New PlayStation VR Game Demos Hit Stores Tomorrow

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New PlayStation VR Game Demos Hit Stores Tomorrow

Update: As you may know, we’ve had a number of PlayStation VR demos playable at Best Buy and GameStop locations nationwide, and tomorrow we’re adding new demos, including Star Wars Battlefront Rogue One: X-wing VR Mission.

Demos for the following games, plus others, will be available to try out at a retailer near you:

  • Star Wars Battlefront Rogue One: X-wing VR Mission
  • Eagle Flight
  • Batman: Arkham VR
  • PlayStation VR Worlds (two new experiences)
  • Rigs Mechanized Combat League

Click here to find a location near you to try out one of these new demos!

Original updates and story below.

Update: For the last four months, we’ve had a number of PlayStation VR demos playable at Best Buy and GameStop locations nationwide, and tomorrow we’re adding a number of new demos, including Batman: Arkham VR. Demos for the following games will be available to try out at a retailer near you:

  • Batman: Arkham VR
  • PlayStation VR Worlds (two new experiences)
  • Rigs Mechanized Combat League
  • Bound
  • Harmonix Music VR
  • Carnival Games
  • Thumper

PlayStation VR launches next week on October 13. Click here to find a location near you to go hands-on with one of these new demos!

Original story below.

Earlier this week at E3 we announced that PlayStation VR will officially launch in North America on October 13. But we know many of you have been asking – ‘When can I try PlayStation VR out and see some of the great games to come?’ Well, tomorrow and Saturday (June 17 and 18), we’re going to offer PS VR demos at more than 30 Best Buy and GameStop locations. Starting on June 24, that number will expand to about 300 locations across the US and Canada.

PlayStation VR

Click here to visit our website where you’ll be able to quickly and easily find locations where PS VR demos are available now and in the future. In addition to retail locations, you’ll also be able to see Road to Greatness tour locations where PS VR will be playable. Here are the cities where demos will be available tomorrow and Saturday:

Baltimore MD
Boston MA
Chicago IL
Cincinnati OH
Cleveland OH
Columbia SC
Columbus OH
Dallas TX
Denver CO
Detroit MI
Fayetteville AR
Ft. Lauderdale FL
Grand Rapids MI
Hartford CT
Houston TX
Los Angeles CA
Milwaukee WI
Minneapolis MN
New York NY
San Francisco CA
Tampa FL
Toledo OH
Washington D.C.
West Palm Beach FL

To start, we’re going to be showing off PlayStation VR Worlds, EVE: Valkyrie, Headmaster, Battlezone and SUPERHYPERCUBE. More game demos will be added leading up to PS VR’s launch in October. Be sure to keep your eyes on PS.Blog for updates on which PS VR games will be making their way to your local store.

The excitement around PS VR has been enormous and once you try it, you’ll understand why. As all of you would expect, it’s our goal at PlayStation to deliver the best and richest VR gaming experiences, and we can’t wait for you to put that headset on and be transported into these worlds. If you get some hands-on time with PS VR this weekend, be sure to let us know what you think in the comments!

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  • Why in the blog, you guys list west Palm beach but at the link when I put my zip code it only lists locations in Fort Lauderdale and Miami?

  • How long will these demos be going? I’ll be vacationing to Minneapolis at the end of July and would LOVE to get my hands on this.

  • Just a head’s up for people… if you want to play London Heist, it’s only available at Gamestop locations. I went to a Best Buy one yesterday and they won’t allow the demo in stores because of it’s mature content.

  • Please bring one to within a hundred miles of Bozeman, MT. I want to try this so bad.

  • I spent three hours at a Best Buy today trying out the PSVR, I was able to try out four demos, PS VR Worlds (Deep Descent was the only minigame available there), Eve Valkyrie, Battlezone, and SuperHyperCube. I absolutely loved Deep Descent, it felt like I was really inside the cage, this was my favorite demo even though you’re just watching. Eve Valkyrie was decent, I might get it. Battlezone was the most fun for me. I didn’t care much for SuperHyperCube, didn’t feel immersive enough.

    I’m going to try again next weekend, and my sister wants to come check it out too.

  • Holy crap, there’s one at my local Best Buy! I’m totally going to bop on down there and try this out next Friday. It’s weird there are so many in Ohio though. Not that I’m complaining but usually we don’t get many.

  • the play station vr is so so awsome i am going to buy the playstation vr in october the 13th well my mother will buy the vr for me and the playstation vr worlds game i am going to have me some fun and batman return to arkham and that is about it

  • So, West Palm Beach is on the list but I can’t find a location or date! Anyone?


  • Will these first 30 cities also be included in the 300 cities you mentioned coming June 24th? =/
    I was out of town this weekend. Are they sending their demos back?

  • I went to a Best Buy that had a demo unit. Here’s the problem: there’s only one demo unit but hoards of people that want to try it. I refused to wait. I’ll wait until a day when crowds a minimal to try it. I have two pending PSVR reservations. I hope I like it enough to warrant a day one purchase.

  • These bots like the unemployed for 6 months thing.

  • I visited Gamestop 2368 on Saturday to experience PSVR for the first time. I selected Eve Valkyrie for my demo. It was crazy how 3D and immersed I felt in the game. I wasn’t just looking left / right / up / down but I could lean forward INTO the cockpit. Other people playing London Heist could open the door in the vehicle and put their head out to look behind them. I was super excited for it and walked away very impressed. Can’t wait for this to launch.

    Also, the Sony rep (I think his name was Nick) that was at that location did a fantastic job selling it and was super into making sure everyone who came in to try it felt welcomed and had the best experience possible. Give that guy a raise.

  • We need to talk about what soon means :p

  • Hello! When are pre-orders expected to open up again?

  • dang not even close to me.

  • It says “Canadian locations will be available soon.”

    • Talked to some Best Buy employees here in southern Ontario, Canada, near Toronto. They hadn’t even heard of it.

  • Canada links guys?

  • So I wonder if they will have headphones there and if we have to worry about lice

  • I love gaming and so much crazy to know about its realize. Now i have ordered a package which contained PS VR and a wireless headset

  • My girlfriend and I just drove 30 minutes to the nearest store listed on the website, so we could see if the PS VR would make us nauseous or if we should put down a pre-order. We waited at the store (in Merrillville, IN on 6/25/16) for three hours and the rep NEVER SHOWED! If you’re planning on going out to one of these stores to check out the VR headset, I strongly recommend that you wait until the time the rep is supposed to be there, then CALL AHEAD to VERIFY that the rep actually showed up. Otherwise you may be wasting your time.

  • Waited for over an hour today at Minnetonka, MN Best Buy with kids to try the new VR. Person setting it up had no idea how to make it work. People left. Other were upset. If this is indicative of the new VR experience I am cancelling my pre-order. Is it that difficult to use or was the person not trained correctly?

  • Waited an hour and a half after they said it was going to start and the rep they had there (Best Buy in Burbank, CA) had her whole family there to help her, but didn’t know what she was doing, so I just left… Hopefully PSVR will be at Comic-con with some more competent people so I can try it.

  • This seems to be kind of a fail so far, still no Canada links and vr reps dont seem to know what they are doing or just dont show up.

  • MrBrightside1189

    Of course, nothing in Indiana. Closest thing is 3 hours away in Chicago. Looks like I won’t be getting PSVR anytime soon, since none of my friends have PS4 that would own or be buying one.

  • I came across the nationwide demo, and was able to try it out. At first it had my curiosity, it now has my attention.
    I tried 2 demos; Eve Valkyrie & Ocean Adventure. The TV does not do it justice. the depth and scale is amazing. I was amazed by the immersion. I didn’t see anyone who had a bad experience. I brought my nephews with it to try out, They quickly returned to their dad, who doesn’t play games, and is almost blind in one eye to try, and said it was impressive, so much he insisted his wife, who hates games, to try it. She loved it.
    For me after setting up the headset and testing it, it was a little out of focus. I noticed if I pressed the headset against my head, it would get clearer. it’s almost as if I needed it to ” click” in place one more time.
    After a bit of digging very few said it was blurry. I also had to learn a bit about IPD (Interpupillary distance), and according to a few forums the PSVR may do that via profile save data.
    After looking at the device a bit I couldn’t find any way of further adjusting for focus. Is there a was on the device to manually adjust for focus or IPD is that may be the issue?


  • What a JOKE! Our Best Buy in Pacoima, CA had the PSVR Experience demo scheduled (and included on on SONY’s website) for last Friday (7/1) and today, Sunday (7/3) and TWICE there was no one from SONY to be found, much less the VR headset. What a way to promote a new product, SONY. I don’t know who is at fault, but I think the blame rests with SONY.

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