5 Things to Know About Watch Dogs 2, Out 11/15 on PS4

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5 Things to Know About Watch Dogs 2, Out 11/15 on PS4

Today we’re excited to finally announce that Watch Dogs 2, the second installment of a series inspired by the hyper-connected reality of our daily lives, will be coming to PlayStation 4 on November 15th. Here are a few things we want you to know about the game while you get ready to fight the establishment:

1. “Big Brother” no longer works alone

After Aiden Pearce was able to momentarily shut down the entire ctOS system, Blume quadrupled their work on it and released ctOS 2.0 from the heart of Silicon Valley. With billions of connected devices, it has truly become the “Internet of Things.” But now, it’s not just the government and criminal forces monitoring you. Corporations are building full digital profiles of citizens that can be tracked, traded, sold, and stolen without you having any idea. With so much control over the population, hackers, whistleblowers and activists are raising the flag and drawing the battle lines. It’s time to take the power back.

2. You’re no longer working alone

You’ll play as Marcus Holloway, a brilliant young hacker who’s been wrongly accused by ctOS 2.0 of a crime he didn’t commit. He’s a charming, funny guy but also a passionate idealist who wants to give back control to the people. He’ll join the San Francisco cell of DedSec, and only with the combined power of his new hacker family and community will he be able to take on a corrupt establishment and achieve his goals.

3. Every activity counts toward your progression

We wanted every interaction or event in the game to feel meaningful, and everything you do in Watch Dogs 2 will help you reach your final goal. Speaking of which, there are no more towers to unlock. The entire San Francisco Bay Area will be open from the start for you to explore and discover the stories and secrets that lie within. From the lush lawns of Silicon Valley, to the cultured streets of San Francisco and the gorgeous views of Marin County, each neighborhood has its own vibe and feel. We’ve packed the game with a lot of content and there will always be something for you to do or see in this massive world.

4. Hacking is expanded, opening up many new possibilities

Every character, vehicle, electronics and other objects you’ll come across can be hacked. Everything is a target that can be hacked in multiple ways. Hacking traffic signals not enough? Take control of a vehicle’s steering wheel or overload the engine. We want to empower you with even greater control and possibilities with hacking, and we’re really excited to see how players creatively use these tools. You’ll even have an RC car and drone at your disposal to open up the world and create new hacking opportunities.

5. We took a lot of fan feedback into consideration for Watch Dogs 2

We’re very proud of what we accomplished with the first game, but we also realized we needed to push the experience forward. We scoured the forums, read every tweet and every comment. With the sequel you’ll find a dynamic new protagonist, a denser new setting, deeper hacking possibilities, rewarding world activities, and more accessible vehicle handling (just to name a few things). The team took special care to make sure the biggest points of feedback were addressed in Watch Dogs 2, and we hope you enjoy what we’ve cooked up for you.

Thank you for reading. We’ve got a lot more to share before the game releases on November 15th, and we hope to see you around.

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  • If everything works the way they say it will. This could out do GTAV with just basic sandbox fun

  • I loved the first game, and really looking forward to this one. I just hope that some reference to the events in the first game are at least mentioned in this. Just all the new hacking possibilities seem so awesome. I hope the fact you don’t work alone you will have people helping you complete mission, instead of being a one man army.

  • Looking forward to this and nice to see you guys listened to a lot of feedback. Now show me that new AC game at E3 Ubi!

  • Sounds great ! Can’t wait.
    I platinumed the first one ,
    hope there’s no drinking game in this one like the first

  • Damn, this sucks. I really enjoyed the first game and I really liked Aiden. It is going to suck not having him in the game. I already know I’m not gonna like this new character. Looks like I’ll be skipping it.

  • I liked the first one overall. The second looks even better, the parkour looks cool and it appears symbolic of the increased freedom you’ll have in this sequel. Glad they’re giving it another go!

  • I have been playing games since commodore years spectrum sega ect so I like to think I know me cookies and I can honestly say watch dogs one wasn’t bad at all not perfect but had a he’ll of a lot going for it different to wat most open world games have to offer even online was good so watch dogs 2 for me will be a pre-order it looks mint and with almost every sequel being worked on fixing and adding new content this should be a big contender might even be a battle kicking off Watch Dogs 2 vs Mafia 3.

  • Hi. Disney Buxom here. I’m a big fan of UbiSoft and I play many games of theirs of different genres.
    The current version of Watch Dogs is absolutely amazing in many, many ways.
    There ARE, however, multiple oversights that need to be addressed. I have no idea where to contact them or any other game developers, because they ALL claim that we can contact them via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., but they DO NOT respond to Bugs/Glitches no matter WHERE you write them. INCLUDING their own websites. I don’t know what to do, anymore. :(

  • I hated the first one because I thought it was very repetitive and boring but this actually looks good

  • Will there be gangs in watch dogs 2?

  • Do you think I will be able to play the second game despite not playing the first? Are the stories connected or no?

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