New PlayStation VR Game Demos Hit Stores Tomorrow

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New PlayStation VR Game Demos Hit Stores Tomorrow

Update: As you may know, we’ve had a number of PlayStation VR demos playable at Best Buy and GameStop locations nationwide, and tomorrow we’re adding new demos, including Star Wars Battlefront Rogue One: X-wing VR Mission.

Demos for the following games, plus others, will be available to try out at a retailer near you:

  • Star Wars Battlefront Rogue One: X-wing VR Mission
  • Eagle Flight
  • Batman: Arkham VR
  • PlayStation VR Worlds (two new experiences)
  • Rigs Mechanized Combat League

Click here to find a location near you to try out one of these new demos!

Original updates and story below.

Update: For the last four months, we’ve had a number of PlayStation VR demos playable at Best Buy and GameStop locations nationwide, and tomorrow we’re adding a number of new demos, including Batman: Arkham VR. Demos for the following games will be available to try out at a retailer near you:

  • Batman: Arkham VR
  • PlayStation VR Worlds (two new experiences)
  • Rigs Mechanized Combat League
  • Bound
  • Harmonix Music VR
  • Carnival Games
  • Thumper

PlayStation VR launches next week on October 13. Click here to find a location near you to go hands-on with one of these new demos!

Original story below.

Earlier this week at E3 we announced that PlayStation VR will officially launch in North America on October 13. But we know many of you have been asking – ‘When can I try PlayStation VR out and see some of the great games to come?’ Well, tomorrow and Saturday (June 17 and 18), we’re going to offer PS VR demos at more than 30 Best Buy and GameStop locations. Starting on June 24, that number will expand to about 300 locations across the US and Canada.

PlayStation VR

Click here to visit our website where you’ll be able to quickly and easily find locations where PS VR demos are available now and in the future. In addition to retail locations, you’ll also be able to see Road to Greatness tour locations where PS VR will be playable. Here are the cities where demos will be available tomorrow and Saturday:

Baltimore MD
Boston MA
Chicago IL
Cincinnati OH
Cleveland OH
Columbia SC
Columbus OH
Dallas TX
Denver CO
Detroit MI
Fayetteville AR
Ft. Lauderdale FL
Grand Rapids MI
Hartford CT
Houston TX
Los Angeles CA
Milwaukee WI
Minneapolis MN
New York NY
San Francisco CA
Tampa FL
Toledo OH
Washington D.C.
West Palm Beach FL

To start, we’re going to be showing off PlayStation VR Worlds, EVE: Valkyrie, Headmaster, Battlezone and SUPERHYPERCUBE. More game demos will be added leading up to PS VR’s launch in October. Be sure to keep your eyes on PS.Blog for updates on which PS VR games will be making their way to your local store.

The excitement around PS VR has been enormous and once you try it, you’ll understand why. As all of you would expect, it’s our goal at PlayStation to deliver the best and richest VR gaming experiences, and we can’t wait for you to put that headset on and be transported into these worlds. If you get some hands-on time with PS VR this weekend, be sure to let us know what you think in the comments!

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  • The link is broken.

  • The link to look up stores is not working…

  • What about Phoenixxxxxx~~~

  • Here’s a link for Best Buy’s site that shows a bunch of locations:

  • Very interesting. This will be a great way to experience PSVR if you haven’t yet.

    I’m curious, will there be a PlayStation rep at these venues, or a training package for designated GS & BB employees? It would be a real shame if folks have a bad first experience because the store didn’t set things up properly.

    • I hadn’t thought about that. I’d say a PlayStation Rep should set it up and then let the store’s employees handle it.

    • Not necessary. It’s still just a gaming system. When I receive my PS VR, should I expect Sony to send someone to my house and hook it up for me?

      Man, you are really reaching.

    • No, I would imagine it just being a kiosk with a head set, wands, and probably headphones. Its going to be permanently there like the ps4, xb1, and Wii U demo stations. Its not a big deal like your going skydiving or something.

  • Can’t wait to try it.

  • Khalifa_Taylor88

    What’s up with Germany? When can we try PSVR? And don’t say Gamescom, not everyone will be able to come to this Expo

    • You may want to go to the EU blog. Fairly certain that Sarah Palin can’t even see you guys from her house.

  • Link doesn’t work. Do you know where it will be at in Grand Rapids?

  • They definitely need a demo kiosk at the Dundas Square EB Games in Toronto! I insanely want to try this out haha

  • Link broken. I’m in LA and want to make plans

  • Nothing in Miami? What the hell!! :'(‘ ”

  • After Sony’s absolute lack of support for the Vita, what would stop them from abandoning the PS VR a couple of years later? The way Sony has treated their products, particularly PS Vita and PSTV, would make many doubt if they’ll ever invest in their consoles anymore. Sony simply has lost their credibility in supporting their products. And do not think the PS VR will be any different. It will come and go, and will be forgotten about in no time.

    • Agree, by this time next the PS VR will be as forgotten as the Vita. Tons of hype and promise and then abandoned for the next big thing. Sad, because I still like my Vita, but don’t have faith in Sony for the VR. In a year it’ll be as popular as the Eye Toy or Move, just a fad that failed. Sad to say it, but don’t see a big enough market for VR.

    • bye

    • This isn’t really the same thing. It is more like the 3D feature of the 3DS, so ultimately it all depends on how easy it is for games not designed for VR to still give some kind of enhanced view / feel when using VR. If the answer is very easy, then you would have lots of games that you could play using the VR headset.

      How many games would be designed specifically for VR? That will be as successful as the various additional accessories those games will require. So VR games using multiple PS-Move controllers or that VR Sharpshooter thing or something else.

      Those will be the more niche silos, and I expect the success / failure and support legs would be similar to the PS-Move.

    • Considering that Sony was the only company that released a Vita, and they supported it for two years before giving up on it “BECAUSE CONSUMERS WEREN’T BUYING IT”, I’d say they gave it a fair shot. And besides, there is still a bunch of software coming out for the Vita all the time. You act like Sony not developing any first-party software means that nothing at all is being released for it, which isn’t true.
      And honestly, how many games has Sony released for the PS4, compared to how many are available? Sony isn’t the one filling the PS4 library. The same will be true for VR. When you have three different companies releasing these headsets, and dozens if not hundreds of developers making VR content, it hardly even matters if Sony makes VR games. Everyone else is doing it.
      And when Sony says that even the delay to allow more production time will not be able to meet the apparent demand, it becomes obvious that PS VR is gonna sell way better than PS Vita.
      If you really don’t care/have faith, then get out. We don’t need or want your negativity here.

    • Sony is actually making games for the Vita. They do have 1st party development. They just aren’t spending 10 million dollars making a game that 800k people will buy and the rest expect to get Free for Plus.

      Vita TVs should have been flying off of the shelves at $50, and you people who attack Sony for not supporting the Vita are the ones to blame, because you guy should have been going “OMG GO GET IT! It’s ONLY $50!”

      If the Vita community put half as much time into praising the device as they do nagging Sony… Things would be different.

    • What will stop them? The device selling well.

      The PS Vita never did. As much as I love the device, it never sold.

      I did my best to support it, I encouraged friends to get it and reviewed the best titles that I played for it. I own both a Vita and a PSTV… but that’s fine. I got a good amount of joy out of it, and as titles continue to come out from indies/small studios, I’ll continue to get joy out of it. But I recognize that it was not a successful device and didn’t sell, so Sony has no financial reason to support it.

    • I just wish Sony would issue useful system updates every now and then. Ones that actually add features and fix the bugs that plague the system.

    • Aizawa,
      You sound like an ignorant fanboy who’s dictating other’s “negativity” just because you don’t like it, lol. Well I’m free to say & believe in whatever I like. Don’t like it? Don’t comment.
      Back to subject
      Now you tell me. If you purchased the PSVR & for some reason Sony gave up on it in a couple of years, would you be able to move on? If so, well, congrats. Not everybody is as rich as you are, & big companies love your type, who throws crazy money at their products without accountability. A console is an investment, & “2 years” does’t pay it off. The 3DS was released before the Vita, & still receives great support by Nintendo. For how long were DS & X360 supported? The topic isn’t solely about Vita; what about the PSTV, a microconsole for home usage? The topic’s about Sony’s support for their products and services. Let’s pretend the Move didn’t exist. You claim Sony aren’t entitled to make 1st party games & they aren’t the 1 filling PS4 library, but what incentive would 3rd parties have to make Vita games when they see no support whatsoever from the company making it? SUPPORT isn’t just making 1st party games. It’s marketing, firmware updates, fixing the Store, cutting prices for memory cards etc.

    • HussamFelimban

      Your arguments would be more legitimate if there weren’t a lot of Vita games and Vita ports still coming out. The problem Vita has is that the install base is small. The reason the install base on the Vita is small is because it’s targeted solely at teens to adults. There’s no Digimon bundle, there’s no Minecraft Bundle, it’s Walking Dead, Borderlands, Call of Duty then you look at the games and it’s like Soul this. Blood that. Thieves this. Dead that. I bet Santa is one of the biggest buyers of handhelds in your average year.

      The reason why VR will be different from the Vita is simple. According to NVidia there are 15 million VR ready PCs by the end of the year.

      There’s 40 million VR ready PS4s already. NVidia is hoping to get up to 30 million VR ready PCs with optimization of VR. By then we’re looking at 50-55 million PS VR capable units?

    • Makai,

      Most (if not all) of those (very limited) coming ports/games are 3rd party, not 1st party, which Vita owners should be thankful for, as the company making the Vita already abandoned it long ago. Still can’t see why the number of low sales should negatively impact’s Sony’s support towards the Vita. What would they lose if they just fixed the Store, which has been broken forever, or the file sizes for (cross-buy) Vita games on the web store? Take for example the Wii U, its sale numbers are lower of that of the Vita, but still gets great support by Nintendo.

      About the PSVR, it’s too early to tell or even be optimistic. Don’t forget that it’s an accessory, rather than a stand-alone console, that is priced very highly ( $400 – you’re looking at about $800 at least to get the full package.) Doubt it’s the case with other VR’s you mentioned. So, there’s no guarantee whatsoever that all (or even most) of current/future PS4 owners will get PSVR. Only time can tell. Let’s not forget that 1 of the reasons for Vita’s low sale numbers is the high price (console + memory card + games). If you got it at launch, you’ve spent at least $400, unlike its competitor, 3DS, which was (and still) priced reasonably.

  • 2 million people in the Las Vegas area. We like games too, if you were wondering…

    Hopefully we get some love when they expand out to more stores.

    • Wait.. They don’t have those set up in and around Vegas?

      Man if I lived around there I’d be setting up my own small business. For $3k you can probably charge $3 a minute to play VR and people will play them because they’ll be so much better than the crappy Doom experience people used to pay for a decade ago.

      Better get on that man. Oh those were the days. Playing games with huge pixels, with a huge gun, on a huge treadmill only being able to look left and right… XD

  • CANADA????? Please!!!

  • Will you please come to CANADA!

  • This is the BEST thing they could possibly do!. It’s an hour away from my house tomorrow and Sat. Then next weekend it is coming to my backyard! Then we’re going on Vacation to Costa Mesa on July 1’st & 2’nd and it’ll be close to our hotel! I might actually hit it up 3 times! LOL

  • When will more preorders open? C’mon, who doesn’t wanna be batman? If you didn’t grow up wrapping a towel around you n jumping off stuff then you haven’t lived

  • I’m super happy it’s coming to my local Best Buy tomorrow! I’m totally behind VR and really wish PlayStation helps to make it mainstream and successful.
    I’ve yet to try VR and can’t wait to give it a try. I still have my Move controllers and have a PS4 camera so I’m ready for just the VR headset come Oct 13th!

  • I see West Palm Beach as location here but not in the link….

  • Will the site be updated around the 24th for Canadian addresses as well? Really exited to try it out. Already got it reserved on amazon (I was lucky) but I want to try it before I get it if I can.

  • I see West Palm Beach in the initial list but its not showing up on the map. Was that a typo on your end or is there a bug with the map.

  • Nice! One of them is actually near me and the schedule is favorable, so I think this Saturday I am gonna go and check out the PSVR

  • Two things…

    1) This is great, I’ve preordered a PlayStation® VR, but I’m concerned it’s going to make me nauseous; will be great to try it out and find out.

    2) It would be great if the store locator was updated to include Canadian locations as they come online too.

  • Nothing in New Jersey i see, Oh well wasn’t planning on buying this anyways it will be another gimmick that sony will forget about in a year or two like the PlayStation Vita, Move, TV and the PSP GO,

    • They never forgot about the Move. They made so many games for it. Killzone and Socom even supported it. They made dozens of games, they released the Wonderbooks, and Morpheus is even using it, plus they put the technology into the controller itself of the PS4. Move has not been forgotten.

      But you know if you don’t want to buy it because you’re worried it won’t work out, and you convince no one else to buy it, you’ll still blame Sony for not dropping a billion dollars into it. Even though the onus is on people to buy hardware if they want hardware to be supported.

      If 3 million PS VRs sell, it’ll be a different story than if 1 million PS VRs sell. If in 4 years there’s 20 million PS VRs out there, it’ll be a different story than if in 4 years there’s 4 million PS VRs that sold. So stop being so negative and whining to Sony that they don’t drop a billion in development before you are finally happy enough to give them $700 (the VR, and several games)

    • There’s actually some in NJ! Click the link on the post or go here –

      Search up your ZIP. I saw some in Lodi, Newark, Union, etc.

      Hope you get to try it. I was able to try it before and it’s phenomenal.

    • You, my friend, get it.

  • It says on your chart that West Palm Beach, Florida is one of the locations but when I go to search for it, there isnt anything near it???

  • I was able to try RIGS at last year’s E3 and really enjoyed it.

  • Couple things:

    How many stations will be at a location?
    How long will an individual be allowed to demo a unit?
    Will we be able to add ourselves to a waitlist/schedule and come back, or will we just have to waste hours in line, in a BB/GS store, waiting to hopefully get a chance?
    If I could go in the first weekend at one of the stores near me, and schedule myself for a time block on the second weekend, that would be way more convenient than standing in line several days with possibly no chance to even demo the headset…

  • I’ve been waiting for this. I have bifocals and Sony have only offered a vague “you can wear glasses” statement so I’ll need to try it out beforehand.

    • jah_92_rastafari

      I’ve heard from several people that psvr is fine with glasses, most say it’s the most accommodating, shuhei yoshida, Sony’s chief of first party studios wears glasses, so it was important from the beginning to make sure people with glasses can use it comfortably, obviously size of glasses plays a part

  • No sign of anywhere in the Missouri portion of the Kansas City area where I live that’s on list. I always wanted to try it out.

  • I just want to pre order PS VR now I have the chips to due so. Will you have more available? Or am I out of luck?

  • Are the Canadian dates not there yet?

    No places in Southern Ontario makes absolutely no sense.

  • Just what i want to do. play a game that goes on my head, after some dirty lil kid gets it all funky

  • And the state of Georgia is listed where again?

  • No chance to try it as East Coast Canada doesn’t exist. Not a huge loss as I doubt I’d ever buy it (seeing as I’d have to fork over for the upcoming upgraded PS4 in order to use it, plus the camera plus maybe move controllers. Yeah, too much to invest to make it worthwhile.

    • jah_92_rastafari

      Dunno if you’ve been keeping up with the news but Sony haven’t even unveiled the neo yet, it won’t be out before psvr, therefore games will run fine on it and you won’t need an upgraded one, sony aren’t that stupid that they would build psvr up for the last few years only to destroy everything by cutting off psvr’s entire potential install base

  • I’ll be happy once it comes to western NC. But my big question is when will VR games be available for preorder here, both at local stores and on the PS store? Would be something great to help with the spend $100 get $15 promo.

    • jah_92_rastafari

      A few games are available to pre order on the ps store now, such as until dawn rush of blood, PlayStation vr worlds, rigs, gran turismo sport aswell as released games that will have vr updates like volume, driveclub and war thunder.

  • No San Diego (city population of 1.3 million, greater area population of 3.2 million)?! Well, at least you got Fayetteville on there (population of 205,000). It’s ok. I hate money too.

    • I retract my last statement. I was in the wrong state. The population of Fayetteville, AR is nearing 80,000. Even better.

  • Did you not click on the link provided?

    It clearly shows FOUR locations in SD Country; one in Mission Valley, one in San Diego off the 15 and Aero Dr, one in Camp Pendleton and the last one in El Cajon.

  • No greatness for Wisconsin still might pick this either way

  • My only concern with the PSVR is motion sickness and eye strain.

    I’ve been playing games for over 35 years now, and my vision may not be what it once was.
    I had some eyestrain with stereoscopic 3D on the PlayStation 3D Display, but that may have been because of the fast changing active shutter technology.

    As far as the motion sickness goes I sometimes experience it with games such as Ratchet & Clank, inFAMOUS (more with 1 than with 2), and even more recently with Uncharted 4. I’m not sure if that has more to do with the frame rate or camera movement.

    I have the PSVR pre-ordered for October 13th, so I guess I will find out one way or another on or before then.

  • What’s the battery life like on the PSVR?

  • So you have a demo in Riverdale Utah but nothing in the entire state of Idaho. At least Oculus came to Boise with a lackluster demo, that’s better than no demo at all. I’m disapointed PS VR I really wanted to give this a try.

  • You said USA and Canada. Well there is none in Canadian city or even the map doesn’t show. :(

  • I understand the love and support… But please please please will people realize there is A LOT more to MARYLAND then just Baltimore….

    There is an entire eastern shore of Maryland that can only go to Baltimore via the Bay Bridge that crosses the Chesapeake Bay (meaning it’s a very time consuming travel effort)

    I suggest researching the GameStop Store in Easton, Maryland… They are one of the top stores in the region and the town of Easton is pretty much a central location on Maryland’s Eastern Shore..

    I’m just tired of people thinking MD only means Baltimore….. There is a whole section of the state that would like some love also!

    • I have to agree. While I happen to live in the greater Baltimore area, there’s a lot of parts of Maryland that are quite inaccessible. Even being part of Baltimore county, depending on where they have these units, I could still easily be an hour away from it (Baltimore is a sprawling city).

      Thankfully, there’s several in my area. But in a way, that’s almost worse. There’s four or five kiosks within 20 miles of me, but there’s HUGE sections of Maryland that just don’t have any. Basically, if you aren’t in the Baltimore-DC metro area, you aren’t trying this out, but if you do, you can try it almost anywhere.

  • jah_92_rastafari

    You guys need to do this for the UK too, the UK will be a huge portion of the vr market, I’m sure we bought more eye toys than NA back in the day, we love new tech, you need to get it over here.

    • I second that one, I went to PS VITA Road Show in Manchester before it was released and had me sold then. Really need to give it a try before I buy on this.

      SONY- Any update would be great.



  • Places in Canada?

  • Sweet! Thank for for bringing it to Syracuse! I’m looking forward to trying it. Hopefully the lines aren’t too long. By the way, congrats for winning E3!

  • Looking forward on trying it out when it comes to las vegas on the 24th.

  • When will the games for psvr become preorder?

    • oh knows dude oh knows dude but am still waiting for the ps vr to come out in october the 13th that is were the real fun beings dude so be patience and just wait for the vr to come out ok dude

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