them, and on top of that, you don’t actually ever own them. They’re glorified rentals at best.

    Don’t get me wrong….they’re a very nice perk, it’s just that calling them “free games” comes across as disgusting businessman-speak. It’s insulting to consumers –or at least it should be. It’d be great if Sony actually let us keep the PS3 games, like Microsoft does with their “free” 360 games. That’s one of the very few areas where Xbox shines. If Sony did that, I’d renew my PS+ subscription in a heartbeat.

    • Yeah. That would be great.

    • Because for one many people no longer pay for plus to play these games. They pay for the online play if they have PS4 and also the ability to use cloud based storage for backups on saves. On top of that if you ever renew Plus, anything you downloaded before hand with Plus is back on your list. Plus also used to be the only way you could auto update your PS3. It is also the only way to back up saves legally that do not normally allow for them to be copied.

      What you find value in and what others find value can be different. I personally do not get super excited about the free games from either console anymore since I own the ones I really want. I also prefer physical copies. Instead it bdcomes more like an indie game trial for me where I get to try things I normally do not look at.

      Finally they have been giving away games longer than Microsoft has with Xbox and Sony originally gave away more games for PS3 until they later added Vita and then PS4 to that list. For the people that own all three platforms we are still getting 6 games. I still consider them free since that was not what I am spending the money on.

  • finally GOOD games (even though i own Resident Evil) keep this up every month and that 10 dollar price increase will have been worth it

  • And another two games i aready own the Ps4 side. Oh well time to stop buying games for the Ps4 and just get them for free like everyone else oh well more games for the Xbox 1. I may grab the Ps3 games for the hell of it lol .

  • Resident evil 1 remake is in my opinion best old school resident evil, even the zombies are scary to face. If not killed properly they’ll come back as a tougher version. Platinum was a challenge to get it, at least one or 2 of the trophies.

    • I hate red zombie, in resident evil every bullet count so it’s really annoying to face an enemy that can come back again. I don’t like the constant backtracking to burn down that annoying zombie :(

  • Is Resident Evil cross buy with PS3 version?

  • The quality of ps plus games has been good lately, I hope ps plus can be as great as before like in the playstation 3 era, where even uncharted 3 is given away as ps plus free games :)

  • Nice. I don’t know if I’ll actually play Resident Evil, but it’s a classic and it’s sure to come in handy at some point. I’ve had my eye on Devastation for a while, but i’m glad I held off. Good month. Wish Actual Sunlight was cross play.

    • If you don’t play the original RE….that’s, that’s just a shame. YouTube a walkthrough because I’m assuming this is your first go and it may be tough to get a grasp on its mechanics at first. But it’s a must play. Like those timeless movies that you must see before you die, RE is a game you must play. It started the Survival Horror genre. Just throwin that out there

  • No thanks.Never gonna buy ps plus

    • ^ yet has plus lol

    • Yeah. Sony just gives us to many games. That plus the price increase, not worth it. Definitely not renewing my subscription when it ends.

    • While I have loved the ps1 RE games, the series in no way started the survival horror genre. That is a misconception many people have. Alone in the dark preceded it by a few years. That being said, I am excited for October’s lineup.

  • Wow I’m already scared. Resident Evil used to freak me out when I was younger. Can’t wait to play!

  • Wow another PS Vita Visual Novel I was going to buy. Way to go PS Plus! You’re more accepting to the Visual Novel market!

    Now give Xblaze: Lost Memories next month and you got a extension coming your way

  • Resident Evil, right after I bought it with Humble Bundle (and mostly to support them getting more PS4 games in the future). I still haven’t even booted it up yet. FANTASTIC.

    • Yup. The month after Journey was free. Two weeks after going on sale for like $5. Is it me, or have the PS Plus free games kind of daring us to suggest that the price hike wasn’t worth it?

  • Not too shabby this month!!! Makes me actually want to play a game for once!

    More Vita games please!!!

  • Wow! Awesome games for next month!!! Thanks PlayStation team!

  • WTF worst games ever !!! shale on you !

  • PS VR comes out October. It would be nice if we could get 1-2 VR games from PS Plus each month now. What do you say Sony?

  • Super super month for ps plus

  • SONY strike again
    great month
    but i bought RE last week
    i should have known its horror games month

  • Idk how to feel about ” transformers devestation” but I’m hyped af for resident evil for free!

  • This is a really good month! Tranformers by Platinum = YES!
    Resident Evil will give it a try.
    For Vita: Code hopefully has a nice story. If its like Yona of the Dawn in some way I’m down.
    Never heard of Actual Sunlight, Probably a jump in and out kind of game :)

    I would request Steins Gate as the next Visual Novel style game if possible.

  • Why have the last few months of ps plus free ps3 games sucked? Neither ps3 titles are what I want to see. How about Resident Evil and Transformers for ps3 as well instead of these crappy Mad Riders and From Dust bullcrap titles for the ps3.

  • This is awesome! Great games!

  • the best month in the year

  • I have already played both ps4 games already. The vita games don’t sound good to me. The ps3 games are decent. The games arever starting to get better. We have had worse months than this.

  • Yay. Another great month. /s

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