PS Vue Launches on Android Today, New Features for PS4, PS3

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PS Vue Launches on Android Today, New Features for PS4, PS3

By popular demand, the PlayStation Vue mobile app for Android launches today, giving you access to some of the best TV shows and live TV channels on your Android phone and tablet using your existing PlayStation Vue subscription. So download the PlayStation Vue mobile app for Android and enjoy!

We’re also pleased to announce today some new features and updates for PlayStation Vue coming to your PS4 and PS3, making your viewing experience even better. Let’s get to it:

Video Thumbnail in Guide on PS4

Want to keep an eye on what you’re currently watching while scrolling through the Guide? You can now do so with our new video thumbnail in the upper right corner of the Guide as you move through new options of live TV and on-demand video in the Guide.

Quick Navigation on PS4 and PS3

There’s a new Quick Navigation menu that appears over your show, so you can get to a couple of places quicker. Quickly jump to “last channel” (one of the most highly requested features), My Shows, Guide, Explore, and Search instantly while you are watching a show. Press the touchpad of your DualShock 4, or hold down Triangle on your DualShock 3 and the Quick Navigation will pop up.

Additional enhancements on PS4 include a quicker way to preview rewind/fast-forward content and your favorite channels duplicated in Guide so you can see your Favorite Channels upfront along with the rest of the channel lineup in alphabetical order. Some additional UI improvements are also added for both PS4 and PS3.

We’ll have enhancements coming soon for Amazon Fire TV as well, including Quick Navigation and a new update that brings 60 frames per second video output for great high definition picture quality to 2nd Generation Amazon Fire TVs.

Since we launched PlayStation Vue last year, we’ve been working on a number of updates to make it the best destination to get your TV fix. We hope you enjoy these new features, as well as using the PS Vue mobile app on your Android device. Tell us what you think!

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  • Removing the self-imposed cap of 30 fps on Amazon Fire TV is a huge step forward; however, there is still much work to do. I would love to see Sony work with sports networks like FS1 and NBCSN to improve the encoding for digital streaming. Live sports need to be streaming at a solid 60 fps, but they just aren’t reaching those numbers right now. Even on PS4 the live sports streams looks choppy, and it’s because the encoding isn’t up to par. If this gets fixed, I will be resubscribing in an instant!

  • Please, please, please add the Quick Navigation menu to the Roku app.
    Thanks for supporting Roku now, but the interface is so, so at best.
    Thanks. :)

  • The PS Vue mobile app is POINTLESS right now! You need to take off mobile restrictions from it! This is a hindrance for anyone that travels. I know Sling TV doesn’t have that problem with their app! This needs to be a major priority in my mind!

    • This is due to contract restrictions from the channels, not Sony. You need to complain to NBC/Comcast as it’s all their channels that are mobile restricted.

      Open the app first on your home network and many channels are available on Mobile. Works outside of the house too.

  • Everything is Mobile Restricted – Cannot watch anything! How are you going to have a mobile app with no content! Nexus 6P and connected to WiFi. Channels i tried; Local Fox, Bet, BTN, My TV, Boomerang, AMC, CNN, Comedy Central, Hi-YAH!… even ESPN. So far nothing will play on my mobile device!

  • Can you please add Boomerang and Teenick to the access package?

  • Why is everything mobile restricted? I don’t understand whats the point of the app on a cell phone if we cant watch anything.

    • Open the app first on your home network and many channels are available on Mobile. Works outside of the house too.

  • Sling TV just got BBC America, I hope Sony is working to add this channel too!

  • OK. It works great but only in your house are you kidding me? All shows, even live shows are mobile restricted. Come on Sony get those contracts signed for mobile too. Your app is much better than DirecTV but useless outside your house.

  • The new updates sound great, but I will be canceling service until there is an Apple TV app. I hope it is something that will come soon since Vue is a good value.

  • By the way, Sling is now on Apple TV.

  • I have had it a month and like although I am using it on a PS3 (My daughters play too many games on the PS4 in the den) and the guide is very laggy. I have been able to watch the shows fine though once I got into a show. I am happy that it is on Roku because now the PS3 can go back into the den for the games they play on that (instead of having to move it back and forth). The only left on my wish list is the History channel. Get that and you have me for life!

  • Apple TV app please!

  • Only 2.1 sound. :(

  • Android App Problems:

    1. Only shows one Chromecast to select no matter how many you have in your home network.

    2. Even after you sign it at home, every single channel and show is “mobile restricted” rendering app worthless.

    Regretting leaving sling so far for this. Will try to give it a chance though. One month tops… if it is not fixed I’m out and back to sling. Sling has its own issues but at least I can watch that out of the house where ever I want.

  • Vue on Android is pretty useless if they require the PS3/4 to be on same network as the phone? This implies that WI-FI is available and the PS3/4 is connected to it as well as the Android phone.

    That kinda takes the air out of being able to watch it when you are away from the house.

    • You can watch most channels away from home on Android, but licensing prevents a few (mostly NBC-owned) from being viewed on mobile apps. That’s NBC/Comcast’s decision, nothing Sony can really do about that.

  • Please add BBC America like Sling TV just did.

  • I hope the quick guide and thumbnail come to rook quickly.

  • After the trial I decided to keep cable and redo my contract due to live broadcasts for sports and certain sport channels. I would switch in a heart beat but the early term fee would be too much. We enjoyed the Vue trial when we had it though.

  • Toronto is the 4th largest North American city. How have you not figured this out yet? The CRTC won’t have a problem, you just have to add Canadian programming.

    The only issue you might have is the $25 price point you’d have to meet.

    Still. Hurry up and make it happen already.

  • Where do we report bugs? Chromecast support doesn’t seem to work with Sony TVs that have Cast support built in. It does work to regular Chromecast dongles.

    Also it’s funny that Sony TVs don’t support Sony’s own TV service. Oh well, hopefully Android TV support is coming soon.

  • Just tried android app of sony vue using my home network. it worked well as I can see most channel. Much more channels are available than in ipad one. However, Bravo is still restricted, so I cannot watch the most favorite channel. Anyone knows if Roku version provides Bravo channel?

    If HBO is available through Sony vue, I will cut the cord for TV box.

  • There is a lot of jumping around on the stuff that I DVR….I hope you all can get this fixed soon. It makes some shows unwatchable :(

  • Just subscribed, but so far I’m enjoying the service, I couldn’t care less about adding live locals. I can watch those for free with an HDAntenna and watch anything I miss through the On-Demand functionality. The only Channels that I’d really like to see added soon are BBC America, NFL Network, and The History Channel. Also, a native app for Windows 10 would be nice, even though I understand that it would have to have location restrictions for licensing reasons.

  • where is the fight pass app for ps4???? do theyh have a deal with the devil(XBOX)???? get fight pass NOW

  • I just switched over from DirecTV which was costing me over $150 per month for 3 TV’s to Vue which costs me $35 per month. It’s been a bit of an adjustment as it’s certainly not as convenient as DirecTV, but it’s been a better experience than what I expected. Like others I’ve added an Antenna for locals and it works great. I can’t DVR as easily, but most of the stuff I watch is available via on demand anyway. The only thing I’m a bit concerned about is Football season and not being able to DVR/Pause games easily, but I don’t think the problems will outweigh the nearly $1400 bucks a year I’m saving…

    Here’s my personal wish list in order of importance.

    1) 5.1 Audio
    2) Longer pause buffer (5 minutes isn’t super useful).
    3) A more traditional “top down” guide (or any guide on Roku). I suspect there may be some software patent issues at play here as TV Guide/Rovi has tried to patent virtually everything related to online TV guides.
    4) Apple TV support
    5) More regional sports networks.
    6) More local channels. (I’d pay the extra 10 bucks for the convenience of pause/dvr).
    7) Add HBO or provide an HBO Now app so that I can view it on the PS4.

  • It’s great to see PSVue making improvements, but still waiting for the Apple TV app, and the addition of A&E, History, and FYI channels to make a complete package.

    I’m hopeful with Sling now on Apple TV, and SFN TV Now saying their Apple TV app will be available in the next few weeks, that PSVue will also get an app out there for the Apple TV. I have an Amazon Fire stick just for PSVue right now, so would love to be able to send it away!

  • I have the app side-loaded on my Nvidia ShieldTVs, works ok, but would be great if an optimized version for AndroidTV was released.

  • Any word on PlayStation Vue coming to AppleTV?

  • Can you implement a “Sort by Date First Aired” or “Show Newest Episodes First” filter once you select a Favorite Show?

    For example, right now, if you select a Favorite Show it lists them by when they were DVR’ed from the channel(s) and their air times whether it’s a new episode or rerun.

    This means that, if you favorited a show that’s also syndicated a lot, you have a TON of DVRs for that show and have to manually scroll through them all to look at their “First Air Date” to determine which episodes are the newer ones. It’s a really, really big pain in the side.

    And/or can you add a “DVR only new episodes” feature instead? The way PlayStation Vue works I don’t think that suggestion could be possible but the “Sort by Date First Aired” definitely could be.

  • I love PS vue greatest TV out there now the moble app is cool just why have it though if it doesn’t work out of home on my android device not everyone likes iPhone or ipads but hopefully you PlayStation can make it more available on android devices can’t watch my shows on my lunch break would be awesome its still good for home though besides the scrolling problem on ps3 overall I say 4.5 stars good job PS !!

  • How is this not yet available (with full PS4 functionality) on my $2000 Bravia Android Television?

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