NFL Network and NFL RedZone Coming Soon to PlayStation Vue

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NFL Network and NFL RedZone Coming Soon to PlayStation Vue

As NFL training camps get underway, we’re excited to announce that football fans will soon have access to NFL Network and NFL RedZone on PlayStation Vue. With both channels launching in time for the NFL regular season this fall, fans can enjoy watching their favorite gridiron matchups using PlayStation Vue’s unique TV streaming features, including cloud DVR, powerful search and discovery tools, and simultaneous streaming, which allows users on the same account to watch the networks on multiple devices at the same time.

Fans can catch NFL Network’s Thursday Night Football games, along with popular shows such as NFL GameDay Morning, A Football Life, Timeline, wall-to-wall news and fantasy coverage from around the NFL, and much more. With NFL RedZone, fans can watch the big moments from NFL games on Sunday afternoons, featuring cuts from stadium to stadium and delivering the most exciting plays as they happen.

PlayStation Vue users who subscribe to NFL Network and NFL RedZone will also have access to the channels through Watch NFL Network, available on; the NFL app across connected TV devices; and via NFL Mobile on Windows, iOS, and Android devices — at no extra cost.

We can’t wait to launch NFL Network and NFL RedZone to give fans unprecedented year-round inside access to the entire NFL calendar. Stay tuned to the blog for more updates, or visit

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  • So this is included with one of the levels or an additional cost? Any idea what that cost is? This would be available nationwide (US)? What about Sunday Ticket for the actual games?

    • It says that you have to subscribe to the NFL Network. PSVue will carry the channel, but you have to subscribe to actually see anything. so the cost is PSVue+NFL Network=

    • Hi- yes, NFL Network and NFL RedZone will be available nationwide on PlayStation Vue. We’ll have more details to share as we get closer to launch. Stay tuned!

    • So let me get this straight. Not only do you have to pay to play games online as a PSN+ member which is $50 a year, you have to pay to become a VUE member and pay to for NFL network within the VUE?

      It’s like paying for Netflix but also have to pay to watch each show within Netflix! Wow!

    • No.. it’s not like Netflix and paying for an extra show. It’s like paying for cable and then paying for HBO. Which has existed for a long time. Your comparison is very off.

    • So for the NFL Week, everything should be covered except for Sunday night on NBC…

    • PS Vue is the best service ever, I was finally able to cut the cable bill. It has all the ESPN’s, and FOX SPORTS. Now that they’re adding NFL Network I have everything I did. I wrote an article about how much I love and how it’s better than SlingTV here:

    • What date is it going to be available? Preseason has started and I’d like to watch it.

  • Curious if NESN will make it to PS Vue any time soon? Running my trial now, but don’t plan to go beyond 7 days without Red Sox / Bruins.

    • I’ve heard there has been talks but that just speculation. Vue not having NESN is my only reason for not switching right away.. The minute they get NESN. I’m cancelling everything.

    • How did you watch games live for 50 bucks a month?

  • Yes this is the final death rattle for traditional cable! As ps vue takes over football I have no reason to pay the absurd prices that DTV wants for red zone channel. Thanks don’t and the nfl this just made my year!

    • Thanks *sony* and the nfl

    • I’m willing to bet that whatever insane price DTV wants for the red zone channel will be close to the price Vue will want for the red zone channel – that price is probably set by the NFL. It’s similar to how HBO costs the same whether you get it from them directly, or with your cable or satellite, or through Vue or Sling.

  • Oh btw what package is this included in?

  • Nice feature for your VIP customers. The rest of us will continue on pretending that we aren’t missing so many features.

  • Can’t say I care at all about anything sports related. The only channels I need you guys to add in order to keep Vue are CW and History. Especially CW

    • Where do you live that you can’t pick up CW using rabbit ears? As if that would ever be a reason for dropping Vue…

    • Not having the CW has been a part of the reason I haven’t subbed with Vue yet. I can get CW with rabbit ears but I can’t record my shows that way and I never have the opportunity to watch em when they air. Might as well keep Hulu. Granted there is a big difference but the CW, imo, is a basic channel they should have already added.

    • Was going to post the same thing about History (and H2). CW would be cool too, but apparently it’s not on other services (like Sling) either, so I wonder if that is a CW thing. Also would love to see MLB Networks (especially now that we have NFL Network), as well as MASN in Baltimore/Washington.

    • I signed up for Hulu and I can watch the CW shows when they come out. VUE and Hulu are still way cheaper than what my direct tv bill was.

    • You can watch CW shows on the CW website usually the day after they air for free.

  • Thank you GOD!!!

  • I agree, we recently signed up for Vue and dropped Direct TV. Love the NFL network but I need The CW. Especially since hulu won’t be airing their shows anymore.

  • Now just waiting for BBC America. Don’t understand that one as AMC is here and they own half the rights to the channel and it’s clear BBC is open to it as Sling has it now.

    • BBC Worldwide owns the controlling 50.01%; AMC only owns 49.99%. BBC America requires it’s own contract to carry.

  • Hope the NFL network isn’t costly. Trying to keep my bill low. Any news on when the CW and KCET are coming to psvue local channels service. Since I have to pay for local channels , in the LA area, I should get more than 6. MY OTA antenna gets over 150.

    • “MY OTA antenna gets over 150.”

      And none of them are CW ?? We get CW OTA in Phoenix/Scottsdale.

  • Any word on NHL Network coming to PS VUE?

  • Great news. Love to see you guys adding more sports. Would eventually love to see a sports only package. I subscribe for about 9 channels at the moment and watch zero non-sports television so have no need for it. Thank you for providing an alternative to ridiculous cable companies though

  • I’ll switch to normal TV for CW but getting the shows on dvr would be nice I suppose. Love the addition of NFL network by the way as its one of 2 channels I miss from cable. Miss HBO but I’m just too lazy to have to use another app…sigh…I’m missing ballers

  • Anyone know if I amable to “vue” (see what I did??) normal football games on Vue or is the fact I can’t stream FoX/CBS/NBC going to prevent that?

    • Well idk if it’s based on location but they have NBC and fox at least where I’m at

    • I know that the first three locations pay a little more but they have the deal worked out with the studios. the rest of us only get those channels on demand.

    • Ah I think if you only have on demand for those channels then your out of luck. I’m in Houston tx n we use to have ABC on demand so yes couldn’t watch anything live…had to switch to regular TV for agents of shield or wait til next day for on demand viewing

    • You should be able to watch the football games from your local Fox affiliate using Fox Sports Go website and App with your PSVue account details. Also should work with NBCSports website and NBCSports App. Only one I know of that’s still behind the times is CBS.

  • This is huge. I’d have to subscribe to the most expensive package with Comcast in order to get NFL Networkand redzone. I wonder how much it will cost.

  • Sounds great. But I am still waiting on my Fox Sports Regional channels!

    • Ditto!!!

    • Have you tried using Fox Sports Go? If not you should visit and login using your PSVue account details. I know that’s what I had to do in order to watch my Fox Sports KC Regional channel.

  • NFL Network should be in the Elite package for free. But like the Red Zone and Sunday ticket should be an add on. That’s how the cable has it in my (Philadelphia, PA. ) area. By the way, I do have the Elite package since day one but I wish they drop the local package in it. I could use the $10.00 on something else. Plus all the local channels keeps buffering, and I have fios 100 mb down and 100 mb up. It’s not my connection, also cause like the 6 abc app on my other devices (android tablet and 2 android phones) work fine on the same network.

  • This was the only thing that I thought I’d miss when I cut cable. I had been considering streaming redzone illegally. Vue has been worth every penny since I subscribed last month and it continues to get better!

  • I think it will be apart of the either the two higher tiers. Maybe Core since many of the added channels are already Sports stuff but could be Elite.

  • Can you add vue to android TV please with the interface exactly how it’s on PS4.

    • +1, + 10, better yet +100.

      I was told by Sony VUE support, that my Sony 4K Android TV (xbr75x850c) will get the VUE App (no date), but currently there are a few “legal issues” that need to get worked out. Android TV / Android App, I cannot see this taking to much longer?

      Sony can you comment on this topic?

    • looking to get a sony 4k tv. i wonder if thats available out the box..mind you i have a ps4 and ps3 to use for Vue but that would make a lot less usage on my consoles..

  • Great news but its going to be short lived… Yes I love VUe have it on 4 Tv’s in the house and mobile. However Cable companies are going to fight back and actually have started to Verizon is the next to screw us over! ISP’s are now dumping the ALL you can eat bandwidth and imposing more caps. Verizon is a holdout but I can easily see them doing this soon to prevent mass users from bailing on cable and losing them billions in revenue. Once they do that were screwed until they come out with their own overpriced alternatives to vue and allow their subscribers to access it without limitations.

    • Not every isp is or will, part of the Time Warner deal was they could never impose caps or the merger was off. If they break the rule they will get in trouble.

  • Nfl on ps Vue is huge for online tv can’t wait when cable goes away now we need nba tv mlb tv.

  • Now get this on sling tv also and come on Sony put sling app on ps4.

  • Now if we can get an Isp that offers 10-20 a month internet at cable speeds 10mbps and up.

  • Sony please update your moblle app to work with ps Vue on iPad and Netflix jeez Louise

  • Wish they’d flat out set a price already..wonder whats the hold up.. I sure hope they set up HBO Now as well as UFC fight pass soon as well… If they can come to an agreement with the NFL then theres no doubt they can get those two involved.. Either way if the price is fair ill def be getting NFL Network & NFL RZ

  • OH and another note… I love PS Vue. best decision I’ve ever made.. keep up the great work guys!

  • I hope NFL network is at least free. I was free with comcast, Either way Im paying lol


  • Any news if more channels will come in the future? Also what if I wanted to stream this on my smart TV but its not connected to my PS4 is that possible? Thinking to cancel my satellite sub since its becoming too expensive and most of the time I just watch certain channels or the dvr recordings. Would be nice to save some money instead of flushing it down the toilet.

  • Great news! Football and playoff basketball are the only reason I wanted cable. But this made me never want it ever again. Thanks Sony!

  • I really enjoyed the Vue service, but i cancelled my subscription because there was only ONE local channel for Atlanta.

    NFL and Red Zone is another step in the right direction, but i’m going to need all my local channels before I will switch to this service.

  • love vue, one of the best things sony has done in a long time. i have no interest in the NFL but do this for the NHL and MLB networks and I will gladly sign up for those.

  • So Thursday night on NFL network, red zone Sunday afternoon, and Monday night football on ESPN… Everything is covered except for Sunday night on NBC

    • You can get Sunday Night Football on rabbit ears. Picture is 100 times better than most cable/streaming services provide. This addition covers us for all football. Thanks Sony!

  • Is vue ever coming to Canada? Would totally ditch my satellite package for it.

  • NBC Sports Extra app will allow you to sign in with PS Vue as your provider, and the NBC game should be on that (or at least an alternate angle). It’s an extra download but is available for Amazon Fire TV for certain, and I think it was on Roku too.

    So, this could mean all football is covered. I don’t have a local CBS repeater station here on the Oregon Coast and Portland, OR isn’t doing locals yet, so this may be my only way to see CBS games live…

    Hope this is as cheap as Verizon’s RedZone add-on. Otherwise I may have to stick with watching on my phone.

  • Well Dish dropped NFL Network and Redzone….. Might have to go VUE soon

  • Awesome, but waiting to see what the add in cost is going to be. Just recently added the service and loving having something other than an OTA and Netflix to watch after a stressful day at work.

  • I’ve been waiting on this addition. I don’t care if it’s an add on. With the money I’m saving over direct I’ll give some extra for the NFL Network. Kudos Sony for getting this hammered out quickly.

  • Well Psvue rules.. Sling isn’t even close!
    Im gladI switched.
    I get all the sports i want.. Better quality and live channels unlike sling has fxx on demand and some channels are free on the roku app.
    I give Psvue 5 stars!

  • This is good news. When will ESPN goal line be coming to Vue?

  • This great as long as the prices don’t start going up every year. I’ve slowly ripped off the band-aid that is the NFL Network. Love the channel but not worth it if VUE is going to raise prices every year. Love the VUE – hate cable because of raising the rates every year. I would rather have no NFL Network and cheaper prices. NFL is a bunch of greedy bastards and becoming less of a fan.

  • This is what I have been waiting for THANK YOU! I can finally sign up, which I did today! :)

  • When can we see our local area channels? Would be nice to watch my local channels and can’t forget csn bay area channels Would be nice to have as sling has them

  • When can we see our local area channels? Would be nice to watch my local channels and can’t forget csn bay area channels Would be nice to have as sling has them also why I can’t view certain channels on my phone all the ones I want to see are restricted sling is little better at least I can watch all on my phone so I pay 25 for there’s also

  • NFL Redzone and NFL Network will just be the icing on the cake. Tivo for local channels and Vue for everything else has finally enabled us to cut the cord for good.

  • Anounced that Sling and Dish have added the same package. Probally why no pricing yet.

  • This is awesome but PLEASE for the love of god release an Apple TV app… The History channel would be nice as well but an Apple TV app is much, much more of a need…

  • Impossibly great news. NFL Network and NFL Red Zone are what I want to watch. I do not watch anything but live NFL games on television. So with PSVue I can watch (pay per view) local games, yes? Like playoffs and Sunday Night Football? And NFL Red Zone, and the Thursday Night Games on NBC or NFL Network? TAKE MY MONEY!!!! THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT I WANT!!!!

  • Has a date been set when PlayStation vue subscribers will get NFL Network and Redzone yet ?

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