Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age Launches on PS4 in 2017

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Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age Launches on PS4 in 2017

Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age is officially making its way to North American and European shores in 2017! Players can expect several modern advancements when they return to Ivalice, including a reconstructed battle design and a revamped job system. I am excited for North America and Europe to experience several all-new gameplay features, including The Zodiac Job System and Trial Mode for the first time!

Updated Graphics

We’re thrilled to give players a chance to return to Ivalice in Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age, so we’ve updated the visuals to full HD resolution, including the environments, characters, and movie scenes to make sure they look their best on PlayStation 4.

Newly recorded soundtrack

Final Fantasy XII’s soundtrack features some of the most beloved songs in the series’ history, and this was a perfect opportunity to revisit its epic score. We’ve re-recorded FFXII’s background music using the current generation of sound production, now in true 7.1 surround. For the purists out there, you have the option to switch between the new and original versions of the score at any time.

Improvements from the International version of FFXII

Hardcore Final Fantasy fans in the US may remember that an International Version of the game was released that included a new character growth system, as well as various other improvements to the game’s interface. We are happy to report that The Zodiac Age integrates all of these features and updates, so North American fans can finally experience them for themselves. Modern advancements including PlayStation 4 Trophy support and Share functionality, auto-save, shortened loading times, overlaid location map and more are new!

I am excited for both new and returning fans to enjoy the world of Ivalice! Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age is set to launch on PlayStation 4 next year, but we’ll have more to share before then. Stay tuned to PlayStation.Blog for more information as we get closer to its 2017 release.

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  • The one question I have wasn’t answered, and it’s a make or break thing for me.
    In the original IZJS game, once you picked a job you were FORCED to stick with that job for the entire duration of the game. This severely hampered the fun for me, as the game would continually throw situations, armors, accessories and weapons at you that you weren’t adequately prepared to deal with.

    Please let us change classes!


    kind of upset that i just re-bought this for PS2 2 days ago and its coming to PS4 remastered in a year! still I LOVE FFXII

  • Please give the option to choose between the original or zodiac license systems at the beginning of the game, like we could with the sphere grid modes in FFX.

    The zodiac system will probably turn some people away, as it is really easy to screw up your party arrangement. It’s essentially an “expert mode” for people who have already played the original.

  • I know it’s pointless to say so but here’s one more person who would buy this on Vita. Just finished FFX HD!

    In any case glad this is coming. I know it’s sacrilige but XII is my favorite FF game.

    • Ff 12 is one of my favorites as well at least the normal license board and not the zodiac license board

  • Please Square, make japanese audio available for everyone. I disliked english audio version of FF X on PS4 so much.

  • Does anyone know if the regular license board will be an option like how the X remaster had a choice between both sphere grids?

    • Would love to know that? cause this zodiac board sounds bad i hate limitations and that’s all that board is

  • megustadosmucho

    Yay! I have been waiting for this :D

  • sharuf_mohammed

    I still remember the time consuming Yiazmat hunt (final hunt) and the most powerful Omega Mark XII in the Great Crystal. Have not yet defeated em yet but hope to do it in order to get the trophies in the PS4. Thank you so much Square Enix for making my day, I was one of the writer to ask about to release a remaster of XII and finally, the prayers are answered. So excited and looking forward to get my hands on it asap. when will 2016 end…2017 can’t wait for it. LOL :D

  • **** YESSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This will b preordered the day it becomes available I’ve been waiting sooo long for this

  • Please give the player the choice of picking the Zodiac board or the normal board..Like you did in FF10 HD…Hate the limitations of the Zodiac board

    • I agree with you, I hated the limitations of the zodiac board, I don’t see why people liked it, the normal license board gave us more freedom on how to build each character.

  • Finally!!!! one of the greatest FF titles, coming to the ps4….awwwww yeaaaaaaaaaa! can not wait..:)

  • Thank you Square Enix!
    I loved FFXII and can’t wait to revisit this game.
    I would also be interested, like others, in a Vita version of FFXII (physical copy). I think it would be an amazing game to have on the go. Looking forward to seeing more of this remaster.

  • No they’re not doing it to you, they’re going in ORDER. RE1 then 2 then 3. VII then VIII then IX. X then XII. It only makes sense.

  • Sony: “Fans, you will defend my Vita. It will have much need in the hell to follow.”
    Fans draw their sword against Sony: “Yes, we will defend Vita.”
    Sony: “The hound strays. Treason bears a price.”
    Fans: “One we gladly pay.”

    • But all in all seriousness, I absolutely cannot wait for Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age! Loved the original a lot. Truly one of my best favorite Final Fantasy games ever, along with IV, V Advance, VI and IX. I also enjoyed I, II, III, VII, VIII, X and XIII trilogy.

  • I just heard recently. I never understood why this game was so disliked It was my favorite PS2 FF.

  • I hope later on there will be a Vita release, too. That is the version I would love to play.

  • Final Fantasy XII is in my top 3 FF games along with FF6 and FF Tactics. I am absolutely THRILLED this is coming here to the U.S. for PS4! Perhaps a little disappointed not to the PS Vita, but I’ll survive. My only 1 request that was not included in the original game, which I’m not sure was included in the international version, is invert Y axis! That’s the ONLY thing I need! ^_^

    SCREW FF15!!!!
    FF12 FFFTTTWWWWW!!!!!!

  • Interesting. Here’s to hoping it’s nothing like the sopping pile of garbage it originally was. Worthless summons, leveling system that was way too easy to max out, moronic AI for the gambit system, horrid and awkward character control (which is currently still the norm), bland and inconsequential characters/story, and an ending I legitimately didn’t see coming, as in, the only way I knew it was over was when the credits hit. Not to mention the asinine design choice over how to get the best weapon in the game: don’t open this single innocuous chest that we never indicated you shouldn’t open.

  • Thank you for this but could you at least put the original onto the PSN store?

  • Square Enix is raising budget by remaking old games..

    Poor graphics and very low development cost. Definitely will not buy it.

    If you want to waste time and dont want to stress out your PS4, then buy and play it.

  • I really hope they let us have a choice on the whether we want to play the zodiac job system and the standard license board. I hated the zodiac job system.

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