NFL Network Launches on PS Vue; NFL RedZone Season Pass Available

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NFL Network Launches on PS Vue; NFL RedZone Season Pass Available

Are you ready for some football? We are! Starting today, NFL Network will launch nationwide on PlayStation Vue, so you can access NFL coverage 24/7 using PlayStation Vue’s unique streaming features. Also starting today, users who subscribe to a PlayStation Vue plan that includes NFL Network can also subscribe to NFL RedZone.

Available as part of PlayStation Vue’s Core and Elite plans, NFL Network provides coverage straight from the field, team headquarters, league offices, and everywhere the NFL is making news. Fans can watch NFL Network’s Thursday Night Football games, popular shows, wall-to-wall news and fantasy coverage from NFL and more.

Users who subscribe to PlayStation Vue’s Core or Elite plans will have the option to sign up for NFL RedZone as an add-on for $39.99 for the entire regular season games. Every Sunday afternoon, the NFL RedZone channel brings fans every touchdown and all the big moments from every game across the NFL. Produced by NFL Network, NFL RedZone cuts from stadium to stadium and delivers the most exciting plays as they happen, live and in high definition. Sign up begins today, so go ahead and lock in your subscription before NFL RedZone coverage starts on September 11.

Coming soon, users with a Core or Elite plan will also have access to watch NFL Network via, the NFL app available across TV-connected devices, and via NFL Mobile at no extra cost. Core and Elite includes many of the most popular networks available on television today.

  • Core: Starting at $34.99 monthly ($44.99 monthly in cities with major live local broadcast stations*), Core provides 70+ channels, including live national and regional sports networks, along with all the live cable TV, movies, and sports channels from the Access plan.
  • Elite: Starting at $44.99 monthly ($54.99 monthly in cities with major live broadcast stations*), Elite offers 100+ channels, including all the channels from Core, plus top movie and entertainment channels.

Remember, you can simultaneously stream content from PlayStation Vue on multiple devices, including PS4, PS3, Amazon Fire TV devices, Roku devices, iOS and Android mobile devices. You can also access the service via Google Chromecast with a compatible iOS or Android device. PlayStation Vue’s cloud-based DVR also allows you to easily record multiple games at once for viewing later. For more information, visit

So tell us, which NFL team are you rooting for?

*Cities with major live local broadcast stations: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, Dallas, San Francisco, and Miami

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  • When I go to or to watch online, I don’t “Sony” or “Playstation” or “Vue” listed as a provider. When will we be able to watch NFL Network and RedZone channel online?

  • I have Vue core but I don’t see NFL network. What should I do?

  • Also, this great. I’m actually using a trial and was wondering if I should renew. But adding nfl network just sold it to me. Great job! Taking all my money.

  • Can I just order the red zone for the season without a plan?

  • I just want to first say I Love The PS Vue and Thank You Sony for Making Vue and having it affordable. There are just a few things that I would like. 1. Is there any talks with The CW? My favorite News Station is Channel 5 The CW in SoCal. I would really like it if it was on PS Vue. 2. I had to upgrade my internet speed in order to stop buffering. 3. the Guide is a little tricky. I use the PS3 controller and at times when trying to look for something to watch it will freeze or skip threw a bunch of the channels. 4. The Roku app need to be updated. The guide for the Roku app is lame I wish there was a better way to look up what’s on and when I’m on a channel and I go to see what else is on it stops what I was watching first unlike the app for PS3.

  • The missy and I have been waiting to see if “NFL Redzone” was going to hit PS VUE so we could finally ditch TWC. Sadly, this isn’t going to happen. That price tag is ridiculously high….There’s no way the warden would approve of this, and she loves her football. And for once, I’m not even going to argue with her.

  • i have the elite do i have to sign up again or will it pop up when the nfl season starts

  • PLEASE find away to get NFL Sunday Ticket as a stand alone channel !

  • So with the NFL Network I can watch any game on Sunday, right?

  • So when will we be able to access the NFL mobile app?

  • How does an elite slim member subscribe to redzone? I can’t figure it out through the ps4 or my account online

  • I’m not seeing the first Thursday Night Football game on the guide. Will it be available?

  • Im happy about the NFL Network added to Vue.. Not too happy about it having mobile restrictions for trying to watch it on my cellphone

  • I don’t understand why it’s $39.99. I know it’s a one-time payment, but on Cable TV it’s only about $10. Why do you have to add a plan? It makes no sense.

  • a actual GUIDE on roku would be nice so we can actually plan what we want to watch. Now it is like rummaging through the trash bin for day old corner of a sandwich.

  • I depend on PS Vue for my televised entrainment, and the NFL Network with added Red Zone was a big reason in making my decision to do such. Finally the first TNF game comes on and PSN has again screwed the pooch by offering something that they can’t give it’s consumers. NFL Network without every live Thursday Night Game is like Street Fighter without a Ryu’s Haduken.

  • Surprise! It is the classic bait and switch… offer the channel, say that you can watch TNF games, but then when the game comes on you actually CAN’T watch it!

  • I have NFL network on Play Station vue, this past Thursday the Bills/Jets game was unavailable. Why?

  • “Fans can watch NFL Network’s Thursday Night Football games, popular shows, wall-to-wall news and fantasy coverage from NFL and more.”

    This is at the very least misleading. The worst part is that PlayStation doesn’t own up to their mistake. At the very least an apology would be appropriate or even a 5$ PSN code or something to make up for this blunder of communication.

  • I dont like liars, i ordered the elite package and was getting ready to watch the thrusday night game jets/bills and what do i see?? Sorry we dont have the right to stream nfl games on thrusdays. Thats some BS Man. Really thinking anout hiring a lawyer to sue these folks man. I just wanna watch the games. Direct tv screws you because of a 2 year contract and apartments dont want satelites. Comcast are liars. I just wanna watch the games. I have money and want to give it to them but theres always a catch. You know what?? Screw it, come monday morning im gonna hire a lawyer and sue for false advertising… Maybe they will learn.

  • Why can’t I watch NFL RedZone online, using PS Vue as my service provider??

  • Pretty sure they will delete my comment but Its not the games. Unless you have direct TV or something you cant watch the live games. Redzone is just a highlight reel. Also PS Vue isnt listed to watch NFL Gameday again unless you have a cable provider. Its deceptive marketing. I wasted $75 and cant even watch a game.

  • I paid for Red Zone and don’t have it. They took my money but my screen says “This program is unavailable”. Want Red Zone or my money!

  • Sorry, I’m a little confused/naive. Will this allow me to watch NFL games live? I’m in San Diego, CA and cut cable a while ago. Would I be able to catch the Charger games live?

  • “Coming soon, users with a Core or Elite plan will also have access to watch NFL Network via, the NFL app available across TV-connected devices, and via NFL Mobile at no extra cost.” We are almost 3 weeks into the season. Any news on when we will be able to log in via nfl PS vue does not show up as a provider

  • Love playstation vue but nfl network sucks on vue hate tgat it blacks out games in my area and over tge air tv sucks here can’t get but 3 channels in my town of clovis new mexico

  • I got Vue so that I could watch football, but tonight it is saying that they can’t stream all programs over the Internet…what I am I paying for if I can’t get all the games on the NFL network??

    • I’m having the same issue. I bought Vue specifically to watch Thursday Night Football on NFL Network but it is saying that it doesn’t have the rights to stream. Why can’t I watch a channel that I am paying for?

  • I’m another one who also couldn’t access the TNF on the NFL Network. If you don’t have the rights to broadcast TNF games over the internet then don’t blog that you do have these games and also don’t falsely advertise that you offer the games either as that’s not only unethical but illegal in the majority of states in the US.

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