Gran Turismo Sport Update

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Gran Turismo Sport Update

Hello GT Community — I am sharing some news today that we have made the difficult decision to delay the release of Gran Turismo Sport to 2017. GT Sport is Polyphony’s foremost competitive gaming title, with high expectations from both the fans and from within our team.

From the start this title has been one of our most ambitious undertakings by using the latest technologies, such as physics-based rendering and sound simulations, and Scapes photo mode. In combining these features with a new Sport mode, we are offering a competitive gaming experience to truly reinvent what it means to be a racing game. We’ve been excited and humbled by the response each time that we’ve shared new gameplay with everyone.

However, as we approach our planned release date in November, we realize we need more time to perfect GT Sport, which we’ve already dedicated so much effort towards since announcing the title. We do not want to compromise the experience in any way. While we cannot confirm a new release date at this time, we are more committed than ever to making GT Sport the best Gran Turismo game to date.

GT Sport will continue to be shown at several gaming events around the world. I hope everyone has the opportunity to experience first-hand the yet-to-be revealed cutting edge experiences that will be achieved by GT Sport.

Thank you for all your continued support.

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  • You’re delaying it so you can make a version for Trinity, right?

    • What’s Trinity?

    • “Trinity,” is the “rumored” code name for Sony’s supposed new handheld. So far I’ve only heard the word said by Kinda Funny (specifically Colin & Greg) so, I’m not 100% sure if it’s a legit rumor or some inside joke by them.

    • Yeah, I looked it up and found out about the rumor. Thank you for replying, though!

    • It’s a Matrix joke relating to the code names of the Neo and Morpheus. But, after the Trinity is revealed we will get the codename “Apoch”, which will be the breakout box-less PSVR, and the Nebakanezer, the more powerful PS 5.1.

    • Hey I think that’s fine Andi think u guys should make it where we can do wide body kits on the cars again I have been a true gran turismo fan since the first one and I have all the gran turismo games still so a wide body would make a lot of people happy

    • How do I get a refund for my pre order on PS4

  • Please add a career mode.

  • Take as much time as you need. Delays are fine as long as the game pans out to be what long-time fans expect it to be *cough NO MAN’S SKY cough*

  • Sony is lucky MS messed up with Xbox one…sony’s first party studio management has been awful, multiple delays, games being shown way too early, many disappointing games. They need to re-evaluate how these studios are being managed. Gran Turismo has been a mess since Gt5. Why release GT6 on ps3 when PS4 was launching as well? Awful decision. Sony has been disappointing his gen.

    • Hahaha, yeah because MS is lighting up the sky with their excluvives. Made the mistake of buying one in December and the only two games I’ve enjoyed on it were Sunset Overdrive and Dangerous Elite.

    • I agree. GT 6 should have been made for PS4. I’ve played every GT except for 6, because I bought a PS4 on launch. PD should have released a PS4 version. I’m still waiting on a PS Now release as I’d love to play a GT on my PS4. Don’t take too long!

    • Look at the exclusives on PS4 in 2016 ALONE.

      Uncharted 4
      Ratchet & Clank
      MLB The Show 16
      The Witness
      Salt n Sanctuary
      Enter the Gungeon
      No Man’s Sky
      Gravity Rush

      Still to come in 2016

      Gravity Rush 2
      Killing Floor 2
      PSVR – Rigs, VR Worlds, Farpoint, Arkham VR, Driveclub VR, Battlezone

      This winter

      Persona 5

      This list was off the top of my head. Don’t forget gems like Bloodborne, Infamous, Resogun, Helldivers, Driveclub (great game), Until Dawn, Transistor, Rapture, Soma. Sony is on fire this gen.

  • Be 4 years into PS4’s life soon and still no GT game, no god of war. PD needs a shakeup.

  • Saw this coming the day it was announced. Glad i waited on the pre-order. Looks like it will be Forza Horzion 3 for my racing fix this fall. Oh well i am glad i own both consoles.

    • What a timing! I ordered my first ever Xbox (one) last night so I could play Forza Horizon 3. Today I heard GT was delayed and I’m so glad I’ll have FH3 to enjoy. Will buy GT of course, but it will take ages. Whatever, better to delay than offer a sub standard game.

    • I’ll be playing Driveclub VR while i wait.

  • Put a proper career mode in the game, focus so much in eSports is a wasting of time (see SFV).

  • Every single GT for decades has been delayed multiple times, yet they release with antiquated menus, poor car sounds, no damage, etc. It’s really sad because they were certainly the leaders back in the GT3 days. I’m PlayStation all the way, but Forza has wiped the floor with GT for years, and sadly this mess won’t do anything to change things.

    • I couldn’t disagree more. The only pro that Forza has had over GT is liveries and car sounds. That’s it. Graphics, physics, lighting, cars, tracks, everything was just better on Gran Turismo. Now that GT has improved their sounds and getting liveries Forza is just another simcade experience it has always been. Sure PCars and Asseto Corsa are out but this fight is between GT ( The Real Driving Simulator) vs Forza.

    • I 100% agree with you if forza wasn’t an xbox exclusive gran turismo would be dead like need for speed.

    • Renai you mean Gt was (the first racing simulater) after gt3 we had the underground series but ever since then forza has been beating gt on consistent basis since 2006 gt has been rocking 8/10’s and forza has been getting 9/10’s okay sony has a ton of exclusives and lots of other great titles available but when it comes to racing they have nothing i haven’t bought a nascar game since 2005 and even im considering getting nascar heat evolution just so i have a racing video game other than GTA 5. I haven’t bought a gran turismo game since GT3 because every single title after that has been focused on graphics, cars, tracks, but forgot the driving aspect of the game hopefully gran turismo sport this new series of racing will bring gt back to former glory in the early 2000’s.

    • The driving in GT is better than any other racing game I’ve played. I still have to try F1 2016 and Assetto Corsa.
      Im looking forward to whooping some international butt and leave everyone seeing my tail lights!!!!

  • The delay gives me time to get a racing wheel for when I play with the VR Headset on. Sad it is getting a delay, but I have always enjoyed GT and I am excited about the game.

  • Is this going to cancel our digital preorder like the nms delay did?

  • Take as much time as you need, as long as the game is good, the delay will be forgotten. Remember driveclub and street fighter 5, a good game that will be remembered because of disaster launch.

  • I remember the GT5 delays. By the time GT Sport comes out PS4 Neo will be a last gen console and everyone will be on VR or an Xbox Scorpio. GT Sport was playable at E3. Sell me that amazing setup with the drivers pod and tv with the current version of GT Sport and just update it along the way. Waiting another year (or two) just makes us think of No Man’s Sky overhype or the disastrous rebuild of vanilla Destiny.

  • Its unfortunate that GT Sport isn’t releasing this year. I was looking really looking forward to actually playing my PS4. Well here goes to another year of waiting and more disappointing PlayStation titles.

    • Your not playing Uncharted 4, Ratchet & Clank, ABZU, The Witness, Gravity Rush, Alienation, MLB, Paragon, better versions of 3rd party games or any of the great games that released prior to 2016? PS4 is loaded, u need to expand your horizons bc there are fantastic PS4 games out there.

  • Gran Turismo is the biggest game franchise I had to leave behind when I went to the greener pastures of PC gaming. After the inferior releases of GTs 5 and 6, it was an easy choice however. Now you guys announce a smaller scale spin off with 1/10 less cars than the previous game and still can’t come out in time? Pathetic Polyphony, just pathetic. What are you guys waiting for??? The new Dyson vacuum models to come out so you can sample them as car engine sfx? Thanks for reminding me that I left at a good time. Forza Horizon 3 ftw, when I play that puppy on my gaming PC with my PS3 Logitech Driving Force steering wheel, that’s gonna be EPIC! Bye bye Gran Turismo, been nice knowing ya!

  • I really have a hard time believing this game anymore as a serious contender for the console racing sims. It was relevant and ground breaking over two decades agos. Now Forza has picked up where GT was left in the dust. GT5/6 were Playstation 2 era ports that were lackluster at best. Polyphony Digital needs to get over stroking their own egos on past releases and get together a relevant, modern racing sim for the console. They will be over 3 years into this life cycle and not a single GT title will be found.

    I also fully expect a half released game like GT5/6 before it – where the online is broken and it takes a solid 6 months before the game is “finished’ – BUT they will be sure to pack it full of videos of the creator talking about how “Groundbreaking” the game will be and racing on tracks in real life….

  • Ohh wait … Let me join my friend… oh no. I cant see him because he live in another Country just spend 20min setting up my car, i go out of pitlane BOOM black screen
    Woohoo. New update. New cars. Leave pitlane , no engine sound … listen to that mad V8 ( FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH).

    Get out of here PD. You are done. You lost over 80% of you true fans. Have fun with the remaining ‘fans’ you will never be able to achieve what you did on ps1. You ruined your own title. Im not spending another cent on PD or PSN. Xcube and Forza FTW.

  • Another delay?? At this point Detriot, Insomniac’s Spider Man, God of War 4, Days Gone are gonna end up being PS5 launch titles lol

    • And we will STILL have great exclusives in the meantime. Ppl don’t even meantion WiLD, The Forest, Hellblade, Death’s Gambit ect.

  • And no release date. This seems really bad. Thank god for the hopefuly not delayed Drive Club VR.
    May Lord Kutaragi watch over its release date!

  • Gran Turismo is delayed? …… wow who would of guessed.

  • For now I’ll play Assetto Corsa until this comes out!

  • This is just too common for games now. The game companies need to just suck it up until they are ready to release. Delaying a game sucks and it wouldn’t be bad if they just wait to announce a release date until they are ready.

    • Na, it’s the consumers that need to suck it up. Better to know way in advance what games are in the works. Consumers just need to learn that release dates are

    • Na, it’s the consumers that need to suck it up. Better to know way in advance what games are in the works. Consumers just need to learn that release dates are ALWAYS target release dates. The first time you see a release get delayed, sure it’s a surprise and it’s not your fault you don’t understand that aspect of business yet, but after the first time people should have learned that targets cannot always be met, especially if the developers are ambitious.

  • I hope the delay means GT Sport will be a full-blown GT title now, instead of something like a prologue. Proper single-player career mode please. A visually improved PS Neo mode would also be on my wishlist..

  • Would it be possible to get a demo of some sort before the year ends?

  • This one is disappointing.

  • Excellent decision, I’d rather play on a well developed coding experience and not a rushed one as well as I’m still playing GT6, it gives me some more time before GT7 comes out for my PS4.

  • Year after year after year the fall release calendar just breaks down for you guys. Why are studios feeling pressured in the summer to make release date claims they can’t hit? If preordering didn’t exist this wouldn’t be such a big deal… But it does exist. Learn to under promise guys … Until you can get back on schedule at least. How many of these embarrassing “update” posts is it going to take before you learn a lesson?

  • The”Only” thing that the GT series had over Other titles was Car selection. thats it! Polly is allways 10 steps behind the competition.

  • This shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. I said it would be delayed like always polyphony delays all the time. I expect it to be delayed one more time at least.

  • A GranTurismo game delay!? We are sooo surprised.

  • So to tide us over, you’re going to release gran turismo 4 as a PS4 emulated title, right? right? :D

  • Meanwhile Microsoft is able to pump out a Forza game every year.


    • The same redundant Forza with the same baked lighting every yr. I’m so happy Sony doesn’t do the CoD/Forza/Microsoft/AC yearly release, greed based development cycle. Microsoft does that bc they have to, they only have 3 franchises.

  • Even I would love to play GT Sport now, I prefer to have a quality game. Uncharted 4 was delayed and it was the right step.

  • DelayStation at it again. Can’t for the life of me see how Forza can get a game out every 2 years and there is still NOTHING from Gran Turismo this generation. At least we have Project Cars and getting Assetto Corsa but come on Sony. I’m amusing it’ll at least support the Neo and have the best racing graphics ever and a ton of tracks by 2017.

    • AC and CoD release a game every yr as well, it’s NOT a good thing…

      You forgot to mention Driveclub, the best racer this gen.

      I’ll play Driveclub VR and work on the Driveclub Bikes platinum while i wait.

    • Driveclub lol what? It’s a 30fps game which makes no sense for racing and looks like a slideshow. The only game PS4 has is Project Cars which at least is pretty decent. This delay for Gran Turismo is pathetic.

  • @Sindred, why would I care about MS? I care about the system I own, and how sony is supporting it.

  • NOOOO!!! Every time there is a title with “Update” in it, it means a game is delayed. STOP SETTING HARD RELEASE DATES IF YOU CAN’T GET THE GAME OUT ON TIME!!! Or, take the date you plan to announce, and add 6 months to it. If the game is ready ahead of schedule, do a soft launch early with a hard launch on the planned date. This industry has done the delay thing too many times.

  • Not even surprised. I don’t know if I’ll keep my PS4 now. I might trade it for an Xbox and the Forza series now. All the jokes about the delays are not even jokes anymore, they are the truth.

  • This entire franchise seems pretty much dead at this point.

    • Yea, bc a delay KILLED Uncharted…

      The Gran Turismo franchise is huge, it has outsold Uncharted by a mile in lifetime sales. GT 5 sold more than any Uncharted game.

  • Have been a huge GT and PlayStation fan over the years. I have had no desire to own a Xbox of any sort over the years but I think this is going to push me over the edge. Forza looks to have a much larger and entertaining car list then the past few GT games. Upgrades look better. They’ve had a livery editor from game one I believe.
    You keep wasting time with photo mode, B Spec, Moon crap, that weird GPS thing. The AI isn’t good. The sound isn’t good. Your communication with the community is non existent. Your priorities are off. You should have someone hyping the game. Showing off the new cars and tracks. Talking and listening.
    I’m disappointed in PD and Sony for letting this happen every game. Something needs to change.

    • long time ps fan but also a huge gamer and with all consoles for the last few generations. As a huge racing fan I’ve loved gt from the very first one and stuck though out until 6 . I’ve played forza also since there first entry. Forza has not only outshines it self every iteration but also destroyed gt every release since the first. I’m dying for a return to form from gran turismo but forza has had my money for years thanks to its fantastic entries. It sucks we aren’t getting gt any time soon but make the leap bro , forza is worth it for the racing enthusiast.

    • Sony makes great products, but doesn’t communicate well or hype them well.

      Microsoft makes lousy products, but hypes the heck out of them and masterfully manipulates the media.

  • Why I just preordered the game I was so excited now I’m not whyyyy. Why don’t you make that a patch or update?

  • Well if that’s the Reason to make it the Best Game in 2017, I can Respect That We’ll Wait

  • I pre ordered GT sport last month, and now that they have put a delay has only made me more anxious about the release. I really hope this GT is what they have said it is going to be.

  • Another year without gran turismo. Another year my money goes to forza . Sigh…

  • This a joke. Evey Gran Turismo game has always had a delay of at least 6 months from the origional release date. When will Polyphony learn to keep their mouth shut on release dates until they know they can stick to them?

  • Pity of it! Hope for single-player career mode and full-fledged installment of GT.
    Upset could be not so great if GT6 was on PS4.. =( so a little more time for DriveClub <3

  • Take all the time you guys need whilst I am enjoying Assetto Corsa!

  • Take as long as you need as long as you add in G27 support! :D

  • Take as long as u need.

  • Lets see… First you increase the price of PS Plus, then you announce PS exclusives on pc and now this? What a great month for PS fans. /sarcasm

  • ” physics-based rendering and sound simulations”

    Is that the reason that still after so many years all cars sound almost the same and the engine sounds seems like they came straight out of GT4?

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