Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age Launches on PS4 in 2017

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Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age Launches on PS4 in 2017

Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age is officially making its way to North American and European shores in 2017! Players can expect several modern advancements when they return to Ivalice, including a reconstructed battle design and a revamped job system. I am excited for North America and Europe to experience several all-new gameplay features, including The Zodiac Job System and Trial Mode for the first time!

Updated Graphics

We’re thrilled to give players a chance to return to Ivalice in Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age, so we’ve updated the visuals to full HD resolution, including the environments, characters, and movie scenes to make sure they look their best on PlayStation 4.

Newly recorded soundtrack

Final Fantasy XII’s soundtrack features some of the most beloved songs in the series’ history, and this was a perfect opportunity to revisit its epic score. We’ve re-recorded FFXII’s background music using the current generation of sound production, now in true 7.1 surround. For the purists out there, you have the option to switch between the new and original versions of the score at any time.

Improvements from the International version of FFXII

Hardcore Final Fantasy fans in the US may remember that an International Version of the game was released that included a new character growth system, as well as various other improvements to the game’s interface. We are happy to report that The Zodiac Age integrates all of these features and updates, so North American fans can finally experience them for themselves. Modern advancements including PlayStation 4 Trophy support and Share functionality, auto-save, shortened loading times, overlaid location map and more are new!

I am excited for both new and returning fans to enjoy the world of Ivalice! Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age is set to launch on PlayStation 4 next year, but we’ll have more to share before then. Stay tuned to PlayStation.Blog for more information as we get closer to its 2017 release.

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  • Will it be released for the Vita too?

  • Thank you Square Enix i still have the original metal PS2 case of FFXII im looking forward to this masterpiece again on PS4 but we do need new strategy guides though but thanks again Sony and Square Enix.

    • Dude, do people really still buy strategy guides? I mean, isn’t the internet pretty much life’s all-encompassing strategy guide?

    • I still have my strategy guide for this game as well as the game. The strategy guide had helpful tips just like the internet, but the real joy was having the extra large print art to to look at. I love this game and am extremely happy to see it on ps4. Instant buy for me.

    • Yea I still have the collector’s edition game and strategy guide. And trust me, I wouldn’t mind collecting another limited guide. I’m so happy my favorite game is finally getting an HD hook up…

    • YES you’ll need a new guide. The IZJS version of the game had MANY changes regarding treasures and ETC. So it will be required as their are to many changes from the original game.

  • This just made my Monday! Awesome news

  • I’ m so happy, i’ve been waiting for this announcement… can’t wait to play this game!!!

  • Brilliant way to start the week! Awesome!

  • I hope this is only for PS4. I don’t trust square-Enix some times lmmfao. Just be transparent sony and square! anyway glad this is coming for the fans. I had this on PS2 but never really got into it. I may give this a shot and try again.

    • It doesn’t say anywhere that it’ll be PS4 exclusive, it’ll probably be released on Steam later. A Vita version would be great though I’m not counting on it.

    • Why would you want this to only be available on PS4? It’s a 10 year old game lol.

      Since Square Enix didn’t specifically say this is a PS4 exclusive, expect a PC and possibly NX/mobile version down the line.

    • @saiyanknight87 only ps4 for now. Then the remastered remastered version will come out a year later with monster models updated as well. Too soon? heh. But they didn’t mention monsters in the list though! Original FFX remaster for ps3 didn’t have updated monsters but they redid them as part of the second remaster for ps4.

      Hopefully they learned from this. not to do an incomplete one first only to follow it later with correctly done one at full price again.

  • Dear Square-Enix, please release this remaster on the Playstation Vita, in the same way as you released the FFX remaster. This would be perfect to play on the go.
    Sony, assist Square, back this project up. We are already missing out on I Am Setsuna.

    • I fully agree. I’ll buy the PS4 version day 1, but this is the game the Vita was made for. Would be perfect.

    • Agreed. One million percent. I loved the idea of FFX on Vita — I own that, too — but when they announced the X remaster, I started crossing as many fingers as possible that they’d move on to port XII as well. Never played it on PS2, but I watched a friend run through a good bit of it and would LOVE to play it for myself on the go. Please, please, please, Square-Enix, trust in Vita players to snatch this up, many of us on launch. I’d be willing to pay for it up front via Kickstart/Indiegogo, etc., if you need reassurances of this.

    • Agreed. All of the reasons listed in these comments show why this game should be on the Vita.

  • Oh, that soundtrack… Vagrant Story and FF XII feature some of the most epic soundtracks in videogames, and they are both composed by Hitoshi Sakimoto… The man is a genius! :D

  • Please be also on Vita

  • Hello Mr. Kato-san,

    I wanted to ask if you could bring some FF XII Avatar pictures and also several Dynamic Themes. I would love to show my support for this amazing game on my PS4.


    Rob aka Graf

    P.S. Please bring back more classics like FF 8, FF 9, FF Tactics, Chrono Cross and Chrono Trigger to PSN. Just add a bump in resolution, Trophy Support, and all the other standard PS4 features and you will tons of customers looking buy them all over again.

  • Dual audio? Japan gets it. We better

  • No Vita version??
    I loved playing FFX on my Vita and was hoping I could do the same with Final Fantasy XII. Please consider releasing a Vita version as well!

  • awesome! I can’t wait. I missed this on PS2

  • I’ve been waiting on this announcement for the longest! I still remember playing through on the PS2 and there were like four chests that you couldn’t open or you’d lose out on some of the best weapons in the game. Also, I hope there is a collector’s edition and well as a collector’s edition guide book for the game. Thank you!

    • It’s based on the International Zodiac version, so that means no more forbidden chests bs. There’s a new method to get the Zodiac Spear now.

    • Bowing before the FF gods. The mystery chest BS was a complete hate restarting the game half way thru after cracking open the giant guide that sat next to my metal case. It was just a knee dropping “why” moment ;)

  • Oh come on! I’ve been waiting years for this one and it’s not or PS3 or Vita… Damn you! :(

    • Seriously? We’re into the 3rd year of PS4 already and you’re wanting a PS3 version? Chances are, you won’t see many more PS3 games, let alone Vita, at this point. Time to upgrade or you’ll get left in the dust.

    • @zeil999

      I can’t. 5 years earlier, I would have bought a PS4 at launch, but for now, I am living out of a backpack and a couple boxes in the trunk of my car out of choice. I am currently living with room mates while I save some money, so I did keep my old PS3 for now, but my plan is to save enough to drive to south america for some years. I don’t want to buy a console just to sell it some months later.

      Beside, right now my life is pretty much work and sleep. At home, I do not have time to game. I just eat, shower and go to bed. However, I do game a lot on my Vita while on public transit to work. If I had that game on Vita, it would be the only thing I would play for some months, that is for sure! I really loved FFXII and I would really like to play the Zodiac job system version, but I just can’t afford a console that would be used maybe once or twice a month.

      I know my situation is quite specific, but still…

  • let’s hope for inverted control

    • SO MUCH THIS! The x-axis inversion on the original version of FFXII was intolerable and backwards compared to most third person camera controls. If they don’t fix it or at least provide an option to invert it, I’m afraid I’ll have to pass (and this is one of my favorites in the series!).

  • Dumb question but with many of the past FF games being released will their be any Game Boosters like they had for Final Fantasy 7 Remaster on PS4, or many of the Final Fantasy games that are now on Seam (at least 5 of them that I know of have Game Boosters).

  • Meh. FFXII was, hands down, the worst entry in the series… not really interested in a remastered version unless there’s nothing else coming out around that time… but we’ll see.

    But for those who liked it, I guess this will be much appreciated.

    • That is indeed your opinion. To me, FFXII is the 3rd best and after the FFX remaster (which I have no interest in since to me, FFX is probably the second worst in the main serie), I was really awaiting a FFXII remaster. I am thus quite sad that it is only available on PS4 and that I will not be able to get a PS4 for quite a while still.

    • FFXII is actually the only final fantasy game I genuinely dislike. It’s the only one I’ve never had the motivation to finish.

      I’d be curious to know what it is that you liked so much….

      From my personal perspective… I found the gameplay really dry and boring (since you basically just scripted it to play itself), the characters really hard to like and insufficiently developed (except for one or two of the side characters), the story felt disconnected because of the character issues I had… I will say that the graphics and soundtrack were quite good but that isn’t enough to hold a game to me.

      I do agree that FFX wasn’t my favourite either though. I’d put FFX as third worst, with 8 and 12 as the only two below it.

    • @Seluhir

      I might be biased, but I was also a huge fan of Final Fantasy Tactics and Vagrant Story, so getting a new game set in the world of Ivalice was a big plus right from the start.

      To start off about your points, I did not use the Gambit system, since as you said, that’s basically making the game play itself. Final Fantasy Tactics, Dragon Quest and many other RPGs have an auto-battle system and I never used it, so why would I use it just because it has a fancy name this time?

      I actually really enjoyed the world and its lore and also how open it was compared to many other FFs. The game did not limit you in a linear path like many other games and you could wander around quite a lot with only the level of enemies being used as deterrent. This is something that the kind of gamer that I am really enjoys. I also loved how all the dungeons had something unique hidden in them and you had to return to all of them if you wanted to do all the optional stuff. In most FFs, (heck, most RPGs) you have no reason to ever return to 90% of the previous areas later!

    • @Seluhir
      Other than Vaan and Penello, I really liked the cast. Sure, it was not perfect, but it felt less stereotypical than most other FFs.

      My two big dislikes for the game are the random chests and the license board, and it seems that some people at Square Enix felt the same since it’s the two elements that were changed in the original release of the International Job System. I played a bit of it and I really enjoyed the job system. It reminded me of FF1 where you must select your classes carefully because you will never be able to access everything, so you just either pick what fits your playstyle the best or you can challenge yourself by going with a party of all knights or something. The only thing I didn’t like about it was how little explanations there was about the classes before picking them permanently. That was fine in FF1 back where nothing was explained and how short the game was, but nowadays, it makes us depend on the internet, which kinda shows a lack of design. I hope the fix that, but I doubt they will.

      I am surprised that you put FFXIII above XII and X! XIII was a chore to play through and I would never want to replay it again!

    • I am on the opposite camp regarding the Gambit system. I really enjoyed it. I used it to make sure buffs were always up, and honestly, it appealed to my programmer side. Sure, it seems like you are making the game play itself, but that’s why you can still enter manual commands. And truly, those were always needed because the gambit slots were not always enough. But at least for the repetitve, menial tasks such as buffing, healing and stealing, they were extremely handy. And trust me, you will be stealing A LOT in this game.
      I do agree, the story is not the best, the cast is far from stellar, but as pointed out before, it’s going back t the world of Ivalice, which is, in my opinion, the best developed world in the franchise thanks to the fact that it’s the only world that truly has been reused, expanded, and with a lot left to explore.

    • Interesting. Thank you for replying without animosity! I will acknowledge that I’d love to explore the same world as FFT, but when I was playing FFXII – it never felt like the same world. It was called Ivalice, but I could never, as far as I made it anyways, find anything that made me go ‘oh wow this is the same place!’ I just assumed it was simply two places with the same name until many years later.

      I’ve never really cared about linearity. I’ll usually vote for a good story on a linear path than a bad one on a non-linear path… so as long as I’m enjoying myself, choice is not my primary goal. But if that’s something relevant to you, I can see why FFXII would’ve felt like it offered something different to you. I would just then question whether JRPGs are actually what you’re after since they tend to be the linear side of the RPG world. :)

    • To me, without the gambit system, it seemed like a really awkward combination of real time and turn based… so the gambit system made it playable, yet extremely boring. I Wasn’t able to find a middle ground where I actually enjoyed the gameplay. Which is actually why I put FFXIII higher on my list… FFXIII’s combat is, in my eyes, the best that the series has ever had. It was so satisfying to build my setup the way I wanted it and watch as I was able to overcome, if I played just right, things that seemed insurmountable. In all of the FFXIII games, that was present to an extent. I remember once facing a monster that took me over 2 hours to beat because I was underleveled for the fight… but thanks to smart play and good timing I was able to do it. So engaging, so satisfying. Don’t get me wrong, XIII had its flaws, and characters were flaws that XIII and XII shared in my eyes, but the gameplay was so engaging for me in XIII that I just got hooked instantly. As a game, XIII is near the middle of the pack, but the combat system was just so good.

    • Going back to your points here… the two pirates, Basch? Fran? Whatever their names were – it’s been a long time sorry – were the only characters that didn’t make me want to punch them every time they were on screen… which made it hard for me to connect with the game. Vaan and Penelo were just abysmally bad. Easily the worst characters in the series, aside from Hope. And I feel that you can’t do a good world-based political story without characters to ground it. An example, to me, are the Trails games, both Sky and Cold Steel have these vast, sweeping political plots… but they ground them by focusing you primarily on a set of characters you can really feel for.

      Either way… thank you for explaining. We’ll obviously have to agree to disagree on this, but was interesting to read.

      @Unit the gambit system was fun to get working on its own… but once I’d found a set of gambits that managed to beat a boss with no input from me… it made the game feel pointless ;)

    • @Seluhir
      Just a final addition that you probably won’t see : I don’t mind linear stories, but I do hate linear map design and this is more of a modern issues. RPGs back on the SNES and PS1 had great map design, but it starting going down the drain on PS2. FFX had a huge world but the world was pretty much a straight line and that is what makes me find it horrible to play. FFXII came as a breath of fresh air after a generation of poor map design and this really made me happy.

      As for the world of Ivalice, the world is a big place and in all those games, you never have the freedom to go around the world but merely a region of it. Sure, you do not see the same regions, but just the lore of the world and its inhabitants was full of links with the previous games and that is something I really enjoyed.

  • Bring it to Vita. Seriously. It belongs on Vita. Vita lives!

    • Throwing my name into the hat for Vita, too. I’ve been waiting for it to come to Vita to play it again. I have it on PS2, but it would be better on the go.

  • Has got to be 60fps this time… We got screwed over when FFX wasn’t 60 for PS4..

  • No vita version? That’s disappointing. That was one of the biggest reasons behind me getting ffx HD. Cross save support was just awesome.

  • I’ve been waiting for years for this announcement. I can’t wait to get lost in Ivalice once again. :)

  • I never picked this up when it was originally released, so pretty excited to be able to play it! Now I just need to hope for a FF9 remaster to be released.

  • Though I am also disappointed it hasn’t been ported to the Vita, one must look at it from Square-Enix and Sony’s perspective: porting to the vita would mostly be a waste of time. Nobody has a Vita. Nobody cares about the Vita.

    I love it. I got it for pre-launch on Feb 15th 2012, and its first year was grand but everything since then has been garbage. Nobody’s buying, and it’s too late.

    I’ll stay on my PS4 for now. I have FFX HD on PS4, so this makes me happy.

    • Square Enix has seen a lot of success with their 2016 Vita releases (Dragon Quest Builders, Romancing Saga 2, Dragon Quest Heroes 2) in Japan. I find it hard to believe the market will erode so dramatically in the next 12 months to make a PS2 port not viable.

    • I am pretty sure that FFX HD sold very well on Vita.

  • Will you let us invert the camera controls? The game was unplayable for me for this reason.

  • Well I suppose this would be the safest and easiest release for Square due to the simply fact that there are ground assets that can be worked with to conjure an HD port. If they continue down the remaster route they can only go to older titles. Hopefully FF6 or FF4.

    Regardless, it’s exciting to have FF12 again. Curious that Square is announcing this before E3 with casual fanfare. It makes one wonder what they do have planned for E3.

  • My single most wanted game from SquareEnix has finally been announced.. Thanks for making this happen, and I too wish there were a vita version.

    FFXII has been my favorite FF game ever since it came out, and only got better with the IZJS version. Very happy to hear a lot of people in NA will now have the chance to see a better version of an incredible but flawed original game.

  • FFXII doesn’t excite me in the least bit, but the trailer and screens look absolutely stunning. Will definitely be following this…

  • Good new, but a want this game in psvita too….common sony.
    And I still wating Dragon Quest VIII remaster too.

  • Day one buy!!!! Thank you thank you! Me and my friends have been asking and begging for this to come to PS4

  • Square Enix is so hot and cold with Vita. After Dragon Quest Builders, Heroes 2 and the success of X|X-2 HD I figured Vita would’ve been a lock for this … at least in Japan.

    • They’re even keeping a buncha games in Japan although they have full translations on other platforms (Android / iOS). Games in question are: Adventures of Mana, Romancing Saga 2 and I am Setsuna. It’s so unfortunate. :(

    • They’ve changed their mind regarding Romancing Saga 2. The Vita version is coming over.

  • I wish this would’ve been kept secret until next week, just for the sake of the hype it would generate in the theater (going to Union Square for E3 Experience) but hell, I’m ecstatic that FF12 HD finally got announced! I have a feeling that Square-Enix is slowly returning to the glory of what they once were!

  • I missed this on PS2 so this is Day One for me. PLEASE do some sort of Limited Edition like a steelbook or artbook edition of some sort like you did for the FFX and KH HD remasters.

  • PS Vita please!

  • Was one of the few people who didn’t own a PS2, so this is absolutely fantastic news as I never got to play the original! Day One purchase for me.

  • OH EM GEE!!! You got the little girl in me screaming!!! I’m a male in my late 20s btw haha. Wow not only do I think this is the last great Final Fantasy. This is the best Final Fantasy ever! If the story was stronger in this game, it probably would’ve been my favorite game of all time. Needless to say, I’m buying this game. I’m excited!

  • PS4 owner here, who refuses to buy the PS4 version: the PS Vita version is the one I was looking forward to.

    I bought FFX/X-2 HD at launch for PS3 and PS Vita, so I can assure you that I’d buy a PS Vita version at full price if you release it. At the same time, I can certainly say that you won’t see a dime from me for the PS4 version.

  • Frantastic!!!!!!!!!!

    There’s so many great Final Fantasy games but this was easily one of my favorites. Just such a great experience and a great playing title. I logged a ton of house into FF XI so I really enjoyed XII’s battle system. Square is rolling on the RPG front. FFXV, KH 2.8, KH 3, Star Ocean this month, now FF XII. Almost makes up for getting hosed on Tomb Raider last year.

  • Hopefully this international version is different than the one on PS2 because that one was definitively bad. Gameplay-wise all characters were the same and well, the gambit thing basically played the game for you. I still expect nothing from the story nor the characters except a couple of them.

    • You know that you do not have to use gambits, right? So many games have auto-battle systems, yet people rarely complains about them.

  • Very cool! FFXII was a masterpiece. Can’t wait to play this version.

  • getting a little tired of remasters. but i guess its square so its expected. can we just get a single disc/download for FF I-VI since were porting everything up?

  • “Here at Square-Enix, we don’t believe in making original IP very much, we prefer to remaster what we’ve done over and over and over. If we do finally decide to make a new IP, guess what? we remaster that too!”

    Seriously, All people expect from Square now is remasters/remakes and that’s what they do and that’s just sad.

  • Great news! Now we need Dragon Quest VIII to be ported to the PS4 as a PS2-on-PS4 game!

  • One more person here that would buy a Vita version if it ever gets made.

  • omg cant wait :)

  • I somehow missed this one on the Ps2, even though FFIX and FFX are two of my favorite games… I’ve thought about going back from time to time, but never got around to it. Now my procrastination has finally paid off! I will start procrastinating on everything!

  • My favorite mainline Final Fantasy. Yasumi Matsuno is amazing.

  • For an HD re-release, why does Vaan still have painted on abs? Otherwise looking forward to this!

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    (ง •̀ω•́)ง✧

    ( ̄x ̄;)


  • Very exciting! Never finished it on PS2 because my memory card erased. Can’t wait to jump back into this game with updated visuals.

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