NFL Network and NFL RedZone Coming Soon to PlayStation Vue

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NFL Network and NFL RedZone Coming Soon to PlayStation Vue

As NFL training camps get underway, we’re excited to announce that football fans will soon have access to NFL Network and NFL RedZone on PlayStation Vue. With both channels launching in time for the NFL regular season this fall, fans can enjoy watching their favorite gridiron matchups using PlayStation Vue’s unique TV streaming features, including cloud DVR, powerful search and discovery tools, and simultaneous streaming, which allows users on the same account to watch the networks on multiple devices at the same time.

Fans can catch NFL Network’s Thursday Night Football games, along with popular shows such as NFL GameDay Morning, A Football Life, Timeline, wall-to-wall news and fantasy coverage from around the NFL, and much more. With NFL RedZone, fans can watch the big moments from NFL games on Sunday afternoons, featuring cuts from stadium to stadium and delivering the most exciting plays as they happen.

PlayStation Vue users who subscribe to NFL Network and NFL RedZone will also have access to the channels through Watch NFL Network, available on; the NFL app across connected TV devices; and via NFL Mobile on Windows, iOS, and Android devices — at no extra cost.

We can’t wait to launch NFL Network and NFL RedZone to give fans unprecedented year-round inside access to the entire NFL calendar. Stay tuned to the blog for more updates, or visit

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  • 1st pre-season game today. When will this be in effect? I don’t have VUE but will definitely sign up as soon as I can confirm that I will be watching Football on VUE.

  • I know this isn’t related but if you could add byu tv for my wife that would be handy since they don’t have the app on PS4 which is a staple in the living room.

  • This would be the final blow for cable. We both love PS Vue, but I’m trying to get my wife to go back to cable JUST for Redzone!! Sign us up today!! :waives money:

    FYI: Our cable company charged us $10/month extra, al la carte, for a sports tier that had both NFL network and Redzone.

  • I’m not 100% sure about this. I just what to tell you what I just did to get live NFL Network on my PS4 today. I already had the nfl app downloaded to my PS4. I just opened it and signed in with my playstation vue account info to watch nfl network live. Its working. I didnt see this option a few months ago (sorry if I missed it). I have the core package so I’m wondering if this mean that the NFL Network will be included in my package. I already expect that the redzone channel will be an add on. Just thought I would share this info.

  • This sounds great except for the dvr part. Live sporting events often run over the scheduled time. Example: NASCAR this last weekend went over the time the dvd allotted, I didn’t get to see the last few laps. Will football be like this as well? With a home based dvr I can set the recording to record an hour past the scheduled end. Can’t do this with the cloud dvd. Can this be added to Vue? Or maybe you guys can program an extra hour of recording at the end of live events?

  • CNET says,

    “On Wednesday, Sling TV added the NFL Network and NFL RedZone channels to its web-based streaming service. The NFL Network will be part of the $25-per-month Blue core service package. NFL RedZone comes with the Sports Extra add-on that costs $5 more each month.”

    That makes it sound like NFL Network could be part of a package with the Red Zone being an add-on. That makes sense since the RZ is only really useful during the season. Why pay for it all year? Hopefully we hear some info soon since Sling has theirs out.

  • So when exactly will this be here?… Sling announced it August 4 and is on today…

  • When is the launch date??? Thursday night football finally and I can’t watch it yet!

  • Is NFL Network on Vue tonight? Where do I add the subscription?

  • Now all I need is for the PS Vue to offer live local channels in Buffalo and I can get rid of my Xbox!

  • Will PlayStation Vue be adding either Pittsburgh as a city to get your channels from? What about Root sports?

    Will the NFL Network be an additional cost or part of the elite package?

  • Will you be able to get ABC, NBC, FOX, WB and others as a live feed instead of only on demand?

  • I live in the Seattle area, would i be able to watch all of the Seahawks games? I already don’t have access to Mariners games. Which is frustrating enough. But if i can’t watch Seahawks live. I will be forced to switch cable providers

  • Well now they just need to add live channels of CBS, NBC and FOX…then all NFL games will be available….

  • When is history channel going to be added?

  • is there a charge for any of the nfl packages on vue

  • Any news? Would love to know pricing… With DirecTV charging $300+ for Sunday Ticket Max w/RedZone, it’s almost worth it for me to try out Vue at least for the football season at $40 or $50 a month, since I only want RZC anyway.

  • Will I be able to purchase just Red Zone for a monthly fee? When will more info be released?

  • Will I have to purchase NFL Network to get Red Zone?

  • When is this happening!?!?

  • Preseason football is going on and you guys are taking your sweet time. Lets go. Make it available and give us a price. Reminding you that we already are paying you money monthly plus a lot of us are ps plus members. Try and be reasonable.

  • On sling nfl network is included and NFL redzone is in a separate package $5 a month extra. Not sure how that’s going to translate to PSV but hopefully it happens soon. Preseason still has 2 weeks left

  • WHEN is the NFL Network coming to PSV? Exhibition games are already underway. Hope this isn’t just a ploy to attract new subscribers.

  • Called PSV. Customer service guy AGREED that they have done a POOR job of rolling this out and keeping us informed. But, outside of “I understand , we have a lot of people ask about this”, and “I ask my supervisors all the time”, he had no further information.

    The rep even commented that he’s frustrated because it makes him look bad and incompetent to customers because this announcement was made four weeks ago and NO ONE at PSV seems to know anything.

    Are we sure Play Station Vue is not a front for Time Warner Cable?

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