Resident Evil 7 biohazard: On PS4, PS VR January 24

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Resident Evil 7 biohazard: On PS4, PS VR January 24

Horror fans all have one thing in common: We live to be terrified. Capcom has heard fans’ masochistic cries for a Resident Evil game far more terrifying than anything that has come before it. Resident Evil 7 biohazard is the harrowing homecoming you’ve been waiting for.

Resident Evil 7 biohazard: On PS4, PS VR January 24

Capcom announced Resident Evil 7 biohazard, the next major entry in the famed Resident Evil series, today during PlayStation’s big E3 2016 press conference in Los Angeles. While Resident Evil 7 draws from the series’ roots of atmospheric survival horror, it also delivers a whole new level of terror. In the classic Resident Evil games of yesteryear, players braced for fear in the first-person via the creepy door-opening scenes, and Resident Evil 7 ramps up that tension with an immersive first-person view and a photorealistic graphical style.

Capcom is able to achieve a shocking degree of visual fidelity thanks to the new and fully VR compatible proprietary in-house RE Engine. Last year’s “Kitchen” tech demo for PlayStation VR was in fact built on this new engine as well. With the RE Engine plus industry leading audio and visual technologies, you experience every abhorrent detail up close and personal in Resident Evil 7. Compatibility with PlayStation VR escalates the unsettling feeling of presence to a level that horror fans have never experienced. No Resident Evil you’ve ever survived can prepare you for this.

Of course, a horror story is only as frightening as its setting, and Resident Evil 7 pays tribute to the franchise’s origins on this front as well. Resident Evil 7 is set after the events of Resident Evil 6, taking place in modern day and revolving around a foreboding, derelict plantation mansion in rural America. Players must explore and survive the horrors within the mysterious, sprawling estate.

Courageous PS4 owners can get a taste of this new chapter of Resident Evil by downloading the “Resident Evil 7 Teaser: Beginning Hour” demo on PlayStation Store. This free demo of Resident Evil 7 is available exclusively to all PlayStation Plus subscribers at this time, and offers a sense of the intense and terrifying experience awaiting you. We don’t want to spoil your time playing Beginning Hour by offering too many details, so start your download today and prepare to face your fears.

True survivalists who pre-order the Standard or Digital Deluxe version of Resident Evil 7 will receive the Survival Pack, which includes an early unlock to the hardest difficulty mode as well as a special item set when the game releases. Pre-order via the PlayStation Store and you’ll also receive the exclusive Resident Evil 7 PS4 dynamic theme.

Resident Evil and PlayStation have a long history together – starting 20 years ago with the launch of the 1996 original – and now is the perfect time for fans of both. Experiencing the exploration and immersive atmosphere in the new, unnervingly intimate first-person view of Resident Evil 7 is guaranteed to rattle players on its own. But with the added magic of PS VR it will become the stuff of nightmares when the game releases for PS4 on January 24, 2017.

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  • Its live in the US now folks. Downloading right now

    • How’d you find it? I see the store pages but they don’t have demo links and nothing under PS Plus freebies OR new demos.

  • Playing as we speak

  • Where’s the demo? Still can’t see it.

  • Logged into my PS4, browsed around the store and didn’t notice the demo anywhere. However, I did a search for “RESIDENT”, scrolled down a bit to find “RESIDENT EVIL 7 biohazard Deluxe Edition”, selected it and then hit the “Game Page” button to find “RESIDENT EVIL 7 biohazard”, then scrolled down a few screens to find the demo. I hope this helps others who can’t seem to find it.

  • You all better be playing in the dark with your surround sound/headphones JACKED!

  • Found it. For those looking for it in the PS Store on a computer you won’t find it there. Have to get on your PS4 to find it.

    • THANK YOU!!! Been searching the PS store on my phone all morning trying to find d this thing. Went to the store on the PS4 and found it right away!!! Thank you so much!!!

  • Well that was short

  • Ohhhhhh play thru it again…it’s different!

  • Sony rewards click on the games icon scroll down till you find it, it was next to doom for me

  • Very disappointed to hear this will be a first-person game. Not a fan of those so unless you include third-person I won’t be buying this. As a longtime fan of Resident Evil this moves away from what Resident Evil was. I always enjoyed seeing the character I was playing as (which it seems none of the fan favorites are making an appearance) I understand you needed to do something different but not drastically change the core of what players knee to the point it longer is a Re gamebut something else entirely. Santa Monica Studios just announced God of War 4, which also changed a few things but still kept it what players were familiar with. So I won’t be picking this upv

    • 3rd person games is so 80s this is the 2000s time to make things seem real and not look like a rerun just saying.

    • Dark, how does looking through a square frame held ~3-4 inches in front of your face make it ‘seem real’? Is it ‘real’ to not be able to tell if something has touched you? Is it ‘real’ to see nothing but a tiny fragment of your hands while walking?

      There’s very little that is ‘realistic’ about the way we do first person.

  • It’s 12:58am in Cali and I keep getting a wish list option on the demo anyone else getting that?

  • 1:23am still can’t download it

  • You had one job, Tim Turi.

  • I am only seeing where I can add it to my wish list on PC. When I get home I will check and see if I need to do it via my PlayStation.

  • All I got was a Wishlist option for the Resident Evil VII demo. Yes, I have plus account and in the US, however there is no demo to download.

  • All of these, and not one comment on the title. So I’ll start this:
    If This is the Us title, then I’m guessing the Japanese title would be Biohazard 7 resident evil?!
    I mean seriously, no one noticed or something?
    (For those not in the know, Biohazard is the original Japanese title for Resident Evil)

  • Should have bought the disc. At least a few costumes were included on it.

  • First person RE? Don’t care.

    I liked RE because it was a third person horror series. And while recent entries had dialed back the ‘horror’ a bit, there are other ways to ramp that up without just throwing away a big part of what made it good.

    • First, It would be impossible for this game to be VR if it were 3rd person. Second, the reason for the move to VR is because it is the future of horror games. The reviews I’ve read for Oculus Rift where pretty incredible. The guy from Gamespot said he couldn’t play some games because his body wouldn’t function properly. With VR your mind actually thinks you’re in these settings. You may thinks it’s just a 3 inch screen that sits close to your face but it’s completely different then that. Third and final, the direction the Resident Evil Franchise was going was awful. I stopped at 5 because it had not the slightest hint of what the original brought. It was a terrible game to me & ive heard all the stories about how awful 6 was. This is a chance to reboot the franchise, go back to the roots of what made RE great, as well as dive into the future of gaming that we are about to experience with VR

  • I’m probably going to regret this, but I am going to play REVII exclusively in VR in January! The setting looks terrifying, but I’m sure it will be exciting and intensely satisfying!

  • This was probably my favorite reveal of the night. And knowing the “Kitchen” demo used the same engine is icing on the cake. The fact that the entire game is playable in VR…edible gold sprinkles on an already delicious cake. I am now super looking forward to this title!

  • Will play the demo tonight. Haven’t played re6 yet hopefully we could get it through plus before 7 hits the stores?

  • looks and plays nothing like RE. so much for “going back to their roots”

    series is officially dead, toodaloo capcom.

  • Wow just great, those of us I n New Zealand can’t get the demo as in is not even available in the PlayStation store. Try any where else in the world and you can get it but not NZ Resisent evil doesn’t even show up at all pre-order or otherwise. Does this mean NZ won’t get RE7 if so that is crap

  • I’ve been fanatic to the Resident evil series so far..and was the reason who bought the playstation 1 console..I have played and owned all the series..since it turned in to a first person game the 7th…for me the franchise RE and capcom is done for good..REST IN PIECE RE

  • I had seen rumors about RE7 appearing at E3 but I gotta say that during the conference I was very surprised to see RE7 name at the end of that gameplay demo.Never expected a 1st person RE…looks like the game is back on its roots,looking forward to see more about it.

  • This demo was the creepiest Resident Evil experience I have ever been through. I will have to try it with VR and then likely never sleep again.

  • Tim the Tool Man Turi! THE CONQUERER OF OVERBLOOD! Always excited when I see that name attached to any piece of writing online! :D

    Also super excited for this direction in Resident Evil! I super doubted that Capcom was actually going to go full horror ever again, but man did they. This is everything I wanted, from focusing on the horror again to getting rid of old characters (I mean, how can it be scary if it’s just Leon and Claire and Jill and so-and-so YET AGAIN? They’ve seen/done this so many times, they can’t care that much)… heck, it’s also awesome to see them get back to focusing on a RESIDENCE. Heck, it’s almost like they actually went back to the core of series (Sweet Home), locked onto those elements, and are building a new modern experience around those elements. I’m very excited for this! Haven’t been this excited in an Resident Evil since 4, when they really went for it. I’m hoping VII is as successful a reinvention as 4 was back in 2004. Fingers crossed!

  • I am so getting this have every r.e. game ever made am also getting this!! Just wish they would give you choice to play 1st person or 3rd person but still buying it

  • Love r.e games wish they give you choice to play 1st or 3rd person though!!!

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