NFL Network Launches on PS Vue; NFL RedZone Season Pass Available

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NFL Network Launches on PS Vue; NFL RedZone Season Pass Available

Are you ready for some football? We are! Starting today, NFL Network will launch nationwide on PlayStation Vue, so you can access NFL coverage 24/7 using PlayStation Vue’s unique streaming features. Also starting today, users who subscribe to a PlayStation Vue plan that includes NFL Network can also subscribe to NFL RedZone.

Available as part of PlayStation Vue’s Core and Elite plans, NFL Network provides coverage straight from the field, team headquarters, league offices, and everywhere the NFL is making news. Fans can watch NFL Network’s Thursday Night Football games, popular shows, wall-to-wall news and fantasy coverage from NFL and more.

Users who subscribe to PlayStation Vue’s Core or Elite plans will have the option to sign up for NFL RedZone as an add-on for $39.99 for the entire regular season games. Every Sunday afternoon, the NFL RedZone channel brings fans every touchdown and all the big moments from every game across the NFL. Produced by NFL Network, NFL RedZone cuts from stadium to stadium and delivers the most exciting plays as they happen, live and in high definition. Sign up begins today, so go ahead and lock in your subscription before NFL RedZone coverage starts on September 11.

Coming soon, users with a Core or Elite plan will also have access to watch NFL Network via, the NFL app available across TV-connected devices, and via NFL Mobile at no extra cost. Core and Elite includes many of the most popular networks available on television today.

  • Core: Starting at $34.99 monthly ($44.99 monthly in cities with major live local broadcast stations*), Core provides 70+ channels, including live national and regional sports networks, along with all the live cable TV, movies, and sports channels from the Access plan.
  • Elite: Starting at $44.99 monthly ($54.99 monthly in cities with major live broadcast stations*), Elite offers 100+ channels, including all the channels from Core, plus top movie and entertainment channels.

Remember, you can simultaneously stream content from PlayStation Vue on multiple devices, including PS4, PS3, Amazon Fire TV devices, Roku devices, iOS and Android mobile devices. You can also access the service via Google Chromecast with a compatible iOS or Android device. PlayStation Vue’s cloud-based DVR also allows you to easily record multiple games at once for viewing later. For more information, visit

So tell us, which NFL team are you rooting for?

*Cities with major live local broadcast stations: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, Dallas, San Francisco, and Miami

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  • Finally! Even though I can catch my Texans on local channels, I like watching other teams. Still only preseason but the more football the better

    • When is the Houston market getting CBS? I hate to plug in my antenna to watch the Texans games whenever I already have VUE.

  • So NFL Network is included in PS Vue package? No additional cost unless I want NFL RedZone ? I live in Dallas metropolitan area so I hope this doesn’t affect me for Cowboys games.

    • This is great news! I’m glad that the NFL is expanding its presence in the PlayStation ecosystem.

      Now the NFL and PlayStation should also do the following:
      * Bring the excellent PS4 NFL app to the the PS3, PS Vita & PSTV
      * Allow Remote Play of the PS4 NFL app, including recorded games through GamePass, to the PS Vita & PSTV

      I hope these improvements come in the future so I can justify giving even more of my money to the NFL and PlayStation!

    • NFL Network will be available in PlayStation Vue’s Core and Elite plan. There’s no additional cost if you subscribe to Core or Elite. Core or Elite subscribers can add NFL RedZone for $39.99, which provides NFL RedZone programming for the entire regular season.

    • Hope this helps, well when you take $39.99 and divide by 4 it equals $9.99 and 1/3 cents a month.

    • Thanks! Love being an elite subscriber. Best value by far! Hope you guys add HBO Now and UFC Fight Pass as soon as possible

    • I have the elite, how do I add red zone?

  • Great NFL network include with my package but redzone seems little too much I wish redzone cost like $10 or $15 month. I not getting redzone for $39.99

    • “Users who subscribe to PlayStation Vue’s Core or Elite plans will have the option to sign up for NFL RedZone as an add-on for $39.99 for the entire regular season games” Looks like it’s for the whole season so that would work out to $10/month.

    • the 39.99 is a one time payment for the entire season. I don’t think that is to much. You must have not understood the price.

    • It’s $39.99 for the season, not per month

    • Hi, the $39.99 pricing for NFL RedZone is a one time add-on to the Core or Elite plans and covers the entire regular season. There are no additional fees on top of that.

    • It’s basically $10 a month, which is right in line with what Comcast charges. Good deal.

  • Don’t see NFL network yet so may be available later. I’m in tx. NFL red zone is up as add on though

  • Wow this was a surprise to me! so I already have NFL network since i’m on the Elite plan. Thanks very much this is great news. Dwayne you and your team just keep on improving Playstation Vue so much. keep up the good work and Go Cowboys…and LA Rams now that we got a local team >.<

  • My Question is right now I’m on the Elite 3 month summer gift trial whatever you call it. If I buy NFL redzone for the season, what happens when my plan drops back down to access?

  • Good deal. Other providers I’ve been with offer NFL RedZone for $10 a month, so $40 for the season is right in line with that. Thanks Sony! Now please bring all the local channels to Denver, and add Root Sports Rocky Mountain so we can watch local sports.

  • This is a huge win for Sony and PlayStation Vue. NFL Redzone was one of the big reasons a couple of people I know where holding out. This should gain you 3 new subscribers in the Seattle region.

    Now could we please finally get PlayStation Vue on the PlayStation Vita?

  • Now I still have to hate on “NFL” for moving more and more games from Broadcast to cable/pay TV channels.

  • I know the logistics are probably daunting, and perhaps the juice isn’t worth the squeeze, but I’d love to see PlayStation Vue come to Canada.

  • Awesome! Great news! The only thing I don’t like is that I logged in to the Vue App on my Kindle to watch it, but it says it’s mobile restricted. Is there a way to get it un-restricted so I can watch it on my Kindle?


    We live in Central CA and now my wife can watch the preseason Seahawks game tonight!

    • Works out great for me too! Go Cowboys! Hopefully it’s an injury free game!

    • Unfortunately, Starters will probably be out before NFL network gets in the game. Game starts at 9pm CST, They won’t start until 10pm. Also, Go Cowboys :D

  • Excellent news! Now all I want is an app for Android TV and I’ll be set for a long time.

  • PLEASE add Time Warner Cable Sportsnet (Los Angeles Lakers channel) here in LA! That and HBO are the only channels keeping me from committing to PS Vue. But with HBO having HBO Now, all I really need is my Lakers channel!

    • You might need to complain to Time Warner about that channel.

    • This is extremely unlikely to happen. Why would Time Warner partner up with a streaming service that is competing against them?

    • Yes please add Time Warner Cable SportsNet for Lakers games. That’s the main channel I miss when I left cable. You add that channel to the west coast including Hawaii and you’ll get thousands of new subscribers. Also please add NBA TV.

  • Are Vue Core Subscribers going to get the free RedZone PreSeason Preview on Aug 27 and Sept 1? or do we have to be subscribed to RedZone?

  • another step in the right direction for Vue….

    but they’ll need more than ONE local channel to get me to subscribe. (Atlanta market)

    • I get none of the local channels, but get the on-demand. Got an Antenna. Wish I didn’t have to, but I’m happy lol

    • Fox 5 is streaming live and that’s where you’ll get most of the Falcons games anyway. I got an antenna set up too for cbs/abc and can use roku for nbc. Sounds like too much effort but not really. plus I’m saving $50+ by not having directv anymore.

  • There’s already a ton of sports on it. What about the CW and History Channel? Those are the two I need in order to continue my sub :)

    • Agreed, all of the A&E Networks which would include History Channel would be great. I believe they are owned by Disney and Hearst so I would think it would be negotiable. MLB Network, NHL Network and TWC SportsNet LA channels are partially owned by Satellite and Cable companies so they are probably going to be a little tougher to negotiate with.

  • Good stuff. May have finally got me to sub up! Albiet that $10 increase Sony just put on PS+ subscriptions would be easier to swallow if it meant discounts on other Sony products like this.

    • Honestly, $39.99 probably IS a discount, NFL likes to price gouge, might be why only the top two tiers can access

  • Great addition. Add MLB Network, and I’ll sign up.

  • You guys are doing a good job adding channels but how about a PlayStation Channel, maybe even a free one?

  • This makes me very happy! Thanks Sony!

  • watching it now… almost every game is mobile restricted.

  • Perfect timing!!! I was really worried I wouldn’t be able to watch the Cowboys/Seahawks game tonight! No worries now.

  • 40 bucks lol? Vipbox mfers. Nfl can suck a d.

  • My question is. Can I watch any game I want? I live in Indiana so I always have to go to a sports bar to watch Raider games.

    • No, you can’t. The only way to do that, legitimately, is get the NFL package.

    • Redzone is pretty much only when teams are about to score or scored. Good for football fans who don’t need to be invested in a particular game.

  • NFL really? Where’s the MLB Network? Something for a sport that actually matters.

    • When a regular episode of “The Big Bang Theory” stops drawing more viewers than a World Series game, get back to us.

  • This is great! Any news on NBA, NHL and/or MLB networks

  • That’s how’s you do it. There’s a couple of channels I would like but this is the one I needed to call PS Vue the complete satellite replacement.

  • While I’m glad you are adding redzone…there are two things I don’t get…

    1) why isn’t it a monthly charge, like vue itself? It seems bizarre that it’s a per season charge (especially when sling has it as a monthly charge)

    2) why is the monthly cost twice as much as on sling? Sling charges $5 per month for redzone. PS Vue will charge $39.99 for the regular season, which is about 4 months, making it about $10 a month to get redzone on vue.

    I thought the price would be comparable…

  • Way to go Vue! Finally an alternative. Now if we can get an ISP killer to pair with the Cable killer The world will be saved!!

  • I don’t see the option to sign up for Red Zone. How can I do this?

  • Awesome! Redzone, to a fantasy football player, is a must have. I paid 10 a month for it through cable so this is right on par except I’m not paying 200 for the other channels. Vue is excellent value!

  • Let me add to the growing chorus of thanks, Sony, for strengthening your already impressive service with these additions. But there’s no room for complacency–please continue working to plug remaining holes by adding such staples as PBS, the CW, NBA TV, and MSG.

  • I love Vue and I’m glad the NFL Network is coming to Vue. Do you know when Vue will be coming to Android TV? I just got a beautiful 55 inch, 4K, Sony TV and it is a crying shame that there is no Vue app on there.

  • Can I not watch the nfl channel Thursday night game because it’s a local game? Because it doesn’t appear to let me

  • “This program is Unavailable”
    Can’t watch “A Football Life” or “NFL Football”.. Central Texas.

    Guess where’re blackout.

  • This is great. Come Sept. 8, consider me a full time Vue subscriber, at least through the end of football season. When they first announced NFL Network, I was afraid that they were going to charge an extra $10-$15 on top of whichever plan you subscribed to. However, I was going to subscribe to the Core plan anyway. You guys are awesome, thanks a lot!

  • Awesome! I’m going to subscribe to NFL Red zone today. Go Dolphins! PSVUE is fantastic

  • I love Sony. So, easy to watch NFL games on my PS4 using Playstation VUE Elite Slim, NFL Redzone, NFL Network. Watching a game live on my smartphone using Playstation VUE App. Cost is $39.99 which is charged once a football season. That is $6.66 to $9.95 per month. Goodbye cable!

  • All the fancy mumbo jumbo talk only 1 question needs to be flat out answered.

    If I subscribe to Vue and NFL Redzone do I get to watch THE ENTIRETY of all football games across the country? Or is it only local?

    • NFL RedZone is only one channel, I think you might be thinking of NFL Sunday Ticket. RedZone will show you all the touchdowns that happened throughout the day, similar to ESPN’s GoalLine for college. It runs from 1 p.m. until the last game ends, at which point they show you a recap of all the touchdowns of the day. If you want to watch a specific team, you would need to purchase the NFL Sunday Ticket. I don’t know if they offer Sunday Ticket for PlayStation Vue or not though.

  • I would have RATHER your added LOCAL SEATTLE TV CHANNELS! NBC, CBS, ABC, PBS Come on!

    • You can blame your cable company for not being able to get your local stations on Playstation Vue. PlayStation Vue offer those local channels to people in certain areas, areas which have freed themselves from the grips of the cable monopolies. In other words don’t blame Sony, blame your local cable companies and television stations for colluding to preserve a monopoly.

  • Also, don’t your dare raise Core Slim rates for everyone due to adding NFL channels that some people don’t want. Your priority should be adding local TV channels in markets you don’t serve, like Seattle.

  • So I have another year left at DirecTV and then I plan on making the full switch to VUE. Is there any way to pay for just the Redzone without having a package?

  • Sooner or later, the cost of every package will go up due to these extra channel adds. I’m happy to have the channel, only until the price of my base package goes up

  • Agree with ElektroDragon. Left cable because of sports costs that I never watched. Please don’t raise prices because kof NFL programming.

  • Any word on NHL Network? I don’t get it with UVerse. NHL Network would be the one channel that might get me to subscribe!

  • When I try to add redzone, it says “$39.99/mon”

    • This is what i’ve been waiting for. I cut Cox Cable 2 years ago and haven’t looked back. To get the NFL Network on Cox you’d be paying more than twice as much as what you pay with PS Vue. At 34.99 it’s a bargain. Also, to anyone upset about NFL Redzone being 39.99, that’s the SAME price Cox charges. It’s 39.99 with Cox unless you are a new subscriber then you can get a discount price, but that’s only for 12 months.

      Now I just need Sony to work on getting NBA TV added. Make it happen Sony!

  • $40 is a great deal for the entire season, upgrading Sunday ticket to get red zone was more then that on top of $300 for Sunday ticket. Good bye att/directv

  • When will local 10 news (Miami) be added?

  • All of this doesn’t matter. I recently joined vue but so frustrated with no guide. Can’t watch shows unless explictly aired within 3 days to add as favorites. Why is there no guide on roku? is vue merely an afterthought? there isn’t even a vue facebook dedicated page.

    • Roku has the worst interface for PlayStation Vue. If you were to purchase an Amazon fire stick or a Google Chrome stick, the interface is exactly like it is through the PlayStation. Roku the only one that has a clunky interface. Which I don’t understand, because when I used to subscribe to Sling, it had the same interface as the Amazon Fire stick does. In other words, don’t wait for PlayStation Vue to get better on Roku, do yourself a favor and buy one of the other devices that can support it.

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