PlayStation Plus: Free Games for May 2016

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PlayStation Plus: Free Games for May 2016

Our team is thrilled to present your free PS Plus games for May on PS4! Satisfy your desire to be the dictator you always wanted to be, or challenge your friends to relentless combat races in next month’s lineup.

First up is the island dictator sim Tropico 5, featuring the long-running virtual dictator, El Presidente! Tropico 5 is a full-fledged city-building game based on the fictional island nation of Tropico. Inside this not-so-subtle parody, El Presidente guides and directs the everyday life of his beloved Tropicans using a firm grip and ridiculous edicts, all presented with a heavy dose of tongue-in-cheek humor.

And Table Top Racing: World Tour on PS4 is a high-octane combat racer from Nick Burcombe, the co-creator of PlayStation all-time classic Wipeout. Table Top Racing: World Tour is a total reinvention of the Table Top Racing universe, bringing micro combat-racing to a truly next-gen audience for the first time.

For the rest of the free PlayStation Plus games, read on.

Full Lineup

  • Bionic Commando Rearmed 2, PS3
  • God of War: Ghost of Sparta, PS Vita
  • LocoRoco Cocoreccho!, PS3
  • Switch Galaxy Ultra, PS4, PS Vita
  • Table Top Racing: World Tour, PS4
  • Tropico 5, PS4

See you in the comments section. Enjoy.

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3 Author Replies

  • I will take GOW on Vita

    • Only one good game that i already have for PSP
      C’mon SONY, what’s wrong with you? I understand that for PS4, Plus is needed for online service, but for PS3 why we need this subscription? For two mini-games every month? Give us AAA game at least every 2nd month… look at Microsoft and their Gold games

    • And the little boy walked down the beach, looked up at Sony, his father, and asked, “Darling Papa, why do you hate me so?”. His father said, “Oh son, I do not hate you.” The little boy responded, “But father, I ask for food and you give me sticks! I ask for water and you give me mud. Do you still love me?”. “Still love you?”, asked Sony, incredulous. “My dear boy, I have never loved you.”

    • Between the very low level of quality from the ps 4 games to the announcement of ps4k or neo or whatever garbage they end up with I think I’m about done with sony. We customers gave them the crown this generation then they took a dump on us in return. Loyalty is a 2 way street sony

    • Wow. This lineup is terrible.

    • I’m new to PlayStation, having been an Xbox fan since the original. And I honestly can’t see a reason for keeping my ps4. PS Plus isn’t nearly as good as Xbox Live Gold. These games are cheap and boring. C’mon Sony, get some AAA games for free, I can get better games from the appstore for free.

    • ☆☆ GREATNESS AWAITS …..?!☆☆

      The only good thing on May it’s “UNCHARTED 4” !!

    • ☆☆ the person who chose the PS plus free games for the last couple months .. most work for Microsoft !!☆☆
      ….. and it’s definitely doing an excellent job !!!

    • Sony, I mean come on. There has truly been no value or real joy in the free lineup since the launch of PS4. I don’t even waste my time giving them a try anymore. Check my download record. Outlast was the only great free game ever released on PS4. I’ve been a loyal longtime playstation fan but know that we’ve lost interest and see no value in the free lineup. Microsoft has you by a long shot at this point.

      Sincerely, Underwhelmed and Disappointed

    • I would take GoW on Vita as well, except this isn’t a Vita game, it’s a PSP game.

      Which may have been tolerable if the other Vita game wasn’t a crappy indie game with mechanics you can find in free flash games on the web.

    • Please make the old Assassins Creed backwards compatible that is my only request

    • Tropico 5 is like $35 dollars on Amazon…

      So when ever you guys do get full priced retail games you complain.

      Then you wonder why they don’t give you the best full retail titles on PS Plus…

      Probably cause you’ll complain “I already own this” or “I don’t want this game” and complain it’s “Another terrible month”

      Do any of you actually TRY any of the PS Plus games, or is it just rage at the machine all day every day?

    • I have been an Xbox fan for a long-time, in which the features of the PS3 is what made me switch… Free internet service, Bluetooth capability, downloading media like movies to the console, blu-Ray play etc., unfortunately the PS4 only touched on one of those features! Any smart market designed for the next generation will start where you left off. Implementing what made you great and adding to the legacy! Not reinventing the wheel and screw it up! Consumers have more of a say so in what goes on within any corporation… Don’t believe me look at Xbox! No one buys, price plummets with the added incentive of AAA games…If you haven’t played Sunset Drive on the Xbox I definitely recommend it, oh and by the way it’s free! My best opinion is obvious! PlayStation wants to charge for online services give them a reason to justify this subscription, stop buying the product! See what happens! It’s all about competition! It’s what drives the market! We have given PlayStation a landslide victory against Xbox now you have to make them prove why they are the best not putting out another system for me to spend more money on with mediocre games! So disappointing Sony!

    • No such thing as a weak month, guys. Tastes vary and not everything can please everyone.
      I personally enjoyed the Tropico 5 demo and considered buying it, so I’m thrilled that it’s free. I also really enjoyed Bionic Commando Rearmed 2 – a game which most of you likely haven’t played.
      For all the rest: I’m not familiar with them, but I’m sure there are many people who will love them.

    • This really suck. Thanks for treating us like trash. The horrible lineups and Ps4.5 really really suck

    • FOR REAL!!!! Where’s the AAA games like we used to get? Did I make a mistake choosing PlayStation over XBOX all those years ago….?

    • I appear to be the only person here stoked for Tropico it seems.

    • Let not forget about rocket League

    • just saying tropico 5 is a triple A title and a damn good one at that.

    • Im looking forward to trying out tropico 5 on the ps4. I have almost bought the game several times but instead chose other great titles. I appreciate the increasing qaulity of free games in the last few months. I enjoyed aprils free games and my favorite was dead star. Tropico is like 30-40$ used at gamestop and i will look forward to enjoying this title this month. Ps plus nembership quickly pays for itself and has something to offer for everyone. Thanks again sony.

    • How dare SONY not make the games *I* want free!?!?! self-entitled, whiney bi****s… I swear to god…

    • Al the complainers have no idea. Tropico 5 is awesome. Maybe now there will be some people on the multiplayer servers so I can finish the platinum trophy.

    • I don’t understand why people are raging so hard in the comments, these games aren’t my cup of tea but I’ll give ’em a try. Because…y’know… they’re free, table top racing looks fun.
      Folks need to chill out

    • This is great i love tropico series and to get it free saved me money on actually buying it i kow you guys want aaa games but honestly there selections by random are always great cause you never know whats next sony keep up the awesome phenomenal work and thank you for giving back to the fans I enjoy the selection you guys have for free games

    • FunkSoulStrange

      Can you really complain about exclusives? Uncharted 4 is long overdue, and No Man’s Sky is going to be amazing! I’ll take my PS4 with the better PS+ network over xbone with gold any say of the week!

    • blackopswarror1

      Come on sony,you know that we will complain about these games.I love playstation,it’s a damn religion.I had a ps1,2,3,both hand-held devices,now a PlayStation 4 recently, and now I use psn plus, I’m such a PlayStation fan that when my brother need help on his xbox I use rubber gloves before touching thay crap.but come on they brung out sunset overdrive,I was like “okay fine but watch Sony will show you up” and u do this.why? Some of us just want to have a decent game for free.something good.these are not what most people want.try for us like we try for you.please

    • White_Trash_Son

      I was thinking about buying tropico during the next steam sale (if it was going up for sale) now I don’t have to. Also the mario cart knock off looks half decent to play with a group of friends. Thanks for the decent games this month.

    • This month is OK for PS4, previous was for PS3 & one game for PSVITA.
      But why the shop doesn’t work ? I understand if game will be downloaded longer – but what about if there is problem with login ?

    • Although I don’t play tropico 5, but at least there’s finally a AAA games for free, however, it may be either it’s a suck game or it’s suck game.

    • Elementobravery

      Another bad line up. If I had to pay for the complete versions of my games to play online and get free crap, then I will move over to Xbox. Quit pissing off you customers.

    • @Elementobravery – Put your money where your [big] mouth is and buy an Xbox, then. Nobody is going to try to stop you.

    • It’s alright Sony im still backing you guys up.

    • Do some more of those 3 way votes for games, and I get you can’t get AAA games l, they cost too much to distibute for free, and people get mad if they allready have the free game. But please get some games that aren’t for free on steam

    • OK so I just purchased PS plus but reading these comments makes me a lil nervous. I’ve been paying for Xbox live since 2005 but I’ve owned the original PlayStation, PS2, and PS3. I bought the PS4 before I bought XBone and tbh I’m kinda bored of Xbox but all I had to do was wait til the next month to see what games were gonna be free and I’d get revved up again. I’m letting my Xbox live expire this month but now I’m wondering if I made a mistake.

    • I downloaded the TableTopRacing and quite enjoyed this game, pretty cool. I post always her games on my channel, if you want to know more just search “Playzoneando” on Facebook or Youtube.

    • Not worth the hd space got a ps4 and a vita for my son.once the subscription is up there both up for sale and I’m getting an xbox.its a disgrace the games that get put out complete garbage,even game production in general is shocking.aony your losing fans quickly and once they find a better alternative you wont get them back sort yourselves out the price of the games is beyond me and then you release utter ****.

  • Lots of great games there. Another good month as usual. Probably the weakest one in a while but only due to none of these being new releases. All are still fun and worthwhile games.

    • Last month’s was pretty weak.

    • Lol shows how different people are. For me this month looks awesome. Like best in a long time.

    • “Another good month as usual”

      Another trash month, this month is a complete dumpster fire on PS4 “as usual”

    • then don’t renew your sub!!!!! then you don’t have to worry about “complete dumpster fire” games that your self-entitled crybaby self is clearly too good for! use that $50 and buy your own games!!!!!!!!!

    • @ IBranthrax I’m so tired of the crying. Tropico 5 was a full $59.99 title when it launched, not an indie. It scored an 8.4 on IGN, which is a pretty good score.

      Admit that it’s not your type of game, but that does not make the offering bad just because you didn’t like it. What, are you expecting Sony to cater to you, and you alone? Not sure why they didn’t check with you first.

      Tropico 5 may not have been my first choice, or even my top 5… but I’m happy to see them finally putting a full retail release on here. I’m sure I’ll enjoy it. Looks fun.

    • I would never have tried Tropico otherwise – so, I guess next week I’ll take a look. Who knows, maybe I’ll find a new favorite?

      I sympathize with the reasonable complaints about not having AAA titles as Plus titles. Some of the requests are absurd (the Uncharted Trilogy? All three games for free at once? Really???), but the sentiment is a fair one.

      That said, even when they DID release AAA games, there was complaining. I picked up both Arkham City and Bioshock Infinite cheap, used, and finished each just before it came out as a free PS3 title. And there was complaining then about how old these games were and anybody who wanted them had played them already (thought that’s how I got Bioshock 2, free on Plus).

      I’d still like to see more of the older AAA titles show up free. I’ll support that idea every time it’s brought up. I also realize we have to be realistic, and not expect that every month – but I’m not sure there have been a lot of examples of that at all on the PS4. It’s getting old enough now, it ought to be reasonable for some older AAA titles to start showing up. Maybe next month??

    • I’m looking forward to playing the full version of Tropico. I really enjoyed the demo.

    • @Vyprstryke You seem offended by a lot of people here that have a different opinion than yours. lol. Why? Because theyre not praising Sony/PS on their official website due to justifiable complaints? These “free” games are sincerely weak. & then I love the whole “DONT PAY FOR IT THEN” argument as if people have a choice lol. Not saying every month has been low tier, but these games are hardly ever mentioned or discussed beforehand & for good reason.

    • This month’s PS+ is a winner for me. I don’t own any of these 6 games and wanted to play 5 of these (except switch galaxy) at some point of time or other. Hopefully PS Plus is coming back to life :)

    • @PatMoran

      I take issues with the kids who come here monthly and cry about games they’re getting as a benefit to a service they paid 50 bucks for. It’s rare that I gain anything from these myself but I’m not gonna bash Sony over it. No one is forcing anyone to pay for ps+ and if you want cheap games and free online play just build a PC and don’t bother with a console anymore.

    • Yeah, this looks like a pretty good month. Not exactly interested in Tropico, but that Table Top Racers game looks fun, plus the Ps3 and vita games look pretty good too :)


      Tropico is not heard of? it’s one of the best city building game out there. It’s not heard of much does not mean it’s not good. It’s people like you that ruins the gaming industry. Only buy those rehearsed AAA games and not even bothering with indies- the games that actually bring innovations. without you, gaming will be a better world

    • Some people are easily pleased, have you any idea how many billions sony make?.then pass of crummy two bit games once a month that are less superior then games off android appstore all out of our hard earned subscription fees

  • I can explain

    • @Vyprstryke actually if your a PS4 user they are forcing you have plus most multi player games require you to have it so you can’t say that. And most people are feed up with the trash the are pushing out there are very few games that pushes the ps4 to the limit as they promised honestly most these can be played on old Gen and sadly cell phone. I’ve been a Sony fan since PSone but they need to do better.

    • “actually if your a PS4 user they are forcing you have plus most multi player games require you to have it so you can’t say that”

      Who’s forcing you to play multiplayer?

      You ALWAYS have a choice.

      If YOU CHOOSE to play online MP, you have to have plus is that simple.

      If you CHOOSE to drive a car, you’re required to have a valid drivers license.

      that’s life

      you always have a choice.

      but there will almost certainly be requirements for whatever choice you make, gaming, driving or otherwise

    • @BroScience

      BS on both counts

      “If YOU CHOOSE to play online MP, you have to have plus is that simple.”

      It’s a false choice in 80-90% of cases because most games now either have a multiplayer component that supposedly adds to the value of that game (so choosing not to play it means losing out on half the value—at least—of a game purchased), or they place so much of an emphasis on multiplayer that the singleplayer is nearly irrelevant.

      “If you CHOOSE to drive a car, you’re required to have a valid drivers license.”

      That’s to make sure you aren’t going to kill anyone while driving, and 80-90% of games require you to kill everyone (virtually, of course). You also pay for a new driver’s license one every several years, not several time over the course of the year.

      PS+ also used to be free. Oh, and if Sony is going to start incremental system upgrades (PS4K), then you might as well hop to PC… which has free online play anyway.

  • Ah yes, Ghost of Sparta. A blast to when Sony actually cared about their handhelds. A blast to when Ready at Dawn could make a good game.

    I’m still not tempted to renew my sub.

    • “I’m still not tempted to renew my sub.”


    • Cool story bro. Can’t wait to see you again next month when you pop in to remind us you’re still not tempted to renew your sub.

    • More like “a blast to when people cared about Sony handhelds”.
      What do you think? You think tens of millions of people are buying Vitas and Sony decided they don’t enjoy the cashflow? You bought a Vita, I bought a Vita, but it did not sell well. Not Sony’s fault. They made a solid handheld and got us some great, exclusive games. But the thing didn’t sell.

  • I love PlayStation Plus and always want to be positive, but May’s line-up is a little questionable. Tropico is the clear winner, but it only appeals to a very niche audience. Luckily May is really strong in new titles (UNCHARTED 4!!!), so that should be taken into consideration.

    There are 3 PS4 games though, keep that up.

    • Tropico is by far the best game in the list and exactly what I think PS+ games should be – niche gems that people may not otherwise play because they don’t think it’s for them. It’s too bad the rest of the lineup is junk.

    • I am usually very disappointed with PS Plus games, as I haven’t downloaded any to play in months. However, I am actually excited for this months line-up! One of them I have been tempted to buy before (glad I didn’t now), and Tropico looks interesting :) Happier with this month than with most past months!

  • You have got to be kidding, this is even worse than the watch dogs and Tetris rumor

    • I would be on board with Watchdogs and Tetris. Great choices. Bring them on next month!!

    • Watch Dogs was a great game, dude…

    • Ahahah Correct :( (Sorry Im unable to laugh properly because of thihs May 2016 LineUp)

    • Tetris Ultimate would have sucked, because it runs poorly. Don’t rightly know why that is freaking possible at all.

    • Watch dogs was mediocre at best dude

    • @ jchill001 – Says someone like you who didn’t even played the game to its full extent.I laugh at people like you and wonder how the hell y’all play games.Watch Dogs is a helluva underrated game…a victim of these stupid huge hypes that people build for a game before release and after not matching their “best game ever” expectations they call the game bad.

      Watch Dogs is an amazing game…one of the best open-world games out there.

    • Watchdogs was an ok game, not great by any means, but I was entertained enough to finish it.

    • I agree. Watchdogs was an excellent game. Better than GTA V in fact. I can’t wait for the sequal.

    • I agree, Watch Dogs was an amazing game and blew GTA out of the water. Too many anti-Ubisoft sheep around here.


      GTA 5 is way better than watchdogs but watchdogs was and is still good

  • Mixed feelings this month. Digging the PS4 games for sure! PS3 and Vita are kind of iffy. LocoRoco Cocoreccho is almost 9 years old! And definitely not interested in PSP games in 2016, even good ones like God of War (especially since there’s a great looking PS3 version also available).

  • Many web sites say there was a leak and that the PS4 free game would be Watch Dogs (AAA at least!)… well, no. :S

  • I haven’t played a city building game in ages. Thanks!

    • Let us know what you think of the game!

    • Appreciate you replying to only a few comments, Greg, and sending a clear message to to the people who complain just because their 6 favorite games in the world weren’t given to them for free.

    • I just bought tropico 5 for my kids – gutted – but it is a really cool game. best game we’ve got on the the freebies in ages.
      I think some months have been very disappointing recently but I think this month is a good one overall.

  • Perfect time to renew my membership.

  • Excited to try Tropico 5 but PSP games? Come on guys.

  • Tropico is a good pick since it is unique and this type of game hasn’t been offered on PS+ before.
    Also, ive been saying that we need a racing game to be added to plus. Another decent pick with TTR.

    I have no idea what the PS3 games are since Sony chooses not to put them in their Promo vid. Wouldn’t want that video to be more than 1 min long, that might make someone do a few minutes extra work lol.

    And I don’t have a Vita until the memory cards drop in price, but I will add them to my growing library.

    Seems like it might be a decent month.

    • Locoroco is a sidescroller where you play a the world itself and move blobs around by tilting the world at an angle. Bionic Commando is a remake of an old sidescroller and has you using a grappling hook and shooting bad guys. Tropico is a great series. I have them all on PC and played a bit of 5 on PS4 when it first released. And I’m with you on them giving a racing game. Haven’t had one for PS4 given away that I can think of.

    • we got grid audiosport in February for ps plus

    • Grid wasn’t on PS4

    • get your vita soon bro, before the dips at sony officially discontinue it, trust me you will NOTTT regret it

  • Finally, a month where I have none of the games on ps3 and ps4. This is gonna be a great selection.

  • Probably one of the better offerings in recent times. Here’s to hoping it improves going forward.

  • Tropico 5 is one of those games that I wouldn’t normally buy for myself, but I’ll be very happy to play it. Kudos, good month :)

  • I’m sorry but PlayStation please wake up. Put real games in. The only game that is actually going to be downloaded is God of War: Ghost of Sparta Aprils was Zombi. News shows it was going to be watch dogs but WTF really.. This would be the best time to get more supporters against the Xbox community but you done mess it up. I am thankful I am not using psn plus wasting my money on failed and bad reviewed games. The flash sales and weekly sales are better than signing up for psn plus. There is so many other games that could be free for the month than just triple AAA titles.


  • Can I get Thief (PS4), Dishonored (PS4), DMC remake (PS4), Heavy Rain (PS4), Lords of the Fallen (PS4) PLEASE!?!?!?!?!?!?!

    • Yes, Amazon has them

    • Yea you can they’re all available now… So just go buy them, they can all be gotten for cheap right now. Don’t buy into PS+ expecting a particular game. You aren’t going to get what you want.

    • Dishonored and thief were just in sale, DMC remake has been on sale like 5 times, also you clearly don’t ask a lot hahaha. Come on man get real, if you want a particular game buy it, or at least wait for a sale.

    • FrostedFlakesMan

      We just got disshonord and theif. It would be nice if they’d do more cross platform stuff though!

    • I don’t expect Heavy Rain PS4 for free (for a while yet), but I was very disappointed when Beyond Two Souls went on sale the other week and Heavy Rain didn’t. :(

      I don’t know anything about any of these free games, I’ve downloaded the PS4 ones but honestly I’m going to just play Skyrim some more until Thief’s End comes out. I haven’t been excited to try a PS+ free game since Dust.

      You know, Journey would be nice, that’s nice and old/newish for PS4. Otherwise I don’t know what Sony is supposed to do, it’s not like there are a ton of AAA games old enough to give away without enraging the people who paid $60 for it. I platinumed Second Son, that’s pretty near a launch title, maybe that would be a nice add.

      I’m waiting for Until Dawn and Just Cause to drop in price, but I’ll try Tropico 5 out someday. I don’t really go in for city builders but I am glad that you guys are putting out a lot of genre variability.

  • He shoots! HE FAILS! (for me anyways)

  • Yikes. I would’ve taken Watch Dogs over this…maybe they should stop doing monthly games and do really good games quarterly or bi-monthly.

    • Agreed


      Watch Dogs? really? that ****** game? you people are the one who ruins this industry by buying only those bad AAA games. Tropico is not even an indie game and is the best city building out there like Anno. I bet you have not heard of that game either. That’s why pc users call console gamers peasants. I never agree with them but this time i do.

    • Yeah this sorry to say it but this sucks

  • I hate to say this but, being a Day 1 subscriber to PS+ and never letting the subscription lapse once, these past few months offerings have been very disappointing. Lately you’ve been offering games that are 5+ years old. I suggest that you try not to offer games that are any older than 3 years old. We’ve also suggested that you include as least one highly known AAA game per month but that doesn’t seem to be happening either. Sure God of War Ghost of Sparta is quite good, albeit I’m sure the vast majority of players have already played it. Furthermore, you’re creating the illusion that it’s on Vita which it technically is, but in actuality, it’s a PSP game.

    I hope next months offerings are really good considering it’s E3 month.

    • No ps plus is fine

    • this is a GREAT month for me, I’ve never played god of war, switch looks neat, tropico is an interesting AAA game and table top racing looks f*ing fantastic! which is a new game that launches may 3 btw

  • Pretty good month. Looking forward to playing Tropico on console. I play them on PC mostly. Thanks for the update, Greg. :)

    • Appreciate the feedback. I hope you enjoy it on PS4 as much as I do.

    • Just answering the good feedback, why dont you answer about the low quality of these games. BAD SONY

    • DARKPEGASO10: how can two AAA games, a brand new game that releases in May and a few indies be referred to as bad quality? are you an idiot? they may not be your taste but by no means are they low quality… doesn’t your mommy buy you the AAA games you actually like instead of waiting for them on ps+??? become a man and buy the games you desire. enjoy the games you receive on ps+ that you would otherwise not buy


  • And yet to still I have not resubscribed to ps plus, from over 4 months ago. This lineup is ridiculous. Not good like it was back then.

  • In before the Self-Intiment crybabys oops to late…..
    Great list i had plans on getting tropical 5 sooner or later but sony just saved me money :) and i’ll checkout tabletop racer world tour the rest are better then the crap GWG got for May. So if ur a plus hater and u say mays GWG is better then ur are on crack.

    • *self-intimate

    • dude Dirt, Peggle and Costume Quest 2 are far better games than anything released on PSP this month and has been like that for the past few months…PSP now has no reason to give good games on PSP as you need the subscription anyway to play online on the PS4 so it doesn’t have to draw in new members to use it because it is required

    • Wrong games for games with gold its

      Xbox 360 got Grid 2 (pretty sure Grid 2 was a Plus game aready) & Peggle
      Xbone got Defense Gird & Costume Quest 2

      If u think thats a better line up for may then u might wanna rethink your gaming taste

  • Was thinking about getting Plus this month to get a few cheaper Golden Week sales, but between this month and last, I’ll just pay full price instead. Not talking about the quality of the games, I mean I’d like to try LocoRoco but I have no interest in any God of War game, Switch Galaxy Ultra (I have similar games on PC), or Bionic Commando. So for me it’s just not worth it. But grats on trying some different games.

    Here’s hoping for a good June and also a great Sony E3 presentation :)

  • Seriously, a PSP game. Stop giving PSP games to the vita…none of them are good.

    Unless Ghost of Sparta is cross buy with the PS3 version..then I am not interested.

    PS4 line up is great

    PS3 and Vita are not…..

    LocoRoco…9 year old game with NO TROPHIES..

    Bionic Commando 2 Rearmed…not bad but won’t play it when there are better similar games available from previous months.

    Switch Galaxy Ultra….another space shooting game…just wow. How many months in a row will this fad continue.

    Don’t have a PS4…so the worst month so far. Hoping Table Top Racing has a vita port….

    Guess this month will be just another Backlog month.

  • What happend with WATCHDOGS?


    My last month with PS PLUS
    I am disappointed with the service

  • Oh man, Vita and PS3 getting that love!

  • Seriously enough is enough :(

  • Ohh Ohhh… Time time watch the same ppl who said the last few months that they are not going let there Playstation + Renew haha. They will repeat it next month to.

  • Can we have 1 extra PS4 game each month in exchange for the 2 PS3 games we get each month?

  • Have to say, I was looking forward to getting my hands on Watch_Dogs. It’s the perfect I-want-to-check-it-out-but-not-enough-to-pay-over-$10 game. Tropico 5 isn’t a bad choice though. I’ve always been curious about those games.

  • This is the first time that every single game in the line up appeals to me.

  • good line up, ill take ghosts of sparta, tropico 5 and table top racing and maybe add Bionic commando and switch galaxy ultra to my Library.

    wish they add PS2 classics to the line up like the star wars or Grand theft Auto ones on ps4.

  • Not a fan of any of these games at least when may 10th comes around I will have uncharted 4 to keep me busy. Hopefully for at least a year.

  • I don’t intend to be negative. With that said, the PS Plus offerings have been consistently disappointing of late. But, that’s only my humble opinion.

    • So you write a negative post for the whole world to see which is the opposite of humble btw…! Anyways, you may think they are disappointing but to alot of us it’s not too shabby. ..!

    • So he can’t give out his opinion if it’s a negative one? He’s entitled to his own opinion, and people should respect that.
      It’s funny to see some guys here mocking everyone that writes a bad opinion about this month’s line-up. To a lot of people, it’s not a good line-up, so why be disrespectful?

  • It’s not so bad. Tropico 5 is not my kind of game, but for those who like that Sim style, it’s a great title. And though I will get God of War, Table to Racing and give a try to Switch Galaxy Ultra, it doesn’t change the fact that they are an old PSP title and two mobile games.
    Regardless, it’s Uncharted 4 month, so no time for little fish this month.

  • God of war on Vita! Sweet it is about time! This says God of War announcment at E3 forsure get the hype going! I NEED God of War on my PS4!

  • i think we all know what will be playing in may lol

  • Tropico 5 is a really fun game. Own it already myself.

    Looks like it could be time to retire PS3 and Vita support in PS+ though. Really looking like they are having issues finding games to include each month now.

  • Tropico is a nice choice this month. It’s a nice relaxing game. The others could be fun.

    I know not everyone loves what ps plus offers but if you only like 4 or 5 of the games in a year then the subscription is easily worth it. I know I have lots of games I like that are thanks to ps plus, many of which I might not have otherwise played. Thanks to PS plus and the public library I pretty much never have to buy any games.

  • The ones that are talking positive about next month line up are just acting walking with Sony just for we can get hyped up

  • AAA game Please Rumor said watch dogs !!!

    I think uncharted collection It would be good :(

  • Tropico 5 was great. But i already have the plat. The rest of you can enjoy :)

  • Shame on you, Sony, I won’t renew my PS Plus suscription

  • HOLY S*** $ONY! Whats wrong with you guys ? Month after month the Ps plus lineup is getting weaker and weaker. I don’t care if they’re indies or AAA, but the lineup is getting really, really disappointing while on Microsoft things are getting better and better. WAKE UP !

  • Hello,

    My name is entitled gamer. I am here to complain like I do every month about PlayStation Plus games. I pay $50 a year for a service and I demand that every month I get at least $400 in free top tier games. Why can’t you do this? Please keep in mind I am totally ignorant to the logistics behind giving away millions of copies of a piece of software every month along with making sure the people involved with the making of it get reimbursed. So I am jut going to spout off every month and threaten to let my subscription lapse, but I really am never going to. I just like to complain a lot and since it is the internet, I have the right to complain like a baby once a month around this time.


    Entitled Gamer.

    • Lol yea most those same complainers will be here next month with a PLUS Logo.

    • Hello,

      My name is self-righteous gamer. I’m here to complain about anyone else who complains, as I do every month about Playstation Plus games. I pay $50 a year for a service and I’m content to get whatever scraps I can for that money, because I blow through several times that much each month on all the other useless junk I buy, and I don’t have a family to support or rent to pay (thanks Mom! Love what you did with the basement!). If Spny gives me three games a year that I like, which I could pick up for $10 each on sale, I figure I’ve made out like a bandit, because I’m bad at math. Thankfully the cash register tells me how to make change, and even spits out the coins for me.

      I like to complain a lot and since it is the internet, I have the right to complain about everyone else once a month around this time, and misrepresent their position as someone just misrepresented mine.


      Self-Righteous Gamer.

    • @FeistFan You butthurt much

    • Dear Entitled Gamer,

      Thank you for your comments. Be sure to log on next month and post the same comments you have done for every PS+ line up. We understand that we let you down constantly by giving you 6 free games a month but we’re trying out best.

      Your pals as SONY

    • @TrueAssassin86x No, I just think it’s hilarious (if disappointing) to watch the cycle month after month after month. Some people complain that they’re not getting what they want, and then other people complain twice as loud about the complaints (usually without a hint of irony). If the “entitled” label is fair – and it probably is, in many cases – so is the “self-righteous” label. Please, let’s all tell each other what we OUGHT to think.

      At least @utterer was humorous about it – if exaggerating to a ridiculous degree. So I did the same (or at least tried to).

    • Couldn’t have said better myself, even IF I tried. The good news is that I only buy or use PS plus when and IF I need it. And I have no problem letting my subscription lapse. Unless I am still play a previous game from last month. But well said, *golf clap*

    • @Feist Your attempt at humour failed miserably though. Utterer didn’t need to exaggerate and make generalizations. You’re the worst sort of person in the comment section – the person that complains about the people complaining about the people complaining.

    • I used to be like the other self entitled posters on here complaint about what I did or didn’t get Or if I felt like I was getting valve for my dollar or not. Now days I just kick back and enjoy whatever they give me and if it’s a game I already have or already played or whatever I realize that not everybody is the same. Games I’ve played maybe the next guy hasnt. If it’s a genre I don’t care much for (looking at you indies) I almost always give em a try and have found a few indies I otherwise never of had a chance to enjoy otherwise.

    • Every month nor every few months are going to always have a AAA game and I’m fine with that. And if I want to lapse my sub from time to time that’s cool too. You can’t please everyone everytime and I don’t think Sony is trying to. Remember back when Xbox made the gamers pay to play online but never offered anything beyond that? I sure do. Have I always been happy with the link eup? Nope but that’s mostly my own fault. I grab new games all the time and add them to my backlog just for a rainy day but I don’t get upset anymore when the game I payed full price for but haven’t played much of (looking at you Tropico) gets offered for free anymore and I have noticed as well as my Dr that my blood pressure stays in a good spot for my age as I have less stress which will kill you if you let it :)

    • FrostedFlakesMan

      I like the guy who was asking for Destiny! Lol! Some people have no clue.

    • Lol. Nice

  • Am 50/50 with this lineup.
    how ever i hope it continues like that.
    unlike the past 6-5 months…
    either a space game or pixel ish 2D game.
    also am waiting for a good (deal/sale) i have been waiting for a good sale for like 5-6 weeks now.
    every time sales comes only from 1 (company/game)
    what if i don’t like any of those?

    • I have waited for AAA games I thought playstation plus was good but we also paying to have to play online so we having to pay for other crap playstation plus was meant to be exclusive but it looks like it’s not exclusive anymore it seems like you can’t play ps4 without it so I’m really ****ed because not everyone can afford playstation plus especially if ur giving us trash games so there’s no point to it u ****ed me off I might just go off playstation I might be one but when people start realizing wat u r doing there gonna leave to

    • Seems pretty good was wanting to try tropico a while back but put it on my wait till price drops list then forgot about list. So now that’s its free why not list lol. Ttr looks really interesting more excited about that. Honestly though I couldn’t care less if they stopped giving free games. I get plus for online purposes. I wonder how some of you people would react then. 90% of comments are to trash Sony for giving you things for free. Really people, I remember on 360 when you got gold to play online, and that’s all you got. If you don’t like their line up that’s fine go buy a game you do like. Seriously though ttr looks like a blast I just hope it’s 2player local.

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