5 Things to Know About Watch Dogs 2, Out 11/15 on PS4

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5 Things to Know About Watch Dogs 2, Out 11/15 on PS4

Today we’re excited to finally announce that Watch Dogs 2, the second installment of a series inspired by the hyper-connected reality of our daily lives, will be coming to PlayStation 4 on November 15th. Here are a few things we want you to know about the game while you get ready to fight the establishment:

1. “Big Brother” no longer works alone

After Aiden Pearce was able to momentarily shut down the entire ctOS system, Blume quadrupled their work on it and released ctOS 2.0 from the heart of Silicon Valley. With billions of connected devices, it has truly become the “Internet of Things.” But now, it’s not just the government and criminal forces monitoring you. Corporations are building full digital profiles of citizens that can be tracked, traded, sold, and stolen without you having any idea. With so much control over the population, hackers, whistleblowers and activists are raising the flag and drawing the battle lines. It’s time to take the power back.

2. You’re no longer working alone

You’ll play as Marcus Holloway, a brilliant young hacker who’s been wrongly accused by ctOS 2.0 of a crime he didn’t commit. He’s a charming, funny guy but also a passionate idealist who wants to give back control to the people. He’ll join the San Francisco cell of DedSec, and only with the combined power of his new hacker family and community will he be able to take on a corrupt establishment and achieve his goals.

3. Every activity counts toward your progression

We wanted every interaction or event in the game to feel meaningful, and everything you do in Watch Dogs 2 will help you reach your final goal. Speaking of which, there are no more towers to unlock. The entire San Francisco Bay Area will be open from the start for you to explore and discover the stories and secrets that lie within. From the lush lawns of Silicon Valley, to the cultured streets of San Francisco and the gorgeous views of Marin County, each neighborhood has its own vibe and feel. We’ve packed the game with a lot of content and there will always be something for you to do or see in this massive world.

4. Hacking is expanded, opening up many new possibilities

Every character, vehicle, electronics and other objects you’ll come across can be hacked. Everything is a target that can be hacked in multiple ways. Hacking traffic signals not enough? Take control of a vehicle’s steering wheel or overload the engine. We want to empower you with even greater control and possibilities with hacking, and we’re really excited to see how players creatively use these tools. You’ll even have an RC car and drone at your disposal to open up the world and create new hacking opportunities.

5. We took a lot of fan feedback into consideration for Watch Dogs 2

We’re very proud of what we accomplished with the first game, but we also realized we needed to push the experience forward. We scoured the forums, read every tweet and every comment. With the sequel you’ll find a dynamic new protagonist, a denser new setting, deeper hacking possibilities, rewarding world activities, and more accessible vehicle handling (just to name a few things). The team took special care to make sure the biggest points of feedback were addressed in Watch Dogs 2, and we hope you enjoy what we’ve cooked up for you.

Thank you for reading. We’ve got a lot more to share before the game releases on November 15th, and we hope to see you around.

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  • Is there any Playstation exclusive content like there was in Assassin’s Creed Syndicate?

    • Probably holding out on that until E3 presser

    • Will There Be Mention Of Aiden Pearce Or Lot Of The Story Surrounding Him Because Of Chicago

    • Reading this the comments are not bad feed back on the first one it was good don’t realy know we’re the bad press came from it wasn’t perfect but wat game is…… Looks like we all are buzzing for the next one maybe because we are all fans jumping on to this blog might be! but it was mint game.

    • Personally, I think the first one was tolerable at best but the same can be said about the first Assassin’s Creed. Just like Assassin’s Creed it was a great and unique concept and I will be picking up this game on the hope that it will be like Assassin’s Creed 2 and make great improvementselection over the original.

    • Yeah, I heard that there is something don’t remember if it was an dlc or something but there is something for only PS4 (For now)

  • I guess I am one of the few that really enjoyed the first game. It was a unique concept and actually really fun to play. Sure there were some hiccups, but all games have them. Zero reason to complain. I’m really excited for this one.

    • No dude. I totally agree with you. I enjoyed and Platinum’d Watch Dogs. While this game does look like it’ll be great, I’m going to miss Aiden Pearce. Love anti-heroes :'(

    • The problem for me was repetativness. All missions are same, like AC. Stealth, follow, and interrogate

    • I liked the first game as well :-). The only real thing I found very anoying was that people could out of nowhere just join the game and shoot you, while you were trying to do missions. Found out that there was an option that disabled that feature, but only after I had been killed a few times already :-/

    • I liked it too, but I feel like it was just not as awesome as it could have been. Plus hacking wasn’t as effective as just shooting people. The morality system also didn’t matter.

    • One of my favourite game moments happened playing watch dogs, i was trying to parallel park my car inbetween 2 cars must have been at it for a good couple mins and when i got out some player had joined my game and was watching me fail.

    • Please please please let there be in-car shooting!!!
      That was one of the only few thing which lacked in the first part!

    • I enjoyed the old game a lot. Only reason I don’t like where the second one is heading, is because you’re becoming apart of Dedsec, instead of being your own anti-hero. See, the whole reason why Aiden denied them in the last game was because they wanted to take control of the system so they could set things rights, but that isn’t what Aiden wanted. He didn’t want someone else taking advantage of such a power, so that’s why he shut it all down without Dedsec and with T-Bone’s help.

  • Really liked the first one. Weak main character, but interesting setting. Shootouts were phenomenal. Tense and impredictable.
    Will wait for it!

  • Whoo hoo! I loved the first and thought people were a little rough on it considering it was a near launch new IP. Really looking forward to this come November.

  • Master will be pleased. #PSILoveYouXOXO

  • Question: WIll it be as boring, forgettable, and tedious as the first one?

    • If you don’t play the game to its full extent…sure it will be.Hell I don’t think you know what that means.

    • Yes I tried each type of side mission and activity, and they were not interesting to me. That’s why I’m asking if it follows that same model. The game felt like a modern-day Assassin’s Creed, with all the same tedious gameplay (both within the main story and side missions) and flat acting.

      That’s perfectly fine if that’s what you’re into, I’m not trying to convince anyone of anything. But playing that game to “its full extent” would be a bit torturous to someone who’s not interested in that type of gameplay, correct? So that’s why I asked if it’s following the same model.

    • Seriously?

  • Master has presented Dobby with clothing!!!
    (I know you were thinking it. Unfortunately so was I. ….deleting twitter).

  • I hope this pulls a AC2 and figures out what to do with the series going forward.
    Although I do hope this has a new template, the now standard Ubisoft template of “Climb tower fill in map, find more towers” has gotten quite stale

    • Per this article…

      3. Every activity counts toward your progression
      We wanted every interaction or event in the game to feel meaningful, and everything you do in Watch Dogs 2 will help you reach your final goal. Speaking of which, there are no more towers to unlock. The entire San Francisco Bay Area will be open from the start for you to explore and discover the stories and secrets that lie within.

  • Will there be fighting in the game? There needs to be more than hacking and shooting

  • Next time you put a Watch Dogs sale, please put the season pass on sale as well. All your sales so far have only put the game or the bundle of the game with the season pass for sale.

    Since I already have the game, buying the bundle for the same price as the season pass is pointless.

    • I’m right there with you. Once I finally finished the game and when the last DLC came out, I was interested in it, but not at $15 for the one DLC or $20 for the season pass. So, I sat and waited through every Ubisoft sale hoping that a Season pass or DLC might get a deal, but still no. I’ll buy either the season pass or the final DLC Bad Blood if there’s a sale, but 2 1/2 years later, it’s hard to pay full price.

    • There actually was a sale on the season pass, back in March 2015. I picked it up for $13.99 (30% off). I can’t recall if it was an Ubisoft-specific sale, but I believe it was.

  • Naysayers aside, I really enjoyed the first Watch Dogs, and I’m really looking forward to learning more about Watch Dogs 2; day 1 purchase for me.

  • Screenshots look good, hopefully there will be a photo mode!

  • Watch dogs foi o primeiro game que adquiri já finalizei o modo história várias vezes sempre gostei do estilo do game e o segundo promete ser ainda melhor

  • Will it also be titled Watch Underscore Dogs?

  • I can’t wait, I loved the first one.

  • This is my most anticipated game! The first one is great and this looks even better!

  • I’m in the minority that enjoyed the first one. I’m actually excited for Watch Dogs 2 and looking to pick this up in November.

    • I really think it’s the vocal minority that didn’t like the game. It ended up with good reviews and everyone I know that played it, liked it. Even as broken as the online could get, we had a blast just running around together and causing mayhem. Really looking forward to the co-op opportunities in the new one. That was my main gripe, that once Bad Blood added co-op missions, it made it clear how they should’ve been in the game day one. So, a bigger, better open world, with a better story, and able to play co-op. I’m sold. I don’t pre-order anything, but I’m sure I will pre-order this when the deal is right. But I loved the first game and have no reason to think I won’t love this one too.

    • Yeah I can acknowledge the game’s faults but it was NOT a terrible game IMO.

  • How u guys dare to make a second one? knowing the first one sucked so hard

  • Woah, the game is actually COLORFUL

    Good job Ubi

  • If #5 means there’s no drinking mini-games I’ll pre-order it right now.

  • Day one for me cant wait.

  • Apparently you can play through the entire game non-lethally. I like the sound of that but I’m not sure how successful I’d be at it if I have to use a vehicle in the game. My vehicles become pedestrian magnets when I play open-world games. >_>

  • Please just remove the annoying pop up windows every second when i was wandering around aimlessly. But honestly not sure if I’m excited for this or wait till reviews hit. I liked the first one since it was the first big open world on the PS4, but after i beat it, i tried to show a friend and i got bored showing him more then a few minutes. Ubisoft isn’t known for making interesting side missions…

    Considering my favorite “game” to play was try to kill as many people as possible before the police get called.

  • While the visuals in NO way matched what was shown at E3, I still enjoyed the first one and look forward to the sequel. Guess this will be under my tree this Christmas.

  • Saw the 2 trailers and I already didn’t liked,I knew ubi would change Aiden and although he wasn’t the best of characters he was nice.The only problem with him was that Aiden was his outfit of vigilante,without it he was a nobody.Anyway I already don’t like this new character,his outfit is terribly designed…at least Aiden looked cool since the 1st time he was shown.Other thing I don’t like is how you guys seem to have changed the game,I’m having that feeling of unnecessary changes to cater to a wide public and that is bad news…cuz I’ve seen countless games being ruined because of this.The 1st one didn’t need much changes it was a helluva fantastic game…super fun and I’m just sorry for people who missed that.

    Not gonna judge before seeing at least a gameplay though.Don’t be a fool ubi,you made a great achievement with the 1st game,the villain of it was the hype built around it…which now is something y’all have to your advantage since most ignorant will say/think the game will suck lol.

    • Forgot to say a thing…Watch Dogs although in the wrong side had a huge meaningful message that was missed by almost 100% of people who played it.It was expected but still…thats a shame.

    • Aiden’s outfit was boring. This guy is cool and the world is colorful and vibrant.

  • I enjoyed the first one but this just isn’t doing it for me so far. Aiden wasn’t the most interesting character ever but if their had to be a new character why not go with a female? this new guy is just……eh. This is gonna have to have some seriously next level gameplay/content for me to care at this point.

  • Awesome! Looking forward to this!

    I hope they read the feedback regarding multiplayer, and the pause issue. If you enable the ability for others to intrude your game, and you are not in a single player mission or activity, pausing the game should not freeze the action regardless of if someone is in your game or not to hide the difference between someone in your game or not.

    If that is done this will be awesome!! I’d also love to see some coop!

  • Niiiiice. I LOVED the 1st one, but didn’t like Aiden (the worst main character ever) and also didn’t like the driving (horrible). They changed the main character and changed the driving. If they get those right, that game will be INCREDIBLE!! Can’t wait!! ^_^

  • This is great news! I loved the first and it looks like they’ve improved upon some of the things people disliked like driving

  • I kno how plenty have said negative things about the first iteration, but in all honesty i can say that loved the game as if it was a beloved franchise. Not because it was from ubisoft and i’m just kissing ass, but it was because it was really brilliant in my eyes. For them to create something that is different is compellin, especially when you kno they are going to improve on later entries. Now yes the game was a bit misleading in terms of graphics, but by no means should graphics define a game. It was a worthy game for me to play and I had alot of fun doing so in the process of beating it and after the story. But hey that’s my opinion. Keep up the good work Ubisoft

  • No trailer?

  • “The team took special care to make sure the biggest points of feedback were addressed in Watch Dogs 2, and we hope you enjoy what we’ve cooked up for you.”

    I love this approach, and I hope the results of this effort are clear in Watch Dogs 2. As a concept it has so much potential, so I hope this one is better in every way :-)

  • Was looking forward to the next WD. after watching some videos might have to pass.

  • As soon as Rockstar unveil Red Dead 3 and hopefully Agent, then everyone will forget about Watchdogs 2. I didn’t like Watchdogs at all.

  • Golden-Warrior_X

    was the first game really bad?

  • I played through the first and even got the platinum for it. While i thought it was good I saw like many others room for IMPROVEMENT. I am hoping the Ubisoft has history repeat itself like with the AC series, the 1st was disappointing to most but the 2nd was AMAZING. With that said this launching on my BDAY will be a must buy/gift I WILL be getting.

  • I feel with Watchdogs 2 you are doing the mistakes of the first one but in reverse. Alot of the deeper gameplay elements sound great but you replaced Aiden Pierce with a generic character that seems inspired by Mirrors Edge, Cole from Infamous and a nerd stereotype. Watch Dogs should’ve remained an urban crime drama centered around Aiden Pierce as a vigilante taking on certain enemies using his hacking and combat skills. I understand not everyone enjoyed Aiden, but I believe because he was underwritten as a character. You could’ve improved his personality instead you copped out and replaced him with just another guy in a mask. You’ve now gone the way of Assassins Creed and have a new protagonist every game. I’m not happy with this change and probably won’t buy the game or at least wait till reviews and buy it preowned. Ubisoft seem to have a problem with creating great concepts but then not executing them very well so at the moment this is a pass for me. A shame because I was a fan of the concept of the first game.

    • Also forgot to ask what side activities are there? Is there still Privacy Invasions, mini-game etc?

  • Really hated the new protagonist… No personality at all. Does not say a word in any of the trailers. It feels bland. I would prefer to create my character.

  • WhtWolfAssassin7

    I greatly enjoyed Watch Dogs and look forward to the sequel. I just hope there is more variety when it comes to the missions and activities you can do in Watch Dogs 2 compared to the first game.

  • Lots of potential, hope they can deliver. And hopefully it’s not pushed to 2017.

  • Loved Watch Dogs and 2 seems to be really improving the game in every way.

  • I actually enjoyed the first game immensely. Had very few complaints. Extremely excited for this one.

  • Happy to see that you are trying to make the sequel even better than the first. I enjoyed the first game, finished the story, but didn’t get the platinum. I really thought you guys created a solid first entry for a new IP and could see an interesting universe stemming from this one. I hope it is an enjoyable improvement over the first one.

    I loved hacking people’s phones randomly to listen to their conversations and read their texts. Quite a few of them made me laugh.

  • I loved the first game and have been waiting patiently for the next :)

    I am a bit sad about the fact that there are no more towers to unlock. I loved the idea that you have to earn the hacking access and the mini games were great! Actually hacking the towers was a lot of fun for me and I kept wanting more of them to be available.

    Oh well, looking forward to it anyway – go Ubisoft!

  • not bad at all. Will keep my eyes on it.

  • I agree that the first game got WAY too repetitive way to early in the game. I got the platinum for the first game and it was just ridiculous the sheer number of each of the limited variety of missions you had to complete in order to get some of the trophies. Before I was even a quarter of the way through the story progression I had played every variety of mission nearly 20 times over and then even the story missions get repetitive within themselves.

    The game had a lot of potential so I’m remaining cautiously optimistic for this one with the hope that new hacking tools and whatnot will add to the variety that the original game desperately needed. Also Ubi, please don’t make us have to do 30-40 of nearly the exact same mission just to get a single trophy 10 times over in this one. Grinding is one thing, wanting to burn the game because you’re so sick of playing basically the exact same mission over and over that’s slow and tedious but not challenging is another.

  • The first game didn’t give us the graphics which is showed in E3 2013, hope this time ubi can keep its word.

  • Ultimate_Atheist

    The Developers need to make (AT LEAST) ONE CHANGE to the current Edition of Watch Dogs’.: The ‘Climb/Vault’ button (O) being the SAME BUTTON FOR MALEE!! This REALLY SCREWS UP our’ Fisticuffs’ events when fighting ‘Criminals’ (Gang Members AND Cops) next to a Climable Object, making Aiden hop onto said Objects, making him for prone to attacks, while inhibiting HIS ability to engage with said Enemy. It also has the same effect when Chasing after someone and you’re constantly mashing on (O) to immediately grab your opponent as soon as possible (especially the ones that have the ability to CALL FOR BACKUP), while running past Climable Objects.

    I know someone (who’s not even a legitimate participant in this conversation) is going to ‘Pop In’ saying that ‘THEY’VE NEVER HAD this problem. It’s JUST ME. Whatever,’ Expert’. I KNOW I’m not the ONLY ONE who’s encountered this issue. Move along.

  • I’m still waiting to play the first watch dogs hopefully we can get it with plus before this communication es out so I can get a taste of how the game plays. Looks great

  • On this new watch dogs 2 we need to be able to shoot out the car widow while driving

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