PlayStation Meeting: Watch Live Today

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PlayStation Meeting: Watch Live Today

Howdy! As you may know, PlayStation Meeting is happening tomorrow in New York City at the PlayStation Theater. It’s only open to members of the press, but we also wanted to open the invitation to PlayStation fans to watch live.

So here’s your invite! Join us at on September 7, starting at 12:00pm Pacific / 3:00pm Eastern.

And stick around after the presentation for a special episode of PlayStation LiveCast. See you tomorrow!

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  • Just need a PS4 Neo price and date announcement and it’s mine. Looking forward to what PlayStation has to announce.

  • Cant wait!!!!

    • I hope the PS4 Neo is at the rumored 5.5 Teraflops or more at least. I don’t really see the need to upgrade if it’s just 4.2Tflops.
      I have 2 4k TVs and 2 3D TVs, 2 of them are Sony, the other is the PlayStation Monitor and the other one is not mine.
      I’m not really into VR, I’m more wait and see how it develops. I got 4 Move Controllers and I ain’t buying any more of them.
      I doubt we’ll see anything from Naughty Dog or Suckerpunch since they absent from E3 I’m thinking they might just wait till next E3, but it’d be cool to show what they’re working on. It would completely dominate the competition in terms of exclusives.
      Again, don’t show a game that is far from getting a release date.

    • Even at 6 or 7 Teraflops doesn’t really amount to much.

      It’s like trading in an old Ford to buy a new Tesla but deciding whether or not you want the vehicle based solely on how many boxes of Chicken McNuggets could fit in your vehicle.

      The Xbox 360 could do roughly 77 Gigaflops while the PS3 was hitting 230 Gigaflops (maximum) which is why there was folding protein research you could lend computational power to, and why the U.S. government bought a bunch of PS3s, clustered them together and make a super computer to do calculations on. I think it was the airforce.

      Was the PS3 better graphically than the 360? Sometimes yes, sometimes no. Did it ever have anything to do with Gigaflops? Probably never, or if it ever was that important it was for a first party exclusive like Killzone.

    • @Makai
      Yes it did a lot of difference. Especially for first party studios.
      4.2Tflops won’t achieve 4k. Therefore, I’ll wait for PS5.
      1Tb HDD? Starting quite low, but better priced than the Xbox One S since the 1Tb start at 350$. 50$ more you get a Pro…
      A 720p console VS an almost 4k console, it’s a no brainer that the PS4 Pro is a much better buy, same for the PS4 slim.

      I would have bought a 500$ PS4 Pro with extra horsepower.
      400$ and this year? I don’t know I think people usually need some more time to save for the console, not everyone is made of money. It could have waited a year or 2.

      In any case, it’s nothing new, it’s all confirmed before it came out. If there isn’t much of a difference on the frame rate, then I don’t feel the need to put more money into something that doesn’t deliver native 4k.
      I can wait for 4k, PS5 for me.

  • Interested to see what Sony has to show, but a little concerned that the 500$ i plunked down for a PSVR bundle may become 1000$ if i really want it to work well. Hoping I don’t NEED to buy a neo just to get the thing to work right.

    • Shouldn’t it be fine with the extra processor you get with it? I’m getting PSVR too and I’m not planning to get rid of my “old” PS4 any time soon.

    • That’s not a extra processor box it’s an auxiliary unit that splits the signal to the TV for social screen and does audio. It does no “extra” processing for PSVR.

    • @E-Rice It actually does do extra processing on the image to the TV, Display and Audio Processing but the box is a closed unit so it handles a set of predefined processes offloaded from the main system. So your right in that it can’t be accessed by developers to allow for increased processing but it does offload work that would have needed to be handled by the main unit so it technically does offload some work freeing up the main unit to not have to worry about stuff like 3D audio processing or image scaling.

    • I tried it at a bestbuy when it was near me. I was curious to find out if I had any motion sickness that would cause me to cancel my preorder. I can tell you what I played ran fine on an “old” ps4. Nothing was covered or hidden from view so I got a nice look at the setup. Your $500 VR headset should stay at $500.

    • Hey, I tried the PSVR twice, and both times it ran on the “old” PS4. Both times it was a blast. I think you’ll be fine. I honestly can’t wait for it, it is amazing. I tried London Heist, The Deep, Eve Valkyrie and Until Dawn.

    • Ammmm, unfortunately, thats the the reason behind the PS4 NEO, they made it so that it works properly with the PSVR, cuz thay said that the VR was Horrible with the original PS4.

    • @PredatorX18M

      Who is “they”? Do you have a source? I tried out PSVR on a base model PS4 (all the hardware was visible to everyone at the store) and it worked great. I’m curious to who “they” are so hopefully you have a source for all of us to read. Thanks in advance, otherwise we’d just have assume you’re making it all up, but I’m sure you wouldn’t do that.

    • If it says that it works with a PS4 then it works with a PS4. It’s a fairly binary situation. If performance was that much a concern for you then you’d buy a PC with 2 Titans and a Vive.

    • Whoever “They” are you should stop listening to them. According to various sources, as well as I think PS Nation and Stewart Gilray, they don’t allow any of the Neo Features to work on PS VR. Any of the reporters who did this as a “Fact” should be ignored for the rest of their lives.

      No developer is insane enough to go “I don’t want 40 million consoles to be able to run my game decently after investing $700-$1,000 to be able to play it. Nope they’re going to have to spend an extra $500-700 to play it on a new higher end system on top of the $500 for the VR in order to have a decent experience”

      The only articles I saw that said anything remotely close to the ignorant thing you said, is that they might have been talking about PSVR before they added the break out box to relieve computational burdens on the launch PS4s. Which isn’t alluding to the Neo, but the breakout box that every PSVR comes with… (for good reason)

      The PS4 can focus on rendering a skewed perspective video, the breakout box can then clip, offset, interpolate, and output the rest from there, which is why the PS4 can run it really at all since it doesn’t have to manually do 2 90fps renders, but just 1 unique 60fps render.

  • I want this over with so you guys can finally announce PSX details.

    You can do more then one thing at a time guys!

    • I’m calling it now the PSX announcement will be done on stage tomorrow!

    • I’m of two minds on PSX.

      On one hand as someone who works in event ticketing and attends multiple conventions, I want to scream “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” every time they make one of their many, many mistakes.

      On the other hand, all these screwups have a negative impact on attendance and as a result, there’s no lines for anything. If they ran things right, I wouldn’t have got like 8 VR demos last year and the ability to straight walk up and play many games.

  • Hoping to see a proper Project Scorpio rival – I don’t want to buy a Xbox :(
    So hope it would be on par.

    • Then don’t buy one?

    • People like you unfortunately are going to be very disappointed when the Scorpio launches. They gave a big number without much meaning behind it. Plus Sony and Microsoft are kind of splitting in different directions at this point.

      The new PS4 console is just that. More of an upgrade to PS4 as they make a bigger focus on VR with some 4k elements, but 4k is actually not doing all that well. The Scorpio sounds like its focus will be overall more on the 4k aspect.

      Neither will matter without games which is what really hurt the Xbox One more than anything else. Between having shot themselves in the foot before launch and not many exclusive titles with limited variety in those exclusives, it really held the console back.

    • Silent I’m not sure I agree with that. Up until very recently when Uncharted came out, Xbox had way more and better exclusives available especially when it came to AAA games. I think even among the Sony hardcore they could say that exclusives were distinctly lacking outside of indies.

      PS4 IS finally picking up now, but for a while it was extremely slow.

    • @loadstone007: You won’t see it. Scorpio will be WAY better than anything Sony can show tomorrow. But…PS will still have the best games!

      So if you’re a hardware junkie…then start saving for a Scorpio. But if you love games on the other hand… ;)

    • @Orpheus_Aeons Way better? Please. It will be just as it is now. MS and Sony will run the same basic hardware with a few differences to the CPU and RAM speeds. The systems will run the same new stuff from ATI.

    • @Orpheus_Aeons :
      Way better from M$? …like the super power of the CLOUD make their console way more powerful than the PS4…?? ;P

      Stop believing the M$ hype…if M$ numbers before release were always right and “real”, there will be no need at all for the Scorpio.

    • @MailOrderNinja

      So far the Xbox One exclusives that they have pushed have been Killer Instincts, Halo Master Chief Collection, Sunset Overdrive, Forza, Forza, Gears of War Remastered, and Quantam Break. These have been Microsofts focuses.

      Other exclusives include Dead Rising 3 and Rise of the Tomb Raider which was timed.

      The problem is that is a severe lack of variety which is what is hurting them. PS4 had Knack, Killzone, inFamous, Bloodbourne, Dragon Quest Heroes, Guilty Gear Xrd, Tales of Zesteria, and so on.

      Also for me the games on Xbox One that are exclusive have been pretty disappointing. I am also not buying Rise of the Tomb Raider again and Sunset Overdrive might have been fun if I was a perverted teen.

      That has been a big issue for Xbox One this generation.

  • Can you give us a potential length of the presentation so I can determine if I can see it before I have to go to work? Thanks. :p

  • I couldnt careless about PlayStation Neo, VR or the Slim. But i seen rumours that PlayStation might revile Red Dead Redemption remastered here. Hopefully if thats true as much as i hate remasters red dead redemption is 1 game that deserves a remaster. Tomorrow cant come fast enough.

  • YEEEEAAA LETS DO THIS!!!!! Ready for some Neo news, hopefully an upgraded battery DS4 and what ever else goods u guys have to offer! =) Cant wait to snag my new headset and a cool 3rd party controller i just found out about to go with PSVR and PS4 and eventually Neo!!! Bring it on Playstation Nation! !! >=)

  • i never played RDR i would buy it for the ps4 if they made it for the ps4

  • It’s a bit early but sure…why not

  • I want news of Red Dead Redemption 2 or GTA VI, actually, both! LOL

  • How about a new handheld? Can’t wait for PSVR!!!

  • Fingers crossed for a PSX announcement! :D

  • PlayStation Meeting is gonna be so awesome Greatness Awaits (^_^)

  • Ps vita trinity

    • Yesssss!!!!!!!

    • Please, please, please. A New Sony handheld with unlocked 4G LTE, full cell service, and access to Remote Play, PS Now, PS Vue, PS Music, and PS Video over 4G would be a game changer.

      How many people would buy a new mobile PlayStation built on 14nm FinFET, with 6GB of RAM, 64GB of on board storage, UHS-1 SD or greater support, and the addition of L2/R2 and L3/R3?

      If Sony brought this out at $399.99 for the handheld version, and $$599.99 for the PlayStation Phone version how many would ditch their iOS/Android device?

    • The problem being that they would likely make the same mistakes they made before. Overpriced proprietary memory and lackluster game support. I love my Vita but if they release another handheld they will make the same mistakes they made with vita. Why do I say this? Because the mistakes they made with vita were virtually identical to the ones they made with PSP (less the UMD).

      Plus, they would likely ignore backward compatibility (since it is too expensive to do and “nobody would want it”, as per PS4) in the hope of selling remasters and reissues to get people to pay for the same games again.

    • @KBG29 : LMAO! Either you’re seriously delusional…or a complete Sony fanboy. And both options are truly sad ones…

  • Looking forward to the announcement! I need a new PS console, be it a PS4 or some slim, VR or whatever as I’ve been stuck on PS3. I just hope availability is quick after the news, don’t want to wait any longer! :)

  • I find myself gravitating to PC games because i want the highest fidelity version possible. I hope you go all in with Neo!

    • PCs will ALWAYS going to have “the highest fidelity version possible”. So if you’re looking for that…stick to PC games.

      Sony is NOT going to produce a “hardcore gaming rig” anytime soon. There’s ZERO chances of it.

  • “Howdy!”

    If this is not a tease to a Red Dead announcement of sorts tomorrow, I don’t know what is.

  • Please announce…

    1. PS4 backwards compatibility with digital and physical PS3 games
    2. Plug and play support for external HDD on PS3 and PS4
    3. Removal of the 10% HDD reserve for future OS update on the PS3 (150GB of my 1300GB usable storage of my 1.5TB)

    And I will be good.

    • Haha sorry buddy.

    • How come people still don’t understand the hardware is just too different for emulation to be viable?

      Also, if you already have a PS3 why in the world would you need backwards compat? even if it worked it would just be an inferior experience.

    • @FeniX_TX_ Honestly? It’s probably Sony’s own fault – the PS2 spoiled people. Nothing before or since has had the kind of backward compatibility that had for the previous generation (though MS is coming closer than ever this generation), and people keep hoping that will come again.

      As for @gohan16ken’s other requests…
      The support for external hard drives isn’t ridiculous to ask for, but it’s probably unlikely, due to piracy concerns. I don’t like it, but that’s reality. The fact that the entire PS3 generation came and went without it sure doesn’t bode well.

      I’m not sure how much of the “10% reserve” people keep talking about is truly reserve, and how much is the 1000 vs 1024 definition of “K” that hard drive manufacturers are known for – I’ve never been able to figure out if I should take those comments seriously or ignore them as ignorant (and yes, I embrace the potential hypocrisy of declaring my ignorance while tentatively naming someone else’s ignorance).

    • Hey @FeniX_TX_ o, guess what? People also said PS2 on PS4 and X360 on XB1 was not possible too. Yet, we got both. And then guess what people said after, those are easier because of how similar it is. They changed their tunes lol. It is not possible because Sony wants to make money on PS Now. Sony can put a PS3 in the PS4 Neo. If Nintendo can put NES, SNES, N64, Gameboy, DS, NeoGeo, Sega Genesis, Game Gear, TurboGrafx, etc games on the Wii, Wii U, and 3DS, then I think Sony can do it with the PS3 on the PS4.

      @FeistFan, the Wii, Wii U, X360, and XB1 all support external storage…do Nintendo and Microsoft not care about piracy?

      I have a 1.5TB HDD of which 1350GB is usable in PS3. The PS3 reserve 10% for future OS upgrade so that is about 150GB and leaves me with only 1200GB to use. Given how late we are in the cycle, I think Sony should remove that 10% reserve policy. Especially given that there is a 12GB PS3. I can really use that extra 150GB of storage.

  • you’re holding an event at around the same time as the Apple press event for the iPhone 7? do you want nobody to watch your event?

    • Sony announce theirs event first before Apple. And Apple event is earlier in the day. Not at the same time. Finally, both events will be on demand for replay.

    • Apple’s event happens at 10am PDT and Sony’s after that at 12pm PDT. I’m planning on watching both.

  • Hopefully we can get a date for the ps4 4.0 update to release.

  • Just make sure you add system transfers in a firmware update so I can upgrade to Neo without losing P.T.

  • I can’t wait for Sony to announce disc-based backwards compatibility for all ps games on the PS4. All but ps3 games cause ps now.


    • You do realize that ps now you have to pay extra on top of the 50 dollars my bad 60 dollars now in about a day it will be 60 anyways I for one would love to see backwards compatibility of ps3 games and don’t care what you people have to say because guess what freedom of speech and I have an Xbox one s as well as my ps4

    • ROFL x’D

  • I’m hoping they will address the ps4 software update & hopefully do the ‘it’s available right now!’

  • Cannot wait! Hope you guys release a white PS4 console edition of the NEO & the slim versions when ever there released in the USA. I definitely like unique colors that stand out from the rest. Woohoo! Very excited for tomorrow! ^[=]^

  • I was a bit interested in watching it, but since it probably won’t cover the PS Vita, I think I’ll pass.

  • It probably won’t be announced here but I really really want PSN ID change feature. This is literally the most requested feature by the PlayStation community for a long time. Please make it happen as soon as possible.

    • “Literally the most requested feature by the PlayStation community for a long time”…only because “the PlayStation community” is apparently just a bunch of feeble-minded persons, unable to grasp the simplest of statements.

      Shuhei Yoshida has repeatedly explained that we will NEVER EVER going to be able to change our PSN IDs. Hell, I’m not 100% sure…but I think even Andrew House said it at some point.

      So the people that still insists with that “feature” are as delusional as the ones still asking for PS3 Backwards Compatibility.

  • Everyone knows this conference is for the neo and slim but I’m hoping for some new games (not VR games) like a new infamous or more info on God of war

  • The eyes of the gaming world will be on PlayStation tomorrow afternoon. A big moment indeed, and looking forward to it!

  • want to know about the future of street fighter v , the ps neo and new titles for ps

  • I just hope they announce new firmware update 4.0 to be released tomorrow. every thing else is a rumor unless u have all ready seen it. slim, Tokyo game show is next week also so there is going to be a lot of video game news within the next two weeks

  • Tomorrow’s meeting:

    Sony exec: “Ok, so I guess we should talk about the Vita”

    2nd Sony exec: “Sorry, what’s a Vita?”

  • Will be buying a few of these Neo’s day one! Please just don’t price them above $600 CAD and please let the release date be this year….also please be more powerful than leaked specs suggest. Anyway, I’m excited to watch the live stream tomorrow! Woooot!!

  • i’ll be watching

  • PS Vita 2

    • Only if they take a ds4 an put a screen where the touch pad is. We need all the buttons!!!!!

    • This is the most exciting product Sony could talk about tomorrow. A new Vita with Unlocked 4G LTE, full cellular service, and access to Remote Play, PS Now, PS Vue, PS Music, and PS Video across 4G would change the mobile landscape, and not to mention knock the snot out of whatever Apple is doing with iPhone 7.

  • You guys are having an event tomorrow you say? Showing off anything good are ya *cough* 5.5TF*cough*? lol ;P

    • I hope so. When Sony says premium, I loom at the Z9D Bravia’s and the ES Recievers, and that is what I think. I hope Neo is a 5.5TF, ZEN CPU, 16GB RAM $499.99 4K power house of a console.

      I would even like to see Sony one day have Elevated Standards level PlayStation models that are $1000+. If scalable hardware is the future, give us the option to spend big, and have the best tech on the market.

      See the link for examples of what kind of premium PlayStation products Sony should offer in the future;

      With this route Sony can put out top of the line PS hardware that matches of beats the best PC’s on the market. They could also do the same thing with VR, which would allow them to always have the best VR headset on the market. This is the kind of stuff that made Sony great back in the day, so as the popular new catch phrase goes, Let’s Make Sony Great Again!

  • I only hope good news for supporting PS vita ( no ps vita 2)

  • “Howdy!”

    That’s it. Read Dead 3 confirmed!

  • Here are some things I’m hoping for:

    1) Backwards compatibility with phyiscal PS1 and PS2 games added to the PS4 via software emulation (no backwards compatibility with PS3 games I can understand since the PS3 is too powerful to be emulated through software) (even AlphaOmegaSin wonders why the PS4 won’t do that in his PS Plus price increase video).
    2) A feature on the PS4 to where if you already own a PS1/PS2 game digitally on the PS3, you can download the emulated PS4 version either for free or for a small upgrade fee.
    3) CD support so that PS1 game discs can run on the PS4 (and yes, the PS4 can run/read CDs, it just doesn’t have the software it needs to support them).
    4) MP3 support added to the PS4 without a need for a USB flash drive (I know some people won’t mind it, but it looks weird having a USB flash drive plugged into my PS4 while I’m playing games on it).

    • 1) Not gonna happen. Ever.
      2) LOL. Not a chance of getting “free games”, bub!
      3) OMG…are you serious? Hell, no!
      4) Nope.

      So…0 out of 4. Nice! >:)

  • Neo
    Bloodborne 2 and/or Demon’s Souls Remaster
    And I want to know what Suckerpunch is working on.
    Then I’m happy

  • ALL I WANT IS SONY TO MAKE A SOCOM. I haven’t touched my ps4 in long time. Been playing game called insurgency on PC. With 3rd person mod called Resurgencemod. God so feels like socom. You can watch me play every night at . We need our socom and third person shooter people come support it. PC on steam. Controller or not. It’s fun and yes mic system. Please support

  • Enter the Matrix.

  • Can’t wait to see wich piece of the puzzle Sony is gonna add now to the Greatness puzzle.

    PS: Me and some guys from my Facebook Group ( Epic Gamers ) are gonna do a kind of a podcast/reaction on the PS4 PARTY chat to this show.
    If people want to join us while we are watching the show feel free to join our group
    There is a post pinned down to ask who wanna join our chat just say you wanna join and we add you on PSN.

    The voice chat is gonna be recorded, edited on the event and putted on YouTube.
    This is the first time we are doing this so it would be a nice test.

  • So looking forward to hearing what greatness awaits us tomorrow… Long live PlayStation

    • Wow. And this is exactly the kind of cattle-like minds that populate the “PS Nation” today… so, so sad… =(

  • Wanna hear about what makes the Slim special – hopefully its less of an energy hog and heatsink as the vanilla PS4. Might upgrade if that’s so and hand off of my main one to my sister. Besides that, looking forward to seeing what’s up with the PS4K and PSVR launch details, and whatever games you guys show. Hopefully Sony West will finally show off Gravity Rush 2 like its something they care about and give it some badly needed – and more than deserved – hype going into the Holiday season.

  • Man, so many of you guys are going to be disappointed tomorrow.
    This is Playstation Meeting.
    The last one was in 2013 when they announced the PS4 and showed off a ton of PS4 games.
    Before that was in 2011 when they announced the Vita and showed off a ton of early Vita games.
    The most likely thing here is the official unveil of the PS4 Slim and/or Neo, then focusing on either VR games or how games will run better (with and without VR) on the Neo.
    Don’t expect any big third-party announcements. If there are any at all, I’ll be surprised.
    And especially don’t expect them to bring up Vita.

  • Can’t wait to see where you guys are heading with the Future of PlayStation. I am on board with whatever comes from this event, but I have very high expectations of where PS will be 5 years from now.Hopefully, tomorrow will get the train heading in that direction.

    Here’s what I would like to see;

    1) 4G LTE PS Vita revision, with full unlocked cellular services from Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile. Preferably, this unit has the addition of L2/R2 & L3/R3 for enhanced Remote Play, and has access to Remote Play, PS Now, PS Vue, PS Video, and PS Music via the 4G network.

    2) PS Neo that shocks everyone, and is beyond the leaks. I am talking about a full 5.5TF of GPU power and the newest ZEN CPU tech all built into a massive APU. Give us 16GB of RAM with super high bandwidth, and make this a 4K gaming powerhouse.

    3) PSVR in all its glory. All the accessories available at launch, the non gaming content, the VR OS, and everything else.

    With PS Vita 4G LTE (AKA PlayStation Phone), PS Neo + Slim, and PS VR, Sony would have the best line-up of tech for Home, Mobile, and Virtual Reality, truly a line-up Like.No.Other Make.Believe

    • only 5.5TF? i’m hopeing for 7TF.

    • @Sephiroth0981: Only 7!? I’m hoping for 1 GAZILLION TF!

      And of course…all that for $399.99. After all anyone can build a super-mega-powerful gaming PC for just a couple hundred bucks…so Sony should be able to give us the equivalent of 3 gaming PCs for just $100 more! Stop being greedy and make it happen already, Sony!

  • I just hope the NEO will blow Scorpio out of the water, with better system specs than what the rumored specs were.

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