PlayStation Plus: Free Games for May 2016

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PlayStation Plus: Free Games for May 2016

Our team is thrilled to present your free PS Plus games for May on PS4! Satisfy your desire to be the dictator you always wanted to be, or challenge your friends to relentless combat races in next month’s lineup.

First up is the island dictator sim Tropico 5, featuring the long-running virtual dictator, El Presidente! Tropico 5 is a full-fledged city-building game based on the fictional island nation of Tropico. Inside this not-so-subtle parody, El Presidente guides and directs the everyday life of his beloved Tropicans using a firm grip and ridiculous edicts, all presented with a heavy dose of tongue-in-cheek humor.

And Table Top Racing: World Tour on PS4 is a high-octane combat racer from Nick Burcombe, the co-creator of PlayStation all-time classic Wipeout. Table Top Racing: World Tour is a total reinvention of the Table Top Racing universe, bringing micro combat-racing to a truly next-gen audience for the first time.

For the rest of the free PlayStation Plus games, read on.

Full Lineup

  • Bionic Commando Rearmed 2, PS3
  • God of War: Ghost of Sparta, PS Vita
  • LocoRoco Cocoreccho!, PS3
  • Switch Galaxy Ultra, PS4, PS Vita
  • Table Top Racing: World Tour, PS4
  • Tropico 5, PS4

See you in the comments section. Enjoy.

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3 Author Replies

  • Otro Mes sin pagar ps plus

  • Are you ****ing kidding me, Sony?!?!?!?
    Microsoft is crapping on you with “free” games and you’re just taking it. Especially for the PS3 which has been out for 10 ****ing years… I’m really close to being done with you. You really don’t give a **** anymore. You have gotten arrogant again like you did with the launch of PS3. And this PS4K **** is ridiculous. You are slapping everyone in the face who got PS4s. **** you Sony

  • Sucks….as usual. PS Plus is not worth the price anymore. Very disappointed in the route PlayStation has taken lately.

  • Playstation Plus free games is definitely not for the players anymore. The only thing that keep me interested in cloud saving and the obligation of having it to play online on PS4.

  • Another HORRIBLE month. Once my PS+ sub expires, I’m done with Sony’s bs -_-

  • Boooooooo. Seriously another sub-par month. Xbox gold is clearly better for games. Sony please 1 AAA game here and there would be nice. This is the 3rd month in a row I will not download a free game.

  • The person who choices the free games in PS+ deserves to have his house burnt into the ground

  • Completely agree with many of the comments… For some, very bad month… for others..excellent month… For me: definitely one of the best in months!!! Tropico 5 seems great fun, and Tabletop Simulator with split screen / local co-op seems fun!!!

  • All the recent choices have been pretty mediocre. The last one I actually enjoyed was Gauntlet: Slayer Edition. I think this is one aspect of subscription that Microsoft beats out Sony big time..Xbox One free game choices are awesome. Ours are kinda crap.

    • So u thinking two indies on Xbone are better yet your probably 1 of the ones that say indies suck all the time lol

    • FrostedFlakesMan

      Costume quest 2 – great indie RPG but of course everyone here hates indies and only wants AAA games
      Peggle – $0.99 App Store game.
      DG2 – awful indie tower defense.
      Grid 2 – super old crappy racer.
      Yes XBox is “SO much better!”
      Lol. What a bunch of losers.

  • Vales verga sony, le das pura pendejada a tus clientes, si no das indies feos das juegos de mierda asco.

  • Are you guys even trying?

  • Thanks for God Of War (PSVIta) *-* Thanks Thanks

    Bionic Command Rearmed 2 is really good too :) I Love Capcom Games.

  • Capcom gave away through PS+ lots of games.

    Now the service is qutie meh, at best.

  • I finally get to play the PS3 LocoRoco!!

  • Well this sucks…

  • Hey thank’s for Tropico 5 .

  • Looking forward to table top racing, reminds me if ps1 game micro machines

  • I don’t usually complain about the lineups no matter how bad they get but I cant hold back this time. As a trophy hunter/PS plus subscriber, this month is the worst I’ve seen in a while. A PSP game (GOW) and a PS3 game (LocoRoco) that came out before trophy support. As for Switch Galaxy Ultra (14 trophies), it is basically Sony trying to make up for the fact that they leaked Amplitude (which is a much better game by the way from what I can see) for free not too long ago. They should have just gave us Amplitude instead.

    Bionic Commando Rearmed 2 is a game with only has 12 trophies and has a lower rating than its predecessor. Table Top Racing: World Tour looks alright, but honestly who would play that instead of Rocket League. I would only imagine that the game only has about 20 trophies tops. I am however glad about Tropico 5, it looks fun, unique, and I’ve always like management games. So there is that.

    At this point in the relationship, the only reason why I’m committed is because of the PS Plus discounts, but even that isn’t too good.

    • May I ask you a question? How many games per month do you expect to appeal to you personally? 2? 3? 4?

      At that point, what about the rest of the gamers out there?

      I think if you’re getting one game this month that interests you… I think that you should be happy. Because it’s unrealistic to expect more than that…

    • @ UnitedUnderUtada – Wow a complaint based on trophies?….LMAO that alone makes your complaint invalid.This is unbelievable.

    • Greetings from Playrise Digital (I’m one of the devs BTW), you’ll be pleased to know that “Table Top Racing: World Tour” is a full on 8 player network Mario Kart/Micromachines mashup and it’s Platinum Trophy game with 30 trophies (31 inc Platinum)…

      A Rite Of Passage
      Culture Club!
      The Fast and…
      The Furious
      $100 Bill Game?
      Who are you? J. Leno?!
      Nailed it!
      So Very Special!
      Gold! Always Believe In Your Soul!
      ERMAHGERD!!! Midas in da House!
      Cult Friction Baby!
      Pedal To The Metal!
      Gumball Awaits You Sir!
      Tuned Huh?
      Museum Standard
      Owners Club President
      Prof. Of Pimpology!
      Pimped That Ride!
      Fancy Rims
      A Wheel For All Occasions
      Peace Be The Journey
      I’m Spartacus!
      Bronze Age
      Silver Spoon
      Gold Standard
      Its The Taking Part That Counts
      Crush Your Enemies!

    • I would be more than happy with one a month, but haven’t had one I was interested in now for 4 months. I only have a PS3 and can’t believe out of all these years worth of games, they can’t throw us an A-list game every other month. A regurgitated NES and PSP game is crap.

    • @Welmosca. The focus point of my post may have been trophies but I mentioned other things as well such as how well they are received and overall appeal. I also should have point out the fact that half of the games are at least 5 years old which is insane. When I was pointing out lack of trophy support and PSP, I was referring to the fact that they were old. Trophies were only to provide context at that point. Seriously, trying to pass off a PSP game as Vita game in 2016? Heck, I didn’t even mention trophies for Tropico and even said it looked fun.So maybe you should read carefully next time before you invalidate other people’s statements.

    • @ Seluhir. To be honest, 2 out of the 6 games. After playing all six of the games I should be able to tell myself that at least two of them were fun and was worth my time/money. There are exceptions though in which 1 game is good enough, games with high replay value (Rocket League), games with immersive worlds (Dragon’s Dogma, Sleeping Dogs, Kingdoms of Amalur), and games with compelling narratives (Thomas was Alone, Virtue’s Last Reward, Spec Ops). All this is subjective of course. I do see your point though and I admit I am jumping the gun. I haven’t even played Tropico 5 and it might be one of those exceptions, I truly hope so. In my opinion, for 2 out of 6 is just me being optimistic. We aren’t going to get any more June 2013 (one of the best in my opinion) but the drop in quality recently is definitely noticeable.

    • so basically you want TWO GAMES out of EVERY MONTH to personally cater to your unique tastes?

      And you don’t feel that’s even the slightest bit unreasonable or, quite frankly, unfeasible?

      They have 6 games to use to cater to an extremely large number of extremely different peoples’ tastes… that’s a tall ask. But now you want them to have every month have two of those games be SPECIFICALLY catered to you. Always.

      I think you’re setting your expectations far too high…. I don’t think any company could live up to them.

    • I think you completely missed my point or I wasn’t clear enough. I wasn’t saying I need two games to cater to my taste each month. I am saying that after playing all of them, I should be able to find that I enjoyed at least two of them. For example, games like Spec Ops, Saints Row, Virtue’s Last Reward, and Rocket League are all games I would have never bought, much less played. I would have said oh generic shooter, GTA ripoff, visual novel, another car game. After playing them though I had a complete change of heart. My point is it that my tastes aren’t unique, I never said I needed a open world RPG every month. That was my whole point of judging after I played the games not before ( a contradiction to my original post, I know).

    • @Z-U. Thank you for taking the time to address my concern about Table Top Racing: World Tour. I was under the assumption it would have more or less the same amount of trophies as its predecessor. To know that it has a plat makes me more than happy. I haven’t played the first one yet, but if it can go toe-toe with Mario Kart then I am looking forward to it. I also sincerely apologize about the comparison to Rocket League. I spoke too soon with out doing enough research.

  • Hey Greg,

    I’m so excited for Tropico 5. I have been hoping this game would come to PS Plus.


    Rob aka Graf

  • Finally a good game! Can’t wait for Tropico!

  • And the little boy walked down the beach, looked up at Sony, his father, and asked, “Darling Papa, why do you hate me so?”. His father said, “Oh son, I do not hate you.” The little boy responded, “But father, I ask for food and you give me sticks! I ask for water and you give me mud. Do you still love me?”. “Still love you?”, asked Sony, incredulous. “My dear boy, I have never loved you.”

  • To be frank, I am absolutely thrilled that we are getting LocoRoco Cocoreccho next month. I have fond memories of playing the PSP titles way back when, and I remembered I planned to pick up LocoRoco Cocoreccho ages ago, but it had since slipped my mind. Now, I’ll finally have my chance to play it! :D

  • I’ll take what they give me, 4$ or so a month to play online, and they throw in a few games, whether my type or not, as a ps4 owner, not having plus takes away half the fun. Therefore not being plus is a loss in my book.

  • It’s lovely to see two wipeout-inspired games (switch galaxy ultra, table top racing) coming to PS+ in May. Sony please do consider bringing back Wipeout. From my perspective, wipeout was the best racing franchise to ever grace playstation systems.

  • No Watch Dogs? Im not going to bother downloading any of these. Not interested.

    • You can get Watchdogs for like £5.

      And then you’ll want your £5 back because Watchdogs was mediocre at best.

  • Nice month. I’ve been meaning to try Tropico

  • So we’re being relegated to PSP games now? Really Sony?

  • Do any of you realize that you are being whiners by complaining about the whiners like you do? There are more posts about the complainers than complaints. Please notice that. How rediculous. You don’t even notice do you? I can’t wait until some of you grow up and get crushed by a corporation with a bunch of mindless supporters. You’ll see. And when you cry about it, we’ll be here to tell you to shut up and take it. I can’t wait.

  • Seriously its getting old now, I mean since October last year I only got like 3 games I did like and two of them was on ps3. Iam not saying there should be AAA game every month but at least every few months they could put up something that everyone would be happy about and they could at least afford to put some better titles on PS3. Some of you are ok with those games, some dont care and most are dissatisfied with the lineup and question their resub. But like I said its getting old because every month these “free” games are weak and complains will never stop that way.

    • “but at least every few months they could put up something that everyone would be happy about ”

      There will NEVER be a game that they could add that everyone would be happy about. That’s impossible. People have different tastes. What makes you happy may not make me happy. What makes me happy probably doesn’t make Bill happy. What makes Bill happy DEFINITELY doesn’t make Joe happy.

      So what you’re saying is that there’s roughly 1 game every 2 months that appeals to you? Sounds like a pretty good rate if you’re being realistic about things, given that they can’t appeal to everyone every month… offering something for you every second month is good enough.

  • finally a good one were i dont own any of those games , i was getting sick of every month already owning the games and now in one month i dont own one of those PERFECT

  • Terrible, terrible offering.

    I have been a PS+ subscriber almost from the start (I was a couple months off, so I didn’t get one of those cool posters day 1 subscribers got).

    I do not play online games. You have abandoned those of us who have subscribed to this service pre-PS4 with what the PS+ games have become.

    And you can say taste is subjective, sure. But it is not OK to call a PSP game a Vita game. You are supposed to give us 2 Vita games a month.

  • And yet again, you failed us Sony. I’ve been waiting for so long for another interesting game to be available for free for us PS Plus members. What we got instead is some Age of Empires wannabe and a generic racing game. It’s no wonder I’m losing my trust in Sony in favor of Nintendo. With the Nintendo NX coming out on March 2017, I’ll be investing in that instead.

    • Holy crap man, give it up.

      Make a clean break, go troll Nintendo’s forums/boards/blog… because we really would prefer to not have to deal with you here.

      Someday I hope you grow up and can make a constructive comment again… but I don’t really hold high hopes for that.

    • See ya know one cares

  • It’s been a while since there’s been a good PS+ lineup for me personally, but I am glad for those to whom these games cater.

    On the plus side(sorry for the pun), the discounts have saved me like ~50 bucks so far this year… so I’m still happy with my decision to pay for PS+.

  • Finally! First decent month in 6 months. Excited for Tropico 5 and GoW Ghosts of Sparta. I’ll finally sub for another 3 months.

  • I’m not usually one to complain…but damn this is the weakest lineup I’ve ever seen.That tropico game seriously?….y’all must be joking.Well at least we got Table Top Racing.

    Same goes for Vita and PS3…although there is GoW,everybody should own all GoWs by now.The other ones are all weak games.

    So basically only Table Top and Switch Galaxy Ultra this month.

    I have a huge backlog so Plus games don’t matter that much to me,I’m not one of those lames who rely on Plus to play lol.So since this is the 1st bad month I’ve ever seen I’ll give a discount…but you need to step up your game Sony.

  • nothing for me especially the GoW:GoS is the PSP version w/o trophy support. Well, what can you do.

  • Weak line up. Weak games.
    Shaking my head @ SONY
    Do you even try anymore, Brah?

  • I’m kind of disappointed. I saw a rumor we’d get Watch Dogs the other day. I was stoked for that. I guess Table Top Racing might be fun. And Watch Dogs is pretty cheap now. I guess it’s settled, i’ll go pick up Ratchet and Clank and Watch Dogs today…

  • I actually bought tropico 5 last year. If you like city builders it’s a fun game. Sadly, I got to an impasse and gave up.

  • Damn Xbox and plus don’t have anything. For me this month. Good thing uncharted will fill that gap nicely.

  • Great choices! I will be loving Bionic Commando 2, Switch Galaxy Ultra and Ghost of Sparta. Everyone needs to stop complaining about BONUS FREE GAMES. You play to play online, the games are BONUS!

    • YOU pay to play online. I pay for the free games, which has been the point of PS+ for most of its existance.

    • FrostedFlakesMan

      Obviously you don’t remember when online play was free and this service was all about the games. For anyone with a PS3 this is still the case. I haven’t played a game online since team fortress 2.

  • Meh not a great month for me wish battlefield 4 was free but I can wait til at least one good fps is on sake with good multiplayer and campaign

  • Kyle Reese: What day is it? the dates?
    Policeman: May, Thursday..
    Kyle Reese: What year?
    Subscriber: PS+ gives us a PSP game, So it should be 2004

  • For everyone that complains every month about the PS Plus games cry louder Sony still doesn’t hear you.

  • Last month was the first month ever that I didn’t claim my PS Plus titles, not even for the hell of it. This will be the second one.

  • Sony Basically just Slapped us all with this one, i think i am going to switch to PC now This is stupid af

  • Goodbye Sony, enough is enough.

  • i like how when PS PLUS first came out the games were pretty good now everything is some indie **** or a 2D side scroller

  • Bring Fighter Maker 2 as a ps2 classic #Fightermaker2

  • Sony seems to be done with the PS3, so I don’t think I will be renewing when my sub expires in May.

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