Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Launches November 4 on PS4

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Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Launches November 4 on PS4

We are thrilled to reveal that Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is officially the next title from our studio, and we’ve got a ton of fresh info to share with you today.

Infinite Warfare represents a departure for us in several ways. This will be Infinity Ward’s first Call of Duty to benefit from a full three-year development timeline. That means we’re bringing an ambitious approach and employing state-of-the-art design methods during our development. We’ll also have a little extra time for even more of the high-quality polish and refinement to make this game everything it can be.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Launches November 4 on PS4

Infinite Warfare will redefine what players think of as the traditional narrative experience for the franchise. Human conflict under extreme pressure unpacks character personalities, character depth, and story in a manner that few games have explored. Our goal is to create the most gripping and immersive story ever told in a Call of Duty game. We’re doing that by thrusting players into wartime leadership against a relentless enemy, and making them truly feel the weight of command.

Finally, Infinite Warfare will be the first game in the franchise to venture beyond the reaches of Earth, framing a plausible future war in our solar system. To be clear, we aren’t developing a science fiction or space battle game — Infinite Warfare is first and foremost a Call of Duty game, which means visceral boots-on-the-ground infantry combat as well as piloting combat vehicles. But, by expanding the scope of the action into the vastness of space, we are taking this experience to exciting and surprising places in many ways.

Though we are putting a great deal of emphasis on the game’s engaging story, Infinite Warfare will of course continue to push boundaries for online multiplayer. Our maps will showcase never-before-seen environments depicted for the first time in franchise history. And, with fast, fun, and frenetic gameplay, our multiplayer will challenge players to achieve their goals in various, novel ways.

Additionally, Infinite Warfare will introduce an original cooperative Zombies mode that takes players on a wild ride through a new storyline with unique gameplay features and mechanics. More details about multiplayer and the new zombies experience will be announced at a later date. For now, we’re excited to say that PS4 owners will get DLC Map Packs 30 days early. So plan your upcoming holiday season weekends carefully.

Call of Duty Infinite Warfare

One more thing — we’re delighted to confirm that we are working on the Infinite Warfare Legacy Edition, which includes Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered,* bringing the most critically acclaimed title in Call of Duty history to PS4 for the first time. Executive produced by Infinity Ward and developed closely with the amazing team at Raven, Modern Warfare Remastered will include the full, iconic story campaign, and the original multiplayer mode with ten of the biggest fan-favorite maps that redefined Call of Duty forever, fully remastered for PS4.

Set your countdown and be ready for launch. Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare blasts off worldwide November 4.

Thank you reading up on and watching the latest. We’re excited to share more details about Infinite Warfare in the coming months. For the latest intel, check out the official site

*Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered contains only 10 MP maps from the original Call of Duty: Modern Warfare game. Modern Warfare Remastered is a full game download. Internet connection required. For more information, please head here.

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  • To those saying it looks like Halo / Destiny, yes..they’re all copying each other… definitely a lack of innovation in the FPS arena these days.

    If they took some risks, they would get more than $, they’d get better reviews and make something that would last, like Modern Warfare 1 did. Instead, they just want to continue the same thing they’ve been doing for years, except add a little more space combat in to keep up with the star wars / destiny fans.

    If they listened to the fans, Modern Warfare 1 would be separate.

    If they listened to fans, there would be modes with NO aim assist, radar, and without perks/killstreaks. More modes that actually REQUIRE skills, not just make your skills overpowered.

    The #1 thing they’ve yet to do is take out the care package, which gives a player plus (OR MINUS) 1-20 kills, all based on luck… u could get a chopper, or u can get a resupply of ammo.. all based on luck. And a great player can get 5-10 care packages in 1 game. That’s just 1 player. That’s a LOT of kills ALL based on luck in 1 game.

  • “People who purchase either the Legacy Edition priced at $79.99 or the Digital Deluxe Edition price TBA, will get the remaster of Call of Duty 4. The game will be included as a digital download along with both the versions of the game.”

    Just pay the $79.99 and re-sell Infinite Warfare, only keeping the COD4 code.

  • I’m going to guess the rest of the cod4 maps will be DLC.

  • This sounds interesting , but I still have’t had time to play Bops 3 online . I’ll probably just be getting to it when this comes out.

    There really needs to be a separate game series for the futuristic warfare games. And another one for ww1, ww2, Vietnam war, etc time frame.
    I would pay cold hard cash to fly a biplane ala Red Baron , throw mustard gas, fight in the trenches, etc.

  • LionslukeGaming

    So pumped for the COD 4 Remake, just can’t preorder on the Australian store. Why Activision, why??

  • Why o why did they scrap extinction, if i cant find a mw dl code online ill b sjipping my first cod in years, no exti ction = 60 dollars richer, thanks for saving me money with ur terrible ideas IW and ACTIVISION

    • I’m with you 100% sucks as extinction is the only game I can actually be bothered to play on PS3 or ps4.

  • Does anyone know if the digital delux is a physical copy? I’m assuming not but from what I’ve seen its $100 for infinite warfare, Modern warfare, and the season pass. By far the best deal but I want the physical copy for the game.

  • It looks neat enough. I mean, the last two CODs and this one all are legitimately neat – it’s just weird to me still that these are “Call of Duty” games. Like… they don’t need to be. I feel like the “(blank) Warfare” branding is strong enough. COD is always more interesting to me when they go big – from the Zombies and Aliens modes to all the robotic, near future stuff; it’s all rad. But it’s just such a weird thing to be at all related to (“handicapped by”, in my opinion) the old games about real wars and conflicts. Activision should’ve split this series into two IP a long time ago; they would’ve saved themselves some headaches from people complaining about the tonal shifts of the series.

    It looks pretty good. I’ll keep it on my radar if I’m not still playing Overwatch and DOOM and Shadow Warrior 2 come November.

  • Did anewone elts se an ATLES simbole?

  • If you are only interessted in the CoD 4 Remaster, DONT FALL FOR THEIR PR BS with “will only be sold with the Legacy Edition”

    If you didn’t start playing video games just yesterday, you should know this company better. IT WILL be sold seperately sooner or later. Rather sooner.

  • Played every COD game, and am truly beginning to be tired of COD. However after seeing the trailer it looks awesome, so will probably get this too.

    But please, let’s go back to WW games. They were the best.

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  • If you guys ever decide to put COD4 remastered on a disc and sale it separately I would definitely buy it. I’m not interested in this offer though so I’m going to pass on it.

  • Many people on here seem to be complaining about the call of duty 4 remaster but I bet most have never played the original, undoubtably the best game of the franchise both online and campaign, if you like the running on walls and jumping unnaturally then you won’t like it but for all cod lovers from the begining of PlayStation 3 will absolutely love this and it’s a big credit that they have given something back to the fans of the original games.

    • Not sure why you are suggesting that. The complaints are that everyone has played COD 4 and they would rather buy it as a standalone than have to pay $80 for another IW cash-grab.

  • I know there is a split from the fans that prefer the older style that focused on more realistic style games in the sense they did not have super futuristic weapons or augmentations. However these changes and the enhanced focus on Single Player has attracted new players like myself to a series that I normally skipped from feeling like overall I was playing the same game repeatedly.

    I am excited to try it and test things like the flight controls for outerspace combat. I am interested in the new gameplay.
    I know the multiplayer aspect is what most of the original fans focused on and some disliked it when they stopped focusing on wars of the past. There were complaints even when Modern Warfare came out because they understood what the eventuality was.

    My only comment against this game is they should have went for aliens this time instead of zombies. With outerspace as part of the focus, it should have been aliens.

  • Is there a way we can just like not buy the new game and just get the remastered modern Warfare?

  • DonkeyKongKilla

    I’ll just take the remastered CoD4.

    I really haven’t liked any of the Cod that much since mw3. It takes 0 skill level in multiplayer and each year it gets worse. I love modern level weaponry, not advanced nor prehistoric bs! I miss my M4A1, M4 carbine, and MK14… This game looks like trash, hate the direction this is all going.

  • This is starting to get more and more ridiculous. Call of Duty is turning into a joke and when we finally go alright we have Cod 4 remaster to rely on, then they tell us the only way we can get it is by purchasing a special edition of Infinite Warfare. Say What!? Check out this video I did right here explaining why this is just sad.

  • I haven’t purchased a CoD game since Modern Warfare 3 and haven’t really played once since then either. i was just getting really burnt out on the series and my interest in playing it’s multiplayer was quickly decreasing.

    But you guys are making it REALLY hard for me to not buy this game. Trailer looks great and unless the version with the MW: Remastered is incredibly expensive that is going to be hard to turn down. That was the game that got me into the series and started off one of my favorite “series” of FPS games. Keeping a very close eye on November 4th.

  • Another Call of Duty game?? This franchise has been milked dry.

  • The campaign will be awesome but MW is where I will be playing MP.

  • Will we be able to buy the Modern Warfare remaster separately?

  • YT_Dark_Prime365

    I have a very good question about the Legacy Edition, does it only come with Call of Duty: Modern Warfere Remastered if the Legacy is Pre-Ordered? I would definately like to know this. I look forward to buying both games, I just don’t want to have to Pre Order Legacy just to get the second game.

  • Infinity ward will this have the thrust jumping and exo suit crap that advanced warfare and black ops 3 have or will it be all on ground other than dog fighting

  • Call of cheaters is no fun anymore because ppl camp and cheat way 2 much, it no fun when u re-spawn and die 2 secs later from ppl camping the spawn, i mean how does playing a game where ppl cheat and camp fun?

  • 11.04.2016 ?? C’est quoi la date de la sortie call-of-duty-infinite-warfare. ??

  • PappaaJonnnnsucc

    Hey PS4 fans! How’s it feel to have your precious COD Infinite Warfare DLC first on your console and how’s it feel to have Battlefield 1 first on Xbox One. Looks like PS4 ain’t the master console anymore. Not even your COD early access can save you now, the franchise is dead, and you got no exclusives worth a penny on PS4. That’s right, bask in Xbox glory!

  • randompinkfluff

    I am really excited to get my hands on this game (infinite). I have never been a futuristic combat fan and have never enjoyed the jump packs/exo suits. My favorite line is the modern warfare line and I will definitely be playing the remastered version. That is probably the highlight for me. It is worth mentioning the game developers too, as they each have a different gaming pace and combat feel, such as movement and even the points display when getting a kill. For example, sniping in MW3 has more of a linear movement, where black ops is somewhat exponential. This may be why you find you can scope well in the one and not the other.

  • randompinkfluff

    Activision is basically the main publisher of all the CODs. Where Infinity Ward, Treyarch, Raven and Sledgehammer are the Developers. I love the MW3 movement and slower pace compared to BO3, where I am drained of energy due to the intense pace of multiplayer and all the jumping. BO3 has probably got the best graphics so far but I find it too busy and am loosing the “fun” factor of a good chilled gaming session. So here is why I am excited: Infinity Ward and Raven are the developers for Infinite, which means, similar feel to the Modern warfare line and a slower and more enjoyable pace…for me anyway. Even if they have jump packs, I am sure the intensity will be less. Of course, each to their own, but I personally feel that the Modern warfare fans are the main group being treated here and that with the developers having the full 3 year development period, this is going to be big.

  • Zombies again!?! Are you kidding me?!? I have been looking forward to extinction 2. I am going to have to pass on infinite warfare. Shame on you guys for going to nothing but zombies. Cod has been taken over by zombies. Booooooooooo

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