PS4 System Software Update 4.00 Out Tomorrow

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PS4 System Software Update 4.00 Out Tomorrow

The next major system software update for PS4, version 4.00 (codenamed Shingen), will be available tomorrow. This update brings a refreshed system UI, Folder organization, updates to the Quick Menu and Share Menu, Library improvements, and much more!

We detailed a number of the new features making their way to PS4 prior to the beta program last month, but we wanted to share some additional information on other changes that you’ll see after updating your system.

Quick Menu — Music

In addition to updating the Quick Menu to make it easier to access without leaving your game by having it cover only a portion of the screen and making it more customizable, we’ve also added several new items to the menu. One new addition to the Quick Menu that wasn’t featured in the beta program is an enhanced Music section to allow you to discover, play, and control Spotify without needing to open the app.

From the Music section of the Quick Menu you’ll now be able to play, pause, skip, shuffle, repeat and save songs. The Music section also allows you to discover recommended playlists for the game you’re playing and view your saved Spotify playlists and songs. When you select a playlist, you’ll be able to see all upcoming songs and choose to play all, or select an individual song to listen to from that playlist.

The PlayStation Music team and Spotify have been working with your favorite game creators to create playlists to enhance your gameplay. Follow PlayStation Music on Spotify to get the latest gaming playlists first.

PlayStation 4 Pro Updates

In anticipation of the release of PS4 Pro on November 10, 2016, we’re adding a number of features that will support the system’s ability to output high-resolution content. This update will enable the following on PS4 Pro:

  • 1080p streaming for Remote Play on PC/Mac and compatible Xperia devices
  • 1080p streaming for Share Play
  • 1080p 30/60fps live broadcasting on YouTube
  • 1080p 30fps live broadcasting on Twitch

High Dynamic Range (HDR)

When we announced PS4 Pro and the new slimmer PS4 last week, we also announced that all PlayStation 4 systems — back to the very first console sold in 2013 — would be HDR capable. After updating your system to version 4.00, you’ll see HDR settings in the Video Output Settings and be ready to enjoy HDR gaming and entertainment content once it’s available on any PS4 system you own. Of course, you’ll need an HDR compatible display as well.

What’s New

What’s New has been redesigned and now includes more information about what your friends have been doing on PS4.

The left column includes the new Activity Feed, which has larger images and easily accessible options to like, comment, or reshare. The right column includes sections for Now Playing, Trending, Players You May Know, and Who to Follow.

Content Info Screen

We’ve given a similar redesign to the content info screen, which you can access by pressing down on a game tile while on the home screen. You’ll be able to easily select from a variety of options to view a game’s Overview, Trending media, Friends and Communities, Activities, and related PlayStation Store content.

Data Transfer to New PS4

In order to make it easier to get all of your data from one PS4 to another, especially if you upgrade to PS4 Pro, we’ve added the ability to transfer data over a wired LAN connection. You can transfer games, user info, and saved data. Of course, you can re-download content and transfer saves through the cloud, but the LAN transfer should be much faster and easier.

Those are just some of the more prominent additions making their way to PS4 in this update, but there are a number of other refinements to the system software overall. Please enjoy!

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  • What!?! Tomorrow you say? This is unexpected yet fantastic news! I love you Sony!

  • Woo! Excited for 4.00! I wonder if the new music control in the Quick Menu applies to Media Player as well as Spotify. One of the downsides of Media Player was that you couldn’t look at your library to pick new music/playlists unless you suspended your other application. If this were to work for Media Player that would resolve that issue as well!

  • I want a update that allows all sound and content to be recorded in all cases and you can take the risk of conflict. I wanted to post a Zesteria playthrough and the damn game let’s you record nothing but a damn arena mode, which is pointless to record

  • The storage space issue is currently the single reason I will not buy a PS4 Pro. My current PS4 is at 4TB of space using the Nyko Databank. The Pro has no such accessory, so I’d be stuck with 2TB max. I can’t go backwards in storage space like that. Nyko needs to make a Pro Databank, or even Sony could release a solution (USB external HDD support), I don’t really care. I just need a way to have more than 2TB on the Pro before I buy it. Once a solution is released, then the Pro is a guaranteed buy.

    As for firmware 4.0……REALLY looking forward to the folders. Been wanting that since I got the PS4. I consider things like the PS button menu’s new features and content screen updates as a bonus. HDR……well, it’s cool and all I suppose, but I doubt my cheapo 32″ 1080p Insignia TV supports that feature, The data transfer feature will definitely come in handy when I eventually get the Pro.

    Tomorrow will be a fun day. Oh-so many folders need to be created….can’t wait to get started on that. I’m actually looking forward to it.

    • I hope they enable external HDD support too. I have a feeling they might since they added a third USB port to the rear of the system.

      I can never have enough storage since all my games are digital this generation. My Xbox has a total of 10TB storage capacity.

  • It HDR for all TV?

  • Any idea as to what time the update will be available?

  • U should add remote Gameplay feature from a ps4. I mean I can play a friend’s ps4 from my ps4 and vice versa.

  • Will they let us save our bought games on screen so we don’t have to put the disc in each time we wanna play. That would be cool.

  • Remote Play on PlayStation Vita TV (PS TV)

    Using the PS4 Pro, will the remote play to a PS TV now be in up to 1080p like the PS4 Pro to computer remote play?

  • I’m going to try and make this comment as open minded as possible.
    The new update is something I’ve been waiting for since the features were mentioned since the beta was released.
    I’m looking forward to the folder options since i own around 75 digital games and 20 discs. Will make it easier for me to organize my game library. I do own an HDR 4K capable TV so my current PS4 will look great for the Apps and Games that will support it. The site panel UI will be more in line to view I navigate my Xbox One so this will be a welcomed update. I was going to pick up the Neo even if it’s uglier than my pretty PS4 now. The only thing that stopped me from getting the new Pro is the lack of UHD disc drive, but I own the slim and sexy Xbox One S so there’s no need to upgrade to the Pro right now. I’ve been buying a ton of UHD discs at $25-$30 a pop, but it’s so worth it. Which i hope everyone knows that the Xbox One S does feature 4K Netflix, Vudu while YouTube is on the way..!

    • The true way to showcase 4K movies on your shiny new 4K HDR tv is still via disc… nothing compares… Streaming 4K will always have some artifacts and compression even for those of us that have 150MB download and 50MB upload speeds. Doesn’t mean that 4K streaming doesn’t look better than 1080p movie but…. it just didn’t make sense to me when the Pro skipped on the disc drive? I’m still very much enjoying my current PS4 and PSVue and PSPlus

    • The audio quality for the xbox one s is terrible tho. It doesn’t support any of the new codecs or barley even recent codecs. I’ve been looking forward to the neo since the rumors started and even bought a 4k tv just to be ready, and then xbox revealed the one s and I was considering getting one so I could play ultra hd blurays until sony would unveil the neo, but then I found out the actual specs for the 4k capabilities of the one s and that turned me off it straight away. And finally came along the ps4 pro which unfortunately didn’t have a ultra hd bluray drive, guess I’ll have to buy a separate player just to play ultra hd blurays. The only real good selling point of the ps4 pro at this point is the price, which is actually pretty good for what it’s capable of. But I would have been more than happy to pay a bit extra for the pro to include an ultra hd bluray drive.

  • Will the update gonna be available right away at midnight?

  • So will shadow of mordor have a HDR patch on Ps4 im hanging to see what it looks like. The 4k HDR demo videos I tried on my tv look awsome

  • How will my primary account work if I get a PS4 Pro, and want to keep my launch PS4?

  • Folders. Finally!!!! :D Thanks!!

  • Hopefully it will let us watch 4k videos from a usb, the PS4 is already capable of 4k video and video playback but the only app that supports it is sony’s play memories online.

  • Finally!

  • Does wired lan mean ethernet cable to ethernet between the two systems?

  • With the update, what form of HDR can the original PS4 display with HDMI 1.4? HDMI 2.0a is required for HDR10 on current UHD 4K TV models.

  • I like the update it is awesome, but here’s the thing I want a update adding more data I would rather have a data update making it go from 500 gigabytes to 1 or maybe 2 terra bytes the space runs out so quickly I would rather have it more than everything on the new update. I hope they create something like this soon.

  • PLEAESE LET US DELETE ONLY DISK DATA, NOT PATCH AND DLC DATA! It takes 3 minutes to download 50 gigs from a disk and 3 hours to download 10 gigs from the Internet!

  • PLEAESE LET US DELETE ONLY DISK DATA, NOT PATCH AND DLC DATA! It takes 3 minutes to download 50 gigs from a disk and 3 hours to download 10 gigs from the Internet!

  • PLEAESE LET US DELETE ONLY DISK DATA, NOT PATCH AND DLC DATA! It takes 3 minutes to download 50 gigs from a disk and 3 hours to download 10 gigs from the Internet! Sony this would help us all

  • My PS4 is still on OS 2.5x, and I specifically haven’t updated because I don’t like losing more hard drive space to the OS each time I update. Can you tell us exactly how much USER space will be available after the 4.00 update, for the 500GB model?

    Would it remain at about 407GB free? (which was the case on OS 1.x – 2.x)

  • What time will this be released?

  • I’m hoping this music playing update also extends to our own MP3 music played from a USB stick.

    Also, the next update really NEEDS to add support to INSTALL AND PLAY GAMES FROM AN EXTERNAL HARD DRIVE!
    This has already been there from the start on Xbox One and Wii U consoles and makes way too much sense to leave it off on a system where some game installs are taking upwards of 50GB+ each. (Uncharted 4)…

    You can buy an 8TB 3.5″ hard drive for the same price it cost you to buy a 2TB drive just 2 years ago. 8TB would let us install quite a lot more than the 500GB – 2TB limitation of the 2.5″ drive currently does.

  • I cant wait. I wonder if we’ll have custom backgrounds like ps3 .

  • So how about an official statement from Sony regarding the Mods Situation with Bethesda and Fallout 4 / Skyrim?

    • lol
      You’ve should watched what Jake Baldino said about it in his YouTube channel “Gameranx”. He just talked about it last Friday.

  • It’s not available in india. But why? Sony should treat all consumers the same. We already paid more money for ps here because of taxation system here. Sony is disappointing from their customer service here. Sony do something for us too. We also paid you for device

  • Sony hear your Indian customers. Having bad time with ps service. Tried to put card info. That’s also not working

  • Long time in coming like everything with Sony….Hope the Pro comes with stuff and do not have to wait 3 years for a decent update..Sometimes I think they have one guy working on updates…

  • It’s fixed the issue of my speakers popping every time I powered my PS4 off! So happy about that!!!

  • It’s out 2:24 am here.

  • BTW you can add your own game screenshots as your profile page background picture…
    now all they need is the PSN online id change and this is great.

    • Wait. WHAT????
      Right after i updated my PS4 i was looking all over hoping to be able to set wallpapers, since that’s the only thing i wanted from this update, but HOW??
      Are you sure we can…?

  • I would still. Really. Really. Really. Really like it if Sony would just add blue tooth ear piece support because I don’t like strangling my self on my one ear headset. I spent a lot of money on my surround sound speakers and would like to be able to talk to my friends without all that money going to waste. Just offer it as a simple usb plug adapter if it’s “mechanically impossible”, just get it done. Hell, if anyone knows one that works natively on ps4, please send me a link x.x

    Failing that it would be nice if they would just make a psn desktop app with messaging and party voip built in. Or just build it into the android app, my phone has blue tooth. Come on, throw me a freaking bone here.

  • I want to change my PSN ID PLEASE

  • Ewwww….. White ‘banners’? Black was better. Easier on the eyes and not as distracting as white.

  • I just got the update seconds ago but, WTF SONY!! i don’t care about any of what you just mention
    the only reason i got excited about this update because i thought you’d let us be able to “access folder” customize or set desire wallpaper right from our external hard drive such as USB. But NO!

    Screw this update…still the same software to me since i still can’t set wallpaper myself & i’m forced to use these stupid boring themes.

    You disappointed me SONY. I hope you’re happy

  • So, of topic, kinda.

    I was trying to upgrade the hard drive from the standard 500gb to a 2tb one. I followed what the support page said, even watched a few videos making sure i didn’t donk it up and I keep getting this error code (SU-30645-8) which means the download file is corrupted. Will the new update help get my ps4 up and running again, or am I pretty much screwed? lol

  • Their is a connection issue with remote play after update 4.00. I’m having issues connecting my Vita/Xperia to the PS4 after the update. Before the update it worked fine now it connects for a second then kicks me to the “The connection to the PS4 system has been lost” screen.

  • Downloaded it still cannot put my video apps in folder so I have to look at six advertisements between my other video apps frustrating. Why can I not put these in folders Sony?

  • thanks sony awesome update we need it from long time ago

  • I downloaded 4.0 file this morning and now my ps4 won’t respond. It keeps saying I have to download file and when I hit update it powers down. It’s some kind of bug.

  • So I’m forced to update to the new 4.00 and it says it will restart and update. It turns off and that’s it. It will not turn back on. Anyone else have this issue?

  • Don’t care about/want any of that. It’s a GAME CONSOLE. The push on social networking is one of the reasons I got rid of my xbone and went back to Playstation.

  • Super excited for this. The new quick menu sort of reminds me of the original Xbox 360 “blade” guide menu but with a ton more functionality. If it’s going to be smooth & quick, I’m gonna be in love

  • The update just installed for me but now every few seconds the screen goes black and back, it wasnt happening before the update and starts right as the update got installed, there were problems starting up the PS4 after the update downloaded, anyone else?

  • I’d love to be able to do 2 things. Change my PSN name (gamertag) and also change my country so I can finally use the Australian PS store instead of the UK one. I haven’t been in the UK for many many years but can’t change it and have a hard time buying UK PSN cards to topup my wallet so I can get playstation plus and buy games.

  • Just noticed that system notifications seem to be color inverted now. When I’d turn on my controller it used to be on a black background, but now it’s on a white one. I don’t really like it.

    Isn’t there a way to change it back to black?

  • Still no f’n ability to change your PSN. WTF get with the time Playstation.

  • Still can’t remove demos from the library. I assumed when a Purchased section was added that it would be indeed only Purchased content. Purchased still contains your entire download history which doesn’t make sense.

    The thing with me and what most other people have been wanting is still not there. The ability to see only your history of purchased games only so you can find and download games you have purchased very easily when you have deleted them from the PS4 and want to download and play them again.

    It is not intuitive to have to search for them within a list of 829 demos I have tried and have no intentions of buying. This type of design needs to go and dates all the way back to how it worked and still works on PS3.

    Purchased means purchased. Purchased doesn’t mean download history.

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