Don’t Starve Together Heading to PS4 September 13

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Don’t Starve Together Heading to PS4 September 13

Hello, PlayStation.Blog! Corey here from Klei Entertainment with some exciting news. We are extremely happy to announce that Don’t Starve Together is coming to PS4 on September 13 along with a brand new bundle, the Don’t Starve Mega Pack, which will be 60% off for players who already own the original Don’t Starve!

Since the launch of the classic single-player Don’t Starve on PS4, we’ve gone on to release two expansions, various themes, and now the multiplayer focused Don’t Starve Together. The Mega Pack will include the entire current Don’t Starve PS4 catalogue in one snazzy bundle full of survival and savings.

The Mega Pack includes:

  • Don’t Starve Together: Console Edition
  • Don’t Starve: Console Edition
  • Don’t Starve: Shipwrecked
  • Don’t Starve: Reign of Giants
  • Don’t Starve: Console Edition: Shipwrecked Theme
  • Don’t Starve: Console Edition: Autumn Theme

On September 13, PS4 fans will be able to get everything shown in the list above via the the Don’t Starve: Mega Pack for $26.99.

As a special thank you to PS4 Players who already own the original Don’t Starve, you’ll be able to get the Don’t Starve Mega Pack for 60% off it’s normal price at $10.79. This way you can save on the brand new multiplayer expansion and get any themes or single-player expansions you may not have yet. Thank you!

One of the most exciting parts of this bundle is undoubtedly the release of Don’t Starve Together. This new entry in the Don’t Starve collection will support up to six players online and for the first time ever, support split-screen couch co-op both locally and online!

We loved hearing stories about friends and families finding creative ways to share the controller while playing the original single-player Don’t Starve. From passing the controller every in-game day, every death, or simply at random, it was clear this was a game many people wanted to enjoy “Together” (See what we did there?), on a couch. Now players will be able to survive together on the same couch, and even take their split-screen game online if they want and create or join an existing game to play with others.

Thank you to all the Don’t Starve players who have been patiently waiting for an official release date on Don’t Starve Together. We’re really excited for everyone to jump in on September 13, and hopefully not starve.

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  • What about those of us who already purchased Shipwrecked ??? Did we just lose this money ?

  • Damn, I wish I saw this about 5 minutes ago! I have the base version to the game and I love it so I decided to buy reign on giants and now I’m seeing this article :’-(

  • Yeah #51 I bought all DLC and just now SHIPWRECKED and now they bring this bundle and screw all of us over massively, i hate klei now.

  • Wow what a nice price! Day one buy!

  • I have purchased this game three times now for other systems. I will be buying it again, this is one of the best games I have played.

  • So I have The original game and Reign of Giants bought, so will Don’t Starve Together be able to be bought at a reduced price separately and if not what will be Together’s normal price? (i find it funny everything i like comes out on the 13th. Don’t Starve Together and the uncut uncensored version (with No raymond Burr) of Return Of Godzilla.

  • Great game beta but you might be able to the gift code by adding a button in game that can only be used once and disappear after the code is used by a friend (its not that simple) and when the gift is downloading it says Don’t Starve Together Console Edition [Gift] and it won’t let you use the gift button so people don’t give the world the game but this is just a suggestion because yopu know sony has to agree which is impossible

  • I am begging you to bring shipwrecked to vita! I’m a 39 year old business traveler and I play don’t starve on the plane. It’s like a time machine because I blink and 3 hour flights are over. Please get shipwrecked for vita. Also my son can’t wait for don’t starve together. He’s been asking when we can play it together for 3 or 4 months. Constantly. Looking forward to this!!

  • dont starve is a nice game, but it needs CARS urgently. its a huge word and do all things on foot is not good for the game.

    even a flinstone’s car would be very very cool.

  • OMG!!! cant wait for this game i want it NOWWW!!!!!!

  • what happens with dlcs of the shipwrecked and together on vita??

  • there will be a versus mode? to play against another players. thank you

  • Hey I was wondering about a couple things on DST for PS4:
    1)Will the Teleportato be available for use? This was a phenomenal aspect of DS original to accrue more resources.
    2)Will the Caves and Ruins biomes be included? An extremely fun mode with all sorts of new creatures and useful devices to construct. I feel like this a vital piece of the Don’t Starve framework.
    3)Finally, and I know this is a long shot, but is there any chance Maxwell’s health will ever be slightly raised, say to 100? His 75 rating came before RoG and I feel it may be outdated because he is too fragile to even be a good character. One hit from a tough creature w/o his armor and he’s done for.
    Thanks, Corey!

  • Wish I had know about the game sooner, really wanted to buy the snow Chester special edition from the Klei store ;~; would have bought it in a second of seeing it. Also, would it be possible for the numbers to stay overlaying on your health, hunger, and sanity indicator? it glitches on me sometimes like that but it doesn’t bother me, it looks cool and it’s really helpful in my opinion. Please let me know if there could be a way to make this an option to have in the game settings.

  • can u pre-order it?

  • I was a beta tester for the DST Closed Beta On PS4 do beta testers get to keep their skins/ do we get anything exclusive for being a beta tester

  • I always told myself when I died in the Cave on day 117 that if I would have had a friend to revive me (or more beard hair) that I could have kept going strong.

    Now I can. And we can both die in The Cave….Together!

  • 1 minute will dst for ps4 be able to buy alone not in the mega pack???

  • What if I bought the game with money and not with PlayStation Plus do ice users who bought it without PlayStation Plus get like a 65% off or something

  • Thank you for releasing the game so soon ive been dying to play the game and now that it is coming out i will get to play with my older brother instead of having to share a controller

  • Out of curiosity, as long as you own the original DS on PS4, will the 60% off bundle price always be that way?

    Or do I have to buy the bundle on launch week to get the discount?

  • Will it be possible to use the vita to remote play with 2 people playing split screen. Everyone in same room.

  • in the post, the price for the Don’t Starve Mega Pack, which will be 60% off for players who already own the original Don’t Starve but in the Ps Store is15´99€. Why?

  • trying to buy it but it wont let me add it to cart any advise?

  • Currently it won’t let me buy. It says not available for purchase because I already own don’t starve console edition. This is odd because your supposed to get 60% off if you own console edition. Sounds like the chicken and the egg

  • Okay I’m kinda mad the only dont starve together is in the mega pack correct. Which I can not buy because I already own dont starve. Wtf.

  • I purchased the mega pack and I got everything but the themes? Will that be fixed?

  • I love that you guys added co-op and all, but just an idea, if you could create a game of up to 4 players instead of 2. The reason being is I have a 3 friends that love this game and want to play together. But since its only 2 player co-op I have to leave one friend out so, is this maybe going to happen

  • Hello, I just picked up DST and I was wondering, can I play DST on the PS4 with people playing it on the PS3?

    I hope this is a yes, that would be most excellent!

  • Trying to buy the Mega Pack, but the PlayStation Store won’t let me! I want to give you monies!

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