A Starter Guide to God Eater Resurrection, Out 6/28 on PS4, PS Vita

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A Starter Guide to God Eater Resurrection, Out 6/28 on PS4, PS Vita

Hello fellow God Eaters. As you may know, God Eater Resurrection is hitting PS4 and PS Vita tomorrow, and to assist you in hunting the Aragami we have put together a brief starter guide.

It’s In the Details
Take a look at Mission Details before you begin a mission. They will let you know what type of weapon you should take into battle (pierce, crush, sunder, blaze, spark, divine, or freeze). This will help a lot at the start of the game, but later on you will need to go into the database to see what element the Aragami are weak against.

Know Your Enemy
Aragami have specific break points. The break points will change with each variation. For example: A Vajra’s break points are on its tail, claws, and head. Other iterations of Vajra (encountered on missions later in the game) will have break points on its cape or shoulders. Also, certain parts of an Aragami are weaker than others. The weakest point on a Vajra is the tail, followed by the head, and lastly, its claws. Certain break points are more vulnerable to one form of attack than another (e.g., Sunder, crush, pierce). If one attack type isn’t doing enough damage, try another type.

Shield Size Matters
Tower shields are slow to block. Stick to the medium-sized Shield unless you are using a Buster Blade — its Advanced Guard ability negates the slow speed of tower shields.

Run and Gun
There are several types of guns you can equip. Each with their own strengths and weaknesses:

Assault Guns — Your all purpose guns. They don’t have a specific bullet-type. Any bullet can be used without reducing the damage dealt by it, but they also don’t lower the cost of Oracle Points (OP) for any bullet.

Sniper Guns — If you like using laser shots, stick with Sniper Guns. It reduces the cost of OP per shot and boosts damage. Any other type of shot with Sniper Guns will reduce the damage done.

Blast Gun — The Blast Gun’s specialties are Radial and Bomb bullet-types, using these will reduce their OP costs and increase their damage (any other bullet-type will cause a reduction in damage when using the Blast Guns).

The Right Type At the Right Time
There are four basic bullet-types: Bombs, Laser, Radial, and Shots.

Lasers can pierce and can hit multiple Aragami. Shots are your standard type of bullet, they cause sunder damage. Bombs and Radial bullets are the strongest bullet-type and may cause area of effect damage.

Eventually you’ll be able to make your own bullets but here some things to note:

  • You can have up to 8 mods per bullet.
  • Always test your bullet before finalizing it.
  • There are also two types of shots: standard shots that cause damage, and deco shots that are for decorative purposes. Deco shots cost less than standard shots, and are just used to make your bullet look interesting when it’s fired.

We also wanted to remind all of you about a couple of offers. You can get a free digital copy of God Eater Resurrection when you pre-order God Eater 2 Rage Burst digitally for PS4 via PlayStation Store. You will also get God Eater 2 Rage Burst DLC costumes from Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization, Tales of Zestiria, and Tokyo Ghoul.

So bookend that summer vacation with God Eater and keep your summer promises by keeping in touch with your best buds and slaying Aragami together!

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27 Author Replies

  • @Zoxre I’m with you 100% . Both GE1 and 2 are still full price over in Japan. And the fact that we get GE1, a fairly recent game, for only $20 is still almost a steal.

    Thanks again Namco Bandai! I can’t wait to finally start playing again. I’ve been waiting for an English release of these games for YEARS! And just playing the JP demo’s just isn’t the same.

    (I’m also super happy to get a dub. In-mission chatter never gets translated in hunting games that are only sub, and that chatter is some of the best parts!)

  • It should also be noted that the anime adaptation of this game is almost completely different than the game itself. From the character personalities, to the overall mood, to even a very large portion of the lore.

    It should also be noted that the game doesn’t have the gratuitous and gross fan-service of the “adaptation.”

    So for people avoiding the game because they are used to the anime dub. Hey! Maybe it’s for the best.

    (and for folk like me who …….strongly dislike the anime, please give this game a shot!)

  • A little off topic, will God Eater 2: Rage Burst be available as well in PS Vita? If so, does it have the same pre-order bonuses like the PS4 one? Thanks! :))

  • Dear admin
    So i have been refreshing ps store like once/hour and God eater resurrection still havent appeared in my ps store, its not just me. Also this is 29th june already, Is there something wrong with ps store? Thank you in advance

  • Hmmmm.

    I want to own God Eater 2 Rage Burst and Resurrection on my Vita. But I don’t see a pre-order deal. Is the voucher you get from pre purchasing the PS4 Rage Burst usable for a Vita Resurrection?

  • Not seeing ps4 version of GER up, only the vita version. Anyone know what’s going on. Is the ps4 version only avialable through the preorder bundle of GE 2

    • The PS Store link isn’t up yet. Keep an eye on the Bandai Namco twitter: @BandaiNamcoUS for further updates. Thanks!

  • So er, Quick Question.
    Is God Eater Resurrection, Is going to be on the PS4 right?
    Like, I can download it without having to preorder Rageburst.

    I’ve been waiting for like, Two years to play this game.

    • It will be out on PS4 as a standalone digital title. The PS Store page isn’t up yet, we’ll keep you posted via our twitter: @BandaiNamcoUS Thanks!

  • Getting Resurrection.

    Will borrow Ge 2 RB from my friend instead.

    Don’t like the treatment that NA gets, but grateful for being able to finally play this game without importing from JPN and using translation guides.

  • Really excited to see that God Eater is getting not one, but two second chances in the U.S. Definitely going to have to pick this up since the review team I work for and the one I run never got them. Will definitely hope this lives up to the original, which I sank well over 2,689 playtime hours in (yes, I loved it, right up there with Soul Sacrifice).

  • Dmitryi, the PS4 stand alone version of Resurrection isn’t showing up on the PS Store, but the Vita version is.
    Could you see what the hold up is?? I really want to get this, but I can’t afford to Pre-Order Rage Burst right now in order to get Resurrection.

    • We’re working on it. Apologies for the late reply. Keep an eye on our twitter for further updates: @BandaiNamcoUS

  • Just a theory, but I have this strong feeling that the only way to get God Eater Resurrection on the PS4 is to pre-order God Eater 2: Rage Burst. As far as I can see PSN has been pseudo updated meaning I see Star Ocean: 5, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven, Ghostbusters all games that had today as a release date and some DLC, but no God Eater: Resurrection. as I said it a theory and hopefully not a fact.

    • Let’s hope it’s just that.
      I’ll be rather mad, I had to sell a few games to even get a 20$ point card >_>

  • Does anyone know that if I plan to get the GE2:RB asia version, will I still able to play with friend in USA?

  • I hope Resurrection isn’t limited to just buying the ps4 bundle for ps4 i rather get physical separately. i dont mind paying twenty for Resurrection on ps4 but seriously can’t do 62 right now for burst 2 to get Resurrection for ps4 , so hopefully this isn’t a limitation for ps4 resurrection.

    • Namco’s US Twiter replied to me about that.
      The link isn’t up, but they are doing Stand alone GE:R

    • It should be available as a standalone digital title. We’re looking into the issue now and will update you via our twitter: @BandaiNamcoUS ASAP. Thanks!

  • Besides, it’s digital. Why in the world is there no Japanese audio option? That was already there AND the game has subtitles. :(

  • Hey guys,

    So no way to purchase GE:R on its own on PS4?? And no cross-buy option for the Vita version?

    I want the retail version of GE2, at least, so I will wait for that, but I do want GE:R on PS4 now without double buying the bundle. :<

    Any options?

    • It’s coming, we’re looking into it now and will send updates via our twitter: @BandaiNamcoUS Coming soon, promise!

  • I just called the PlayStation network help about this and they said it’s coming out only on the vita.

    • The standalone PS4 ver. should be out later today. Keep on eye on the Bandai Namco twitter for up-to-date news on it: @BandaiNamcoUS

  • Anyone know if saves from Burst can be imported to Resurrection? I heard it works for Rage Burst 2 so just wondering if the same applies to Resurrection.

  • The only reason why im not opting to get the asian English version is simply for the fact that I dont wont to block myself from future dlc that will come out for these games. That’s the tricky part when buyinh games from other region’s you may be abel to play them since theirs no region lock on the vita but the trade of is you won’t be able to acess any of the dlc that will come for these games which un simply not ok with and will have to buy these games digitally for the vita. In terms of price for all of us NA out here it makes no difference from the ps4 version of what you get. It 60$ for the ps4 which comes with resurrection code and it’s 20$ for resurrection and 40$ for rage burst 2 which makes for a total of 60$ same as ps4 people . I just with it was physical and I do agree with some that the it should have japanese audio, we shouldn’t be forced to listen to english dub which im no fan of but for a game like this ill have to look past and hope they offer it as a dlc which is bull**** that we have to pay for something that should be their.

  • Will GE: Resurrection always be bundled with GE2: Rage Burst past pre order and Day 1?

    • Nope, once the Day 1 Ed. go out of print. Rage Burst will be sold separately. Day One Ed. is the way to go!

  • TheGreaWrathalos

    this game is really fun, but it sucks that it isn’t cross buy.

  • I will wait for a sale on these games. I wanted the PS Vita version of GE2RB on retail. Wouldn’t mind not having the bundle if they did limited runs (like with Tales of Hearts R). Many of my pals are holding off because of that, as well. If the bundle for PS Vita were the same as for PS4, I could have bought it.

  • So the question is: PS4 or PSVita? The price on vita is more reasonable but I’m afraid of the controls and camera.

  • I just checked the official GE website (http://www.god-eater.com/us/order/) and its says: “PSN Buyers who pre-order GOD EATER 2: Rage Burst will be able to download GOD EATER: Resurrection for free when it releases on June 28th, 2016.”

    soo.. since im buy it from PSN for PS VITA i assume i will get GER for free RIGHT?

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