A Starter Guide to God Eater Resurrection, Out 6/28 on PS4, PS Vita

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A Starter Guide to God Eater Resurrection, Out 6/28 on PS4, PS Vita

Hello fellow God Eaters. As you may know, God Eater Resurrection is hitting PS4 and PS Vita tomorrow, and to assist you in hunting the Aragami we have put together a brief starter guide.

It’s In the Details
Take a look at Mission Details before you begin a mission. They will let you know what type of weapon you should take into battle (pierce, crush, sunder, blaze, spark, divine, or freeze). This will help a lot at the start of the game, but later on you will need to go into the database to see what element the Aragami are weak against.

Know Your Enemy
Aragami have specific break points. The break points will change with each variation. For example: A Vajra’s break points are on its tail, claws, and head. Other iterations of Vajra (encountered on missions later in the game) will have break points on its cape or shoulders. Also, certain parts of an Aragami are weaker than others. The weakest point on a Vajra is the tail, followed by the head, and lastly, its claws. Certain break points are more vulnerable to one form of attack than another (e.g., Sunder, crush, pierce). If one attack type isn’t doing enough damage, try another type.

Shield Size Matters
Tower shields are slow to block. Stick to the medium-sized Shield unless you are using a Buster Blade — its Advanced Guard ability negates the slow speed of tower shields.

Run and Gun
There are several types of guns you can equip. Each with their own strengths and weaknesses:

Assault Guns — Your all purpose guns. They don’t have a specific bullet-type. Any bullet can be used without reducing the damage dealt by it, but they also don’t lower the cost of Oracle Points (OP) for any bullet.

Sniper Guns — If you like using laser shots, stick with Sniper Guns. It reduces the cost of OP per shot and boosts damage. Any other type of shot with Sniper Guns will reduce the damage done.

Blast Gun — The Blast Gun’s specialties are Radial and Bomb bullet-types, using these will reduce their OP costs and increase their damage (any other bullet-type will cause a reduction in damage when using the Blast Guns).

The Right Type At the Right Time
There are four basic bullet-types: Bombs, Laser, Radial, and Shots.

Lasers can pierce and can hit multiple Aragami. Shots are your standard type of bullet, they cause sunder damage. Bombs and Radial bullets are the strongest bullet-type and may cause area of effect damage.

Eventually you’ll be able to make your own bullets but here some things to note:

  • You can have up to 8 mods per bullet.
  • Always test your bullet before finalizing it.
  • There are also two types of shots: standard shots that cause damage, and deco shots that are for decorative purposes. Deco shots cost less than standard shots, and are just used to make your bullet look interesting when it’s fired.

We also wanted to remind all of you about a couple of offers. You can get a free digital copy of God Eater Resurrection when you pre-order God Eater 2 Rage Burst digitally for PS4 via PlayStation Store. You will also get God Eater 2 Rage Burst DLC costumes from Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization, Tales of Zestiria, and Tokyo Ghoul.

So bookend that summer vacation with God Eater and keep your summer promises by keeping in touch with your best buds and slaying Aragami together!

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  • Will the PS Vita version have a retail edition, and will there be any kind of cross-save/cross-play?
    Cross play would be great but Cross-save would be fantastic.
    Both questions apply to Resurrection and Rage Burst.

    Thanks for the tips, I’ll definitely keep these in mind when I start playing as its been a few years since I last slayed Aragami.

  • Was really looking forward to this until I found out that this will not include Japanese audio. After just watching the anime I can’t even fathom trying to listen to any kind of dub. Would have really jumped on that offer to pre-order God Eater 2 to get the first one now. But I am gonna have to pass on this. Maybe offer Japanese audio via DLC. Either way it sucks that after all this time I was hoping for this to come here only to just not care anymore.

    • …not sure what the anime has to do with literally anything but ok. Sorry to see you miss out on a great game.

    • The God Eater anime that covers the story form the first game. So I spent 13 episodes listening to the Japanese cast. I don’t want to listen to a different cast. Would be really annoying.

    • If it makes you feel any better, there will be an option to turn off the voice acting so you can just read the dialogue. That’d be helpful for you!

    • If that is an option I might do that. Thanks for letting me know. Might check it out when it is on sale one day.

    • Seems petty, but its your call. Seems silly to pass out on a game simply because of audio language(unless it’s not available in a language you understand at all… that’s a different story…), but in the end… you’re the only one who pays for the decision so best wishes.

    • I don’t think so. Can’t really enjoy a game very much if I hate the dub I am listening too for hours upon hours. Really ruins the experience. I don’t support the localization of games where they nix audio so if I play it it will be on sale for cheap and I will turn off voices. But my reasons may not make sense to some and I don’t care to try to convince anyone.

    • The English dub is actually pretty good IMO. If you get a chance, please check out some of the trailers. Here’s one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZXoSmP7Jff8

    • I don’t understand people who hate modern dubs… voice actors do such a good job nowadays. Don’t get me wrong, I like both dub and sub, so I’m not saying that one is better than the other… but recently voice actors have been really hitting the characters so well.

      I’m actually really excited to see how the different voice casts embody the character now that I’ve seen the anime. The Japanese cast did a great job, so I really wanna see what the English cast reads into these characters.

      But again, as I said, it’s your call. You’re the only one who suffers from this narrow preference of yours, so oh well.

    • @Dmitryi Khlynin – Sorry. I have no interest in it. I have nothing against it. Its just my preference. I do not care for dubs. Never have. Never will. I know that the english cast probably put a lot of work into it. But so did the Japanese cast. So to not include that is kinda a slap in the face to them. Either way. Wish I could support this game. But I can’t.

    • for one god eater anime did NOT cover the game it took some events for the game but other that no

    • @ gundamcero – I’m with you…now that I know that the game won’t have japanese voices I’m not buying it.Prefer to get the jap version instead.For real I just don’t understand what’s the problem with devs nowadays…in games like these dual audio is a must.Devs should be aware that jap voices are essential.

    • @Valkyria-Edge – Sure. But it is the same cast and characters. And thats the point. So no. I don’t care to listen to the story in english.

    • Oh god, nooo.
      Noone cares if your dub is good or not. Its not made by developers or game creators. Can we haz unbutchered game plz? The only reason you do it is for stupid people and money. And those dubs are never good, those guys are trying too hard, they dont sound natural, they’re trying to pronounce every word and every letter super correctly too hard. Humans dont talk like that.
      Make a japanese voice DLC if youre so money hungry. For “us”, price never matters.

    • I am sure some people care. But of course I am not one of them. I am with you on this as it would be great as at least DLC, but I am trying not to sound to mean on these boards anymore cause last time some sad person messaged me directly on my PS4 calling me a racist and a bunch of other fun names.

    • Yeah, im disappointed too.
      For sure im not gonna support this game.
      Gonna stick to JPN version instead.

    • You know that the anime is a super loose interpretation of the story in the first game and that there is additional story to bridge the gap between GE, GEBurst, GE2, and GE2RB. I know voice acting changes can suck but the amount of time you will have to hear these people talk is quite low. Come join the fight brother, hunt with us.

    • oh mai gudz, no japaniece voiz -10/10 ibn

    • Hardcore weeb to the end…

      There’s nothing “complicated” about this. You’ve become so much of a weeb, that english audio hurts.

      It happens when you become addicted. Not easy to break from.

      In fact, my recommendation would be to maybe rewatch the anime once it gets dubbed?

      See, the kick in jpn dubs is that WE can’t tell how much they suck because we read it in subtitles.

      You’d know this if you weren’t so close minded.

      PS: I am sure this isn’t the first time you get told something like this. Anyways, enjoy whatever game you will be playing, instead.

    • @Zoxre – I understand Japanese just fine. I don’t need subtitles. I would import but I am still learning kanji and that is a big part of games like these. So no. I am not closed minded. I just know I won’t like the english dub. I don’t need to listen to it to know that. Maybe learning a new language is to difficult for you so all you can do is listening to terrible voice acting in the only language you can understand. So yeah. I will go and enjoy something else. Couldn’t care less anymore.

    • In this modern era, digital games being locked by region is ridiculous. Sell them all world wide and let people decide for themselves. There are people all around the world that speak different languages and have different cultures. Why limit them, especially when it’s a digital product anyways. I can understand when it’s on a disc, but digital?

    • Krillinfan: how exactly do you know its a “great game” when you’ve literally never played it…….

    • “I am not closed minded. I just know I won’t like the english dub. I don’t need to listen to it to know that.” exposed so blatantly for having no clue and being close minded.

  • So what’s the deal with God Eater 2/Resurrection on Vita for NA? PS4 owners are paying $60 for two games. I hope you don’t expect Vita owners to fork $80 for the same games. If so, as much as I was looking forward to this localization, it’s a hard no from me, at least until they go on sale.

    • Maybe the simple answer would be is they know PS Vita owners will pay that much to get it. But a smart Vita owner should just wait for it to go on sale like every other digital game release.

    • Nah, psvita owners are also paying 60USD, GE2 rage burst will probably cost 40USD just like all the other titles, and bandai already hinted resurrection will cost 20USD separately, so yeah, it’s gonna be 60usd for psvita owners for sure

    • Question:
      Bandai hinted at Resurrection being..$20?
      As in tomorrow $20 on release?

      I’m not sure I understand, can you provide a link about their price details please.
      Or a clarification would be appreciated.

    • @zunaid96ahmed Then we’re still getting screwed, since regular price for full Vita release is $40, not $60. And every other region seems to be getting one game for free with the purchase of GE2RB.

    • I think the message hear is just wait for this to go on sale.

    • Resurrection is $20 on Vita, GE2 is $40 on Vita. Vita players are spending $60 for both just like PS4 players that are buying GE2 for $60 and getting Resurrection free.

      They said all of this in their livestream they did talking about the new games’ releases. You can find it on the Bamco Youtube. I would link it but I’m on an old tablet.

  • Question: Since other regions are getting the Vita version for free with GE2 (also Vita version), will said offer also apply to the Vita version of GE2 when it comes out (since we can’t preorder it on PSN)?

    • Nope, us Vita owners r not getting the deal, this is so bandai namco style. I don’t know why they always treat the rest of the world different from USA, Digimon cybersleuth got the dlc deal until may in all parts of the world except the USA. So I bet it’s same for god eater.

    • Wow that’s pretty scummy. I was going to buy the game but I’ll just wait for a sale. I’d honestly advise people not get it if they’re going to be that way about it.

  • Awesome! Can’t wait to get my hands on this, play through the story and be ready for God Eater 2 in August!

  • I will be getting this with the retail copy of God Eater 2 in August. I played it back on PSP and it was pretty fun for a Monster Hunter clone.

  • I was planning to get the vita version but seeing that you don’t have the preorder offer for it I’ll just skip it.
    Quite disappointed as this offer covers the vita version everywhere except North America.

    • I was actually thinking spending 20usd for just resurrection and wait for ge2 to release it on PC to grab it on PC, 30fps lock really sucks for action RPG games. Maybe I will also grab if for ps4 later but only if it goes on sale later.

    • Unlike Europe though… we get Resurrection today … for $20 not 50 Euros (mind you Euros are worth less now so still paying more than $60 USD) and not 3 months from now. Stop being a tool, you tool.

  • I have been waiting years for God Eater to come to the Vita in NA. However I’m disappointed in the way that it is being offered here. Hopefully you guys will change your mind and give NA the same treatment that Europe is getting. If not then I will have to pass on this.

  • What bundles are available for NA?

    • It’s Bamco, so I’d bank on probably nothing.

      They seem to have stopped caring about folks outside Europe when it comes to the West.

    • If you preorder GodEater 2 Rage Burst you get This game for free as well as God Eater 2 Rage Burst Dlc for Sword art online, tokyo ghoul,and Tales of Zestiria outfits

    • Keep in mind that what BackBerner said only applies to the PS4 version. The PS Vita versions will only be sold separately and will be digital only.

    • Here’s some info about the bundles –

      PlayStation Network digital bundle (PS4):
      Digitally pre-order GOD EATER 2 Rage Burst for PlayStation 4 through the PlayStation Network for the following items:
      Digital download of GOD EATER 2 Rage Burst software
      Instant access to digital version of GOD EATER Resurrection when it is available June 28, 2016.
      Digital download for exclusive DLC costumes from SWORD ART ONLINE: HOLLOW REALIZATION, TALES OF ZESTIRIA and TOKYO GHOUL

      PlayStation Vita DLC Bundle
      Those who purchase GOD EATER 2 Rage Burst through the PlayStation Network when it releases on August 30th will receive the exclusive DLC costumes from SWORD ART ONLINE: HOLLOW REALIZATION, TALES OF ZESTIRIA and TOKYO GHOUL

      More info here:

      Hope this helps!

  • I am truly hoping that this PS4 bonus and PS4/Vita bonus everywhere else but NA is just a misinformation.

    Having to pay much more than any other region is extremely lame. Either everyone pay full price for both games or you give the same benefits. This is really bad form.

    • Standard Bamco these days, man.

    • I just checked on their website, Europe, Middle East and Australia get it for free. I’m baffled.

      I was eager to play this again and the new game. Not anymore.

    • I would encourage you guys to just stop supporting Bamco America in general like I will. Whether that’s buying their console games pre owned or importing the Vita games they’ll never release retail. The American branch has made it more than clear that they don’t care about Vita owners and don’t think that audience is important. It hurt enough that they would make the biggest Vita game in existence (6.9GB) a digital only title but it’s just a kick in the face they wouldn’t provide the two games for the price of one like literally every other platform in every other region.

      The only way this will stop is if we vote with our wallets and tell them the reason we are not giving them our money. I’m going to be sending an email to their customer “support” later today (support@bandainamcoent.com).
      I’d suggest you all do the same of you feel the same way I do.

    • Do the math yourself. Look up the cost of GE2 in Pounds or Euros, then convert currency to USD. Still cheaper this way and we still get the game today… instead of three months from now.

  • So when will the pre-order be up on PSN Store? Can’t find it anywhere. Funny thing that you mentioned this without doing your research first to see whether it is up or not. Because once the midnight strikes, we will not have the opportunity to pre-order, but to lose those bonus contents you mentioned which will become inaccessible. Then that will be the point you will make us to buy the DLCs down the road whenever you decide to see fit. How silly, but still excite for this game anyway.

    • Well, the preorder is for Rage Burst, the 2nd game out in August, so no worries about the preorder content being inaccessible come tomorrow or midnight. By preordering 2, you get Resurrection, the 1st game which is out tomorrow, for free!

    • The pre-order for GOD EATER 2: Rage Burst goes live tomorrow in the US when the PS Store updates. You won’t lose any of the DLC that you get with the pre-order. Hopefully that clears things up.

  • Yea, would like a clarification, hopefully sometime today about the GE2 bonus..

    I mean, clearly, the platform for which the GE2 bonus can be applied to for NA isn’t specified. Its implied that the bonus is the PS4 edition since GE2 is console exclusive, but other regions seem to have the option for a GE Resurrection vita edition as well.

    • The official website clearly states: “whether physically or digitally, on PS4, PS Vita or PC: you get GOD EATER Resurrection for free when buying GOD EATER 2 Rage Burst for Europe, Middle East and Australia J”

      No NA. Big middle finger for everyone around here.

    • Wow, it does look like they’re straight brushing us off here in NA. I really, reaaaalllyy, do hope thats not the case, however unlikely it seems right now. But either way…ughhhh.

      So what edition of Resurrection do the other regions have?
      The website states that whichever platform you get GE2, you get a free copy of Resurrection, but it doesn’t seem to say for which platform you get the free copy for, unless they mean for ‘whatever platform you get GE2, you get Resurrection on the same platform..?’

    • PC and ps4 gets the offer while psvita doesn’t, it only gets the dlc not resurrection for free.

  • PS Vita physical edition would have been a day one purchase for me but with digital only releases I can wait for this to go on sale for cheap. The first Sword Art Online is now on sale for $8, so I can wait there really is no reason to rush to get it.

  • I’m not sure if Bandai Namco is at fault here, but they can add another to their count of lost sales for not supporting the Vita pre-order deal in NA. I may buy these eventually, but only once they hit 50% off.

  • Cannot wait! Been waiting to play some more God Eater ever since I played Burst back on PSP. Also does anyone know if we’re gonna get any God Eater Avatars? I’d love to rock the Fenrir symbol.

    • Thanks for the kind words! I’ll check on those GOD EATER avatars and keep you posted. Stay tuned!

    • Maybe you should wait a bit since NA Vita is getting shafted by not getting the same pre-order bonus that other countries are getting.

  • Have never played the God Eater games but reviews say they tend to get repetitive after awhile, hunting the sane creatures again and again, etc.

    Still looks worth checking out if you’re into the Monster Hunter type of thing.

  • how much this game? ps4 version 60$?

  • God Eater Resurrection is $20 USD on PS4 and Vita. It is NOT going to be released separately on PC. God Eater 2 will be $60 on PS4, $50 on PC, and $40 on PS Vita. The reason the PS Vita version doesn’t have the free offer is because it still equals $60, like the PS4 version, since they are cross-save and Cross-play compatible. They just aren’t Cross-Buy. There is technically nothing wrong with the pricing, since they are all normal prices on their respective systems, but PS Vita and PS4 are the exact same price no matter what for Playstation systems and PC is the normal $50, also with the free deal on Resurrection, though I guess it might be $60, also, to make it a universal price across all platforms..

  • Probably going to pre-order this just to have it ready… got my 10 bucks from PSE3, and 15 bucks from that recent promotion…

    I doubt I’ll get to play it anytime soon, with everything else that’s come out and is coming out, but I’m definitely excited for the opportunity.

  • Any chance we could see a patch that UN-censors what was removed? Does this skirt the ESRB/PEGI ratings issue?

    • They confirmed that all the cut content are returning for this version. The only thing different is that they reduced(not remove) the blood effects to keep it a T rating.

  • If this game is anything like Toukiden: Kiwami, it’ll get boring fast.

    • This game has a much more in-depth story, which is actually the selling point of the series. It also has many ways to keep it entertaining, even with repeats of enemies, since there is so much you can actually do.

  • Really sucks for me that starting tomorrow morning I’m not going to be in a place where wifi is for about 2 weeks so I can’t download this to my vita :.(

  • Buying this and preordering 2 as soon as they’re available on the store tomorrow, as well as buying the Jojo game Bamco is putting out. People love to whine about their physical copies, but frankly I bought the biggest HDD that I could for my PS4 and the biggest memory card available for Vita for a reason. Honestly I get sick of all the cases I have laying around. I used to be big on physical, then I found out that digital sales are the best thing ever and save me a lot of time and gas money. So Bamco America’s position of “Everything must be digital to cut down on costs so we can keep bringing you niche games from Japan that only a few hundred thousand of you care about” is fine by me.

  • Just to be clear, i’m on a ps vita so if i pre order rage burst 2 from the psn store tomorrow for $40 then i will get the resurrection digitally for free automatically?

    • someone plz help

    • No, you can’t pre-order digital vita games and the promo for the free Resurrection applies only to the PS4 version.

    • GOD EATER: Resurrection is only free with PS4 version. of GOD EATER 2: Rage Burst. It’s $19.99 for the Vita version.

    • Thanks guys i’m looking for some people to play with later, anybody down?

    • NA PS Vita owners have to pay extra for the content that other countries are getting for free when they pre-order.

    • I appreciate you for finally clarifying that, Dmytri. Nobody from Bandai Namco America has given official clarification until now. I just want to let you know I’m so disappointed that I will not be supporting this or any other future releases from the American branch of this company. It hurt enough that you would make a game as big as God Eater 2 digital only. I could’ve sucked it up if you had given us the same exact bundle everyone else in America and Everyone in Europe and Asia are getting But you couldn’t even provide that treatment with a digital only release while Europe and Asia get those bundles and physically to.

      That really goes to show how much you don’t care for the people supporting the Vita and Bandai Namco America that you still have the audacity to call “fans”. I have never seen such neglect aimed at one fanbase in my life. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Vita versions performed far below your expectations and you continued this shallow treatment for your future Vita games so I may as well just stop supporting you.

    • That’s right for the whole world, except North America:

      “[…] whether physically or digitally, on PS4, PS Vita or PC: you get GOD EATER Resurrection for free when buying GOD EATER 2 Rage Burst for Europe, Middle East and Australia J”

      So nope, if you pre-order the second game you won’t get the first like every other platform in every other region on the planet. :)

    • That’s right for the whole world, except North America:

      “[…] whether physically or digitally, on PS4, **PS Vita** or PC: you get GOD EATER Resurrection for free when buying GOD EATER 2 Rage Burst for *****Europe, Middle East and Australia J****” (quoted from the official website).

      So nope, if you pre-order the second game you won’t get the first like every other platform in every other region on the planet. :)

  • Thanks for giving the short stick to NA Vita players.

    EU getting Resurrection for free if they Pre-Order Rage Burst 2 for Vita Physically/Digitally.

    We don’t get Physical nor do we get the bundle.

    Very happy for these game to come out but not going to get because of this unfair treatment for this region. If EU did not have the bundle, then it would be fair.

    Thanks, Namco.

    • Well if you think about it your paying the same price as the people who only buy GOD2RB because on vita resurrection is 20 and rage burst is 40 so it’s 60 either way

  • They really need to add a pre-order and or preload system on the Vita. I want this ASAP!

  • Just an FYI on the file sizes:

    PS4 version = 7GB
    PS Vita version = 3.3GB

    Thanks for all the comments!

  • Cannot wait for tomorrow, buying both the ps4 and vita versions.

  • Hey Dmitryi, not to skid off ps4 sales, but do you know if the STEAM version of this preorder will be available tomorrow? And, if I preorder this from best buy, will I get an email with the original game right away, or would it be faster to get it from psn?

    • No worries blaggletoad, the Steam pre-order has yet to be announced (Stay tuned!). If you pre-order the Physical ver. of Rage Burst (PS4) from Best Buy you have to wait until Aug. 30 to play the original game. I’m impatient, so I’m going digital so I can play Resurrection on PS4 tomorrow :)

    • Ahhh, so Steam doesn’t get EITHER game until August? :[ Only PS4 Has access to this game tomorrow?
      And do you know what time by any chance it comes out? Is it midnight eastern or is it sometime later tomorrow? Thanks!

    • Yup! God Eater: Resurrection will only be available for PS4 and Vita starting tomorrow. It will be out as soon as the PlayStation Store updates (Not a midnight release).

  • Not Japanese voice. 100% not gonna support this game.
    I dont care how great you claim the dub, no JPN voice = no buy.

  • when the per-order for God Eater 2 Rage Burst be up, because i want the bundle

  • I guess this will be the last time I’m supporting your “DIGITAL-ONLY” games. This irrational treatment to us Vita users is unfathomable. First it was SAO HF, then J-Stars, and then Digimon SCS. Good thing those games had a retail in the Asia. And now this, digital only, english dub only. Even Rage Burst wont get a physical release in the NA. As much as I’d like to support your games so in the future you might change your treatment to us if you see that your audience are still supporting you, but I’d digress. Keep pushing your sales on the PS4 and neglect which platform this franchise started. I bet you won’t even feel the loss if us vita users stop supporting you.

    • UK is getting alt the physical vita versions and the amazing dlc promo. First Cybsersleuth and now this.

      Going to import Rage Burst UK vita, can’t justify getting Resurrection.

    • That’s the spirit you two. I’ve been contacting Bandai Namco’s “Support” over the last few months but I haven’t even got a reply. Thank goodness I stumbled across Dmitryi’s post on this thread because I haven’t gotten official confirmation on the Vita versions bundle until now.

      We must vote with our wallets and tell them said reason for not supporting it. And as for your comment, Yor-Haru, I feel the exact same way; I supported them in hopes they would change their minds. I had thought that was the case with Tales of Hearts R and SAO: Lost Song but I was very wrong.

    • (2/3) Maybe you won’t respond to these comments, Dmitryi, but I sure as hell hope you’re reading and acknowledging them so I’ll leave you with this message: I couldn’t be any more disappointed with how Bandai Namco America is treating their Vita fanbase. I haven’t seen this much neglect towards one fanbase in my life. I think a different company, whether they be Atlus, Xseed, NIS America, Aksys Games, Idea Factory International, PQube, Sega, Ubisoft or Warner Bros. Interactive (I think that’s all of the companies that have released a Vita game at retail in 2016) would’ve handled God Eater’s localization a lot better. I have no doubt, 110%, that those companies would have made a similar bundle available for the PS Vita and would’ve provided physical PS Vita versions as well. I even believe that Koei Tecmo, a company infamous for their digital only Vita treatment like yourselves would have the ability to provide a similar bundle for PS Vita users.

    • (3/3) I do have a PS4 but with this much disregard you have for your consumers, I’d rather not but it on that system either. This game would’ve been awesome to have on the Vita. It feels like a game that would be nice to play in short bursts just as Dmitryi said so himself. I’m sorry but I just can’t support this when you guys don’t want to support it either.

      Now my rant has come to a close. With this much neglect, I’d rather not support this or any of your other future titles. Whether they’re on PS Vita, PS4 or any other system. It was really nice knowing you guys. I’ll be sure to import a European Vita copy since your European branch has shown that they listen and want to stay on top of things. :)

    • If you buy the game, they still get money. The American branch is still owned by Bamco, same as the EU branch. And when you specifically tell them “I’m buying the english language version from another region”, they know they’re still getting your money. So they can continue to release digital-only in the US for those who will purchase it that way, and those who want physical can import and save Bamco money on printing up cases and covers and everything else for two different regions.

      I wasn’t even planning to get this game, but all you Vita whiners have convinced me to get this on PS4 just to show Bamco that people will get it regardless. I’ve gone all digital, and I don’t buy games on Vita that are also available on PS4. There are enough games only on Vita that I don’t need to purposefully buy inferior versions of games that are on both. Adventures of Mana just released as well, and that’s only on Vita, so I’ve got that to play. I don’t need to keep increasing my backlog on the PS system I use less.

  • I generally try to encourage more Vita support in the NA region by paying for it here, but this is absurd. I will not pay for both games on my preferred platform (If Toukiden was anything to go by, I’d only really play it on my Vita, as the genre doesn’t feel great on PS4 to me) when every other region gets a much better deal. Instead of paying for Resurrection and 2 Rage Burst, why not just import the physical European version of 2 and get Resurrection for free with it? Saves money and space by a considerable amount.

    This disappoints me because the shafting of the NA region is likely going to hurt sales of the games on the Vita, justifying reduced support in the future. Still, I’m not going to leap at any chance to purchase your game, especially when it’s as clearly worse than another deal as this is.

    • I hate to break your heart, but it would be even worse for you to find out later instead of now.

      The free copy of Resurrection will only work with European accounts if you choose to import from Europe

  • So How much would God Eater: Resurrection for the PS4 cost alone without preording God Eater 2 Rage Burst? I keep hearing it will be 20$ on PS4. Is this true?

  • So, any word on why it isn’t up for preorder on the PSN despite coming out in like, 5 hours?

    • I was thinking the same thing and posted, but I found this on comment 31:

      + Yakushi_X on June 27th, 2016 at 3:15 pm said:
      when the per-order for God Eater 2 Rage Burst be up, because i want the bundle

      Dmitryi Khlynin’s Avatar
      + Dmitryi Khlynin on June 27th, 2016 at 3:34 pm said:
      For PS4? Tomorrow as soon as the PS Store updates.

  • Pre order digitally? It’s not in the playstation store to do so. I’ve checked my PS4 and vita and online/website. There is no option to pre order it yet. I was thinking the store like Amazon or Gamestop, but I want the resurrection code immediately, not august 30th.

  • I am excited for this and I think this is cool but wow am I getting a bit sick of Sony coddling JUST EU players and its not EU players fault. I remember beating Bloodborne AND getting the platinum and I KEPT playing that game because I loved it so much. Yet some guy/girl that played it through with a friend once gets a reward? Pft.

  • EmeraldLeviathan

    I will not be supporting this title. Digital only is an insult to consumers. I am very upset that Bandai Namco thinks it okay to release games in this method. Gamers should not have to import physical titles from other regions. Your customers pay your salaries, stop spitting in their face.

  • To everyone posting on this blog. First off if you all would have watched the stream bandai did on the games release you would know what is going on. Second we should be thankful that Namco Bandai heard the plees from fans for a localization of this game. They made the game english because it is easier to follow what the NPC characters are saying during combat. Third not supporting this game bacause it is in english is just silly. It is silly bacause when you do that it only shows Namco Bandai that there is not a market here in the States. By showing them there is no market means we will not see any future God Eater titles as well as Gundam or anything else that they have been reluctant to bring to the US. Third if you want japanese auido ask for it and they will most likely put it in the next game. If you want this game to succeed in the US show them there is a market. I like the Japanese voice acting but I am still going to support this game by buying copies on vita and ps4. I want to show Bandai that we love God Eater and Gundam here in the US. So dont be closed minded think what effect your choices have.

  • Hate me Monster Hunter something FIERCE, but I really like the other games like that that I’ve played – Phantasy Star Online, Toukiden Kiwami, Ragnarok Odyssey ACE. I’ve been looking forward to God Eater. Had NO IDEA that you guys were doing that offer with pre-ordering God Eater 2 tho! That’s a super pleasant surprise, especially since E3 came and went without any news about Toukiden 2 western localization from Koei Tecmo (or Dragon Quest Heroes 2) :(

    Consider GE2 pre-ordered!

  • Sooo, any idea when this is actually hitting PSN today? lol

  • I’m patiently waiting. It’s technically the 28th, and i cant find it anywhere

  • I find it interesting that most of the comments I’ve seen on here, as well as in numerous sites that have articles covering the release of this title that many people are clearly unhappy with bandai-namco’s handling of the NA release. Yet I’ve not seen a single response that addresses why exactly the decision was made to a) not have a physical retail release for either on the vita, and b) why vita owners in NA are shafted with not getting resurrection for free with the pre-order of 2: rage burst.

    Sweeping issues like that under the rug is how you lose potential customers. Addressing these issueshelps to at least soothe the negative feelings that they cause.

    I was very excited for these games, but after learning all the details about how bandai-Namco is choosing to consistently treat their NA vita customers like garbage I have a sour taste in my mouth that will keep me from purchasing what is actually a great game.

    • Well said Sir! If Europe or any other country was left out of the Vita pre order deal they would be upset too. So since they clearly won’t explain the NA shaft job, the only Bandai Namco games I will buy is the used physical ones.

  • SO……it’s been the 28th for a few hours now. When is the PSN store going to update so that I can actually spend my money? .___.

  • I love hearing advise from devs and all but why isn’t there a way to do a psn pre-order? Also GER isn’t even out at the time of this post while I know someone that got an email with a code for GER 5 hours ahead of release for a physical pre-order on amazon…. Someone explain this please

  • Finally, after importing both GE2 and GE2:RB for Vita, my dreams of having resurrection and RB in english start to come true tomorrow. I am a diehard fan of God Eater, and I can’t thank you guys enough for bringing my favorite monster hunting series to NA. I understand the disappointment that others have with not getting certain bundles and bonuses, but at the end of the day, I’m just so happy to see that people all over the world will finally be able to play these games on Vita in languages they can understand, which in my mind is so much more worth having some extra costumes. Thank you guys for continuing to support the Vita, my thumb is going to be pretty sore from hitting that refresh button for hours today!

  • bruh its already 8pm and i still cant find resurrection on my vita

  • How come i only get limited games in UAE.. Is it possible i can change the country or account set of my vita??

  • Day 1 purchase. I waited patiently and it’s about to pay off.


    I read through every negative comment amd literally all the whining was… Stupid.

    We wanted a game and we got it. They even redubbed it.

    I see complaints about the subs amd dubs… And honestly, if you want japanese dubs, get the japanese version. If you REALLY cared for a translation, these silly complains wouldn’t exist.

    Secondly, the “bundle”.

    The vita total is literally the same as the PS4 total. I did the math. $60 no matter what.

    All these complains are unjustified. And I feel embarrassed that I might just be lumped together with the sad bunch looking to male a point… Which sadly was never stated.
    All I kept seeing in the negative comments is nothing but reasons to complain. Use yourbheads, people amd stop being spoiled.

    • I made typos.
      I am literally looking forward to comments filled with spell check for insults now.

      Or quite possibly something a little more childish.

    • EU 40 ( Ge 2 R Burst, and Ressurection)
      24:99 Phsical( Ge 2 R Burst and Ressurection)

      NA 60 ( Ge 2 R Burst 40 and Ge Resurrection 20) Would not complain if we got both games for 40 like Europe,Asia and Australia.

      Importing EU Copy…..

    • You are wrong.

      In the EU, Middle East and Australia the Vita version ALSO includes this game for free. Your math is wrong.

  • Need the original Japanese audio included for games like these imho. Dubs don’t match anime or JRPGs well in terms of vocal style and differences between the langauges – English dubs tend to sound terribly kiddy. It’s a preferred choice anyway to watch any media in it’s original language – movies, games, anything. It’s nice to include a dub for those that want it, but please consider Japanese audio as a DLC.

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