A Starter Guide to God Eater Resurrection, Out 6/28 on PS4, PS Vita

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A Starter Guide to God Eater Resurrection, Out 6/28 on PS4, PS Vita

Hello fellow God Eaters. As you may know, God Eater Resurrection is hitting PS4 and PS Vita tomorrow, and to assist you in hunting the Aragami we have put together a brief starter guide.

It’s In the Details
Take a look at Mission Details before you begin a mission. They will let you know what type of weapon you should take into battle (pierce, crush, sunder, blaze, spark, divine, or freeze). This will help a lot at the start of the game, but later on you will need to go into the database to see what element the Aragami are weak against.

Know Your Enemy
Aragami have specific break points. The break points will change with each variation. For example: A Vajra’s break points are on its tail, claws, and head. Other iterations of Vajra (encountered on missions later in the game) will have break points on its cape or shoulders. Also, certain parts of an Aragami are weaker than others. The weakest point on a Vajra is the tail, followed by the head, and lastly, its claws. Certain break points are more vulnerable to one form of attack than another (e.g., Sunder, crush, pierce). If one attack type isn’t doing enough damage, try another type.

Shield Size Matters
Tower shields are slow to block. Stick to the medium-sized Shield unless you are using a Buster Blade — its Advanced Guard ability negates the slow speed of tower shields.

Run and Gun
There are several types of guns you can equip. Each with their own strengths and weaknesses:

Assault Guns — Your all purpose guns. They don’t have a specific bullet-type. Any bullet can be used without reducing the damage dealt by it, but they also don’t lower the cost of Oracle Points (OP) for any bullet.

Sniper Guns — If you like using laser shots, stick with Sniper Guns. It reduces the cost of OP per shot and boosts damage. Any other type of shot with Sniper Guns will reduce the damage done.

Blast Gun — The Blast Gun’s specialties are Radial and Bomb bullet-types, using these will reduce their OP costs and increase their damage (any other bullet-type will cause a reduction in damage when using the Blast Guns).

The Right Type At the Right Time
There are four basic bullet-types: Bombs, Laser, Radial, and Shots.

Lasers can pierce and can hit multiple Aragami. Shots are your standard type of bullet, they cause sunder damage. Bombs and Radial bullets are the strongest bullet-type and may cause area of effect damage.

Eventually you’ll be able to make your own bullets but here some things to note:

  • You can have up to 8 mods per bullet.
  • Always test your bullet before finalizing it.
  • There are also two types of shots: standard shots that cause damage, and deco shots that are for decorative purposes. Deco shots cost less than standard shots, and are just used to make your bullet look interesting when it’s fired.

We also wanted to remind all of you about a couple of offers. You can get a free digital copy of God Eater Resurrection when you pre-order God Eater 2 Rage Burst digitally for PS4 via PlayStation Store. You will also get God Eater 2 Rage Burst DLC costumes from Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization, Tales of Zestiria, and Tokyo Ghoul.

So bookend that summer vacation with God Eater and keep your summer promises by keeping in touch with your best buds and slaying Aragami together!

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