PS Vue Launches on Android Today, New Features for PS4, PS3

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PS Vue Launches on Android Today, New Features for PS4, PS3

By popular demand, the PlayStation Vue mobile app for Android launches today, giving you access to some of the best TV shows and live TV channels on your Android phone and tablet using your existing PlayStation Vue subscription. So download the PlayStation Vue mobile app for Android and enjoy!

We’re also pleased to announce today some new features and updates for PlayStation Vue coming to your PS4 and PS3, making your viewing experience even better. Let’s get to it:

Video Thumbnail in Guide on PS4

Want to keep an eye on what you’re currently watching while scrolling through the Guide? You can now do so with our new video thumbnail in the upper right corner of the Guide as you move through new options of live TV and on-demand video in the Guide.

Quick Navigation on PS4 and PS3

There’s a new Quick Navigation menu that appears over your show, so you can get to a couple of places quicker. Quickly jump to “last channel” (one of the most highly requested features), My Shows, Guide, Explore, and Search instantly while you are watching a show. Press the touchpad of your DualShock 4, or hold down Triangle on your DualShock 3 and the Quick Navigation will pop up.

Additional enhancements on PS4 include a quicker way to preview rewind/fast-forward content and your favorite channels duplicated in Guide so you can see your Favorite Channels upfront along with the rest of the channel lineup in alphabetical order. Some additional UI improvements are also added for both PS4 and PS3.

We’ll have enhancements coming soon for Amazon Fire TV as well, including Quick Navigation and a new update that brings 60 frames per second video output for great high definition picture quality to 2nd Generation Amazon Fire TVs.

Since we launched PlayStation Vue last year, we’ve been working on a number of updates to make it the best destination to get your TV fix. We hope you enjoy these new features, as well as using the PS Vue mobile app on your Android device. Tell us what you think!

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  • Just signed up this week! Thought it was odd there wasn’t any function for the TouchPad.

    Question: any word on when Sony Bravia/Android TV will be getting support? I would like to use Vue without having to turn on my PS4.

  • That’s looking awesome, glad to be using it— its been consistently great and getting better each update. I’m excited to try out the fast forward/rewind previews?? Any news on an Apple TV version? Or channels like the CW?haha

  • I’m assuming it just isn’t showing up yet in the Play store? Or are you distributing it through a different channel?

    Oh, one question: I’ll be traveling to Europe for a couple of weeks. Will I be able to use my Vue account on my Android device when overseas, or is it geolocked? Thanks!

  • This is great… but how about an official comment on the location issues alot of people are having and about ABC live and DVR is unwatchable for a lot of people. Please let us know these two issues are being addressed.

  • Is TV watchable on PS TV yet?

    • PS TV is not getting psvue update sadly. I also have kt and wish I could use my device with the word tv in it to watch tv! I think it is a hardware issue. They really should release a updated device.

  • Nice updates. Any word on if Canada would be getting this service in the future?

    • Forget about it, the CRTC will never allow a foreign company like Sony to operate as a TV service provider in Canada.

    • Yeah I know, I was thinking that too, but it would still be nice to have since I can’t stand the current providers.

  • Omg yes finally! Im still benefiting from the PSX discount of $40 for the highest tier. Just need that andriod support. Keep up the updates it just keeps getting better and better.

    • Could you please reference how you receive this discount? I would love to know so i can participate.

  • What about a option for dobly digital surround sound

  • Just waiting for live ABC/NBC/FOX and NESN in the Boston Area.

    • You could always get a $20 HD Antenna from walmart. It’s a one-time purchase that’ll get you ABC, FOX, NBC, CW, CBS, and about a dozen or so others for free. Personally, I’d rather not pay the extra $10 a month for them to be live on Vue when I can get them for free. I can understand if people want the convenience of not having to press the input button on their remotes though. I just hope they keep the Slim packages as an option when they add the live locals everywhere, cause I’m cheap.

    • Unless u rent and live in a steel and concrete building (bunker!) with the towers on the other side!

  • Since the CW just abandoned Hulu, let me know when the CW and CBS are available in my area and I’ll gladly give this service a shot.

    • I believe the CW abandoned Hulu to go to Netflix. So at least they’re not gone-gone.

    • Wait? Wut?

      Most of the shows I watch are CW shows on Hulu. When did they abandon it? I have the paid version of Hulu, so that had better be different, or I’m cancelling Hulu and not watching anymore CW shows.

    • A $20 HD Antenna will get you CBS and The CW for free just about everywhere, if those are the only things stopping you.

  • Any word on an Apple TV app? That would make the service perfect.

  • Service an incredible idea and implementation, mostly.

    The NBA finals definitely had issues. 30 minute delay on game 7, entire 2nd quarter was skipped during a ad slate bug.
    So that was a big issue day.

    But the service provides incredible value and is constantly improving. That’s what we want to see from tv providers and you guys are doing it. Great job and good luck going forward.

    And those features are amazing, keep up the good work.

  • Play Store Link? for those too lazy to search. lol

  • Jumped on GooglePlay from my office. Noticed I can install to both my S6 Active and Sony 4K TV (according to the menu options)…

    This will get me to resubscribe, since not wanting to run the PS4 all the time to watch shows was the main reason.

    Is there 60fps HD support for the Sony Android TV App?

  • When it’s on AndroidTV, then you’ll get my money. THAT is the popular demand.

    • It is, at least for the Sony 4K set I have. Log into GooglePlay on the PC, it should be on the list to ‘Install’ for your Android TV set.

    • So exactly how do you install it on Android TV, I have a Sony Brava 55Xbr55x930d did what you said not working…..

  • Apple TV app please.

    Vue keep getting better, and I like the iPad interface.

    It is possible to put in a “quality control” setting on the iPad so I can limit the bandwidth it uses or needs?

  • Android TV PLEASE!!!

  • You guys need to offer early termination fees like cell phone companies do at times to get people to fully switch over. It definitely would draw more people in along with eventually getting live abc,nbc, CBS, and Fox local networks. I love the service but cannot switch due to early term fees

    • There is no ‘early termination fee’ because there’s no contract. Simply cancel online anytime or just don’t pay the bill and the service will terminate with no fee. Once you’re charged for a month, you get that month. If you cancel, your subscription simply ends on the next billing date. That’s one of the features I love.

    • @BillPhi2 I believe he was talking for them to cover his current contract with whoever he has. I am stuck in a contract which is why I haven’t switched myself, which im ways off from mine cause they announced this like month after I signed up for 2 years but oh well.

  • 60fps on FireTV… YEEESSSSSS!!!!

  • I launched the Vue app on my Nexus 6P from work and got a Outside Home Network error and literally every single show is restricted, even on demand. For traveling folks, this is a huge issue.

    • I wouldn’t expect them to change their policy on that. They don’t want users giving away their user name and password to share the service with friends and family.

    • Just like on the iOS app you must FIRST sign in on your HOME NETWORK, then it should work outside of your network, although some people have reported issues with everything switching back to mobile restricted after disconnecting from there home network so there may be a glitch that needs working out. Remember this version 1.0.0

    • Keyword there is “should” work but it don’t.

      Tried by restarting the PS4, logging on, launching Vue, turn to Droid app, logon, get message saying I am out of network. Useless.

  • As bad as the PS plus team is failing every month, the vue team is doing awesome every month. Looking forward to the 60fps fire tv update!

  • Great job guys! I told my wife to be confident that unlike traditional cable Sony would work to make the platform better listening to their users, happy to see i was right.

    Now, 2 of my personal issues have been resolved, I have 2 left:

    1. please fix the ABC/Disney/ESPN channels (DVR shows start 5 minutes late and finish early, the image most of the times is not fluid)
    2. please include HBO as stand alone package or at least make the HBO Now app available on PS4

    Also looking forward to the Fire TV update!


    p.s.: Should we expect some love also for Apple TV anytime soon?

    • I agree with HBO/HBO Now. The lack of HBO is the only thing holding me back from subscribing!

    • Lack of Apple TV app is only reason I am not continuing service — so, like you, am hoping it is in the works.

  • I signed up last week and really could not be happier.
    Anyone have problems recording though? I record a show and it records the previous hour’s show. Also, I wish there were a channel up/down on roku and the ps4. Is there a better way to surf other than going back to the menu? Worth the money though!

  • Please Fix the PS3 Laggy UI/Guide and add a clock on the Guide Screen and Mini Guide on PS3 and PS4!

  • Glad to hear it! Now you need Vita support, and to add the CW as a channel. If you add CW, I can finally fully commit to this service!

    • Agreed! They need to add the CW network and soon? It’s what’s keeping me from fully cutting the cord. Plus the still need to have the CBS,NBC,ABC and Fox live.

  • So now Android has PS Vue AND PS Video.

    When is iOS getting PS Video? I have 100’s of dollars of videos on PS Video. It’d be nice to watch them on my iPad.

    • I wish Sony would allow UV rights when you buy a PS Video–so you could watch it from Vudu, or any other UV compatible app.

  • Android TV support please!

  • I love PS Vue and I’m very happy to see it supported on mobile devices.

    Well, except one. Sigh… #RIPVita

  • I’m glad that Sony is listening to its customers. Been waiting for FireTV to get 60fps and would be great to also get the “Video Thumbnail” in the guide, too. Since a lot of customers have FireTV and not Playstations.; would be a great addition. All I would need then is to get The Comcast Network so I can watch Philadelphia sports that aren’t broadcast on Comcast Sportsnet opposed to having 3 Big 10 channels that usually all are broadcasting the same program. It’s a waste of channels that could be used for others that we want. Thank you!

    • Also in regard to the video in the guide for FireTV, I would like to get a PS4, but I want to use it to play games on, not to be my main tv device.

  • Need an Apple TV app and an Android TV app. This the only thing really holding back Vue from being 100% awesome.

  • I was excited for Android support because I don’t have a Playstation and wanted to try Vue with Chromecast.. But upon trying to sign into the app, I discovered that I needed to activate my account on a Playstation, Fire TV or Roku. I do not have any of these, which is why I was so excited for Android support. Very disappointed.

  • I like th4 PlayStation vue please add more sports channels and movie channels like HBO startz epic I hope they find away to get vue cards so can have like 12 months membership card like PlayStation plus

  • I hope they lower prices to they only have 100 channels would like see more channels

    • Most people cut their cable because they don’t need 100 channels. If you require more than 100 you should stick with traditional cable.

  • Can’t install it to Samsung Note 4 running Android 5.1.1!!!!! Extremely frustrating!!! Especially since I’ve been so excited about this coming to android. I love playstation vue but this is very disappointing. Why can’t I install? Why!

    • Works on my Note4 with Android 5.1.1

    • I agree with you, but our prayers Been answered you can now go to the google play store and download PlayStation vue. It’s user friendly,very clean. Also you can view you shows on of off wifi. I will say they have an option to watch live tv but I wasn’t able to do so. Over all I’m pleased #cord cutters unite… I went from paying $220 monthly now down to $100 with the night speed internet 300mps for $50 + 44.99 for PlayStation vue

  • I really liked the view but without live major networks such as abc, nbc, cbs, and fox its not the replacement i was hoping for.

  • I would like to see an app for Vizio TVs, not sure my Vizio can handle it honestly though.

    Stoked about Android support! Hopefully the Chromecast works well.

    • Sporkimus, did you open the app and it worked on your note? I can install but when i open it says it’s not compatible.

  • Android TV / Nvidia Shield ver would’ve been nice

  • PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE add a function to skip forward 30 seconds, as well as a function to jump back 7 seconds. I had this with cable and it made skipping commercials so much easier. you could map them to the L2 and R2 buttons.

    • You can skip forward , but it doesn’t always work properly. Unless it the FX or FXX or ones that won’t let you fast forward.

  • Love the new features although how about addressing the location issues? I had to call on two separate occasions because it kept saying that I was using Vue in a different city when in fact I haven’t. On both occasions they canceled my subscription and refunded my money back and requested me to resubscribe, I did so and within a week it did it again, so instead of continuing to mess with it I let it run out, so now I am without TV. I understand part of the issue is due to my internet provider bouncing different servers in different cities, but isn’t there a way you guys could not lock it in a location besides those select few that require them?Although I really enjoyed the experience I was having and as much as I love the service, I will not be resubscribing until this issue is fixed. Please take in this feedback and see what can be done.

  • A cable cutters dream is what PlayStation Vue is! Ive been waiting for the Android release, thanks a ton. Apple TV next please!!

  • Quickly jump to “last channel” (one of the most highly requested features) really and prey tell what “pinhead(s)” requested this? I am glad they fixed allot of issues. But once again, they seem to miss the most important “stuff” and that’s full local channel support. I know it has to do with “licencing issues” I still think personally that they should have not launched PlayStation Vue “world wide” until they had that in place. Oh sure we have “50 billion” sports channels and I absolutely’ care less about that stuff. Especially when my PS Vue doesn’t have the basic channels? ABC,NBC,CBS.FOX, CW a few on demand. But still this is a major disappointment. And because of this, I refuse to cut my Direct TV subscription. I rated PlayStation Vue “one star” because I couldn’t rate if a “half a star”.

    PlayStation Vue , needs to get it’s act together and soon.

    • It actually was one of the most requested features. But seeing as how you are complaining about not having local channels instead of going out and buying a $15 OTA antenna so you could get those same local channels, I wouldn’t expect you to understand.

    • Actually I do understand, but why should I have to do that?

    • I actually like the lower price without the local channels since I can get those free anyway — hoping if they ever have full live local TV in my market they will keep the option for a lower cost package without them (of course, this assumes the get an Apple TV app released, because without it I am definitely not continuing service).

    • An OTA antenna is $20 for a one-time purchase. The areas that have the live local channels are $10 more per month. I’ll take the one-time $20 purchase over the extra $10 a month any day.

  • Hey Sony can you please make an android TV native app please. I own the Sony Bravia xbr55x930d 4k Hdr TV. It would be great if you guys added that, tried the Google casting and it’s really slow. Please add android TV support asap. I notice Sling TV is supported (your competitor) on Android TV, your Sony TV.

  • Can you guys please add Android TV and Apple TV apps for support. I am extremely considering getting vue but lack of Android TV support especially on Shield TV is kind of annoying. I like the app support for Android and some of the other devices, but I also want to watch TV on my main big screen TV and not on my tablets.

  • Would love to switch but at a minimum I need the History Channel… Nice to haves, but aren’t preventing me from switching, Apple TV App, and NFL\NBA Networks, NFL Redzone… Will happily sign up for the free trial when you add the History Channel…

  • Will we ever get surround sound support?

  • Grandpa_Solstice

    Playstation Vue Mobile App will not download to my Motorola Android Bionic Phone, Nook Android HD Tablet, or Motorola Android Xoom Tablet. Is there any chance it ever will?

  • This would be great if there was actually support for android. This is just a ploy to get more registrations. If I have to have a roku, Amazon fire TV or PlayStation just to use it then it pointless in bringing it to android. Complete waste of time.

  • Please consider adding the 60FPS option to Fire TV Box (not stick) 1st gen. The hardware is very capable of doing so, as other live streaming applications have demonstrated. Please do not abandon users with good enough hardware.

  • I had sling tv for a while and I love playstation vue more. More channels that I like for only 10 bucks more. PlUs being able to mark favorite channels so I don’t have to go through all of them is great. I use the roku stick and I hope they improve it but I understand that it us a work in progress. I would love to see the full guide and previous channel added to roku. Keep improving and keep the price and you kick everyone else to the curb.

  • Will we ever be able to watch away from our home network? Almost seems pointless to have a mobile app when not able to watch while away

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