PlayStation Meeting: Watch Live Today

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PlayStation Meeting: Watch Live Today

Howdy! As you may know, PlayStation Meeting is happening tomorrow in New York City at the PlayStation Theater. It’s only open to members of the press, but we also wanted to open the invitation to PlayStation fans to watch live.

So here’s your invite! Join us at on September 7, starting at 12:00pm Pacific / 3:00pm Eastern.

And stick around after the presentation for a special episode of PlayStation LiveCast. See you tomorrow!

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  • Sony already owns my wallet. Just tell me what I bought, and when I can expect it. Please be a bundle for the VR-Neo for $899 and its already transferred.


  • Are you going to address why you can’t keep your network up longer than a week?

    • What ever is the problem, it’s global. Folks from all over the EU, US, Canada are all having issues signing in on PS3 & PS4. So that’s at least two continents affected. If thay’re able to fix it quick, it;ll be a mirical, sadly. I don’t blame the engineers, or any one yet, untill i hear more info. However, although it does feel sometimes that like it’s allways happening, when i think on it, the last time i had problems was 18 months ago when both Sony & Micro$ were taken out by hackers.

    • @Useless_At_It : The difference is that while “Micro$” has been able to have their servers back in just a couple of hours… “$ony” (see how moronic it looks when someone tries to insult a company by simply replacing an S with a $? SMH) can’t keep their up for more than a week…and now they’re even charging MORE money for that very crappy service.

      So “global” or not…they SHOULD start giving us some kind of explanation of just WTF is happening with their network IMO.

    • *theirs

  • r u going to shut down PSN for PS3? I saw CBS NEWS IN PS3! will u do apps and services after u stop making ps3 games. hope to watch the meeting

  • “Ladies and gentleman, it is my honor to inform you today about the price increase of the PS+ service… Without any extra futures!!!”


    “Get it? Same service, more money!!!”


    “We talked and talked for days how more and more people were disappointed in the free games lineup almost every month, so I strongly feel this is the right move. Let the whiners go I say, we’ll make the same money from the people who stay.”



    “I would like to inform you that the tickets price just increased…”

    • Best. Comment. Ever. *stands up and claps* xD


    • You forgot to add 1 thing to that first line.

      *Ladies and gentleman, its my honor to inform you today about two things, first up the price increase of the PlayStation plus services*…. Secondly we at sony announce the we will be dropping all free games from across all platforms thats right now not only do you get a price increase but no more free games on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and The Vita.*

  • im in Florida. does it start at 3 PM for me? usually it does whenever sony hosts an event always starts at 3 for me but doesnt hurt to be cautious because you know, things likes to change ;) PS4 Neo pun lol

  • How can we watch if PS+ is down. Way to increase the price and provide quality of service!!!!!


  • Is PSN down because of a possible PS4 update coming out tomorrow or did PSN get hacked again

  • anybody know why the network is undergoing maitenance are they getting ready for the new update or something?

  • I hope you announce PSVR pre-order wave 3

  • fix your broken PSN if youre going to charge more money for it

  • i am really happy to hear that rockstar is there in the meeting
    hopefully i think they will announce there new game release date and trailer
    maybe it might the next grand theft auto
    i am really exited to see the meeting today

  • I honestly want just some more Spider-Man PS4. That’d be really great!

  • I just wanna know what’s up with the new slim PS4. So let’s hope someone will be able to clearly explain WHY should we buy the new model. =/

  • I enjoy PlayStation I ve been playing since PS1.I hope to see a PlayStation grey console we all can have access to.I ll be on to watch the show and hope to see the Neo project there so tired of the rumors.

  • Damn, that’s 4am Thursday for me here in Japan.

  • I soon Hope to see the PS4 4.5 In 4K!! And some more information about AssassIns Creed the Ezio collection remaster!! But I am so excited! Can I see live from YouTube?

  • Just please say something about PS Vita

  • To all of you hoping that Neo will be 5.5 Tflops (like me) let me disappoint you. As a hardware engineer I see a lot of points here that can’t make this happen.
    1. The chassis of the PS4 can’t possible accommodate hardware size and with enough ventilation to achieve it. You have to make it much bigger (most likely even bigger than XBOX one original).
    2. The CPU powerful enough does not exist yet. AMD Jaguar used in current PS4 is the biggest bottleneck on a console performance. Its old and outdated, the new ZEN architecture CPU is not out yet, even if it was possible to use it you running into possible compatibility options.
    3. To get performance of 5.5 TF or more you need higher bandwidth ram and beefier GPU. You are looking at console 600-700 dollars in price. A year from now when Scorpio might come out the components will be much cheaper.
    4. A system with 5.5 TF still cat do 4k at 60 fps.
    5. If Neo is 4.2 then you wont even do 4k at 30. Up scaling is the only option which kills the purpose of the console.

  • What about the last guardian ?will be delay ?

  • I hope we will see some of the Crash PS1 Trilogy remakes. Also gonna go with a snowball’s chance in heck with a odd feeling something to do with PSASBR.

  • Ms vita trinity please

  • Been waiting for some SOLID PS NEO Info since E3. , price, release date… PLEASE. Good day to stay home.

  • Im not buying **** i need to be convinced that vr is not going to be a wast of my money like the pstv and the vita.

  • Finally some news ( less than 1 day notice to your customers)

    Hoping for Neo news, also as mentioned above Sony owns my wallet ja ja Just tell when I can buy

    And please be 2016 no 2017

  • But what game will hey show with the “Neo”? Red Dead 3 or The Last of Us 2 tease, make it happen Sony!

  • Just wait till next year where you’ all be able to get PS neo and vr for half the price.

  • I’m ready to see what the NEO truly is.

  • Anyone else hype to here what Rockstar games has to say today! Praying for red dead redemption 2!!

  • I hope ps4 neo looks awesome

  • I am ready and looking forward to what Playstation has to announce. My 3 wishes are:

    1) More great games for the Vita

    2) The Playstation 4 NEO

    3) Backwards compatibility or something close to it.

    Now I am going to sit back and wait to see

  • I think we should see Greatest hits series of games that most of us can enjoy. as well as a PS4 that comes in different colors for the right price. i actually cant wait to see if they announce what the crash remakes have to offer, it actually sounds promising and i’m looking forward to it. the PS4 Neo may sound cool but i’m going to wait. i like to save money to get the value for the games that i enjoy.

  • :D gunna be fun :3

  • Im excited for the more powerfull ps4

  • So is PSN being hacked or what? I entered the PS Blog site and i was about to log in but i noticed there was another user already logged in. Wth? I am the only one who uses this computer :S and it seemed like i could comment on here as if i was that user who was already logged in. Anyway i immediately logged out and logged back in with my account.

    anyway, here’s hoping Sony will finally show PS4 NEO and Vita Trinity although the last one seems to be impossible to happen, lol

  • More pixels, more colours… OK, got it. Most boring announcement ever.

  • No new Vita R.I.P

    Ps4 Slim (New Starndered) 299.99 September 15
    Ps4 Pro 399.99 November 10th

    No ty sony i’ll be keeping my OG Ps4 no need to waste money on minimum upgrades. I want that hour of my life back.

  • Ugh…as much of a fanboy as I am with everything Playstation that meeting was a little underwhelming :-/ The PS4 “Pro” system itself looks like a regular PS4 with another layer stacked on top of itself and the games still look how they normally would on a non 4K tv. I’m still gonna buy the system though, lol.

  • typical sony’s terrible presentation, keeps bragging about how good their product is, i understand sony’s is trying hard not to create a line between the two consoles. but they didnt even show us a difference between a standard ps4 and ps4 pro, how are we supposed to tell the differences just by looking at some gameplay videos of ps4 pro alone, cant justify paying the extra 100 dollars if we dont even know the differences.

    And when we finally see the ps4 pro console image, man that’s one ugly 3 layered console.

    if there’s anything sony can learn, is the presentation skills from apple. just look at iphone 7 event, short, simple, precise, and jam packed of contents,

  • I want to change my country on my PSN ID….. plssssss.. I made this account a decade ago & I really need to change my damn Country.. it’s really being a mess!!

  • Um hi, I heard the PS4 Pro doesn’t support 4K blu-ray. Surely this is false? Somebody tell me that this is false

  • No new games announced, only the ones we already know about. No announcement of Read Dead Redemption 2, not even Read Dead 1 Remastered. No Vita 2 announced. Only an announcement for PS4 Pro. It looks interesting, but not convinced enough to upgrade my PS4 to Pro at this time. I have to say that I was a little disappointed.

  • Dear Sony,

    I would appreciate it if you would adjust the price of VR in Canada and price the PS4Pro in Canada closer to the current exchange rate(within $10, not adding $50+)


    -Canadian Playstation Gamers.

  • Looks good guys, a better announcement than I was expecting. You guys hit the price/performance sweet spot, the PS4 Pro will be my second PS4. The HDR support was an unexpected cherry on top, bravo Sony.

  • Well, that was underwhelming. I honestly wasn’t expecting any news on RDR, remaster or new title. Rockstar does their own thing…but this conference was dull and did nothing to convince me to get a PS4 Pro…and it’s ugly!

  • It’s sad that you guys are trying to sell me on the Xbox One S. I won’t buy a new PS4 without a UHD Blu-ray. This seems like a truly poor decision.

  • So, no NEO? Now I don’t know if I should purchase the PS4 Pro. Should I purchase a PS4 or a PS4 Pro? I still only have a PS3.

  • As someone who’s been strongly against the PS4 Neo/Pro for many months now, I’m somewhat relieved that the announced Pro just isn’t anywhere near what it could’ve been. I’m okay if the Pro only offers better visuals for 4k display owners, but I bought a launch PS4 with the implied understanding (30+ years of consistent console generations) that any PS4 games played on a standard console would be the best possible definitive experience for the life of this generation. I bought my console primarily to play KH3, a game that was officially announced several years ago, which still doesn’t have a release date – and I will be mad as hell if that game looks even the slightest bit better on the Pro at 1080, or if the standard PS4 version suffers in any way, in comparison.

    Sony would’ve been much better off to have announced a stronger 6TF+ PS5 with PS4 backward compatibility for release in 2017/18 to compete against the upcoming Scorpio (including the mandated improved “Neo” modes for developers to implement – but for PS5 only, thus still easing cross-gen transitions in advance).

  • No 4k blu-ray play back. I guess I will be purchasing the XBOX One S then. My TV already upscales the games so I’ll just stick with my vanilla PS4.

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